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Infiniti M35/M45 and Bluetooth



  • pete_l_ppete_l_p Member Posts: 322
    I absolutely love my 1 month old M35, but I recently noticed that when using my cell phone in the car, while attached to the Bluetooth, callers on the other end hear themselves echoed. I know this must be a problem with the car because I recently switched from Cingular to Verizon and the problem is the same.

    I agree it sounds like a problem with your car, but here's the thing:

    I don't have that problem, at all, with my verizon phone, and I've heard from many other M owners who don't have the problem either. Occasionally people have reported clarity problems (NOT echo problems), but most people, like myself find the quality to be very good.

    One good thing to try with verizon, is to turn OFF voice privacy (if you can) from within your phone's setup options. (Look for that option on the handset itself, and choose "standard" voice privacy, rather than "enhanced"). Turning off voice privacy has improved general quality on verizon phones for me and several others. But again, that has not been a problem relating specifically to echo.

    So it seems to me as though your car's bluetooth is not working up to the typical M standard.

    It could be very difficult to convince the dealer that that's the case.

    My suggestion is to see if there are one or two showroom M's with bluetooth, and try to compare the quality between those and your car (testing your own cell phone with each car). Perhaps you can get the service rep to use YOUR phone in each of the cars (including your own), while you listen in from the dealer's land line phone. Then reverse the process, to let HIM hear the difference. That way you can both be pretty sure if the problem is specific to your car, rather than ALL M's.

    I hope you get it worked out.

  • ewl88ewl88 njMember Posts: 76
    Not sure it's a carrier issue solely.
    Probably a phone/carrier issue. My brother and I both have M35x. I have verizon/motorola E80 and he has a Treo 700W/verizon and he has that irritating echo effect (he hears fine but other party hears an irritating echo). I don't have any problems with the echo. He uses his cell phone alot more than I do so it's more of a problem for him.
  • pete_l_ppete_l_p Member Posts: 322
    Not sure it's a carrier issue solely.

    I think you're replying to the wrong post.

    I didn't say anything about it being a carrier issue, (other than pointing out that if he has verizon, he should try to turn off voice privacy)

    I have verizon also (and a samsung i730 with windows mobile 2003) and have no echo problems in my M.

  • ewl88ewl88 njMember Posts: 76
    Yeah, I misread the message. I was replying to the original poster. But I told my brother about your suggestion to disable the voice privacy mode since he had the echo problem with his treo 700 and it's much better now. Thanks for the suggestion. What exactly does this voice privacy mode do? Never heard of it. And I can guarantee, no one in an Infiniti dealer would know that.
  • pete_l_ppete_l_p Member Posts: 322
    I told my brother about your suggestion to disable the voice privacy mode since he had the echo problem with his treo 700 and it's much better now. Thanks for the suggestion. What exactly does this voice privacy mode do? Never heard of it.


    Glad that worked for him.

    Voice privacy is an option that uses digital encryption to make it more difficult for others to listen in on your calls. I've only seen it offered by verizon and it seems to be the default setting on many of their phones. With its current implementation, many phones have improved clarity when turning it off. This effects clarity of calls over bluetooth and calls taken on the handset itself, but for me it's more noticeable with bluetooth.

  • cmf1cmf1 Member Posts: 4
    just got the M35x. everything seems fine except the bluetooth. I'm also having trouble with an echo on the receiving end of the call. using the motorola 815, which according to verizon, does not have a privacy mode. the weird thing is that occasionally I make a call that seems to be fine, but 9 out of 10 calls there is an echo and the clarity is variable. I've read most of the posts here, seems strange that some people have no problems at all and others are experiencing the same type of problem, any suggestions.
  • pete_l_ppete_l_p Member Posts: 322
    I'm also having trouble with an echo on the receiving end of the call. using the motorola 815, which according to verizon, does not have a privacy mode.

    I just did a search on the forums at

    According to people there, the e815 has a voice privacy setting, which can be turned off (ie, it can be set to standard rather than enhanced), in the 815's call settings options. If you can do that, your problem will likely be handled.

