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Land Rover LR2



  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,282
    What? $5500 under invoice? Are you sure it wasn't under MSRP? Either way, good deal. Was it brand new or was it a demo?
  • If it was really 5,500 invoice then I am assuming you bought a service loaner.

    There is only 3,000 dollars of marketing support so the most you are going to see a dealer discount the car is 1,500-2,000 dollars under invoice.
  • 08lr308lr3 Posts: 76
    well, i'm not at all happy with paying what LR said was the MSRP or close to it, then giving out 3k in incentives. Just price the car fair and forget the this kicker. Its not fair to all those that purchased this year. Its like apple releasing the iphone for 599, then dropping the price months later for 299. sucks period.

    but, do like my LR, hate looooosing money (value) on the car like that..period..
  • What are your favorite features on your LR2?
  • I've had my LR2 since mid-July and just love it. Mine has the lights and heat package. Didn't get the tech because we already have a GPS and my two teenagers have Ipods. We live in northern Italy and I wanted a vehicle that was confortable and agile. I get both of that with the LR2. We have narrower roads and smaller parking spots here (on average). The LR2 can turn on a dime and is an extremely smooth ride. The 0-60 mph is not there, but that is not what I was looking for in this vehicle. What I like is the rear parking assistant. Lot's of parallel parking here. I like the Xenon adaptive lights. Never been able to see that well in the dark driving. We don't have a garage so the LR2 stays outside. The heated windscreen is a GREAT feature. Waiting for the defroster to warm up before driving off is a thing of the past. I hit one button and all the glass starts to be defogged/defrosted almost immediately. My wife loves the heated seats. I will tell that we got rid of a 98 Windstar and bought the LR2. Needless to say there is a considerable difference in what we had and what we went to.
  • jax10jax10 Posts: 36
    I have read, researched...trying to decide whether to get LR2...I know every make has its "lemons" & problems, but this seems to be a major one that I have read over & over, from the time they came at least 4 hour (round trip) from closest dealer I am thinking it is a very big risk to buy the LR2...does Land Rover plan on having a recall on this problem? The REVIEW below is the latest REVIEW posted on EDMUNDS...Thanks.

    Date Posted: 10/19/2007 By: mtd130 RATING:

    Performance: 1 Fun-to-Drive: 1 Build Quality: 1
    Comfort: 5 Interior Design: 5 Reliability: 1
    Fuel Economy: 4 Exterior Design: 7

    2008 Land Rover LR2 SE 4dr SUV AWD (3.2L 6cyl 6A)
    I bought this car and have had nothing but major saftey issue. It just died on me while I was driving before I had driven it 2000 miles. It got towed to the dealership and they had a software update for it. I then took it back and then less then a week, it died again. The tech at Land rover told me it was a "docking of the key" problem and it loses communicaton with the fuel line! No fix out there for this computer- key problem and yes there are getting more complaints about this issue. As of right now, I am not getting into this car.
  • Never heard of it. Sounds like BS to me.
  • nah, I can vouch for this, it's a real problem... My LR2 had this problem -- happened quite a few times. The first time, I was leaving the grocery store and pulled up to first stoplight. When it turned green, I pulled up and was turning left through the intersection. Halfway through the intersection, my LR2 started stalling like I was out of gas even though I had more than a half tank. Luckily, there was a parking lot right past the intersection because my car cut off completely and the steering wheel locked up. I was able to force the steering wheel over enough to just make it into the parking lot. When I restarted the car, everything worked fine again. Since then, it has happened about 5 or 6 more times, but each time i have noticed it as soon as I crank it up. I think it has something to do with pushing the start button quickly as you're inserting the key.

    When I took my car in for the 7,500 mile service, they did some sort of recall software update that had to do with the ignition, so I'm assuming that's what they were fixing. I haven't had that problem since my service.

    That said, I still have my radio no-sound issue that LR is finally "aware of" and their engineers are working on a software update to fix it. I need to check my notes -- I am probably pretty close to, if not already qualified for, Lemon Law status. If that's the case, I'll give them one final chance to fix it during a non-scheduled visit. If they don't have a fix for it yet, I may get them to buy it back from me and take my money to BMW. I never had these kinds of problems with my 330Ci, and I was always treated like gold by their customer service department. LR service managers are usually nice, but nowhere near as pleasant and accommodating as BMW service managers.

