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2007 Suzuki SX4



  • There is confusing information as to when Suzuki will bring the Swift into the USA. I have read 2008 and other sites say we will get the next generation model in 2010. Either way it is a few years off. The present model would have to have some changes to its bumpers ect... to make it pass our laws.
  • Just saw an orange one pass me on the road a half hour ago. You can't even build and price the frickin' thing on the website, but they're apparently here!
  • I started out Aug 2006 looking in the $20,000 range, but after driving the 2006 Toyota Yaris and Matrix, I realized that I didn't have to pay that much to get a good car. The Matrix seemed jerky and tight, compared to the yaris' smooth ride. I dropped my ideal price to $15,000 and test drove the 2006 Hyundai Elantra Hatchback (good car, lots of room, but it was a little loud and rumbly, and I got a bad salesman), the 2007 Nissan Versa (very smooth, well-equipped), the 2006 Suzuki Reno (nice car, but it has bad reviews), the 2007 Saturn Ion (average car, nothing special, but nothing bad). So I got it down to the Versa and the Reno (I didn't want to deal with the Toyota salespeople). The Versa seems like the better car and the dealer I got is really great. The Reno comes out to be about $1000 cheaper, so I had to make my final decision based on that. So I went to the Suzuki dealer to check out the bottom line, and I saw the 2007 SX4. It was more expensive than the Reno, but had more features that I wanted: ABS, Side curtain air bags, All Wheel Drive. So I drove it, and I actually liked it better than the Reno. The SX4 seemed to be the same as the Versa, except for the ABS and AWD, so I considered it. I mentioned the Versa, and the dealer said he'd drop the price to the Versa's MSRP, with tax and tags $17,000. They didn't offer the recent college grad discount or the military discount since the car was so new, but this particular Suzuki dealer (Keystone Motors, Montgomeryville, PA) offers a free 7 year/ 100,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty. I bought the Suzuki SX4. I have had it over a week, and it drives pretty well. It doesn't accelerate as well as I would hope, for having one of the biggest engines of the cars I looked at, but that could improve as the engine breaks in. I feel a lot better knowing that I am driving a safer car, and the SX4 is completely Japanese-made.
    Overall, I'm happy with the 2007 Suzuki SX4, and if I find any big problems I'll tell you.
  • Congrats on your new purchase!

    Did you get a manual/stick or automotic transmission? Have you tried adjusting the AWD settings?

    I understand you can select between FWD, AWD or AWD lock.


  • erics6erics6 Posts: 684
    Cool. 1st person on the Edmunds board to pick one up. I'm going to stop by my local dealer tonight and see if they have any in yet.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Congrats! Hope to see some pics soon on your CarSpace page.
  • brenbren Posts: 24
    If the dealer dropped the price and the SX4 still cost $17000, it must be the loaded sport automatic with keyless start, because I believe the MSRP for that was $17299 or $17399. I wonder if that includes the destination charge.

    Were their any aftermarket additions such as sunroof or pinstriping?

    Hadn't we heard that only the base model was going to be available until winter?
  • rcinmdrcinmd Posts: 139
    When my brother told me a couple weeks ago that his local Suzuki dealer in Rockingham, NC had an SX4 on the lot, I had forgotten about the Fiat connection. Once I read again about the car also being built in Europe and sold as the Fiat Sedici (Sedici = 16, which is 4X4....get it?), I checked Fiat's UK website, and checked out the vehicle. It does seem that we are getting a bit more vehicle, larger gas engine, timing chain versus belt, 4 wheel discs, etc. At least Fiat offers a nice diesel option.
    Anyway, I called him back this week, and let him know that we are now able in a round about way to get a Fiat in this country again. He sold his 78 Fiat Brava wagon after 20 years and 320,000 miles, and bought a Honda CRV. The Honda has been good, if a bit pricey to factory maintain, but then all cars are that way, and he follows the schedule, which contributed to getting 320K from the Brava without requiring an engine rebuild. But then, the Lampredi dohc engine was bulletproof.
    He now plans to take a look at the SX4. He said it stickered at 18K when he stopped to take a quick look. He said that dealer is one of those who likes to add odds and ends to their vehicles.
    I also am going to take a hard look at one. We lost our local dealer recently, so I have to drive to Frederick, Md or Winchester, Va now. Based on reviews, it looks like the car is well planted and knows how to steer, brake, and handle. Might be its Euro genes. I'm wondering if the SX4 is the only offspring of the short-lived GM connection with Fiat.
    I've been thinking Versa to replace my Tribute, but this might change those thoughts. Hopefully the test drive will be a revelation. I'm willing to bet it will smell Japanese vinyl inside, but am hoping it speaks the same language as my Fiat Spider and Alfa GTV6 on the road..
  • Congrats on your purchase! The 2.0 will be a bit slow compared to others because of the AWD. I'm still not sure why they don't use the existing 2.3L from the Aerios...hopefully the gas mileage is a lot better for the 2.0.
    I'm going through similar car comparisons for myself. The SX4 is right at the top of my list thanks to the AWD and the available stability control. I'm actually surprised you were able to find a Versa to compare to. They're nowhere to be found around here, and some people that have ordered them are being told to expect to wait 6 months! Plus when you price them out, if you add things like ABS, you're not allowed to upgrade the audio or add a sunroof. Ridiculous.
  • erics6erics6 Posts: 684
    Dropped by last night. One base automatic. Sticker was $16.5k