  • nycdudenycdude Member Posts: 33
    I have an e815 w/ Verizon svc. There is no voice privacy setting on this phone (I can't find it, in any event, and the phone's documentation doesn't mention it). The bluetooth connectivity is completely adequate, with normal variations in call quality. I can generally hear people quite well, and there have been only a few complaints from my call partners, most of which I believe are attributable to normal speakerphone effect. I don't know if any of this is helpful, but it's one person's experience. :)
  • cmf1cmf1 Member Posts: 4
    I have the 815 with verizon svc. I spoke with verizon and motorola and there is no voice privacy setting on this phone. I'm on my second 815 (exchanged it on Sat.) and still have an echo on the receiving side(I've heard it myself)Could it be some setting on the bluetooth in the car. It just doesn't make sense that some people have the problem and others don't. Any thoughts?
  • pete_l_ppete_l_p Member Posts: 322
    One other easy thing to try, suggested by the motorola manual (which I just found at amazon), is to choose a wide variety of different volumes (setting them explicitly ON the handset), while talking on your phone via bluetooth and the M. For any setting on the handset, you can adjust the M's volume independently if needed (also done while talking).

    You'll probably find a particular handset volume that works best. This might account for the difference some users have seen.

    The other thing you can do, which is more complicated, is a totally separate adjustment of the M's phone volume made through the M's diagnostic mode. That mode is not in the manual, and I don't remember right now how to get to it. You might find it here or elsewhere if you do some extensive searching for diagnostic. That phone volume setting in the diagnostic menu is supposed to help in your current situation, as well.

  • cmf1cmf1 Member Posts: 4
    after four phones(three 815 and one razor), the echo problem persisted with the bluetooth, despite trying all the solutions posted here and on phonescope. people at the dealership had no suggestions either. today I adjusted the incoming phone volume, which you can adjust with the volume control of the radio, while using the bluetooth.(you can also adjust this function in the settings menu) I was able to make the echo appear by raising the volume a little past midway( a graphic appears on the nav screen when you make this adjustment). as soon as I lowered the volume one or two bars,the echo went away. I was able to duplicate this multiple times. This appears to be the solution, at least for me.
  • pete_l_ppete_l_p Member Posts: 322
    Good to hear you got it worked out.

  • baltomanbaltoman Member Posts: 43
    Re "bluetooth problems"

    Next time try OnStar
    It works out of the box !
    Hands free !
  • carnaughtcarnaught Desert SWMember Posts: 3,136
    Re "bluetooth problems"

    Next time try OnStar
    It works out of the box !
    Hands free !

    Bluetooth:OnStar = Apples:Oranges
  • captnorm35captnorm35 Member Posts: 16
    For the past year, we have been very happy with Cingular's RAZR, everything works perfect w/M35.

    A few weeks ago I got a Sprint Treo 650 for myself. Also works perfect with the M35.

    The only issue I see is that only 1 phone may be active with the M35, even though both had been paired. I can see 1 phone being active for initiating calls, but am disappointed only that 1 active phone would be answered by the car system. Has anyone been able to get a 2nd phone to answer?


  • nycdudenycdude Member Posts: 33
    I have an M35x, and find the Bluetooth voice-activated dialing a real boon. I am sometimes concerned about the almost inevitable tendency to shout into a speakerphone, and there have been numerous comments on this thread about echo problems. Yesterday (Mother's Day) I needed to call a somewhat hard-of-hearing relative, and found that by using the Bluetooth dialing feature, but speaking through a wired headset (phone is Motorola E815), I did not have to "yell" into the microphone, and could hear better as well. It seems to me that this "hybrid" solution offers some advantages without any significant drawback. :)
  • indemandindemand Member Posts: 14
    I absolutely agree. Having conversations consisting of "what" and the periodic phonebook memory loss is completely frustrating. The headsets work well. Maybe a combination system which includes a headset will be in the future, I hope.
  • nycdudenycdude Member Posts: 33

    I haven't experienced the phonebook memory loss. Took delivery in 10/05. Perhaps it is not a widespread problem. My only problem with voice commands is that it is virtually impossible to successfully speak a 10 digit number. Phonebook voice tags work pretty well, though.