    The ONLY thing that might keep me from pushing the Lemon Law case is that the LR2 has absolutely the BEST sounding sound system of any vehicle I have ever owned. I've had high-end aftermarket systems that can't hold a candle to this system. Even the upgraded, 10-speaker Harmon Kardon system in my 330 wasn't nearly as clear through the spectrum when I crank the tunes as my LR2 system.

    But then again, the LR2 system isn't much good when it doesn't work... we'll see.

  • Does anyone know, Will there be LR2 2009 model . Didn't people start ordering 2008's last year at this time? Just wondering if they will have them, what will change??
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,282
    Read back a few posts. All your questions have been answered recently :shades:
  • Don't know what you are talking about, I don't see any answer to my question....
    No more SE's, I see that,
    Again, my question is, will there be ANY LR2 , 2009 model?????????? If so, what will the changes be from the 2008 SE or HSE????
    around this time last year people were ordering the 2008 which came out here in April....
  • muddyymuddyy Posts: 60
    As far as I know the SE's on the lot now are in effect 08's. The new HSE's coming in now are 08's and if you order a new SE for next year it will be an 08 also. It's too soon for any info on 09. Although I must admit, when I called my dealer to talk about the available SE's and the coming HSE's and the future SE's he had a hard time keeping track of the release dates and the model year.
  • lrguy44lrguy44 Posts: 2,197
    True. To be labeled a 2009 it must have been maufactured after 1 Jan 08. You will see 09s in August of 08.
  • We drove an LR2 today and liked it better than we did after driving its competitors (RDX, X3, Vue). But the reliability issues are a real concern. We don't want to buy a car that has a better than average chance of having operational problems.

    Basically, my question for the forum here is: how statistically significant are the problems reported here (and in the other LR2 fora that I've checked)? I don't discount that a sudden ignition failure is potentially catastrophic, but I wonder if there is a reliable source for the number of incidents.
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,282
    and if you order a new SE for next year it will be an 08 also

    You can no longer order an SE. They are only bringing HSEs from now on.
  • Problems reported in a forum have zero statistically significance. Your sample size isn't correct and most importantly it is more likely that someone with problems would go find some place to vent, seek advice, etc. then someone with no problems would come to a forum and praise the car.

    We haven't had any LR2s with this supposed ignition problem at all. I almost wonder if something isn't getting lost in translation and this is really just the high tension fuel pump wire problem. We had a couple of cars with that problem but we caught all of them before they were delivered to a customer. What was happening was that on some cars the power wires to the fuel pump were routed in a way that caused them to be pulled taught in certain situations. When this happened it made the pump get confused and it thought you were out of gas. The pump shut it self off and then the engine died. You could restart the car a couple of minutes later and if the vibration of the pump and/or the vibration of starting the car had loosened the wire then the problem would not come back at least not right away.

    We have had a couple of LR2s with the radio shutting off but the software updates fixed them.
  • I thought it was last year at this time that people were ordering the 2008 LR2 that came out in April, so my question was, when will the 2009 models be they not have a regular schedule & do them at the same time each year...I was wondering if there will even be a 2009 LR2 & what the changes would be, would like to know this before I buy a 2008...I know the SE's are discontinued. Thanks.
  • lrguy44lrguy44 Posts: 2,197
    As I said before, the 2009 model will be coming next July or August (which is now our entire annual change over) and will have little if any change from the 2008 HSE
  • I was ready to get a fully loaded LR2, but really want to use it with my Cingular PDA -8125 by HTC, or another newer Cingular PDA with the Windows Mobile Operating System. I tried to set up my phone as described by looney loey. My phone is also and HTC Wizard and the only difference seemed to be that his was one from T-Mobile. At first it seemd that the pairing worked. However, there were certain problems.

    1. If I dialed direct from the car I couldn't hear the phone ring and had a difficult time knowing if someone picked up the call. However, if I called using the voice dialing on my phone, I could hear the phone ring.
    2. Once I turned off the car the phone would not work and the push button start does not have an accesory capability. So, to use the phone it seemed that the car engine needs to be on.
    3. After the car was turned off, and I tried to access any feature like the phone book, last numbers dialed, etc., I would get a Please Wait... message, that lasted forever and wouldn't work.
    4. It seemed that to use the phone I needed to pair my cell phone with the car WHENEVER I turned off the car. To pair the phone takes a few minutes and is annoying if needed every time.