    Definitely going to wait on the Sport. Not sure it's going to work though. Pretty small, even compared to my P5. The A pillar is BIG and is so far forward it really blocks your view. The front bumper cover/spoiler is pretty low to the ground and the bottom part is the farthest forward on the bumper. I was hoping for better clearance in the front. I can see some pretty quick gouges from parking lots. I have to be careful with my P5 and it is higher. Heck, my Miata is higher. I guess the biggest dissappointment is the 24/30 mpg. The Subaru Outback gets 22/28, is a lot bigger car and a base Outback around here can be picked up for $19k. We'll see after a test drive. Torn between a fun car with AWD that is light and gets good gas mileage. Subie is bigger with more space with about the same mileage. I'm not sure right now.
  • That's my biggest problem with the Spectra5, which is an incredible car -- the ground clearance is so low, everyone says they're lopping off the front spoiler.
    Has anyone that's driven an SX4 been able to comment on the A pillar/side window thing? I'm wondering just how bad it is. I hate cars with poor visibility, and this would really upset me.
  • I saw my first SX-4 at the dealer outside Buffalo this AM. I was shocked, I didn't think they would have one yet. It was that orange color and the sticker was just a couple of bucks under $17k. I was glad to finally se one, because even with all of the specs it pretty hard to put it in perspective with other vehicles. I can see the Vibe comparison but the Vibe is stio a bit more wagon-like. The "greenhouse" is definitely bigger on the SX-4. Maybe like a large VW Rabbit 4-door? It looks like there is decent leg room in the back set for adults. I like it! In fact, kudos to Suzuki because they make some decent looking SUV's right now as well. Their compacts and sedans and a bit plain, but........................

    Also, I decided to check out a few more cars I've been interested in. I only found ONE Dodge Caliber on the lot, ONE! It was the R/T model. Holy plastic batman, the interior sure does have a lot of cheap, hard plastic. There's kind of a weird feeling sitting behind the wheel too. Can't describe it. A major blind spot toward the back too.

    I saw some mention the Versa earlier. I saw only one of those too. It looked like it was having some seat issues because the passenger seat and seat belt
    molding were disassembled (!!!) The sticker on that was $14,005. Fairly pedestrian on the inside. Not as snappy as the SX-4, Caliber, or even an Aveo I saw recently.

    I think that Suzuki could have a hit here! I wish they would add it to their US webpage though.
  • rcinmdrcinmd Posts: 139
    Do a web search on Fiat Sedici
    You'll find extensive information on the vehicle, which other than the choice of engine and rear drum brakes, is the same vehicle as the SX4. The 'local' dealer had sold his first one, so I have yet to see it firsthand. Unfortunately, it looks like Suzuki is going to go primairly with automatic transmissions, as they have with their other small cars. I sure hope that changes with subsequent deliveries. I am most interested in the base car with convenience package.
  • I'm still waiting for my local dealer to get one.
    While I'm not a sedan fan , here are some photos of the up coming SX4 sedan.
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    Looks kinda nice. Less awkward than the Aerio sedan.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    That A pillar takes some getting used to, but otherwise I think the car is pretty good looking. Note the backup sensors on the rear bumper. How much do you want to bet that the U.S. does NOT get that feature? :(
  • Saw a black SX4 in downtown Salt Lake City yesterday. I didn't look very hard at the interior other than to check the transmission (it was auto), but I liked the looks of it. It is definitely a small car, but somehow, it has a substantial presence about it. It's not Aveo/Metro small. It looks like a mini-SUV, IMO.

    I'd still love to get some real-world consumer input about driving dynamics and MPG.