    The dude. :)
  • pete_l_ppete_l_p Member Posts: 322
    My only problem with voice commands is that it is virtually impossible to successfully speak a 10 digit number.

    Have you tried always saying "zero", rather than "oh"? Words like "oh" are very challenging for a voice command system, since there's no hard sound for it to latch onto, and the "oh" can be perceived as being part of what comes before or after. Zero has been very good to me.

    After a year, I've had no phonebook memory loss either, and have only heard of one other case of that. And I spend a LOT of time on these forums. If it's recurring, BTW, the dealer should deal with it IMO.

  • jshattnerjshattner Member Posts: 32
    "My only problem with voice commands is that it is virtually impossible to successfully speak a 10 digit number."

    The voice command "Phone Enter" lets you provide the number in chunks. Works great for me (although it takes a bit longer 'cause of the 'way overzealous use of prompts in the M's voice system).
  • nycdudenycdude Member Posts: 33
    Thanks for the suggestion. I'll try it next time.
  • mexibecmexibec Member Posts: 114
    My only problem with voice commands is that it is virtually impossible to successfully speak a 10 digit number.

    I had that problem too (where the car would start dialing before I was finished), but I found out that you just have to speak the digits fast to make it work (and it works very well). It looks like the car records what you say and decodes it only when you pause (or you're done).
  • johnny17johnny17 Member Posts: 3
    Was wondering if anyone knew if I can link up multiple phones? My wife and I both have bluetooth phones (different phones). Also, what if we're in the car at the same time? Will both phones work on the bluetooth?
  • frank310frank310 Member Posts: 45
    I currently have a 2005 BMW 545 that pairs with my Verizon Razr cellphone. When I start the car my phone book can be viewed in the navigation screen of the car. Does the M work this way also?
  • johnny17johnny17 Member Posts: 3
    No need to answer. Figured it out.
  • johnny17johnny17 Member Posts: 3
    No, the M does not do that with your phonebook. Plus you're limited to 40 entries. I think there are ways to download some of the entries, but it's not automatic. What I've done is store the most freqently dialed numbers into the car, but then use the phone's contacts to dial others.
  • sagarchrsagarchr Member Posts: 23
    Does anyone out there use Sprint as their carrier with a non PDA phone? If so, which phone and how is the performance? Thanks!
  • james27james27 Member Posts: 433
    What I've found with the M and a Motorola phone, is that you select the entry on the phone you want to upload to the car, then initiate it from the phone. The car then asks you if you want to accept it. You say yes, and it gets done. It then offers you a chance to assign a voice dial word to it.
  • seihughseihugh Member Posts: 10
    :cry: I have a 2007 m45 and the dealer setup my bluetooth connection for my Motorola razr. It works fine if i "reconnect" from the phone every time I get into the car. It does automatically pick up the connection. I have to go to the Tools menu, then the connection menu> where I choose to turn bluetooth on. then I select the MyCAR connection and it connect. Does anyone know why when I turn off my car, it seems to turn of my bluetooth, or is it something different that is causing the dropped conneciton. :cry:
  • james27james27 Member Posts: 433
    Check the Infiniti website for the bluetooth connection info. Ensure the phone is set in a mode to auto reconnect. The default on the phone might be bluetooth off, or to not allow autoreconnect. Over the last year, I had one instance where it did this, but the rest of the times, I do nothing, and the phone is recognized. Haven't figured out what caused that to happen, but I had been playing with the phone's menus prior and might have switched something the wrong way and that messed it up.
  • cl1234cl1234 Member Posts: 1
    I have a verizon e815 connected to m35x and when I talk on the phone people on the other end say phone echos and they can hear themselves speaking and ideas on correcting this, dealer no help
  • pete_l_ppete_l_p Member Posts: 322

    I've been trying to find your utility for automatically turning on BT on the i730 after leaving your M45. As a note to the forum host, I'll just mention that this was a free utility, and therefore I believe we're not violating forum guidelines by discussing it here.

    I have the M45 and the i730 as well.

    The download location you once gave at exposecorp is no longer accessible. Is there any way I can still get that utility?

