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Ford Bronco Problems



  • 96xlt96xlt Posts: 6
    96 Ford Bronco 351, I am on my 3rd EGR valve in three months. I have reset the code several times to verify code but it comes back on about a week after I put in new EGR. Code is EGR flow insufficient. P0401 it is the only code that comes up.
  • screwupscrewup Posts: 1
    mine did that,replaceed the thottle postion sencer
  • buddy25buddy25 Posts: 1
    i have a 88 bronco 11 going to do a bunch of work to it engine swap 5.0 lift kit big tires so on so on i have a 84 full size bronco for motor trans axels everything i need any suggestions on were to start full saize is everything there would it be easeier to cut full size frame down to match my wheel base and put my body on it or put everything under and in my frame
  • dameen6dameen6 Posts: 4
    well i had this beast for about 3 years, it was given to me as a present,now i did not know it was going to give me so many problems,i put in so much money i could of bought another truck it has new suspension,new fuel tank,sending unit,etc.I got it running last year in november 2007. I took it for a ride and it started leaking oil alot.,so i pulled the transmission off,it was a pita! fixed the leak bought new converter,flywheel,put it back together now it doesn't move forward or reverse,it has oil,what could it b,before i pull it of again this is my third time,different reasons the first two and it was fine and running everything looks fine,everything was connected correctly,maybe someone can help me with this problem or had this happen,i hope its something simple.
  • dameen6dameen6 Posts: 4
    how yu doing,i have and 88 bronco 4x4 i had that problem i replaced the transmission housing gasket and on that housing their a seal and pump seal that fixed my problem and on that pump theirs two seals on it they were also bad i hope it helps.
  • 96xlt96xlt Posts: 6
    From the message I posted above, I am on my 3rd EGR valve in 3 months. Could the catalytic converter cause the EGR code ?
  • dgiustidgiusti Posts: 3

    did you ever get the problem solved and what was it? I may be having the same problem with my 95.
  • dgiustidgiusti Posts: 3
    I have a 95 with a 351 that has true duals, sounds goods and runs good but just remember that the mufflers (especially flowmasters) will be right under the back seats and you will definately get some internal noise.
    Be careful with Flowmasters, stay away from the 40 series.
  • dgiustidgiusti Posts: 3
    I have a 95 full size with a 351. It runs perfect for about 20-25 minutes then starts to run rough almost like a miss. I've changed plugs, wires, cap, rotor, o2 sensor, ignition module, fuel filter. Check engine light is not on. Prior to this starting I ran Lucas fuel injector cleaner through it and now am hearing bad things about that stuff in older vehicles. Has anyone experienced anything like this and if so what did you do??????
  • dameen6dameen6 Posts: 4
    does anyone respond to these or am i on the wrong
    forum. I am new at this. I need some help i can't afford to take it to the
    shop maybe someone has some ideas that they can share or tell me
    who i can talk to or maybe theirs a different forum i can go to. Yur help
    would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU EVERYONE
  • nhernonnhernon Posts: 1
    I have a 95 ford bronco 5.8 L and the problem is i put it into low range and ever since then when i shift into reverse theres a big clunk and sometimes when i shift into drive theirs a big clunk also while im driving it will shift funny or sometimes wont even shift and i have to let off the gas would anybody maybe know the problem and if so maybe a solution to the problem? thanx
  • dameen6dameen6 Posts: 4
    how are you PHERNON,well i have a 88 bronco 11, i had similar problems with mine,here's a couple of things you might want to check, driveshaft,universal joints,gears in the rear end, I don't know if you have automatic locking hubs check em also,check yur radius arm on both sides check the insulator and washer they usually are wore out and is rubbing on the crossmember that is some of the things that were done to mine. I HOPE IT HELPS YOU, good luck and let me know if any of them were bad, hopefully it isn't yur tranny, thats were i am stuck for now.
  • dnolendnolen Posts: 2
    I have a '92 V8 5.0L Ford Bronco and I have a problem with the engine in the morning. The fuel pump needs to run for about 15 minutes before it has built up enough pressure to start.
    The mechanics think it might be either the connection on the fuel pump. They're going to connect all three tubes seperately instead of together with one clasp.
    If that doesn't help all they can do is replace the on board computer. My faith in mechanics is a little gone since I've spent more on repairs than on the initial amount I paid for the car.

    Has anyone had the same problem or does anyone have any suggestions on where the problem might really lie?

