2007 Suzuki SX4

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Suzuki recently unveiled the SX4 at the New York auto show. A key highlight of this small sport crossover is the standard driver-selectable all wheel drive. Press release and photos can be found at Suzuki SX4.

Competition can range from the Honda Fit to the Jeep Compass/Patriot.

I think the styling is nice, though there doesn't seem to be a lot of room behind the rear seats. Could this be the next generation of "cute ute"?





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    I think this will be my next car. Has pretty much everything I've been looking for; awd, low weight, reasonable 4 cyl. (with decent gas mileage) and a stick shift. Hopefully I can get the premium package and ESP with the 5 speed. I'm looking forward to test driving it when it arrives.
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    One thing I noticed while looking closely at the interior pic is what seems to be the availability of automatic climate control. That's a very rare luxury for such a small vehicle, at least in the North American market.

    There was no mention of a sunroof being offered. I hope Suzuki at least makes it an option.

    Overall, not a bad little package. Pricing will range from $15K to $18K. A Honda Fit Sport with auto will run over $16K, and that car does not include AWD and has a much less powerful engine.
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    I saw two at the NY auto show on Friday. They were concepts, but very close to the production cars. They were on the floor and you could get into them. I was very impressed with the feature to price ratio and the interior seemed high quality.

    The Suzuki rep did say there would be a sunroof option.

    The SX4 has heated side mirrors.

    The solid rear suspension is a bit of a disappointment.

    A car at this price with a 4WD lock option is amazing. Being able to also lock it into 2WD to maximize fuel consumption is a wonderful idea in this age of $3 gas.

    Overall, a really cute car that would be a great city/commuter vehicle in all kinds of weather.

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    The Suzuki rep did say there would be a sunroof option.

    Good! Every car I've owned has had a hole in the roof of some kind. I really appreciate it on warm spring days.

    The SX4 has heated side mirrors.

    Even better! Seems like Suzuki really wants to pack in the features on this crossover.

    The solid rear suspension is a bit of a disappointment.

    True. I wonder how well it handles?

    A car at this price with a 4WD lock option is amazing. Being able to also lock it into 2WD to maximize fuel consumption is a wonderful idea in this age of $3 gas.

    Good point. I like the idea of locking it into 2WD for use on dry pavement. What's even better is that the SX4 also has an auto AWD in addition to the locking AWD. So you basically get 3 variations - 2WD, AWD Auto, AWD Lock. And this is standard on every SX4!
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    IRS would be nice, but at this price-point and with the extra inside space, I can live with a solid axle car.
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    Just was at the NY Auto Show. I LOVE THIS CAR! It looks great 'in person', I am 6 feet tall, I fit great, the stats (power/mpg/etc) sound like a good balance. I want one.
    Note: The 'Concept' nomenclature is misleading. Except for some minor details (wheel size, some trim) they are going to be released as is.
    I did happen to accidentally break the latch on the rear seat release, so I hope that was just a fluke. (I did tell the rep, I was a good boy).
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    Was the interior 'concept' or not. Looks like orange an brown leather. Not typically a leater fan but it looks great to me.

    I would love a full sun roof like in the tC.
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    My understanding is leather is not an option.

    From Inside Line article.
    Inside, the SX4 offers a clean but unremarkable two-tone design, average materials quality and a decent amount of room for four adults. The car on display at the show had leather upholstery, but we were told only cloth seating would be available on production models.

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    Hrm. I had high hope for the SX-4, and it still looks like a good car, but I think I'd hold out for the '08 Impreza.

    I was hoping the 2.0l engine and light weight (200-300lbs lighter than the Impreza) would help fuel economy significantly, but 24/29 (manual) and 24/30 (auto) are dangerously close to the current Impreza 2.5i's 22/29 and 23/30. Just imagine if Subaru introduced a direct-injection engine with the next-gen Impreza. It might actually get better fuel economy than the smaller, lighter Suzuki.

    The torsion beam doesn't help things either.

    I'll still check them out when they hit dealers, but at this rate the SX4 will have negligible advantages over its primary AWD competition: only slightly better fuel economy and slightly better price. Not that it will be a bad car. Honestly, there are few bad cars left nowadays :shades:

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    I sure hope the Impreza looks better then the current one! Subaru got the 05 Legacy right but the snout noise Tribeca is UGLY. Here's to the hope that Subaru goes for a clean look.

