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2007 Suzuki SX4



  • chrisducatichrisducati Posts: 394
    The SX4 is on the new Swift chassis which is an award winning car. I personally like the front bumper of the global SX4 better than the Pontiac Vibe look alike that we are getting here in the USA. Also they have taken the side turn repeaters and side moldings off. Overall it looks a bit nude compared to the European model. I agree with the cries for the diesel and six speed combo. Most of American would not understand it but the niche market for it is there.
  • twaintwain Posts: 185
    I have been heavily researching the SX4, due mainly to its height off the ground. I live in snow country.

    If you're interested in ground clearance, the new Jeep Patriot will have 8 inches (the FWD model, the 4WD will have 9.)

    The base Patriot will start under 16k (with no options.) The usual options will likely be 18-20k.
  • drdan3drdan3 Posts: 13
    The gas mileage on the non-diesel is 24-29, about the same as the Matrix but with a bit more horsepower. Naturally, one cannot know the exact benefit from diesel since the US market would want it mated to an automatic transmission for it to attain any real penetration. However, I would not be surprised with mpg of high 30s. That would place it in a unique market niche (enjoyed by VW now in the US) or marketing the highest mpg 4 wheel drive vehicle in the US. Given that consumers are paying premiums for hybrids (and Fits can't be kept on the lots despite dealer markups), the US market in undergoing a reconfiguration, with a greater emphasis on green/gas economy without it being linked to a bottom dweller 'econobox' where being the 'cheapest' is a virtue. Suzuki has not yet figured this out, since it is not marketing the product with a high end trim - nav kit, sunroof, etc. - nor a green drivetrain. Nissan's Versa is marketed as a "near luxury" car in Japan, but the high end options aren't offered in the US. Will this change?
  • norwoodsmnnorwoodsmn Posts: 168
    Very, very astute comments. High 30's easy, for a diesel in the new sx 4, or more? For comparative ref., the euro Grand Vitara with 5 speed manual, transfer case, and the "green" Renault sourced diesel, gets 36mpg city/highway combined! Compare that with maybe 23 mpg highway on a good day for the petrol "Grand Guzzler" proffered off on the dumbed down North American marketplace, and, how can anyone even remotely concerned with the environment and/or ever rising fuel costs, NOT see the light....?

    Ya again, Suzuki seems to have enought innovative "horsepower" in hand now, to, (PLEASE, FOR GOD AND COUNTRY'S SAKE!), please redirect some of "it" RESPONSIBLY off
    on to a new GREEN path. Why not lead the way Suzuki? Do it, or some of us just won't wait much longer.

    As an offhand bit of serendipity?, please note the euro diesel Grand Vitara comes in a lovely shade of FOREST GREEN, a color not available for it "over here". Why can't we be green too on this side of the pond Suzuki, with diesel options for these two otherwise fine new vehicles?

    ps: Also, it's disappointing to me the SX-4 is actually a bit shorter than the Aerio. Hence little or no room behind the rear seat with it in the upright position. Otherwise looks bang on.

  • jerryconjerrycon Posts: 15
    So where are some SX4s that I can go see? Anybody know of any in California?

    (I realize the official arrival date is September, but I'm thinking there must be a few preview models over here somewhere.)

  • erics6erics6 Posts: 684
    Getting antsy to see them myself. Maybe I'll have to start cruising by the dealership. :-)
  • extennyextenny Posts: 18
    I was at a dealer last week to test drive a Grand Vitara. I asked about the SX4 and said I would be more interested in that. The dealer said it would be arriving in November or December "although it didnt seem as if she was to sure". I have always heard it would be coming out in Sept.
  • jerryconjerrycon Posts: 15
    When I went to our local Suzuki dealer in Sacramento a couple of months ago, the salesman had never even heard of the SX4.

    I'm hoping that the dealer you went to was giving you a late date in order to push you into buying the Grand Vitara. This is the first reference I've seen to anything other than September.
  • i live in argentina and i wonder when this car is gonna come to here...the style is cool and i think could be a great contestant for the market we have here, where many small suvs have alot of sales...
    check it out
    go to ford ecosport
    go to volkswagen crossfox
    there's a big market for small 4x4. :P
  • jerryconjerrycon Posts: 15
    My wife detests the SX4's look. She is describing the SX4 as looking like a toy car.

    I like the way it looks, especially the 16-inch wheels. I wouldn't have thought she would have really cared. Has anyone else's spouse hated this sweet little 4x4?
  • chrisducatichrisducati Posts: 394
    Mine likes it. She has moved away from looking down at small cars. She use to look down at anything that wasn't huge. She had some weird idea that it was connected to class or something. I will be looking at them when they get to the dealership.
  • jerryconjerrycon Posts: 15
    1994 Suzuki Sidekick - Third straight week in a coma. Waiting for replacement Electronic Control Module to arrive. No guarantee that this will be the fix--just hopeful. The Sidekick only needs to run until the SX4 arrives in September?