    :confuse: Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you! Danielle
  • bernie11bernie11 Posts: 1
    I had this problem before and all it was is a sensor in the engine. It only cost 85 dollars to replace. After that you won't get that jerking anymore. I thought it was the trans but it was only a sensor.
  • cohidecohide Posts: 1
    I have an 87 bronco that quit me today, it started twice but died each time after about 2 minutes or so, I'm thinking fuel filter but not real familiar with the fuel system yet, please help, my other truck is a diesel and diesel fuel prices are going through the roof, I have to get my "ol bronc" back on the road
  • I have a '93 full size Bronco 351 motor Dana(?) drive train w/140k problem started with a "thump" when shifting into reverse, hard ("jerky") shifting, then a vibration/"shudder"(like I'm riding over small rumble strips) when accelerating at 40-55mph. First time to shop they reccomended a service (fluid,filters,etc.) and a product called "shudderstop" for the torque converter. The "thump" went away and it was better for about a month then the shudder started again. Second trip to shop they tried a "shift-pak"(?) and solenoid(s). The thump and hard shifting are gone but I still have a vibration/"shudder" between 40 and 55mph when I accelerate. Any suggestions before I research replacing??? I hope to keep my Bronco indefinitely so I'm not opposed to replacement, but if it's not necessary I'de like to keep my money.
  • buknbroncobuknbronco Posts: 1
    I would recommend checking your drive shaft as well as your tranz. You may need new universal joints. If at 40-55 mph you start to fell like it wont go any faster then i recommend doing as i suggested, if it stops as you accelerate past this operating speed i would recommend having the front end checked. good luck!
  • s2603s2603 Posts: 1
    Will a 1986 ford Bronco rear door fit a 1992 bronco? My stepson's bronco got hit by a school bus and the only door he can find is a 1986. If the 1986 will not work what years will fit.
  • droplever1droplever1 Posts: 5
    thanks for the reply!
    i have checked the drive shaft and there does not appear to be any "slop." the "vibration" has now migrated to other points on the speedo and happens when accelerating. if i turn the "overdrive" off it happens less frequently but continues.
    i am also considering replacing the front shock towers. it looks scary though. any tips?
  • droplever1droplever1 Posts: 5
    I have had some success by "googling" "ford replacement parts"
    if you don't find the exact door, you may still get an idea of what you can use instead. i'm not sure if i am supposed to do this or not, but i have used jeffs bronco graveyard.
  • nemises01nemises01 Posts: 1

    I have looked everywhere to find a diagram of the 1981 Ford Bronco Stereo wiring.. I can't find it in my schematics book, and i can't find any "free" diagrams over the net.. can someone help me out? It would be much appriciated..
  • hollarhollar Posts: 2
    My air conditioner works great while under idle but under acceleration it changes direction and blows warm from the dash I know it is a vacuum problem and I have allready changed the canister. Just wondering if anyone had any Ideas?
  • cadman5cadman5 Posts: 2
    im not sure if it will help but i have a 1981 bronco with the windsor 302 (but out of a mustang) and i had the same problem of it stoping on me (left me right in the crap) like yours there was no spark... the tow truck driver said it was the amp for the dizzy... as i was going to mexico i left it untill then to buy a new one and while i was there i did so... when i got home to england i fitted it but to no avail... a friend of mine said stop messin about finding fault and just replace the whole dizzy with a HDI unit... i did this for £120 and it works perfect, all it needs is one live wire and one for the taco, and it is a performance part too... im very happy with it... go to geffs bronco graveyard they have them on the shelf for like $105..

    hope it helps

    Neil (from England)
  • cadman5cadman5 Posts: 2

    i also have an 81 bronco and i had the problem of there being no radio at all and none of the wires being there to rig one up easy... so first of all i found a ford double din cd player to go in it... and i got the plugs for it from a scrap yard (i think you call them piggy backs there) and i was lucky enough to have mate who was able to rewire a new harness for the radio... aparently it was easy according to him... but i am sure you could find a spurious wireing diagram on the net or in an old chilton manual or haynes manual... it may be more simple and reliable than using the harness

    good look from england...
  • cdcdarbcdcdarb Posts: 4
    I have a 96 ford bronco, 5.8 automatic, runs and starts good, but when I turn on the headlights the engine dies, would seem to be a short, but does anyone know if it could be another known problem ?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    One thought that comes to mind is that it may be your alternator. It may not be producing enough electricity to power your engine with the headlights on. Anyone else have any ideas?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • dj7dj7 Posts: 2
    I keep getting a code 18. I have replaced the module and checked all the wirng . Any ideas???? I have an 88 Bronco 11 2.9 5 speed 4X4
  • dj7dj7 Posts: 2
    I have an 88 Bronco 2 5speed 4x4. My cruse control doesn't work and i am getting trouble codes 18 and 29 , i replaced the ign module and the speed sensor i still get the same codes , i replaced the ecm still no help. Anybody have any ideas??
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