    It will be an interesting comparison, especially considering price.
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    Found this site with lots of pictures and info on the SX4. Most of the specs seem geared for the European market like the diesel engine and 6speed manual.


    I like the look of the car and with the AWD it should be a great alternative to a Subaru.
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    Just got back from the Auto show and had a chance to see it up close. This thing looks really nice in person. The two concepts looked ready for production. One was a nice sea-foam green with a lowered suspension and larger(18" I think)wheels. With the SX lowered and sitting on larger wheels the car looks more substantial(less "cute") because the fender flares are emphasized. The SX WRC car was on display and looked awesome. If some of the WRC parts become available this car could have a pretty nice following.
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    Found this site today.


    Annoying voice over, but lots of info.
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    Nice find. Learning a little more about this new Suzuki every day.

    And yes, the voice over is annoying. :P

    I'd like to see more than just still photos, though. I'm pretty sure Edmunds has a link to a video of the SX4 during the New York auto show unveiling.

    Does this work? I can't seem to get past the "Buffering" message.

    SX4 Video
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    Video has worked for me, but it can be slow.
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    Finally got to see the video at work (shhh...don't tell the boss). Apparently my 8 year old home computer is, ummm, lacking in certain areas, like being able to play Inside Line videos.

    Anyway, does anyone else think the tires are a bit too narrow for this car? Seeing the SX4 in motion from certain angles makes it seem as if the tread width could use a couple extra inches. It's kind of hard to actually judge the size of the SX4 based on pictures alone.
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    205/60 16 (16 x 6.5 alloy) look good to me, especially with curb weight of 2900 lbs.
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    Just received an email from Suzuki customer service saying the SX4 will not have the option of a factory-installed sunroof. :mad:

    Of course, they added the obligatory disclaimer about specifications subject to change without notice, blah, blah, blah.

    An available sunroof would have gone a long way to making this car a slam dunk in my mind. Too bad. :cry:
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    That is kind of a bummer. Not a deal killer for me. I can live without a sunroof. That's why I have my Miata. :-)
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    I've been looking forward to this car, but the interior photos lead to disappointment. It appears that the seats don't fold flat unless you flip them forward, losing load length.

    I'm disappointed. Tell me I'm missing something....

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    I have been heavily researching the SX4, due mainly to its height off the ground. I live in snow country.

    I am also looking at the Dodge Caliber SXT, which is only FWD, but has similar height off of the ground.

    Have any of you been making the same comparison?

    If so, what are the pros and cons, or is it too early to say?
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    The rear seats dont fold flat, they only flip up against the front seat backs. :cry:
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    Yup. Seats fold and flip. Okay with me. With a smaller car like this, I prefer the deeper loading area of fold and flip, rather then length. My Mazda P5 seat only flips, but it isn't very deep which means you can't get taller item into it. Frankly, smaller cars like this just don't have much length, regardless of how the rear seat folds.

    Regarding SX4 or Dodge Caliber, Dodge seems okay. I've never been fond of version 1 Chrysler reliability. My guess is you'll have a lot better reliablity with the Suzuki. The AWD Dodge model weighs a lot more and fuel economy suffers. Dodge is bigger, so you'll have more room. To me, there is no comparison, I'd take the Suzuki. Check them both out when they're available and see which one you like.
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    Yeah, this is a small car. Unfortunately it does not have the space efficiency of the Honda Fit. I assume the 4x4 takes up room under the floor so Suzuki was not able to figure out a way to make them fold flat. I would just get my wrench out and remove the seats if I needed the extra room.
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    Anyone heard of bringing the diesel engine to the US? With high gas prices and low sulfur fuel coming out, seems like the perfect combo... Also, I noticed that Suzuki has high end options like navigation (and bluetooth?) in Europe. Any info about that stuff being brought to the states?
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    I'm right there with you on this.

    I've become very interested in the SX4 and new Rabbit. Right now the versatility and economy of small hatches is very appealing and these two are definitely the easiest on the eyes (the Yaris and Fit are too ugly to even consider regardless of their other positives). I just assumed the Zuki would offer a sunroof - even Chevy has it as an option on the Aveo.

