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Nissan Pathfinder Electrical Problems



  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237

    if so, make sure noting is pressing on the buttons when you place it on the table

    make sure somebody isnt playing a joke on you in your house .
  • joefanjoefan Posts: 3
    The 1992 pathfinder has 4 wires coming off the alternator. Two white ones that go to the + termal on the battery. A black wire that goes to the body ground and a yellow/black that goes to the bulb check relay. That relay turns on those dash lights briefly to make sure all the lights are working then it goes off after the car is started. My guess is that yellow and black wire is where I would start. I would check the relay first.
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    see if you get a voltage reading off the yell and blk wires with the key on if you do ,then go to the relay
  • I just bought my first used car on my own and I couldn't be more excited that it is a 1995 Pathfinder (I LOVE PATHFINDERS!!!) HOWEVER,I think I messed up. I test drove the rig, but didn't check the lights. The man was straight forward with me and said that a sensor was broken , but he didn't feel it was important to fix it and the open door signal came off and on affecting the dome light so he just kept it off, but driving home last night after purchasing the rig I was pulled over for having a headlight out (passenger side). When I got home my fiance said that the passenger side reverse light was also out. I also noticed that the cruise control would not engage but after hitting set the light would flicker on the dash but then go off, that the lights on the radio did not work, but the radio worked. Also I can roll down passenger side windows from drivers seat but they have to be rolled up on the side they are on. Does anyone know if any of these things could be related? Running lights and blinkers are not an issue on either side. It seems like the passenger side is just....messed up! I tried replacing the headlight, but that did not solve the problem. Please help. I'm having a friend look at it soon but he didn't really seem too confident that he could diagnose the problem, but I figured I'd give him a try before dishing out the big bucks to have it looked over. :confuse:
  • The window problem is in the main panel on the drivers door. You will need to pop the window switch panel out of the door. Very important> take switch panel inside under a bright light over a cookie sheet, (they have tiny,I mean tiny bearings in those switches! Using a small flat blade screwdriver disassemble the switches. Using a small piece of fine emory paper ( I used a cheap fingernail file), clean the contact surfaces and make sure that they actually touch the contacts. They usually don''t in a Pathfinder that old.Bend them slightly so they do. It's that easy. As for the headlights, check the fuses under the hood andinside. If they are good, then move on to the headlight switch itself. Look back in these forums for "switchfixer's" post. He does a great job of explaining repairing the switch! (and SIMPLE) Have faith in your capabilities! You can do this! It's easy!
    Onto the cruise control- On the brake pedal are two switches, (yes you have to get under there) :) one for the brake lights and one for the cruise control. If you're lucky, the stopper that closes the switch has dry rotted and fallen out. Just order a new one from the dealer. It's cheap! Since you are going to the trouble of doing all this, look on E-Bay for the Pathfinder manual on disc. I bought mine there for $10.00 and it's the real Nissan Service manual! It will help you further on the cruise control if it's not the stopper! Good luck! Please post back, it's nice to know if I helped or not! Good Luck!
    David :shades:
  • hello can anybody help.

    Main Beam Lights. - Side Lights work, Driving Lights work, however when I switch onto Main beam everything goes of, very exciting at 80 mph in the night. All Fuses are good, Possible contact fault or relay??

