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Mitsubishi Montero Sport



  • strikezonestrikezone Posts: 1
    Need help with Service Engine soon light coming on . Everything else works fine no problems . Just turned 37K reg service always done.Is there a reset botton for this ,I recently had a Honda all you had to do was hit a reset button on the dash and it reset the service engine soon light ?
  • drunkiqdrunkiq Posts: 3

    I had an engine light that kept turning off and on - it ended up being a intermittent problem with the IAC and they had to replace it.

    For the res of you:

    I have a 1999 montero sport limited with a list of issues. within the first 2 months I heard rattling and found out bolt had fallen out inside of the tranny??? they replaced a bunch of parts - since then it never idled the same...

    then it stopped working and it was because the bolts fell out of the crank (loose bolts)???? anyways they said they fixed it and I took it back multiple time due to idle issues... then they found out they had to replace the whole crank shaft.

    Then it went in a couple of more times for idle issues.... finall the intermittent light came on and they found it was a bad IAC (idle air control) and it helped but still idled not as good as new.

    Then it was getting bad and jerking under low rpm's... they replaced the drive shaft and said the tranny oil was no longer good and was causing a shift issue with the tranny (it was not due for the tranny service for another 3k miles) - sounds like bs - Still idles bad...

    Then I took it back - they could not replicate it...

    A month later i figured out it is happening under a load and took it back again and replicated it... first they said it was the trouque converter (covered by warrenty) -

    now they say that it needs a tune up ($325)???? - 1k before the time it should.... I bet I still have problems after this... If so then I am going to sue. luckly I have all the paper work for all of this (glove compartment full)and it always takes multiple trips to fix each item... plus I have had all requried matiainince done...

    I will never buy another product from them...

    good luck with yours,

  • My wife's lease on her 1999 Montero Sport is up in December. Other than exceeding the number of miles allowed, is there any thing we need to be aware of when we turn it in? How picky is Mitsubishi in regards to wear and tear? Any input or suggestions would be appreciated.


  • 2000 Montero Sport LS. I have an aftermarket trailer hitch and am towing a 16' Hobie Cat. The Sport starts to exhibit a cyclic vibration (not a constant vibration) when approaching 60 mph. The vibration is intolerable past 65 mph. Only happens when towing the Hobie. I have not tried towing another boat or vehicle, but my Nissan truck tows the Hobie w/o any problems. Has anyone else seen this problem? I am leaning toward my Walmart Goodyear Tracker tires.


  • rhodges2rhodges2 Posts: 10
    I've read all the posts regarding problems with brakes, front end, squeaks etc. I'm hear to say we bought our 1997 Montero Sport XLS in February of '97 and we have had absolutely no problems with it other than finding a caring dealer to have the service work done (Browning Mits). We didn't baby it either. Oil changes when we thought about it, and 60k mile tune up, tires, and a battery. That's it. It was even rear ended a couple years ago, fixed with no lingering rattles. It is now approaching 100,000 miles and my wife refuses to get rid of it. She is attached!
  • has anyone who owns a Montero Sprt added larger wheels? If so, how has it affected handling, ride, etc. Interested in add-on. Thanks. Just to let everyone know I've owned my sport ltd. 2000 since oct.99' no trouble at all, no rattles, loose anything, mileage 17-19mpg, 54,000 on the car now. 2wd, so never tow. Tight as can be. Only complaint is too short travel in rear suspension.
  • This board does`nt seem to be active but in case anyone browses I just want to let you know there is a new LS 4WD MSport owner - pick it up tomorrow.

    I bought a 2003 - new - basically because they are trying to get rid of the last of the 03`s - picked it up for 29K Canadian and that seems to be what they sell for in US$ judging from other posts here from Americans. This is approx 22K US$ based on todays exchange rate and thats a good price for a LS - plus they are throwing in a cargo cover and block heater at no charge.

    I based the decision on getting a large 4WD for less than I could get a new Escape or Liberty (my other choices) plus the fact that I liked the looks and interior - I agree it could have a bit more power but at my age I find it acceptable.

    I will keep you posted on any positive/negative experiences I have with the truck or dealer.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059

    tidester, host
  • I have had my 03 LS for just over 2 weeks now and am still a happy camper - delivery was smooth and the dealer (Albi Mitsubishi - Mascouche Qc.) delviered on time with all the extra`s they promised - no BS or run around.

    The truck has preformed as expected after reading some concerns posted on Edmunds I kinda knew what to expect. So far the only minor complaint is the speed swaying but this was expected with a large side to catch the wind and it is no worse than my old Chrysler mini van.

