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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz GL-Class Lease Questions



  • Hi mb_consumer,
    You may want to consider Multiple Security Deposits (MSD) as well as autopay to reduce the MF. I know that MB offers MSD as I utilized it when leasing a 2011 E350 Bluetech. Specifically, by giving MB Financial 10 security deposits, you reduce your MF by 0.0007. Autopay reduces MF by 0.0001. Therefore, utilizing both MSD and autopay, your MF would become 0.00051, saving you ~2% in interest charges. Its a great deal as the deposits are returned to you at the end of the lease term.

  • Thanks dewarsandsoda. I did take advantage of the Autopay discount, which took off 0.0001 off the money factor, bringing it to 0.00121. So my final deal was MSRP of $69,965 (including destination fee), Invoice of $65,629, negotiated price of $63,084 (before factory rebate of $3,000 for Fleet Incentive Program), final price of $60,084 (after Fleet Incentive Program discount).

    GL450 was equipped with P1, blind spot assist, running boards and class IV trailer hitch.

    No cap cost reduction payment, $2,108.22 paid at drive off (consisting of first months lease payment, $45 doc fee, $795 lease acquisition fee, $566 CA state registration fee). 12k miles/year lease, 48 month lease term. Lease rate of 0.00121. Residual value of 49% of MSRP.

    Monthly lease payment (inclusive of 7.75% tax rate in Orange County, CA) = $702.22.

    I highly recommend working with the Internet Sales Manager at Anaheim Mercedes dealer. Great to work with, honest, dealt entirely on the phone and delivered the car to my house.
  • Forgot to mention, the car also came equipped with the Park assist option
  • Hi weakestlink. Mercedes-Benz Financial's October buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 24-month lease of a 2011 GL450 BlueTec with 15,000 miles per year are .00225 and 64%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its Tier 1 credit tier.

    The numbers for an otherwise identical 30-month lease are .00225 and 58%.

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  • Hey heabuyer. Yes, a BMW would make you eligible for the conquest cash.

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  • Greetings newbuyer7. I believe that Mercedes is currently providing $2,000 conquest cash on all 2012 models.

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  • ali9986ali9986 Posts: 15
    mb_consumer, I am also in Irvine. Which dealer you got this deal?
  • ali9986ali9986 Posts: 15
    Hi mb_consumer, I found my dealer answer from your later email. BTW, which internet manager you dealt with at Anaheim MB dealership? Could you please refer me to him? How did you get qualified for fleet incentive member? I heard that employee's company should be enrolled in the fleet program. If you don't mind, may I know which company you work for? I work for Broadcom and don't know if they are enrolled or dont know how do I check it. Any details should help me.
  • Hi ali9986,
    My two rupees. You may want to consider MB of Long Beach. I leased a 2011 E350 Bluetech for my wife from this dealership as they were completely transparent and quite fair. I'm contemplating either new M-class or GL-class in the near future, and I would definitely return to them. I reside in San Diego...that's how strong an impression they left. Ask for salesperson with initials G.O., and feel free to tell him that you were referred by the couple from San Diego who leased in October.

  • ali9986ali9986 Posts: 15
    Hello dewarsandsoda,

    Thanks for recomendation! Actually my current GL450 spec, timing and location almost matched with mb_consumer and I wish I can have a deal like him. that's why I am trying to get info from him.

    Hello mb_consumer,

    if you are connected an read my last email to you, could you please provide the info I was looking for?
  • Hello Car_man,

    Could you please tell me the update on the followings for November?

    1) what are the November lease MF/RES rates for 2012 GL450 w/ 10k/12k/15k miles?
    2) Is conquest cash program continuing through November?
  • Hello Car_man,

    Could you please tell confirm me the followings for November?

    1) November lease MF/RES rates for 2012 GL450 are
    71% & 0.00131 w/ 10k/year
    50% & 0.00131 w/ 15k/year

    2) Competitor conquest cash program for 2012 GL450 is $4000 for November'11?

    3) MF can be reduced by 0.00007 for each Multiple Security Deposit (MSD) (1 mo payment) for upto 10 deposit

    4) There is a minimum MFactor Mercedes can allow to go low. What is that?
  • Can someone tell me if this is a good deal.

    2012 GL
    MSRP= $72,650
    10 miles/year
    24 months
    $829 (inlcudes the tire protection)
  • Can you provide the following for more accurate answer on the deal?

    1) negotiated price or capitalized cost
    2) down payment amount if any.
    3) money factor and residual factor
    3) total out of pocket cost for delivery
    5) which state and county
  • 1) Did it backwards and didn't negiotiate a price
    2) $0
    3) not sure
    4) Just the typical $2500 (first payment, etc)
    5) NJ, Bergen
  • Using your information and using this month MF=0.00131/RV=71%

    You negotiated price or capitalized cost is about $66400, 8.6% below MSRP. I think the deal is ok but not an excellent
  • I work for Latham & Watkins LLP. If you want to check, you can call MB Fleet operations at 866-628-7232. Or perhaps check with your company's HR department. You can also ask any MB dealership and they will tell you if Broadcom is enrolled. However, I wouldn't ask the dealership that you plan to buy from, since they may not give you as good of a deal if they know you are also putting the fleet incentive on top of the negotiated price. Tell them at the end of the negotiation that you are using fleet incentive. the fleet incentive comps from the MB factory and the dealer is reimbursed for the discount.