    Thank You - David
  • Most likely it's the switch. See "switchfixers" post. It's a few years old now, but he does a great job of how to fix it!
  • I've had my Pathfinder for almost 3 years and other than poor fuel economy, I liked the car. In the last year I've replaced the battery twice, had it to two different mechanics looking for reasons why the battery goes dead. I believe I have some electrical problems. The alarm goes off for no reason after the motor is off, I'm unable to lock the doors while driving unless I use the remote, the interior light that is supposed to come on when door is opened has never worked and the cigarette lighter shorts out so I can't use it for DC power. I just replaced the battery 2 months ago and last night it sounded like it was almost dead when I tried to start. Am I looking at a huge expense? After reading all these stories I'll probably not buy another Pathfinder.
  • I recently bought a 2006 Pathfinder SE and LOVE IT! The only problem is that the high mounted brake light is so dim that it doesn't even look like it's working during the day. Infact, at night the only way to even notice that it is on is to be eye level with it when it is on... if you are in a car that is lower than mine or if you are far away it looks like it is burnt out. I have been told that it is an LED unit that would have to be replaced, but I'm not totally sure I'm trusting the mechanic I saw about this. I have searched the internet but can't find anything about this, or a part to purchase to try to fix it myself. Any idea how much something like this would cost me at the dealership? Any input would be very helpful:-)
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    let a good electrical person check it out , its just a bunch asmall stuff that probably have become loose or shorted ,or somebody hooked up something aftermarket ;) and didnt know what they were doing .
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    If you want to save a lot of time and money ,either go to a juck yard and get the light assembly and hook it up yourself, or buy a led short length stop light ,jc whitney has them for $10.00 and just mount it above or below the original one and use the exsisting wires :blush: from the one that dont work.
  • Headlights working fine but the rear lights do not come on although rear directionals and backup lights work. I first examined the fuse marked "tail" that was located under the hood. It appeared fine, but I replaced it just in case. That did nothing. After reading Post #21, I took the plate off the steering column and sprayed everything with the appropriate lubricant. Still nothing. I pressed all the visible wires in there, even popped off a switch and put it back. Still nothing. Do you think it's possible that I checked the wrong fuse? I can't imagine 2 tail lights burning out simultaneously? Any other suggestions? I'm so discouraged. I haven't gotten under the car to examine the rear lights. Are there wires back there I should check? Any advice is greatly appreciated. :confuse:
  • Hello,
    Sounds like you need to go back and revisit post 21 one more time closely.

    " I pressed all the visible wires in there, even popped off a switch and put it back"

    Your headlight switch is bad, ie making faulty contact -If you can take the switch out again and rebend the contacts there should be four of them. If the contacts have lost original bend spraying them won't make a difference.

    Good luck!
    Switchfixer :D
  • I bought a '95 pathfinder and everything seemed fine until the alarm started going off for no reason. My friend disconnected it, put a new battery in, replaced the alternator and the cable connectors. There seems to be something wrong with the charging system or some kind of short that is draining the battery. Any ideas as to what it could be? I am coming to my wits end.
  • Vehicle began having problems after adding fuel. Started running rough and then quit completely. Thought it was fuel pump so changed it out. Started several times and then quit. Now it cranks like everything is fine, but does not seem to fire. Have heard there are problems with main fuse panel, could this be our problem?
  • My Pathfinder rear lights + several lights on the central console dont come on. I cant identify the correct fuse but have checked 3 boxes, 2 under the hood + 1 in the glove box, all seem ok. Can anyone help?
  • Switchfixer:
    Thanks for posting (and reposting) your message #21!
    It will be my first chore tomorrow.

    I started my headlight issue by trying to replace the headlamp relay on my '95 4WD XE, but have been unable to locate the correct relay. The Haynes shows one in the diagrams and I bought an OE style. Any idea where the headlamp relay is located?

    I carefully removed the four labeled relays in the engine compartment (horn, fuel pump, etc) and the two adjacent unlabeled relays. Also removed three unlabeled relays above the fuse block. None of them interrupted the headlights.

    Though the switch sounds like the root cause of my intemittent headlight failures, I'd like to throw in the relay, just hoping someone might have some ideas on the locale.

