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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz GL-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • matyamatya Posts: 2
    What dealer you recommend that will sell a GL450 under invoice?
  • jp666jp666 Posts: 15
    I want the GL but hesistant to buy and would prefer they work the kinks out so will wait for 2008 model. Anyone know when the 2008 models will appear on the lots ?
  • erawaterawat Posts: 4
    Send penske motor cars in West Covina, CA an email.

    search for penske motor cars West Covina on google and you shall seek the path of below invoice GL's. :shades:
  • I have a '08 GL450 on order with a July delivery date.
    I don't know what the difference is gonna be.

    They do come out with the '08 GL550, so that should actually be the shining star.
  • I went to the dealership to order a 2008 GL320 CDI (diesel), but ended up driving out a GL450 as my wife liked it so much.

    The diesels are really hot, and none of the dealers had a GL with diesel. So, I looked at the GL450 (gas model), test drove an ML320 (diesel) to get a feel of the diesel engine, and was going to place an order for 2008 GL320 to be delivered in August.

    But my wife wanted to drive home the GL450 we saw as she liked it so much. I know I did not get a great deal like you guys out there, but here is what I paid. I wanted the basest of options and the model we saw had exactly those, with just the Rear Seat Entertainment as a dealer add on.
    Paid $58,000 (+ $4,000 TTL = $62K) for:
    Sun Roof package, Ipod integration kit, Running Boards, Power Liftgate and Rear Seat Entertainment (2 different DVDs can be watched).

    I was initially looking for a Lexus GX470 and the lowest quote I got from the local dealers is $46K while most folks in southern cal were getting the same for about $44K.
  • mcho3mcho3 Posts: 37
    i live in seattle and they are telling me that they can have it ready for me July msrp 68,000. take about 2k off
    mf of .00395, residual of 58 for 39months, and 67 for 27months. with 10k/year. payment was around 1150 + tax for 39 months and 1300 + tax for 27 months. dive off of 1800 about. i know this is very high and do you guys know of the MF for this car and is residual right? thanks
    i am thinking maybe i should get GL450 since there appears to be more room for negotiation.
  • matyamatya Posts: 2
    MF i was quoted last month was .00245 which I was told is without a dealer markup
  • tmttmt Posts: 1
    I just negotiated a deal for 2007 GL450, Iridium Silver (+$700), Premium Package, Appearance Package, Sunroof, Dual Screen Entertainment, Running Boards, IPod, and Bluetooth for $63K. The dealer has to go out of state to get the vehicle. Somebody comfort me and let me know that I got a decent deal.
  • philtsphilts Posts: 3
    Have you gotten the delivery yet? Could you please post your experience with this deal? I suppose you don't get much off MSRP if you factory order the car.
  • rolnitzkyrolnitzky Posts: 3
    Not yet,

    I originally ordered a '07 model after I was gonna leave the dealer as he couldn't find my specs, but then he called me back saying that the running boards are no longer being made for the '07 model, so I agreed to wait for the 08 model with the same $3000 off MSRP.
    No word yet.
  • abhikuabhiku Posts: 114
    Do someone know what's the diff. between GL450 and 2008 GL550?

    There is major diff. in price tag of both.
  • rolnitzkyrolnitzky Posts: 3
    I am now being offered the '08 GL450 36/mo with a mf of .00260, is it a good deal.
  • I am MD resident and booked my GL450 with P1, dual seat entertainment and Ipod Integration Kit for $62,500. Going to pick this truck on satuday. Not sure if I got the gr8 deal after reading this forum but please advise me if I am paying too much for this so I can research further.
  • My local dealer quoted me $67,500 plus tax and plates for a 2008 GL450 with Premium 2, 19" wheels, dual DVD w/wireless headsets, bluetooth, ipod integration, trailer hitch and running boards.

    Edmunds indicates this car is going at MSRP and this deal appears to be under.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance
  • Can anyone tell me what is the current MF for leasing gl450 for 36mos with 15k/yr?
    Thanks in advance!!
  • jp666jp666 Posts: 15
    Live in Philadelphia Suburbs

    Purchased GL450, PO1 Premium Package, Rear Seat Entertainment package, Ipod Integration, 18" wheels for 62,900. Its below MSRP but higher than what I thought could negotiate. It will take a month for delivery.
  • Great Truck!!! MB is just not able to build them fast enough.
  • Dealer quoted me $47,770 on a pre-owned gl450-2007 with 12,000 miles/1 owner.

    alabaster white
    trailer hitch
    6 disc cd

    Not much option, but I'm thinking okay if it's a good deal.
    I'm wondering if I should spend a little more and get a loaded gl450 or gl320-cdi(this would be a lot more $) I'm a novice buyer. I would really appreciate your opinions.
    Thank you.
  • brywbryw Posts: 9
    Just closed deal on Iridium Silver w/ ash mb tex interior. prem 1 package, ipod connection, 19" wheel package, voice control and 2 zone climate control. My otd price is 65,000.00. It took me 7 dealers and 2 weeks to get it done but I think I got a good deal. Any thoughts?
  • I just purchased a 2008 GL320 on 10/31. After dealing with all of the dealers in the Atlanta Metro area, RBM of Atlanta North is by far the best.

    Several of the dealers didn't even bother to respond to e-mail. The dealership is brand new. They have only been open for a month. It was by far one of the best car buying experiences that I have had. I would recommend them to anyone within driving distance.

    E-mail if you are interested in the salesman's name.
  • Can you give us some details on the deal ?
  • GL 320 CDI


    iPod Integration

    Rear Seat Entertainment

    MSRP $63,220

    Deal $59,700 + TTL

    Plus I had a trade that they beat by several thousand from any other dealer on multiple makes including Lexus and BMW.
  • can you let me know from whom did you buy. I need gl450 with PP2, voice, ipod, running board, leather package, keyless go. total mrsp 71680(approx). How much to pay?


  • I live in alabama and have an interest in GL450, pp2, voice, ipod, running bard, leather, keyless, ?dvd rear entertainment. please let me know the name of the dealer


  • Andy-

    Your e-mail is private so I can't post the salesman's name, but the dealer is RBM of Atlanta North in Alpharetta, GA.
  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaPosts: 31,432
    Great deal. Our local MB dealer had a used GL320 CDI with 8k miles. Same package you bought. They were asking $82k for it. They cannot be bought new in CA so they are a real hot item.
  • I'm currently looking seriously at buying an '08 GL550. I have no idea at this point what to expect off inv or MSRP so any help would be appreciated. As of now I'm getting the standard dealer line about new model, not many around, demand high ,etc, etc. I need to know how true that is and what others experiences have been. As far as I can tell the 550 is the 450 with the 450 packages, the 382 HP engine, fender flares, and that huge MB logo on the grille. People here have been saying that they were getting 6% off inv for the 450. Thanks for any feedback.

  • 6% off invoice or 6% off MSRP? I can believe the latter. The former seems too good to be true.
  • I'm looking for 08 450 with all options...what prices should I expect?
    Is 6-7% off MSRP as realistic as a starting point of negotiating?
    Thanks to all your feedback
  • My understanding is that MSRB on these vehicles is exactly 7% above invoice. I got what I believe was an excellent deal on a loaded '08 GL450 w/ P2 package, paying 7% off sticker. Other dealers I shopped at told me 4-5% off invoice was considered very good on this vehicle.
    Region and time of year is definitely going to be a factor. Trying to get a deal in January in a northern location is probably going to be difficult (mitigated somewhat I suppose by the growing fear dealers are having about the economy).
    I purchased mine in the NY metro area in November.
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