    1980 Suzuki GS850 classic motorcycle - Still in the shop since purchase a few weeks ago. It's hard to complain about the repair shop being slow when there's no air conditioning and we've been experiencing a record breaking heat wave.

    2007 Suzuki SX4 - This will replace the Sidekick. I am worried about cargo capacity, though. That is where the Honda Fit shines. Maybe my dream car would be the Suzuki 2.0 liter engine in the Honda Fit (which has a 1.5 liter engine). Nah! I would still want the SX4's 16-inch wheels. (Fit's biggest are 15-inch on the Sport model.)
  • canuck785canuck785 Posts: 160
    i received an email from a suzuki dealer in kansas, and she said it will get there in late september or begining of october. whoowhoooo!!!
  • erics6erics6 Posts: 684
    Got an email from Suzuki.

    They'll have models available this month to see/test drive at dealers across the U.S. I'm going to check it out Monday at the local dealer. Hope they have one available to test drive.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    It's pretty ridiculous that they are ignoring a market like Minnesnowta with this tour. Also, they should learn how to spell Milwaukee! :P

    Did you notice that the only SX4 available before "winter 2006" is the base model w/o any options? Interesting...
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Minnesnowta - all these years and that's new to me. Clever. :shades:
  • drdan3drdan3 Posts: 13
    If you are really eager to see an SX4...hop a plane to Europe. As I have been spending my summer vacation in France, I stopped by a Suzuki dealer to investigate. Interestingly, when you've been in Europe for a while, what appears to be a "big" car shifts rather dramatically, since so many of the vehicles are "A" or "B " segment (i.e., real small). The SX4 seems quite large in that context; the Swift seems more akin to the European market in general. The dealership had a bunch of SX4s sitting around the lot; I wonder if sales were up to expectations? Sitting in one, it rides fairly high (again given the Euro-context) and seems pretty comfortable. As is true with many small cars, there was no area between the front seats for storage or armrests - that was one of the reasons I bought a Matrix instead of an Aerio 3 years ago... Relatively few European cars have sunroofs, which is probably when one isn't offered in the US. On the other hand, a bunch of small European cars do offer upscale options like GPS, but Suzuki isn't offering that in the US (couldn't figure out whether the dealer was offering it in France!). Naturally, the diesel option is a Europe only we have previously discussed. I wasn't able to test drive the unit, so I still look forward to that experience in the States...
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    It's not original. And less and less true in recent years, with warmer winters. Still, we get our share.
  • dodgeman07dodgeman07 Posts: 574
    As is true with many small cars, there was no area between the front seats for storage or armrests - that was one of the reasons I bought a Matrix instead of an Aerio 3 years ago...

    From the photos it looks as if this statement is correct. Does anyone know if at least an after-market driver armrest is a possibility? I like this car, but a spot for my right elbow is nice on trips.
  • I have a 2003 Aztek which I love because of the versatility. I'd like something lighter and better on gas which is why I like the idea of the SX-4. I have to see it in person though---I just can't get a good picture of its dimensions.
  • erics6erics6 Posts: 684
    Well. I arrived at Vancouver Suzuki at 6pm yesterday. Vehicle was suppose to be there from 4-7 pm. No SX4. Sales guy said the manufacture representatives had left about an 1 1/2 hours ago. Hmmm.... doesn't give me much faith in Suzuki USA's operation.
  • jerryconjerrycon Posts: 15
    Crap! You're right. For those of us who are waiting desperately to replace our current vehicles, we've just had another three to four months--at least--added to our sentences.

    Suzuki has officially pissed me off. They shouldn't have announced September if it wasn't true. And it's not. Having the base model only does not qualify as available.

    Another thing that's weird is how the California tour stopped only in a few small towns. Every big city in the state was skipped. What in the world could Suzuki marketing folks be thinking..
  • brenbren Posts: 24
    I've been reading up on the SX4 info on the net and waiting for the launch date to get closer for several months.

    If only stripped base models will be available until winter, that makes it less likely I'll buy one because I may not want to wait that long for my next car.

    As someone posted before, I'm kind of disappointed that the SX4 will be even shorter than the Aerio, reducing the length of the cargo area.

    I've owned a 2004 Aerio SX (wagon) AWD for approaching 2 years. I'm rather skeptical of the fuel economy and downsized engine for the new SX4. I generally get 21-22 mpg (mix of city and 55-65 mph hwy). In the winter I've seen as low as 19 mpg, and even on exclusive highway trips I get a measley 22-23 mpg.

    The hp and torque numbers LOOK impressive, but on the Aerio AWD they only yield average acceleration. The SX4 will be heavier with less hp and torque...

    I have enjoyed my Aerio in many ways, but with the unimpressive fuel economy and average performance I've experienced (and given the awful resale value of Aerios), I'm strongly considering a Scion xB which has traction control and stability control to help make up for the lack of AWD, will likely get 30mpg, and will also have far better resale value.

