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Toyota Camry Hybrid



  • I live in the U.S. and was told I had no choice but to have leather seats if I wanted the heated seats and side mirrors, which I did. I also wanted the NAV system. All these things are terrific in my 2009 TCH.

    The only thing is that I would have preferred velour seats. Unfortunately, that was not an option.
  • larsblarsb Posts: 8,204
    I agree. The last car I had with quality velour seats was the 1987 Cressida.

    Those seats were AWESOME and PLUSH and GORGEOUS !!!

    Toyota offering them as an option today would be a slam dunk for a lot of people.
  • aahmfaahmf Posts: 1
    Hey larsb,

    Im thinking of buying a TCH, however, i have a newbie quetion if you would be kind enough to answer.

    If the electric battery was removed or went dead, will the car and all its options (AC, Lights, radio...etc) stop working? in other words, will the car continue to run as a conventional one (gas) or will stop dead?

    Your answer is very much appreciated. Thank you.
  • Once in a while I feel a brief buzz coming from the steering column, it sounds like an electrical noise. I sometime hear it when the heating comes on. The car computer failed a month ago(had to get a new one), not sure if it has anything to do with this.
  • larsblarsb Posts: 8,204
    You mean the hybrid battery, not the 12v starter battery?

    The answer is yes, the car would be disabled without the hybrid battery. It is an integral part of the system.
  • akt1000akt1000 Posts: 15
    Are the US regions other than Washington getting any 2010 Camry Hybrid? I haven't seen any 2010 Camry Hybrid in our area (at dealers or their web sites) even though they were supposed to be at the dealers 6 months back. Still see only the 2009 models. Even the Toyota web site does not allow me to build the 2010 Camry Hybrid!
    (I had posted this question earlier at another Camry Hybrid forum with no reply, but am trying it again because this forum seems to be more active. Sorry about the duplication)
  • mechradmechrad Posts: 21
    I have had my tch since 1/08 I have 47000 miles on the car and I have on order a milan hybrid. Here are my feelings and recap of the tch. The car is bullet proof. Not one mechanical problem. Tires went at 30000 miles, brakes have not been replaced. We nick named the car daisy when we first got her because she moved so slowly it was like we were driving Miss Daisy. The car can only be described as vanilla. There is nothing exciting about this car. The interior is not very exciting and who chose that color for the center stack. I have averaged about 36 miles per gallon mostly highway driving. The car has taught me how to maximize mileage and for this I am greatful. It is time to try something new. I have test driven the milan hybrid and it is a bit more exciting to drive. The stereo is better in the Milan and I feel the interior and exterior styling is a bit more exciting. The weird 2 tone leather seats is not my first choice but they give you no choice in this. I hope that I enjoy the new car (if Ford would ever get around to building it). If I do not enjoy it I will be trading for a Lexus gs350 used, screw the mpg.
  • My new 2010 tch does not smoothly accelerate from a full stop. When I press on the gas pedal it skips, stutters and then goes. The technician said that they even have a name for the issue. Does anyone have experience with this problem?
  • cdn_tchcdn_tch Posts: 194
    Need some more detail.

    When does it happen? All the time? Only when the gas engine is running? Only when the gas engine is off? Does it change depending on how hard you accelerate? What are the road conditions? (If it is slippery, the VSC could be kicking in).
  • The stuttering or hesitant acceleration appears to only occur when at a full complete stop.
    The road conditions are dry, it happens 95-100% of the time. I believe at a full stop only the battery is running so no the gas engine is off.
    I spoke to the dealer and there have been several others who have complained. I have driven hybrid Camrys and Highlanders before and it never stuttered. They have always accelerated smoothly.
    The mechanic referred to this known problem as "Pulse Width Modulation." and he said it does not happen on all of the Camry Hybrids.
  • pat85pat85 Posts: 92
    Pulse width modulation ?
    I have heard of pulse position modulation. It's used in unusual communication systems. I actually designed a PPM for an X-ray Communications System.
    I have never heard of Pulse width modulation. It sounds made up. I would ask them to fix it.
    Call their bluff. Tell them if they can't fix it, you want it declared a lemon, because the mechanic said it has "pulse width modulation" which makes it stutter all the time.
  • jbonjbon Posts: 5
    I have the same issue on an '11 TCH I picked up Friday..
    No stuttering if gas is applied very lightly.Said to be normal.
    Any follow up on your issue?
  • I need to have the audio screen on my 2011 Camry-Hybrid stay active on my navigation screen instead of reverting back to the maps after a few seconds. Any ideas on how to increase the viewing time on the screen?
  • pat85pat85 Posts: 92
    I put 5 year lasting silicon windshield wipers on my TCH. I bought them from Amaazon. To
    change wipers, pull on the small tab at where the wipers connect with the arm.
    I hope this helps.
  • thorlinthorlin Posts: 6
    edited April 2012
    First time to the forums, great site. I currently have a 2010 Ford F150 4x4 XLT pickup that I bought new two years ago. Great truck....except now, it doesn't really fit my life for two reasons. One is the price of gas, and I would like to "downsize" my vehicle, and the costs that go with it; the 2nd is that my elderly mother is pretty ill, and there are times I need to transport her to the doctor. She is not able to get into my truck.