    This is a big oversight on the part of Suzuki. It makes me think they're strictly going after the older Sierra Club/Wheatabix market with this one. At least my options have been narrowed by one.
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    Re a diesel engine, I posted the same question on the Grand Vitara forum. It could use the diesel even more, giving it vastly better mileage. But as to the SX4, I'd doubt it, (though I don't know), as it ought to get fairly decent mileage with it's petrol unit? Seen any figures on that yet?

    As to origin, I'm out of the loop on this one a bit, but is it based on a "fix it again Tony" euro chasis?, (Fiat Panda?), I forget, but thought I read that some time ago. Anyone?
    Maybe no problemo there, but then look at the Korean based Verona for instance. Time will tell, eh?

    Looks to me like a Matrix awd competitor. But lower priced likely. Sure looks good.
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    Fiat Sedici/Suzuki SX4. Thankfully developed by Suzuki. European versions made in Hungry will offer Fiat 120bhp 1.9-litre Multijet diesel engine. As usual, US version (made in Japan) will not get the diesel. :-(

    I could see a diesel version in a couple of years, but not now. Who knows... if gas prices continue to climb???
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    Suzuki SX4 wallpapers now up at desktopmachine.com
  • chrisducatichrisducati Member Posts: 394
    The SX4 is on the new Swift chassis which is an award winning car. I personally like the front bumper of the global SX4 better than the Pontiac Vibe look alike that we are getting here in the USA. Also they have taken the side turn repeaters and side moldings off. Overall it looks a bit nude compared to the European model. I agree with the cries for the diesel and six speed combo. Most of American would not understand it but the niche market for it is there.
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    I have been heavily researching the SX4, due mainly to its height off the ground. I live in snow country.

    If you're interested in ground clearance, the new Jeep Patriot will have 8 inches (the FWD model, the 4WD will have 9.)

    The base Patriot will start under 16k (with no options.) The usual options will likely be 18-20k.
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    The gas mileage on the non-diesel is 24-29, about the same as the Matrix but with a bit more horsepower. Naturally, one cannot know the exact benefit from diesel since the US market would want it mated to an automatic transmission for it to attain any real penetration. However, I would not be surprised with mpg of high 30s. That would place it in a unique market niche (enjoyed by VW now in the US) or marketing the highest mpg 4 wheel drive vehicle in the US. Given that consumers are paying premiums for hybrids (and Fits can't be kept on the lots despite dealer markups), the US market in undergoing a reconfiguration, with a greater emphasis on green/gas economy without it being linked to a bottom dweller 'econobox' where being the 'cheapest' is a virtue. Suzuki has not yet figured this out, since it is not marketing the product with a high end trim - nav kit, sunroof, etc. - nor a green drivetrain. Nissan's Versa is marketed as a "near luxury" car in Japan, but the high end options aren't offered in the US. Will this change?
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    Very, very astute comments. High 30's easy, for a diesel in the new sx 4, or more? For comparative ref., the euro Grand Vitara with 5 speed manual, transfer case, and the "green" Renault sourced diesel, gets 36mpg city/highway combined! Compare that with maybe 23 mpg highway on a good day for the petrol "Grand Guzzler" proffered off on the dumbed down North American marketplace, and, how can anyone even remotely concerned with the environment and/or ever rising fuel costs, NOT see the light....?

    Ya again, Suzuki seems to have enought innovative "horsepower" in hand now, to, (PLEASE, FOR GOD AND COUNTRY'S SAKE!), please redirect some of "it" RESPONSIBLY off
    on to a new GREEN path. Why not lead the way Suzuki? Do it, or some of us just won't wait much longer.

    As an offhand bit of serendipity?, please note the euro diesel Grand Vitara comes in a lovely shade of FOREST GREEN, a color not available for it "over here". Why can't we be green too on this side of the pond Suzuki, with diesel options for these two otherwise fine new vehicles?

    ps: Also, it's disappointing to me the SX-4 is actually a bit shorter than the Aerio. Hence little or no room behind the rear seat with it in the upright position. Otherwise looks bang on.

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    So where are some SX4s that I can go see? Anybody know of any in California?

    (I realize the official arrival date is September, but I'm thinking there must be a few preview models over here somewhere.)

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    Getting antsy to see them myself. Maybe I'll have to start cruising by the dealership. :-)
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    I was at a dealer last week to test drive a Grand Vitara. I asked about the SX4 and said I would be more interested in that. The dealer said it would be arriving in November or December "although it didnt seem as if she was to sure". I have always heard it would be coming out in Sept.
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    When I went to our local Suzuki dealer in Sacramento a couple of months ago, the salesman had never even heard of the SX4.

