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Chevy Tracker



  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
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  • I recently bought a 99 Tracker convertible with the 1.6 and I'm having similar problems. Check engine light on, with the code that indicates EGR system problems. Bad hesitation and no power. I replaced the EGR valve ($$$), exhaust and catalytical converter, but am still having problems. The Tracker has a pup converter (CA emissions?) which might also be plugged. That's going away shortly. New downstream O2 sensor also. If this doesn't fix the problems I'm not sure what else I'll check. The Tracker puffs smoke when it starts, so maybe new valve seals also. Good thing it was cheap to buy! Is it something with the 99s? This is my third Tracker, and the other two (a 92 and 94) were great. :mad:
  • Did you ever find out what was causing your problem. I have a 2001 tracker with the same problem.

    Thanks in advanced

  • Thank you for responding to my message. Last week the mechanic at the Chevy dealer explained to me that the reason that the "service engine soon" light is still on after replacing the O2 sensor is that the four cylinders are running at low pressure (120 - 140 psi), and that one of the four cylinders is really bad (<110 psi). He said that the piston rings are shot and that the best thing to do is to replace the engine. He said that the present engine could continue running for 6 to 8 months. I hope he was telling me the truth because this is the third mechanic that I have gone to for help. I have been pricing 1996 Tracker engines and they run anywhere from $1100 - 3000. If anyone knows a mechanic who is really knowledgeable in Trackers and interested in fixing Trackers in Ohio please let me know. Thank you!
  • Is your tracker blowing any smoke? The reason I ask is that my tracker was also compression tested, and the shop came back with 140 psi each cylinder. They said it was supposed to be about 190 psi per cylinder. They then found out that my cats were nearly completely plugged. When they "cleaned" out my second cat (mine has CA emissions) it ran better. I'm hoping that when I remove the first (pup) cat, it will run better. I'm replacing both O2 sensors first also. How many miles does your Tracker have on it? Mine has about 160,000 miles, and the previous owner towed with it.
  • If you haven't already done it, it's an easy swap to replace the EGR valve. It's expensive though. Cost me about $300 for my 99. It will probably be less for the older years. If you do it, don't forget to clean the carbon out of the exhaust passages into the EGR (and the EGR tube if you have one) or the error will come back. I also think that excess backpressure (through a plugged cat) partially caused my error.
  • My Tracker is not blowing any smoke, at least not yet anyway. It currently has about 116,000 miles. The second shop that I went to changed the O2 sensor. The light went off for one day, but as soon as I got back up to 60 mph on the highway, it went back on and stayed on. Thanks for the advice about cleaning the cats. I will investigate that as well.
  • mtj67mtj67 Posts: 15 then the EGR Valve is located like somewhere on the exhaust manifold? Actually, I think I'll just have a shop do it. Was that $300 just for the part...or parts AND labor? Well, it doesn't really matter to me...I'll pay whatever I have to in order to make sure it's fixed cuz it has to pass emissions test too. In fact, you think I should go ahead & get a new converter too? lol like I said, the cost isn't really an obstacle...I just want it right. :)
  • metalmykemetalmyke Posts: 14
    Hi. New to this site, need help. Driving down the road three blocks from my house and my 91 4x4 tracker dies. No nothing. Tow it home. Good ignition, pour fuel down throttle body, runs til fuel burns off. Change fuel filter, check flow, excellent. Check fuel injector, no spray. Check ohm resistance, shows fine, pull injector, no clogging on screen. Check throttle postion sensor on ohm meter, shows good, only thing that shows a bit off is idle speed control valve, shows too much resistance. Think this may be problem, but one other thing I want to check is the fuel injector relay, as everything just went dead at once, and still thinking it may be that. Question is, where is it located? would like to check that to make sure before replacing mechanical parts. BTW, took off the idle speed control and check it with a 12V load, and the valve did move slightly. not sure how far it is supossed to move. ANYWAY, please anyone help with location if the FI relay or any other words of wisdom. I love my tracker, have had it for a decade, have beat on it and this is the first time I have had a problem I couldnt figure out in a minute what was wrong. Thanks.
  • poorcruzerpoorcruzer Posts: 141
    Two words---Fuel pump? 15 years old, try that.
  • metalmykemetalmyke Posts: 14
    Already checkd that. pull line, turn engine, fuel shoots out with force. Was told by a mechanic though that many GM (i know this is a suzuki) that if the pressure is less than 40lbs it does not matter, even if it seems there is good pressure. any help?
  • jsiesjsies Posts: 26
    My light has been on in my 96 for over two years. I live in SW PA. Had the O2 sensor replaced and a couple other things totalling under $200 bucks (had to for PA inspection) and it's still on. I've probably driven 25,000 to 30,000 miles with that light on and no real problems have occurred. Have about 103,000 miles on and hoping for many more.
  • Did you pass PA state inspection even with the "Service Engine Soon" light on? I live near Cleveland and I have been told it won't pass OH emissions testing. If it passes PA inspection, I could transfer the title with my Mom who lives in Pittsburgh and register the car under her name. Maybe I could still drive it with a PA plate! The mechanics told me I have a bad cylinder but everything seems to be running fine. Don't know if I'm on borrowed time but the odometer just tripped 116,400 today. Thanks! :)
  • kismitkismit Posts: 3
    I have a 2000 Tracker 4 dr, 4 wd. The service engine light came on soon after the speedometer/cruise quit working. The code came up P0500. The dealership gave me a part #30020772 for a vehicle speed sensor. However, no one I contact for this part (as it is $266 at the dealership) can find or cross reference this number. They say it must be a shelf number or something. Can anyone out there help?
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    ok guys and gals. first off i was wondering if anyone could answer a quetion related to what fuses do what. i popped my hood and on the battery side of the tracker there is a fuse box. i opened it and found a 15amp fuse burnt out, it was the fuse closest to the grill. does anyone know what this is? Im going to take a guess and say its for the A/C. ok now two #2 today i bought some a/c recharging can. i had a leak lastyear. but today i found where it leaked from the bolt was extremely loose. so i tightened it and decided to try and recharge it. after i replaced that fuse. i believe something else is wrong. the can will not get cold and the tracker will not pull the coolant from the can. so i took it off the tracker and put it on my other car and that car pulled the stuff from the can and the can gets very cold. i know these trackers are cursed with a A/C problem. but in the past it used to at least pull the stuff from the can. advice and info on what that fuse was that burnt out was for would be greatly appreicated.. thank you