  • I currently have my pathfinder torn apart and you should be able to just disconnect the whole alarm system from under the drivers side seat. if you just want to disconnect the light i am pretty sure you have to rip the little switch apart.
    oh and keep in mind the fact that it is flashing could mean bigger problems else where.
  • reconnect all your switches lol it is more then likely the one on the lift gate.
    to get access to this switch, you pull off the hatch plastics reach in through the right side and there should be a wire connected to the latch on the bottom, center area, that if you unplug should solve your problem.
  • underneath the driver's seat there is a little black box about 5 to 6 inches from the center council. on the back there is a tiny white slider switch. move it all the way to the drivers side of the vehicle, that should be setting low for the shock censer.
  • pull the gauges out and try tightening the screws on the back they are probably loose and not making proper grounds.
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    If the vehicle runs OK other wise just put a piece of black electrical tape over the light. once you start to disconnect things you will shut down other systems ,on some of the later models they completely lock down everything so you cant even start it unless you have it towed to a shop and they may have to flash the computer.
  • Brand new 2010 Pathfinder about 2000 miles total ,Parked on drive way after driving 190 miles in night time ,next afternoon do not open the doors ,friend certified mechanic helped to jump start,I believe no lights on, may be heated seat switch was on.Call 2 dealerships one says do not cover battery other say bring in we will see if battery defected will change under warranty. Question ? why battery dead while truck equipped with auto turnoff all electrical,This truck is LE fully loaded with every package available today date.Any suggestion or advice
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    the only thing that stays on in this model is the clock and alarm system in which should not deplete the battery , just ask the dealer to check it out , and Im sure if the battery is defective ,they will replace it.
  • This is a great forum - hope someone can help me. We bought a '98 Pathfinder from local car dealer 4 months ago, w 163K miles. About one month ago, the gauges started jumping around and then died, and the odometer read 999,999.

    I read in a forum that you can't buy a new dash and the only hope was to check the circuit board. I sent it off to company in LA who did repair it (and warrantied their work). Installed two days ago and the instruments are acting up again and odometer is reading 999,999!! No problems with windows, headlights, etc. like other posts. My mechanic has never seen this problem before.

    Can anyone shed some light on what's causing the problem? THANK YOU!!!
  • rob157rob157 Posts: 1
    Hi, the bulbs that illuminates the controls (cruise control, radio controls) on the steering wheel of my 2002 Pathfinder are burned out. How do I find it to replace it? It sure it's obvious! Thanks! - Rob
  • saknjmomsaknjmom Posts: 26
    I have been having a lot of what seem to be "battery" related problems with my 2008 Pathfinder.
    I believe that in my car, there are electrical problems (I've had lots of quirky problems with 4wd light being on when not in 4wd, with battery going dead for no reason, different lights flashing intermittently)
    Last summer, they told me it was the battery harness and "fixed it". not even 4,000 miles later, same thing is occurring. I also have heated seats etc. They replaced my battery yesterday at a prorated amount.
    BUT, they cannot give me any reasonable answer about WHY. I think something isn't turning off (heated seat, radio, something).
  • I have the same problem with my 95 and my remotes don't work (new batteries).My battery goes dead if I don't drive it for a couple days.I am disabled so sometimes,especially in the winter I can't get out to start it. I have a new battery and it did not help. When the. battery starts to run down it makes the alarm go off. I can't find a way to shut it off. Got any ideas? I sure can't afford to take it to get repaired and I need it for the trip to the VA every other day.
  • dave2306dave2306 Posts: 1
    Have you had any lucking fixing this? I've got a 2006 that's recently started exhibiting similar symptoms. An electrician has identified a drain on the battery but not the cause. The battery drain will be .3 amps one second and then 11 amps the next as if the car is checking circuits to ensure it's shutdown.
  • iamhawkiamhawk Posts: 1
    Yes, I had this problem. The seat is too far back and it's caught on the end of the track.
    To fix, have a fairly tall person sit behind the drivers seat and using his knees, push agaist the drivers seat while you use the forward adjustment control.
    It takes some effort, but it should get the seat "un-frozen" and start working again. You need to be very conscious of not going all the way back with the seat in the future,
    IF you don't have a spare tall person around, you can do it like I did, which is to manipulate the switch while really pulling the seat forward. it is a strain, but you should be able to get it.
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