    In terms of the name of the internet sales manager, this bulletin board says that we are not supposed to post the names of sales people, but there should only be one internet sales manager. He is not one of the internet sales executives. For some reason, his name does NOT currently appear on their directory here:

    However, if you call the receptionist, they should be able to direct you.
  • Also, Ali9986, if you don't qualify for the fleet incentive, the conquest cash program is almost as good ($2000 vs $3000 for fleet). all you have to do is drive a competitor luxury car.
  • Hi mb_consumer,

    My company is signed up for fleet incentives and I own two competitor luxury cars. So I may be eligible for both conquest cash (I guess it is $4000 for November for GL class) and $3000 fleet.

    I saw you taking both conquest cash ($2000) and fleet ($3000) bring down you deal from 65xxx to 60xxx.

    Can I do the same?
  • Hi Car_Man,

    I received this quote from a delear today, it's 2012 GL450 with the following pkg
    premimu pkg2, lightning pkg, 3 zone climate and running boards.. The MSRP is 72210.00 and the capitalized costs which is the amount we
    are leasing the car for you is $65,897.00 The lease on this car at 12k
    miles per year for 24 months will be $825.89 with 3956.65 Cash on
    delivery which represents the (1st month, bank fee, and taxes upfront.)

    Is this a good deal? How can I determine their MF and Residual Value?

  • I certainly can ali9986. Mercedes-Benz Financial's November buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2012 GL450 with 15,000 miles per year are .00131 and 55%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

    The residual values for a lease with 12,000 miles per year would be 2% higher. The 10k residual would be 3% higher.

    I believe that the conquest program did continue in November.

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  • Hi ali9986. The money factors that you posted are correct.the 71% residual value is correct for a 24-month 10k lease, but I'm not sure what terms the 50% resid corresponds with.

    The last time that I checked, the MSD policy that you described was correct. Of course, you can't have a negative money factor, but I don't think that there is a money factor that MB won't allow deals to go below.

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  • Hi dkalbs. This looks like a good selling price to me. As far as the money factor goes, just as the dealer what factor they are using. MB Finance's current buy rate for this truck is .00131 for consumers who qualify for its top credit tiers.

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  • Hi glipper,

    just wanted to share my recent deal on 2012 GL 450 @ MB Princeton. I think you can still do better.

    MSRP = $71510 (pkg1, parktronic, blindspot,apperance pkg, trailer hitch)
    Negotiated Price is $63000
    Fleet Employee Discount is $3k
    24 months lease
    with FEP discount --> 10k mile/yr is $572 and 12k mile/yr is $605
    w/o FEP discount --> 10kmile/yr is $702

    I think the MF is .00141 and RV is 71% and 70% respectively. Good luck!!!
  • Thank you for sharing the 63,000 negotiated price. Is that net of a Conquest discount? What is the Fleet Employee Discount, and is that reflected in the 63,000 price? Just trying to understand what is attainable for me. I am eligible for the Conquest discount, but not sure about the fleet ee discount.

    Thanks again.
  • balbsl,

    conquest discount wasn't included in my negotiated price since I don't have any other luxury car. I believed the FEP discount from my company is 3K and I think it varies from company to company. I also think they can't combine either program.

    here's what I've noticed, I just asked them to give me the best price on my spec and to ensure to include the negotiated price (I didn't mention FEP or Conquest) and they all came back with the following based on these MSRP

    Here's from three dealers that quoted me: - ~2k drive out cost and no downpayment
    MSRP = $70,510 ; NP = $63100 == $730/month 10k/24months
    MSRP = $72,210 ; NP = $65897 == $825.89/month 12k/24months
    MSRP = $71,510 ; NP = $63000 == $703/month 10k/24months

    then I just mentioned the FEP discount... one came back "No" and one came back "yes".

    The average discount off the MSRP on 2012 GL450 seems to be in 7.5k w/o any program (unless this is the Winter Sale Event discount)

    Hope this helps and good luck!!
  • Hi dkalbs,

    Looks like you picked the last one (MSRP $71510) as your final deal. However, per your previous email, your payment/mo is about $572. this means your final price was $60,000, right?

    If it then this would the best deal I have ever seen. Please confirm.
  • @dkalbs - Just to confirm - I am looking at at the last option too (MSRP = $71,510 ; NP = $63000 == $703/month 10k/24months ), and it seems like my dealer can't even get close to the 63K sales price. How did you get it down there? That's really the crux of this issue since without it, I can't get close to the monthly numbers that I would need.

    Who is your dealer (you can mention dealer without the sales guy's name here)?

    Thanks so much for your help,

  • Just purchased a 2012 GL450 yesterday at a orange county, Ca dealership.

    vehicle options:

    359: ext: capri blue metallic
    154: int: cashmere MB-Tex
    P02: premium 2 package
    220: parctronic
    234: blind assist
    289: wood/leather steering wheel,
    319: lighting package
    335: GL appearance pkg
    550: Trailer hitch
    581: 3-zone climate control
    866: rear seat entertainment pre-wiring
    056: accessory rear seat entertainment system

    MSRP = $79,030 (incl $875 destination)
    Invoice = $73,691 (incl $875 destination)
    Negotiated selling price = $67,030 ($12,000 or 15.18% off MSRP) ($6,631 or 9% off Invoice)
    finance rate= 1.9% for 66 mos
    drive out cost = $20,000 (first mo $844, down $18556, DMV fee $545, doc fee $45)

    payment $844/mo

    btw, the deal includes MBZ offered $4000 conquest cash rebate incentive that worked for me since I own a bmw and a lexus.

    btw: got the preliminary negotiation w/ $67000 done over the internet through email exchanges (~30 mins) and couple of hours later drove there, finalized the deal for $67030 w/ manager's approval and picked up the car in about an hour.

    Let me know how the deal went?
  • ali9986,

    just picked up the SUV last Thursday. The final price was in the high $59k close to $60k. I took the 12k miles/year for $605/month.
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