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  • Does any one know how to get the glass out? I have the replacement part

  • metalmykemetalmyke Posts: 14
    FYI: about 5 years ago, my wife called me as she was driving the tracker and said the check engine light came on. I told her keep driving, I would look at it when she got home, which was about 60 miles. She got home and it had 80,062 miles on it. It made me sratch my head. Bingo, the light(in my head) went on. I tore into the instrument pod and there it was. (BTW, my tracker is a 91 model, I bet the following are the same). There is a cam in the speedo gears that turns at exactly 80k miles that turns the light on. HA! Convenient way to get you to take the vehicle to the dealer. Check your mileage. See if it didnt come on at that mileage. I also now understand that at 100k some models pop the light on at that time. I know this as I later found out from a GM mechanic that this is the case, besides my physical inspection of the speedometer gear, that this is a easy way for dealerships to replace o2 sensors even when they are fine. There you have it. BTW, I still havent got my fuel problem fixed. think it is the engine computer.
  • mtj67mtj67 Posts: 15
    lmao @ jsies...He's like "screw it...leave it on" lol.
  • metalmykemetalmyke Posts: 14
    jsies, you are just about right, sometimes I feel like that. Unfortunately, if you just leave the light on, you cant tell when you do have a problem with the emissions (Which BTW, an the tracker, are few and far between.) Take it to a mechanic, and tell him to reset it. They just use a little tool to turn the cam. Bingo, light goes off. Also, after a bit of searching on the net, found that the engine computers on the 89-94 trackers have bad capacitors in them that after 100k or so go to heck. A very common problem that apparently is easy to fix. I checked a few other things out, and then ordered a rebuilt computer off ebay for $75. hope this fixes it.
  • metalmykemetalmyke Posts: 14
    well people, the no fuel from the injector problem has been solved. After doing a bit of looking elsewhere on the net, it appears it is quite well known that the engine computers on the 89-94 trackers and sidekicks are defective. It appears that they have bad capicitors that go to heck somewhere on the north side of 100k. There is quite an industry out there rebuilding the boxes with new capictors. a quick look on ebay finds them for sale, exchange for $75!! with a one year exchange warranty. ordered mine on tuesday, got in priority mail this morning, 30 seconds later the tracker was purring again. DO NOT PAY FOR A NEW COMPUTER!!! This is a very common problem and an easy and cheap fix. Just a FYI out there for anyone out there with a tracker that just up and died on the road. Check you individual FI and Ignition. Bet they are OK...If you smell a burnt smell coming from under the drivers side of the dash...Bingo. Good luck all.
  • 2catfish2catfish Posts: 1
    I just noticed your forum, and am quite interested in participating.

    I am on my second tracker, 1998 2door 1.6 16valve 2wd. And like most of you, I absolutely love it. My first was a 1991 model when I was a teenager.

    A little background on me, currently a Volkswagen master technician, former mitsubishi master technican, former Hyundai master technician. but nooooo chevy or suzuki. I love this little truck due to its simplicity, and the fact that I do not have to turn wrenches much on it on my spare time!

    my little tracker just crossed the 60k barrier, and I just installed a timing belt, timing belt tensioner roller, drive belts,and adjusted the valves. other maitnenance includes coolant change, brake fluid flush, plugs, air filter, fuel filter, and brake service (front).

    I am using a similar maitenance schedule that VW uses to keep their 2nd and 3rd generation Golf's running properly , and it appears to be working well.