    Thanks for your help.

  • twhite6279twhite6279 Member Posts: 5
    Does anyone know of a way to make adjustments to eliminate what people tell me is an awful echo from the Bluetooth connection?
  • pcc5pcc5 Member Posts: 3
    I currently purchased a M45 and am having the same problem. I was told there is a fix, but the company manufacturing it is backordered if they have even begun manufacturing. I am having huge problems with the infiniti consumer affairs division. All customer service reps have been extremely rude and are not logging in the report numbers given to me over the phone. Lots and lots of games being played there.
    So far have been unable to reach someone who can help. Horrible customer service.
  • ghstudioghstudio Member Posts: 972
    go to the advanced settings screen (search for it in the hold down one of the dash keys and turn the radio volume knob a bit)...there is a setting for bluetooth that can be low/med/high. The default is med....change that to low or high and see if it's better.

    Also, you might have phone volume too loud in the try turning down the incoming volume. The easiest way to do this is to establish a call and then use the radio volume knob to turn down the volume. The car will remember that you are adjusting bluetooth.

    Blatantly stolen from another M35 forum :)

    The 'M' has a "DIAGNOSTIC MODE" that is not documented.

    Follow these steps to enter [at your own risk] into the diagnostic mode.

    - Start Engine [required if you want to see all available diagnostic options]
    - Turn OFF the Audio system
    - While pushing the SETTING button, rotate the radio's VOLUME control either clockwise or counter-clockwise 30+ clicks.
    - You will then be put into the diagnostic mode.
    - Use the BACK button to get to previous screens, or to quit the Diagnostic Mode.

    Holding down the SETTING button and rotating the volume knob a 2nd time
    will put the diagnostic mode into a more "detailed" state offering more options.


    Diagnostic Mode - CELL PHONE VOLUME

    One potential use of the diagnostic mode is to improve the sound quality of your cell phone.

    - The diagnostic mode has an option "Handsfree Volume Adjustment".
    - The default setting for this option is "MED".
    - Setting the volume to "LOW" [or possibly HIGH] may improve the sound quality of your bluetooth compatible cell phone.
  • pete_l_ppete_l_p Member Posts: 322
    I have no echo problems, but I've seen a few reports here of people who have, and most all of them were handled.

    If you're using verizon, find the voice privacy setting on the handset and turn it off. (IOW use "standard" rather than "enhanced" voice privacy) This change greatly improved my clarity, and has in fact gotten rid of echo for some others.

    The very best bet is to do a search in this forum for echo (what an idea.) Note the "search this discussion" box near the "recent messages" link. You'll find a bunch of suggestions for handling this very problem. You might even find someone with the same phone.

    In any case, among the things to try are various combinations of each of the following volume adjustments (both up and down):

    1) The handset's own volume while IN a call
    2) The handset's own bluetooth settings for volume
    3) The M's incoming phone volume (use the M's volume knob when in a call)
    4) The M's outgoing phone volume (go to Settings > Volume, note that incoming volume is there too)
    5) The cell phone volume settings in the M's hidden diagnostic mode screen. See post above. Changing that setting (up for some, down for others) has really handled many people's problems.

    If you're patient and try a good deal of combos on these settings you should end up with very good results. Note that each of the above settings has helped one person or another.

  • hoda2hoda2 Member Posts: 3
    I have an M45 and a verizon razor phone. The only issue I have so far is how to pickup an incoming call while you are already on the line with another caller. Has anyone had this experience? ">
  • art234art234 Member Posts: 99
    I just picked up a Treo 750 yesterday from Cingular, replacing the Treo 650 which I had for 2 years. While I had no problem pairing the phone, and it works ok, I don't get the signal strength indicator on the car display any more.
    Is anyone aware of that issue and or a fix?
  • rcalvorcalvo Member Posts: 1
    I purchased a 2007 M35 in July 2006. I received one of the first 2007s and have been very happy with the car. Since that time I have had a phone book memory purge 3 times. After the 2nd time, which happened last month, I took the car into the dealer. I was told that the phone I had was not on their authorized list and so they would take no action.