    The complaints of lack of power posted on this site are unfounded as far as I am concerned - I will agree it is not as quick as the Liberty or Escape I tested but it is very acceptable and I don`t have a gripe here at all.

    Will post again in a few weeks.
  • ldb2ldb2 Posts: 1
    I have had a 2000 Montero Sport for one year. The crankshaft is broken. Warranty company is currently inspecting, but I'm not getting any info. Has anyone else had any problems with this? What would cause a crankshaft to break?
  • Can ANYONE venture a guess on how BOTH TRIP ODOMETERS gave me a reading of 74,000+ miles the first time I clicked on them? The MAIN ODOMETER read 37,425 miles when we bought it at the dealer last week! Could the TRUE ODOMETER have been screwed with???
  • Hi there,

    I called about scheduling my routine 60,000 mile maintenance and the dealership quoted me $1,180. In the past there services have appeared to be fairly reasonable (I am not too much of a "shop around guy") but I usually get a couple of quotes. Does the $1,180 amount seem high (the service tech said spark plugs and timing belt are the big ticket items)? The amount kind of took me by surprise. Any comments would be welcome. Thanks.
  • Posts # 2337 & 2338 in the Montero thread discuss the 60,000 mile service issue.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    A Carfax report might tell you something about the true mileage. They have an ad at the bottom left of the page that you can click on to buy a report.

    Steve, Host
  • I got a CARFAX before purchasing the ES...ONLY MILEAGE listed was original purchase miles. ..found a receipt in glovebox from previous owner when tires were purchased...did not indicate miles on receipt.
    ABOUT CARFAX - - it SUCKS !!! Have a '97 Blazer had a $3000 accident...all police reports & insurance & repairs completed CARFAX never logged the accident!!! How can you depend on a company that charges for inaccurate reports/
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    So did you ask the previous owner what the miles were?

    With a few exceptions, the CARFAX Report does not currently include information on service and repairs. Accidents are generally reported if the car is totaled and even more minor ones are included but maybe they didn't have any sources to report on your Blazer's wreck. (link),

    They do have a money-back guarantee :-)

    Anyone have a clue about Alice's trip odometers?

    Steve, Host
  • etze_etze_ Posts: 27
    If the receipt has the previous owners name and address you can give them a call and ask them about it.
     I have done=one this before buying a car and the owner was more than happy to tell me about their car.
  • anf1anf1 Posts: 2
    Ok, I've been reading a lot about the front end vibration that people have been complaining about on the MS. I really want to get a used one thats a 2001 or newer, because the deals are awsome on them. Now, it seems to me that its only year 2000 owners and older that are experiencing this problem. Was the front end vibration not a problem, or corrected for the 2001 and newer models. I hope someone knows. Thanks!
  • Have noticed an interesting sound coming from around the shocks area where if I stop a little harder than normal or press on the gas, I get a crunching type thump. Took it to the dealer, at first they could not figure it out, but, they also heard it. When a second service guy looked at it, he suspected that the bushings were worn out and that was making the sounds. Will cost me around $800. Guys, what do you think?
  • Question about changing the timing belt on my truck (65,000 miles):

    The Maintenance Manual says to replace the timing belt at 60,000 miles (for CA, MA and VT this maintenance is recommended but not required)

    Then at 100,000 miles it says that replacement is not required if belt was previously changed.

    Questions: Why do the previously mentioned states get a break from changing at 60,000. Why don't I need to change it at 100,000 if I had to change it at 60,000?

    Thanks in advance for the words of wisdom.