    I spent nearly two hours fooling around with the LR2's Bluetooth and became very frusted with using it. I wonder if looney loey had any of these or other problems, or if anyone else trying to pair up a similar PDA phone to the LR2 has had these issues. Please let me know if there is a work around or patch.

    Without having some assurance this screwed up Bluetooth Phone from Alpine in the LR2 will work with a PDA phone, I can't see wasting a few grand for the Technology pacakge. Instead, I'd need to consider an aftermarket product from Pioner, Dual, TomTom, Magellan... I can't find an in dash product, but there's always the portable window mounts. If anyone has added a Bluetooth device to their LR2 for a Windows PDA phone, please let me know!
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    how statistically significant are the problems reported here

    It is not statistically insignificant if the problem happens with your vehicle! :)

    In terms of statistical polling, the sample size matters, as Brit pointed out. Also, the randomness of the sampling is prerequisite for valid polling and should be kept in mind when reading Forums messages.

    Yes, people who experience a problem are more likely than those without the problem to report it since they are oftentimes looking for solutions or seeking commiseration. However, message boards are not formal polls and somewhat different principles apply. A major distinction is that a person reporting a problem receives instant feedback from other owners of a given model. The ensuing discussion frequently does put the problem into proper perspective. Brit himself just provided an example of that.

    Then there is what may be termed "poll fusion" whereby the reporting of a problem prompts others to contribute more extensive "polling data" such as "My mechanic works with these cars all the time and tells me that the problem is rare/common ..."

    Finally, a report about a particular problem will sometimes prompt others to jump in and corroborate the original report with their own experience. These are people who, for whatever reason, would not otherwise post a message in a Forum but find some comfort in knowing that they are not alone. I have lost count of the number of messages I have seen posted where someone proclaims "I thought I was the only one with such and such trouble ...."

    So, while it is rather difficult to assign a number to "statistical significance" related to a problem disclosed in a Forum, it is possible to get some sense of it by paying attention to the discussion in its entirety.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Okay, I am one of those very outspoken people. I waited a month (1500 miles) to post my opinion on my 2008 LR2. Ebony as she is called is black with tan interior and has all 3 options. I love the car the only issues I have - I wish the lighting on the instrument panel and the radio were brighter. I have had a very hard time finding a comfortable seat position. I sometimes find that my foot/leg gets tired from pressing the gas. I wish the bottom of the seat could go up and down as well as tilt forward and backward (if that makes sense). I bet the new HSE will correct this problem. Lastly I do find the wires in the windshield a little annoying. When I first read the post about them I did not know what they were talking about, but when I drove my new car home I noticed it immediately. I have gotten somewhat use to it now, but I definately do notice it when the sun is shining brightly and at night when the headlights from oncoming vehicles hit it. I haven't had the dis-pleasure of needing the heated windshield yet, maybe when I do my appreciation will outweigh the annoyance. I have not had ANY problems with my car and I do love her. I was a bit concerned about buying a LandRover because of all that I had read about issues, but I am glad I did. The dealership where I got mine is wonderful and have taken great care of me.
  • PDA phones and smart phones can be very troublesome with the bluetooth system. It almost seems like the phone has too much stuff going on so it gets confused.

    RIM came out with a patch that makes their phones work much better with the Land Rovers and Treo did something similar a year or so ago. If enough people use your phone eventually someone will come up with a patch to make it work better. If not well then you might be better off buying a more simple bluetooth capable phone just to use in the car.


    There is accessory power with the LR2. Just press and hold the start/stop button for a couple of seconds without having your foot on the brake.
  • u2fan1967u2fan1967 BostonPosts: 19
    hi WWYD,
    To put it simply, there is no relieable source for statistics yet. Its still too early. Next year, I'm sure Edmunds and Consumer reports will have numbers. But should you let that hold you back from a vehicle you like and fits your needs? I don't think so.

    A few points to keep in mind: every vehicle in the world has issues. Especially in its first model year. And as you have seen, most folks on these boards post issues/problems looking for resolution. Thats human nature. But that is so few and far between. this vehicle is sold all over the world and considering how many have sold, the number of issues/problems I've seen are few and are between. That's my opinion. After 4000 miles and several months I have had absolutely no problems and my wife and I love it. We fight over who gets to drive it. The LR2 is an awesome vehicle. Volvo uses the same engine in its S80 and the terrain response system is also used by Volvo now, etc. etc.