    I felt this was an excuse as there would be no reason for any phone to clear out the address book in the car. I went home and research the authorized list and found my phone WAS on the Infinity authorized list. I proceeded to call the service manager who then reported the problem to Infinity. It again happened to me this week so I called again and was told Infinity is still working on the issue and that there are reports of this happening to others.

    I am going to give them another week for a resolution but I feel I am getting stalled by Infinity. I would like to know if anyone else is having this issue or have heard of others having this issue.

    Also how best should I push to get this issue resolved. My feelings are that the Service Manager at the dealership has his hands tied waiting for a response from the Infinity Tech
  • pcc5pcc5 Member Posts: 3
    I have had several problems with my cell phone and bluetooth connection. I finally gave up which is what I think Infiniti hopes you will do. The always seem to take the easy way out. I can't stand my cheap car, or my Infinity dealer. Good luck with yours.
  • golfgod2golfgod2 Member Posts: 53
    I am on Verizon and have this device. does anyone know if I can transfer my phone numbers over to my M35? Love the bluetooth but this would make it ideal. thanks in advance for your advice.
  • james27james27 Member Posts: 433
    You have to do it one number at a time, and you only get (I think) 40-entries in the car's memory.
  • golfgod2golfgod2 Member Posts: 53
    james27, 40 is okay with me but do you know how to actually execute the transfer from my phone to the M on the blackberry device?
  • james27james27 Member Posts: 433
    Nope, found it buried in the menus. I have a Motorola phone. If I remember, I selected the entry, and send was a menu choice. You had to confirm acceptance in the car's menus. Check the Infiniti website on Bluetooth. There may be some additional info there. You can add a voice tag to each phone number, which is handy unless you are really moving and the road is rough - the background noise messes things up.
  • golfgod2golfgod2 Member Posts: 53
    okay, thanks for your advice. I'll check the infiniti site. I have done voicetags - works pretty well. thanks again.
  • blov8rblov8r Member Posts: 567
    Which cell phones have had the best Bluetooth compatibility w/ the M35. I've had my M for two years and when I got it there was no phone fully compatible. I finally settled on the Motorola 815 which works well but doesn't transport the phonebook into the car's system and therefore works voice-activated only when I've hand-entered the numbers into the car's system. I tried a Palm Treo back then. I would LIKE to get the Motorola RAZR simply because of its lack of bulk but I'm not sure whether Verizon has that phone. Any advice is appreciated.

  • blov8rblov8r Member Posts: 567
    As an addendum, I've gotten some feedback that the battery life on the RAZR isn't sufficient to get through a full day unless you get the larger capacity battery and that eliminates the advantage gained by lack of bulk of the base RAZR. Comments?

    Bart :confuse:
  • ghstudioghstudio Member Posts: 972
    I am a realtor in my M35 most of the day connected thru Bluetooth. I get multiple days on my standard RAZR battery. The easy/cheap solution for any cell phone is to have a car charger ready for those times when you forgot to charge your battery...see EBAY.

    The RAZR works just like the other phones....your address book doesn't transfer to the car.
  • blov8rblov8r Member Posts: 567
    Thanks for the feedback. Perhaps the person who told me the battery life stinks has one of the original models.

    Does your RAZR couple completely to the car's audio system? Does the phonebook transfer directly for voice commands? Two years ago I read on the M35 thread that the phonebook would NOT couple automatically.

    Bart :) :shades:
  • blov8rblov8r Member Posts: 567
    ghstudio: Here's the criticism of the RAZR I received on another thread. This guy really hates his for multiple stated reasons.

    Verizon does have the RAZR. I know because I have one. The lack of bulk is the only good thing I can say about the phone. I'm counting down the months until I can qualify for the trade-in.

    First of all, I had to buy a larger battery (which of course increases the bulk) because the standard battery wouldn't last a full day and I didn't even use it much. Another problem is it has buttons on the side which are very easy to press. It is very easy to shut the ringer off and not know it. And finally, the phone is slow. When you push a function button it can take 2-3 seconds for the phone to respond. I know that doesn't seem like much, but when you are in a hurry its an eternity. Bart
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