    - Craig
  • New to
    I have a 98 Jeep Cherokee Sport and am looking to replace it. (I am basically telling you I am a woman who has driven and liked the "truck-like SUVs) I am torn between an 03 Mitsubishi Sport XLS with only 2700 miles (corporate vehicle) and an 03 Nissan Pathfinder SE (with all LE interior upgrades and 14K)
    I am aware of the horsepower difference between the two vehicles but I looking for more info. Problems with either vehicle etc.
    My purpose(s) for this vehicle are: driving to work, driving cross-country (moving to East Bay area of California in a month), convincing my husband to buy a camper or boat and visit lake tahoe, yosemite etc. And having room to transport new purchases (husband has toy (ford mustang)-not comparable) Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • ldbrickerldbricker Posts: 140
    Have you considered a new Mitsu to get the 100k warranty? I'm not a Nissan fan so Mitsu gets my vote.
  • Also being a woman who enjoys truck based SUV's... I've test driven both the Pathfiner and Montero Sport and find that the power and overall comfort of the Pathfinder is superior to the Montero Sport. I like the looks of the Montero Sport better, but based upon Consumer Reports reliability reports and my own test drive... I'd go with the Pathfinder hands down!
  • jstewjstew Posts: 1
    I'm thinking of purchasing a 2000 Montero Sport with 108k miles. I'd like it to last another 3 or 4 years and I'm not expecting to drive it over 10k miles/year. Any tips/advice from owners with high mileage Montero Sports appreciated!
  • mysport2000mysport2000 Posts: 11
    My 2000 LS 4x4 has 75K and I've babied it. Every recommended service, technical bulletins taken care of (control arms, front end and enlarged transmission pan). It's been my favorite vehicle so far (I'm 40) and I hope it lasts another 3 years. Because they plan to phase out the sport in 2005, I'll have to go for the larger Montero - if I can afford the gas (I need it for moderate off-roading to my cabin) Good luck!
  • My 99 MS has an annoying springy, squeaky noise coming from the rear suspension. I've had several mechanics take a look at it, but no one's been able to fix it. I've heard the leafs that make up the rear suspension have a plastic film covering in between them that wears out over time, which causes the noise. I had the film replaced last week and the noise went away for a day or two, only to come back today. It's maddening, the car squeaks like an old clunker. Has anyone dealt with this problem?
  • I just purchased a used 2000 Sport Lmtd with 82,000 miles. Took
    it in for complete inspection and found control arms bad, two
    rear oil leaks, tires cupped and vehicle pulls to right. Took
    back to dealer for repairs, total bid for all repairs was
    about 1800. Was also told to replace timing belt and drive
    belt. Costly items. Have only had Ford vehicles. Currently
    own a 01 Escape. Not sure what I should expect on Montero.
    Any advice would be appreciated. I have option to give back
    to dealer. Found problems within the three day period. I am
    wondering if anyone has anything good to say about this model.
  • dmuttdmutt Posts: 48
    I have a 2000 Sport Limited 4x4 with 61,000 miles. I had the control arms replaced at 30,000 which also solved the coupled tires and pulling to the right as you have noticed.
    I wonder if Mitsu. might cover part of the costs, since I have been told that this a problem with the Sport.
    Other things I have had done that were noted by a TSB and no cost to me:
    Larger Transmission oil pan.
    Larger rear rear door hatch struts.
    Transmission re programed because of "rev shifting'.
    Under recall: Brake line replaced.
    Other items: Power antenna, twice. Once under warranty. Just recently, I did.
    Noticed the 4x4 indicator light does not come on sometimes. A switch is the culprit. Need to put into 4X4 once a month to keep switch working properly.
    Front brake pads at 30,000 and at 60,000, both front and rear pads.
    Other than this, nothing else. Has been a good rig. Costly for maintenance ,if you go to a dealership. I have found others that will do it for far less.
    And you need to replace the timing belt by 90,000 miles. At this time, I would suggest to do the water pump and tune up as well. I have not done mine yet.
    Not knowing what you paid for this vehicle, would make up my mind to keep it or not. There have been some great used deals on this model.
    I have two other friends who have the Sport and have been pleased with them. Some on this board have not. Luck of the draw, I guess.
    Good Luck on your decision.
  • I paid 11,000 for it. Dealer took back and took to
    two different dealers. Found control arm bushings loose
    not bad. Did not verify any other problems that the
    dealer reported. Think you may be right on dealer
    repair cost. Brakes were just done as well. Other
    than the problem with the front end "which I hope
    will be solved with the tighting of bushings, the
    rig drove excellent and is in top condition. I will
    take your advice on timing belt and tune up. Love
    this model and hope to have as good of luck as you
    Thanks for the input.
  • Thanks for your input. I returned the vehicle to the
    original dealer with the report I recieved from the
    2nd inspection. The dealer took in to three repair
    shops for inspection and found that the 2nd inspection
    was wrong. They were trying to charge me for control
    arms when all that was wrong was bushings were loose.
    I paid 11,000 for it. I think that I will change
    all belts, brakes have been done. I would assume that
    the original owner took care of brake line when the
    recall was issued. Will take in for tune up and follow
    your suggestions. Vehicle runs great and is in excellent
    condition short of a few very minor scratches. I am
    looking forward to enjoying all the extras. Since my
    Escape has had tie rods replaced twice and sway bar
    not to mention all the rattles and squeaks, and note
    I have only owned it a little over a year, I do not
    think I could have any worse luck with another
    model. Thanks again for the timely response and the
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