    I'm sure the SX4 will end up costing more than the Aerio, so an xB will end up being a few thousand cheaper (unless SX4's are launched with rebates).
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    I don't know about the SX4 costing more than the Aerio. The base model is supposed to start at $15k and includes AWD. Doesn't the AWD Aerio SX list for more than $15k?

    If the fuel economy of the SX4 is in the low 20s on the highway, I will have to take it off my shopping list also. I don't need AWD that bad.
  • brenbren Posts: 24
    I've been reading that the base prices will range from $15-$18K.

    I think a LOADED '06 Aerio SX AWD w/ premium package stickers for about $17,300.

    I wonder if AWD will be offered with a manual transmission this time. In that case, add $1000 for automatic transmission... and I think I read that cruise control is going to be tacked onto a package that will add another $1400+.

    We'll see!
  • brenbren Posts: 24
    Someone earlier posted this link pricing&specs where you can download the pricing and specifications.

    Unless pricing changes before launch, it seems a loaded model (SX4 Sport AWD automatic) will list at $17,399. So that's basically the same as the current loaded Aerio, but the SX4 includes traction control, electronic stability program, rear disc brakes, keyless START and larger wheels/tires.

    I was wrong earlier about the cruise control only being available in some costly package. You can also get it in a package with leather wrapped steering wheel and steering wheel controls.

    If you can do without the upgraded stereo, automatic climate control, fog lamps (none of these are important to me), traction control and electronic stability program, you can get an automatic for $16,299.

    It seems that the SX4 will be an even better value than the Aerio was (unless a loss of cargo area and engine size/power) is really important to you. Hopefully resale value can improve.

    I think it's unlikely the SX4 will get over 25 on the hwy unless you keep speeds under 65 mph. My Aerio's fuel economy has made me very skeptical.
  • canuck785canuck785 Posts: 160
    from what i read, the awd will be available with stick as well as auto tranny.

    on an other note, i am already disappointed with suzuki did not even know what i was talking about when i sent an email asking about the arrival of the sx4, she said, "aerio sx????" then the other one never even reply to me!!!!
    the 1st one apologize after i sent her the SUZUKI link to the car (DUH!!!!) and said she would send me infos..that was 2 weeks ago, nothing yet?!

    so far, the chevy dealers have been the best as for customer service, helpful without being pushy.

    for ppl looking at awd, the vibe and matrix always got good comments and reviews but it might be a bit more than,s all depending on the needs and budget i guess!

    I had the chance to test drive a scion xB this summer, both auto and stick and it is a very nice car IMO, TONS OF ROOM. and comes with a lot of goodies! gets great gas mileage too. on the scion xB discussion, ppl are extremely pleased with it, as well as the xA. both cars where the "cheapest cars to own" (or something meaning that) here at edmunds.
  • jerryconjerrycon Posts: 15
    It's time to let go of my beloved '94 Sidekick, and I tried to go with the SX4, but in the end, I just couldn't do it for the following reasons.

    1. The Suzuki dealer in my area is not up to my standard for car dealers. Sales, service, and support are all lacking.
    2. I test drove the Aerio SX and found the acceleration lacking despite the 2.3L engine. (I loved the cargo space, though.)
    3. Cargo space in the SX4 is unacceptable. I have to have lots of cargo space.
    4. I need a new car immediately. Finding out that the loaded SX4 would not be available in September was the last straw.

    I know the SX4 would have been a lot of fun. I am certainly going to test drive one or more when they arrive. But for me, it's time to bite the financial bullet and pay 4 to 5 thousand more for the Honda Element with Real-Time 4WD (=AWD).

    Not to worry, though, I'm not a complete traitor to Suzuki. I have my recently purchased 1980 GS850G motorcycle, with its shot front wheel bearings, a fuel leak from carburetor #1, and other assorted issues. That might sound bad, but the bike is 27 years old, and I'm going to have these problems sorted out soon. Till then, I'm riding it anyway. It's a Suzuki, and just like my trusty Sidekick, it will never say die. (Written with fingers crossed for good luck...)
  • canuck785canuck785 Posts: 160
    i am starting to wonder myself about the service at suzuki...still no reply from any dealers...c'mon!! :mad:

    i hear you about the husband recently sold his suzuki Katana 1100 and he regrets it!! :cry:

    has anyone actually seen the sx4 in "person" yet, during that "tour" across the US??
  • brenbren Posts: 24
    If you found the acceleration of the Aerio's 2.3 liter inadequate, the weaker 2.0 liter in the heavier SX4 is certain to be worse.

    Surely you can't be disappointed with the Aerio's acceleration compared to your '94 Sidekick? And actually, from what I've read, the Element is little, if any quicker than the Aerio. The Element is much heavier but has only about 10 more hp/15 more lb-ft of torque.
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