  • I would bet with you. To stay competitive they need to keep the price down. I would like all the gadgets I can get but imagine that the price would climb pretty high.
  • is it like a pontiac vibe size? i would think it would be a bit smaller, right?
    good to know that it is bigger than the aveo, which is not a bad car but a little bit on the small side.
  • congrats on your sx4!! be ready to reply to a lot of questions!! ;)

    want to ask about the room in it, big enough or tight? how about the back seat? and behind it?

    ok, and what color did you get?? ( yeah, I am a girl...LOL)


    ps: i am SO jealous!!!! :P :blush: ;)
  • I haven't compared the specs (length, width, etc.), but I would guess it is certainly smaller than a Vibe or Matrix.

    I'm not sure how it compares inch-for-inch to an Aveo, but the SX4 doesn't "seem" as small as it is. (If that makes sense.) Suzuki did a great job with the proportions, making such a small car seem doesn't seem like the typical "tin can on wheels" econocar (like the Aveo).

    It's a good looking vehicle, in any case. :)

  • erics6erics6 Posts: 684
    Rear seat room seemed a bit tight to me and I'm only 5'7". I adjusted the front seat for me and then hopped in the rear seat and my knees were touching. Definitely smaller than my P5.
  • brenbren Posts: 24
    I just did some research using Google.

    First, compared to the Aerio SX, the new SX4 is/has:

    2.2 inches taller
    1.4 inches wider
    3.7 (or 2.6) inches shorter in length -- I found two different figures
    2 inches MORE rear leg room
    9.4 cubic feet less overall cargo volume (rear seats down)

    Here are the height, width, length, rear leg room (inches), cargo volume (cubic feet) for the Aerio SX wagon, new SX4, Matrix/Vibe and erics6's Protege5.

    SX4:........63.2 / 69.1 / 162.8 / 37.2 / 54.3
    Aerio SX: 61.0 / 67.7 / 166.5 / 35.2 / 63.7**
    Matrix:.....61.8 / 69.9 / 171.3 / 36.3 / 53.2
    Protege5: 57.8 / 67.1 / 170.5 / 35.4 / 38.2

    ** The AWD SX has something like 3 or 4 fewer cu. ft.

    I did see a 2nd figure of only 38.1 cubic ft for the SX4's cargo area, but that seems too small. However, it's kind of hard to believe the SX4 could have more cargo room than the Matrix.

    So other than in terms of overall length, the SX4 is NOT a 'small' car such as the Honda Fit, Scion xA, Hyundai Accent, Kia Rio, Chevrolet Aveo. It's basically a direct Corolla/Matrix, Vibe, Civic, Mazda3, Focus, Elantra, Spectra competitor.

    Given the standard and optional features for an SX4 (AWD, keyless entry and start, stability control, electronic brake force distribution, traction control, automatic climate control), I'd say it's pricing beats everyone else. It would put a loaded AWD Matrix/Vibe to shame by $thousands$ if AWD were still offered for those.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 7,236
    with the manual transmission 5-speed, priced near $15,500, including the destination charge yet?

    BTW-that Suzuki SX-4 sedan looks like a cross between the 2007 Hyundai Elantra and the 2007 VW Jetta. Look again at the picture and give me your thoughts on that.

    I like the Suzuki SX-4 SUV and sedan so far. The lower mpg is the trade-off for that heavy-ish overall weight of the rig and you also get 2WD(FWD), part time AWD and locked AWD, which I spose is what they're loosely referring to as 4WD, without really calling it a 4WD.

    At any rate it is a real looker, this Suzuki SX-4. I'm looking for owners to provide feedback!

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    When Hyundai makes an Elantra wagon again and re-styles the car forward of the B pillar, then there might be some resemblence to the SX4. :)
  • i know what you mean, it is almost like an optical illusion!! ;) small outside but roomy inside.

    on the aveo...i find it is a cute car that offers a lot for the price and after driving it, it did not think it felt cheap at all.. but as i said, it is a small car and i like the sx4 better :)
  • oh oh...that doesn't seem that 10 yr old son will be riding in the back and i dont want him to be unconfortable.
    in comparision, the vibe has room to 5.11" husband sat in the backseat and had LOTS of room for his legs (same in the scion xB)...

    well there is nothing like seeing for myself i guess, so i will make the trip at the suzuki dealer very soon and try the sx4, the aerio and the reno.
  • erics6erics6 Posts: 684
    It's funny how seat shape can make a real difference. The P5 definitely has more knee room with the seat shape. The other big ommission I noticed was the lack of a center consule/armrest... and one other thing, the 11 gallon tank is small.

    Suzuki now has the SX4 on their website.
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