    I hope to make my way into this little community, and be a contributing member. I do not know all the little quirks of this tracker yet, but hope to gain some knowledge here, and of course I will reciprocate with some of my knowledge that can be applied here

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Welcome aboard! We're looking forward to your participation in the Forums. If you need any help finding your way around just drop a line to any host.

    tidester, host
  • nochevynochevy Posts: 8
    I need to replace the Clutch in my Tracker. I don't want to go to the Dealer for Parts. Any Suggestions?
  • tbird_s_ytbird_s_y Posts: 5
    I am probably soon buying a 2000 4door 4x4 Tracker with 80k miles on it. It's a 4 cylinder and costs around $7000. I will be the first to admit I really know nothing about cars :) I drive 15-20k miles per year. I'm hoping this car will last me about 6 years. Do you think it is a car that will last up to 200,000 miles with regular maintenance? Also, I have not been able to find a picture anywhere with the back seats folded down. Do they fold completely flat? The price seems pretty fair after looking around at other used Tracker prices in my area. Thanks for any advice.
  • nochevynochevy Posts: 8
    Don't buy a TRACKER! It won't get the miles you want. Get a SUZUKI! It will give you the miles! I have always drove Suzuki's , and seen them go over, 3 Hundred Thousand Miles, and still be going with no sign of problems, when I would sell them, to purchase another one. The Tracker won't give you the miles! Parts for the Tracker are mostly Dealer Items. Not so with the Suzuki. The most I ever had to do to a Suzuki was replace the Gas Filter! NO OTHER PROBLEMS! with the Tracker its always something! I have owned both the Suzuki Sidekick and Samurai, and they are GREAT! I thought the Tracker would be the same, and regret the change! I will never own another Tracker! SUZUKI ONLY! Keep looking, and find a Suzuki for the same price that your about to pay for a Tracker! Even if you have to look out of you area, it will be worth your time! Let me know, if you have more questions about the Tracker, or Suzuki.
  • inuvikinuvik OregonPosts: 134
    I have a 2001 4dr with the 2.0 4 cylinder with the automatic transmission. It has over 115K on it. To answer your first question their is no reason why a Tracker should not give you 200K with regular maintenance. The 2.0 doesn't have too much power with the automatic and anything over 65 MPH is pushing it. But it does deliver great fuel mileage. I have regularly gotten over 30 MPG with this vehicle on the highway. With the vehicle fully loaded with 5 people, air conditioning running full blast I have never gotten below 25 MPG on the highway. To answer your second question, yes the back seats fold down flat. You just flip the seat cushions up, remove the headrests from the back row seats and it lays down flat. It's very versatile.

    Now to respond to the previous post, the Chevrolet Tracker and the Suzuki Grand Vitara are the same vehicle. There are small differences in interior pieces and exterior (grill)but mechanically they are identical. They were manufactured at the same plant in Canada in a joint venture between Suzuki and GM. It is true that many GM dealers don't know their way around a Tracker too well and many Tracker owners take their vehicles to a Suzuki dealer. They share the same engine and transmissions, electrical, 4WD systems, brakes, shocks, etc... I love my Tracker, it takes me everywhere I want to go, just not in a hurry! :) It's easy to work on yourself for normal maintenance. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase another one.
  • mtj67mtj67 Posts: 15
    lmao @ "anywhere i wanna go, just not in a hurry". Yeah, it is a pretty weak motor, huh? lol ..stupid thing can't even get out of it's own way. Anyway, I routinely drive 80-85 MPH, but at that point, I'm gettin like 20-23 MPG highway. lol I don't care...I got the top down, radio thumpin', & I'm cruisin' away. I got 95,000 mi. on my 2000 2dr 4cyl. 2.0, & I love it, even though one of my buddies said it's a "chic car" lmao.
  • nochevynochevy Posts: 8
    I have a 1999 Tracker 4x4 5 Speed Power, Air Great Car for the Tracker Lovers, it also has the 2.0 engine, 4cl, and it has power! This is the first time I have owned anything but a Suzuki! I like Suzuki's Best! Say what you want, but the Tracker is NOT to compare to a Suzuki! The Sales-Pitch by Chevy is, the Tracker is the same. WRONG! Unless you have owned both Models to compare the difference like I have, then you won't know the difference. But of course every one has their own preference of cars. I would Trade my Tracker anyday, for a Suzuki! I would even trade for a Suzuki Samuari, and I would take a money-loss on that trade, but I would trade. ANYONE WANT TO TRADE?
  • inuvikinuvik OregonPosts: 134
    Well, I like Suzuki's too, I've owned 3 or 4 Metro's before I bought the Tracker and they were great cars. The 4 cylinder 2.0 must be a pretty good motor, Suzuki is still using it in the Reno and the Forenza with the same horsepower configuration. Although you express a preference for the Suzuki brand, the Tracker is a Suzuki with a GM nameplate. It has the same engine, transmission, fuel managment system, ignition, brakes, shocks, differentials, glass, doors etc.... My point to the person that wanted to buy a Tracker was that if they would consider buying a Suzuki, then there is no reason not to buy a Tracker. And my previous experience with Suzuki-(Geo Metro's) has been nothing but positive. Here is the hood tag inside my Tracker.
    It's a little blurry and big but the Tracker is all Suzuki.
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