    So I started looking at getting a different vehicle, and one of the first vehicles I started researching was the new Camry....both hybrid and regular. All the reviews on the Hybrid indicate it is a great car.

    I have used my truck to haul things on a few occasions, and do like the ability to put things in the bed. However, I have not done it that often, and right now using the truck as a daily driver is getting quite expensive.

    Friends at work suggested getting some type of crossover or wagon or small SUV. Suggestions being the Subaru Outback wagon, or one of the small SUV's such as the RAV4, CR-V, or even the new Mazda crossover....

    I have had two Camrys in the past, and thought they were both great cars (1996 LE, and a 1999 Solara SLE V6), so I am predisposed towards Toyota. The Venza is a bit out of my price range....

    The trouble is the crossovers and suv's don't get anywhere close to the mileage of the TCH....but I think the extra storage or utility of the crossover might be worth it.

    I live in the Pacific Northwest, and we get pretty decent snowfall in the winter...which is another reason I liked my truck, with the 4x4.

    At this time I really want something that I can use to transport my mom, and is cheap to own and operate....which I guess is why I come back to the TCH.

    Thoughts? Advice? I feel kind of stuck at the moment....
  • The TCH is a great car ....mine is a 2008 with no problems and 36.5 mpg over 62K miles....I do caution you however that if your mother has a wheel chair or ever requires one...that it WILL NOT fit in the trunk of the TCH. I might suggest looking at the Toyota Highlander hybrid but the price is higher. You will easily fit a wheelchair in the trunk of the regular Toyota Camry. Best of luck in your search and just curious...what mileage do you get with the F150?
  • thorlinthorlin Posts: 6
    Thanks for mentioning wheelchair...meant to earlier...she has folding wheelchair...the 2012 TCH is supposed to have bigger trunk than think it would be too small? Was also thinking i could put it in the backseat...use a blanket or something to protect the seats. Otherwise was thinking of possibly the regular gas SE model....

    As for gas mileage, I have the 2010 F150 XLT, supercab...4x4 (turn on 4x4 with switch), with the 4.6L V8....gets between 16 and 19....unfortunately most of my driving is towards the low end. and in the winter when we use gas with ethanol, it goes down too. Otherwise, I love the ride, and the driving position...
  • I'd bring her wheelchair and see if it fits in the trunk....I once fit a wheelchair in my back seat for an emergency, but it was very hard to maneuver in and I had to wheel it onto the seat and wrap the seat belts around to fasten it in place.
  • thorlinthorlin Posts: 6
    How would the TCH be in snow? I live in eastern Washington state, and the last couple of winters have brought decent snowfall. I drove my Solara several years around here and there was only one winter where the snow was so deep I could not leave my house.
    The tires on the TCH have low rolling resistance, and so I wonder if they are "sticky" enough for driving in snow, or would I need to get a set of snow tires for it?
    Thanks again!
  • Can't help you with the snow question...I live in Phoenix, AZ. I can tell you the A/C holds up well when its 118 outside...but you will never see temperatures like that where you are.
    I have LRR tires and they are fine in the rain (all 3 days a year) and they stick fine to the road just not as well as a high performance tire would.
  • pat85pat85 Posts: 92
    edited June 2012
    I still have the OEM touring tires. They have "all Season", printed on them. That is a lie. They are worthless in the snow. I live in the DC area. Cars here have an extra warning light. If there is more than 2 inches of snow, a light comes on and says. "abandon car now" That means on Interstate Highways, too. So even if you can drive in snow, the roads are jammed with abandoned cars. Some diplomats don't even have a word for "snow" in their language.
  • Can't help you with the snow question...I live in Phoenix, AZ