    Statistics? Is it going to be at the level of say a Toyota highlander? no. But then again, who cares? Your covered by a full 4 year 50k mile bumper to bumper warranty with full maintenance included. How could you go wrong? You could buy a $100k Porche Carrera and have tons of problems (which have very high failure rates BTW).

    I have both a BS and MS in engineering and work in high tech and so by nature, I tend to over analyze everything and in this case it was an easy decision. Don't get stuck in "Analysis paralysis" worrying about failure rates, etc.
  • In the first year these are normal and Land Rover is taking care of these problems with software, loaner cars, etc. No hassle. Buy a Ford or Chevy and find out how they treat you.
    If you researched the LR2 you know it was built an is a balanced vehicle, not too soft like Lexux, not to hard like BMW and better off road capability. Once you get used to the racaro seats they are great. A car can not be everything to everyone but the LR@ fits us perfectly.
    Every car can be nit picked. Go with your heart.
    If you love it buy it.
    It is a great car.
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,282
    the terrain response system is also used by Volvo now

    Small correction. The terrain response system is unique to Land Rover. What they share is the AWD system. It's made by Hladex from Sweden. The Haldex AWD system is used by several manufacturers and is considered to be very good.
  • Hi u2fan1967,
    Just want to Thank You for the "advice" make great sense. It is the vehicle I want. There is not an LR2 in my town or anywhere around, have never seen one on the road, that is one thing I like about it. I, too, over analyze everything, especially this, for many personal reasons I will not go into here, but my greatest concern is that it is a 5 hour round trip, to & from, the closest if I were to get one with problems it would really be a lot of trouble, time, etc, if I was closer to one I would not be so worried about it.....all of the "basic" (chevy, ford, dodge, toyota, etc.)are in my town...anyway, as you said there is a 50,000 mile warranty, etc....I can't seem to convince myself not to get one know matter how many "cons" there are...I may wait a while longer to see if I can get a good deal on the HSE, want the Satellite radio, not expensive tech pkg.....wish they would throw in the towing pkg, & tinted front windows & sunroof.....wish you could make a deal on one for me.... but Thank You again for your valuable opinion. It has helped me.
  • Yes, thanks to all who responded.

    I generally wait a year to buy a new model (but did not when buying my Mini, and that was a good experience).

    It is now down to the LR2 and the X3. Decision time.
  • yed19yed19 Posts: 15

    We just put some money down to hold a HSE stornoway grey with ebony with all three packages last weekend that will be delivered in a a week and a half. Whats funny is that we (my wife and I) came up with the same two choices.

    We came to the decision to go with the LR2 for a few reason...

    The automoatic transmission on the X3 seemed to have hesitation from 2nd to 3rd gear (something I experienced while test driving it, but didn;t think too much about). After looking on the X3 forum, I noticed that there were people mentioning that it was an issue and that even after the supposid "fix", it was still very apparent. Considering my wife will do the majority of driving with this car in traffic (1 hour each way every day to work), a hesitation and therfore a jerky ride didn;t seem to mesh well with my wife.

    The X3 with the same features (navigation, adaptive lighting, cold-climate package would end up being around 12K more (or something like that). Couldn't see a huge excuse to buying it over the LR2.

    The only outstanding questions I have about the LR2 is the "heresay" about Land Rovers always breaking down... An image I think they are trying to fix with this car. You might equate this behavior to that of the Jack-in-the-box/e.coli issues of a decade (or-so) ago. After the lawsuits were settled and new process' put in place by JITB, you could estimate that JITB was probably the safest fast-food place to eat after that. i am hoping the same thing is happening with Land Rovers new LR2.

    I am also hoping and have seen that the HSE corrects a few small issues that the SE trim level had with it:

    Dirty back window all the time: Fixed by "fin" on top of window to keep airflow and water from getting on the window

    No Comparment in center consol: New small slider can conceal small object in center consol

    Software issues are probably fixed on a newer model

    And even though we could have gotten x-pricing on a SE, we bargained $500 off the HSE as they wanted to make our decision "easier".


    Anywas, hpoe this helps
  • Going to do a couple more longer drives, in the daytime, hopefully this weekend but maybe over the T'day break. No particular hurry, and want my best friend/spouse to own the decision too.

    I'll post.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,574
    Live yet, but I dig the styling of the LR2 HSE!

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2015 Infiniti Q40 AWD, 2017 Honda Pilot Touring AWD

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