    I'm hoping that the dealer you went to was giving you a late date in order to push you into buying the Grand Vitara. This is the first reference I've seen to anything other than September.
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    i live in argentina and i wonder when this car is gonna come to here...the style is cool and i think could be a great contestant for the market we have here, where many small suvs have alot of sales...
    check it out
    go to ford ecosport
    and www.volkswagen.com.ar
    go to volkswagen crossfox
    there's a big market for small 4x4. :P
  • jerryconjerrycon Member Posts: 15
    My wife detests the SX4's look. She is describing the SX4 as looking like a toy car.

    I like the way it looks, especially the 16-inch wheels. I wouldn't have thought she would have really cared. Has anyone else's spouse hated this sweet little 4x4?
  • chrisducatichrisducati Member Posts: 394
    Mine likes it. She has moved away from looking down at small cars. She use to look down at anything that wasn't huge. She had some weird idea that it was connected to class or something. I will be looking at them when they get to the dealership.
  • jerryconjerrycon Member Posts: 15
    1994 Suzuki Sidekick - Third straight week in a coma. Waiting for replacement Electronic Control Module to arrive. No guarantee that this will be the fix--just hopeful. The Sidekick only needs to run until the SX4 arrives in September?

    1980 Suzuki GS850 classic motorcycle - Still in the shop since purchase a few weeks ago. It's hard to complain about the repair shop being slow when there's no air conditioning and we've been experiencing a record breaking heat wave.

    2007 Suzuki SX4 - This will replace the Sidekick. I am worried about cargo capacity, though. That is where the Honda Fit shines. Maybe my dream car would be the Suzuki 2.0 liter engine in the Honda Fit (which has a 1.5 liter engine). Nah! I would still want the SX4's 16-inch wheels. (Fit's biggest are 15-inch on the Sport model.)
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    i received an email from a suzuki dealer in kansas, and she said it will get there in late september or begining of october. whoowhoooo!!!
  • erics6erics6 Member Posts: 684
    Got an email from Suzuki.


    They'll have models available this month to see/test drive at dealers across the U.S. I'm going to check it out Monday at the local dealer. Hope they have one available to test drive.
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    It's pretty ridiculous that they are ignoring a market like Minnesnowta with this tour. Also, they should learn how to spell Milwaukee! :P

    Did you notice that the only SX4 available before "winter 2006" is the base model w/o any options? Interesting...
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Minnesnowta - all these years and that's new to me. Clever. :shades:
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    If you are really eager to see an SX4...hop a plane to Europe. As I have been spending my summer vacation in France, I stopped by a Suzuki dealer to investigate. Interestingly, when you've been in Europe for a while, what appears to be a "big" car shifts rather dramatically, since so many of the vehicles are "A" or "B " segment (i.e., real small). The SX4 seems quite large in that context; the Swift seems more akin to the European market in general. The dealership had a bunch of SX4s sitting around the lot; I wonder if sales were up to expectations? Sitting in one, it rides fairly high (again given the Euro-context) and seems pretty comfortable. As is true with many small cars, there was no area between the front seats for storage or armrests - that was one of the reasons I bought a Matrix instead of an Aerio 3 years ago... Relatively few European cars have sunroofs, which is probably when one isn't offered in the US. On the other hand, a bunch of small European cars do offer upscale options like GPS, but Suzuki isn't offering that in the US (couldn't figure out whether the dealer was offering it in France!). Naturally, the diesel option is a Europe only thing...as we have previously discussed. I wasn't able to test drive the unit, so I still look forward to that experience in the States...
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    It's not original. And less and less true in recent years, with warmer winters. Still, we get our share.
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    As is true with many small cars, there was no area between the front seats for storage or armrests - that was one of the reasons I bought a Matrix instead of an Aerio 3 years ago...

    From the photos it looks as if this statement is correct. Does anyone know if at least an after-market driver armrest is a possibility? I like this car, but a spot for my right elbow is nice on trips.
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    I have a 2003 Aztek which I love because of the versatility. I'd like something lighter and better on gas which is why I like the idea of the SX-4. I have to see it in person though---I just can't get a good picture of its dimensions.
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