    I had to respond to this older thread when I read this.
    Visiting my brother in Prescott a couple of years ago, we flew in to Phoenix in late February to beautiful 68 degree temps. Thought we were UPtown when our rental was upgraded to a Town Car and off we drove to Prescott...where they enjoyed a RECORD one-day snowfall that melted and turned to shear glaze ice by 9PM(15degrees at that time!!!). What I would have given for ANYthing more snow/ice worthy!!!

    I had considered driving over (1100 miles) in our Volvo XC60 AWD, but even it would have had trouble on the skating rink disguised as the main roads around Prescott. ;)

    I wonder what the OP finally chose?
  • thorlinthorlin Posts: 6
    Well, I actually went a totally different direction and bought a Ford Fusion SEL. The Ford dealer where I bought my truck two years ago had a great buy on one one Saturday a few months back. I test drove it, thought it drove great, and they gave me what I was hoping for on my trade. Will have to wait a few months to see what our winter is like. The trunk is very large, is great for the wheelchair, and my mom is able to get in and out no problem. And the Fusion is a very nice had the options I was really hoping for anyway, and was having to get a pretty scaled up Toyota to get. (leather heated seats, sun roof, quite a nice stereo). So happy so far.
  • gwilliams2004gwilliams2004 Posts: 6
    edited August 2012
    On 6/29/2012 I had a small auto accident. I waited in line for a traffic light. There was a Lexus SUV at my left side. When light turned green, the SUV tried to change to right lane and hit my car at the left front panel right in front of front tire. The speed was no more than 10MPH.

    The SUV did not even have a scratch. But my Camry front side panel was dented in and the front bumper was push apart for about 1-2 inches forward. Lucky, the lamp on top of the bumper was not damaged. The insurance settle quickly and I sent the car to a dealer body shop. The initial claim was $2032. Body shop added another $400+ for additional small parts. So it went to $2460.

    Two weeks later, the car was sent to Toyota dealer for additional repair, the cost jumped to $7600. The dealer said, the electrical parts also need to be replaced.

    The car was in the dealership for more than a month. I just pick up the car. And the total cost to repair came to an astonishing number - $13,884.29.

    This is a typical everyday accident. The body shop said, because it is Hybrid. So, a small, minor accident can become a ridiculous, outrageous price.

    Are you dare to drive this car?
  • sbkcpasbkcpa Posts: 6
    Didn't you ask what additional repairs were needed? Sounds like a ripoff
  • The damage was only a dent in front of the front wheel. And the bumper was push apart for about 1-2 inches. Luckily, the lamp on top of the bumper was not damaged.

    The problem is the Toyota Hybrid design. From that dent, the entire wire for the engine and several control box needed to be replaced. The body shop charged 2636.79. The Toyota dealer charged $11,247.50.

    According to the receipt, Toyota dealer found a code C1256. They could not remove that code until they replaced $7896.88 worth of parts. Plus $2856 labor and $493.62 tax.
  • sbkcpasbkcpa Posts: 6
    You're right.....that is OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,961
    The body shop amount isn't surprising. If you dent metal or move body parts, it's like an automatic $2,500 minimum. I'm not saying that the rest is or isn't legitimate, but wow, I'm wondering how a vehicle gets designed that can take THAT much damage from a seemingly minor hit.

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  • Well, this is a 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE. I was shocked when I learned the repair cost. You can't image how fragile it is. Please check the picture:
  • sbkcpasbkcpa Posts: 6
    I agree that the cost of the body work is not unusual, but the more that I think about it...the other repair had to be legit. Before an insurance company will pay such a big claim, the repair shop has to prove that the repair is necessary. Perhaps the wheel took a really bad hit and damaged the brakes. I Googled the code you mentioned, and it has to do with loss of ABS pressure. Sounds like a lot of damage was done behind the scenes.
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