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Honda Civic 2006-2007 Issues

riclynriclyn Posts: 1
2006 Civic sedan has had a pull to right from first day we brought it home - most noticeable on straight sections of freeway at fwy speed. Salesman said bring it in for alignment so I assumed it was a minor issue. 1st service adventure: service rep identifies tech bulletin on right pull. Alignment helps somewhat but still noticeable pull to right. 2nd service trip: tires rotated, another alignment, still pulls to right. Service rep says because the way the roads are "crowned" (not flat) the car naturally steers toward the slope, which happens to be right. Doesn't explain why it still pulls right on a flat section of freeway, or even when the road is banked left on a left curve. Another poster noted here extreme pull to right on purchase.Still another post on #4835 describing electric power assist as being a contributor to the problem. A co-worker bought a 2006 Si with the same problem. Anyone else had this issue resolved? I like the car (mostly), but quite honestly I miss my 2002 Civic - less things to go wrong. The steering just feels squirrely and I feel like I am constantly over controlling, adding minor inputs - it doesn't track straight and true.


  • I purchased my 2006 Honda Civic Sedan LX this past Friday...and I'm sorry to say that I am feeling regrets! I traded in a 2004 Honda Accord LX after putting 24,000 miles on it in 14 months. Since it was leased...I felt pressure to either re-finance...or trade it in on a 2006 Honda Civic Sedan LX which intrigued me because of the re-design and increased fuel economy. Overall, I find the 2006 Civic Sedan a good vehicle but after driving it this past weekend I noticed (more than I anticipated) that the vehicle is a LOT less comfortable than my Accord, the ride is a lot rougher, and there is a LOT more road noise. Additionally, I didn't realize until this weekend that there are no cup-holders in the back seat (which REALLY annoyed my daughter), and I miss the trunk release on the key fob. But...the BIGGEST annoyance that I have found is the HEADRESTS! I just CANNOT get comfortable driving this car because the headrest forces my head forward...what's up with that? I don't know what to do???
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Picked up my LX 2 weeks ago and instead of re-aligning the car as I requested after the test drive, they just played with the tire locations...said it was a tire pull. Was back 2 days later for a full 4 wheel alignment. Helped a bit, but car still wants to pull to the right. Small corrections are always needed. I personally like my steering wheel dead on straight, but it's cocked about 2 degrees to the left.
    Any help would be appreciated. I always buy an additional alighnment policy (3 year) for our cars and I'm looking now to see what Tires Plus has. My only real complaint with this car so far!

    The Sandman :(
  • psypsy Posts: 122
    My car went from near perfect to flawed.

    My dealer and Honda have been nothing short of wonderful to work with.

    All the parts are in to replace the power steering pump, drivers door window switch, drivers side rear spring and trunk liner side panels.

    I have some tire wear on the rear tires. Honda is going to replace the rear tires and do a aligment on the car. I figure the sagging spring has more to do with the tire issue than alignment over all.

    Funny thing. Ive owned many a car in the last 20 years or so. I havent had to get a car aligined since 1993 or so. And that car was a 1992 Tracer. Wife went curb hopping in it.

    So Im going to let the dealer and Honda work there magic and continue to enjoy my Civic. We took it to my brothers wedding yesterday and over to a daughters home to pick up a grandchild of ours. Logged 250 miles or better in it yesterday. Used the Navi, got in many a near redline shift. Had the A/C on, did city and hwy driving and still turned in 39 mpg. We took the Civic over our 05 Accord EX Sedan. Yes it rivals our Accord in driving and rideing pleasure.

    Even with its teething problems its a fine little auto.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Mine has this same problem also. A 4-wheel alignment corrected it about 75%, so I'll be hitting the service department when my 5k service comes due.
    Other than that, really love the car.

    The Sandman :)
  • cmruffcmruff Posts: 15
    My almost 2K Civic EX 5 sp has a subtle but distinct whistling or humming sound at 70 mph. The sound stops if I remove my foot from the gas pedal. Car runs great with or without the sound. It seems to come from somewhere under the right side of the hood. Any ideas? Should I be concerned?
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    Ask them if caster can be adjusted on this car [probably not, but ask anyway]; if so, a slight change in the right side [dial in a bit more caster] might cure the problem.

    Our last Mercedes had a persistent pull that was only cured when the tech went with slightly different caster settings for the left vs right front - this cured the problem, even though all of the original settings were theoretically within factory spec.

    Caster is the amount of angle on the front strut as viewed from the side and measured from the top to bottom. More caster causes the car to resist changes in direction...less has the opposite effect.

    On most front drive cars with struts, it can't be easily adjusted - but it is worth asking about, anyway.
  • kero1kero1 Posts: 154

    I have read two things thus far for noise at highway speeds.

    #1. if you have bridgestone tires, they are some problems with internal belts slipping

    #2. It's could possible be the front black cover right under the front of the hood inbetween the two fron lights. Some people have mentioned they were not installed correctly.

    #3 Possible alightment and incorrect worn tire due to the bad alignment.

    My car even after a fixed alignment still pulls to the right but no noise yet at over 2000 miles.

    Take it to the dealer and get on the highway if possible so they can't say you are imagining it.
  • pattie_tpattie_t Posts: 1
    Civic 2006 Headrest very uncomfortable. The foam padding is too rigid. If the seat is in the upright position, the headrest pushes my head forward. To correct, the manual says use the seat in a recline position and raise the height of the seat. I did this and it is marginally more comfortable. I am distressed about this, having driven Hondas for 20 years. I called Honda 800 Customer Service in Torrance and they said "NO ONE ELSE HAS COMPLAINED ABOUT THIS SO WE CAN DO NOTHING." I believe this is a recall matter. I am writing to Honda and encourage everyone with a back and neckache due to these seats to do the same. I do not find the seat itself to be too bad, it is the angle and the stiffness of the padding on the head rest. I am trying to make a custom fitted pillow to go over the seat rest. Please write to Honda if you are experiencing this problem. Otherwise I like the car. I drove an Accord for 14 years, but the new Accord is just too big.
  • "A recall matter" Are you serious???
    Actually, I much prefer the headrest over the one in my old 2000 Civic...noticed it the first time I test drove one and liked it.

    Did you not test drive your car?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    This may be nothing but a matter of semantics, but they are head restraints and they are a safety feature. They are not for resting one's head.

    That said, if a head restraint doesn't allow a comfortable neck position while driving, I can imagine that would make driving the car pretty unbearable. :sick:

    Maybe a cushion in the back of the seat to push the body forward a little?
  • psypsy Posts: 122
    Just got back from the dealer. Everything was fixed on my Civic.

    They replaced:
    power steering pump
    drivers window switch
    trunk liner sides
    drivers side rear spring
    two new tires
    aligenment front/rear
    fiddled with something concerning the faint miss I was feeling
    Check the A/C and a bunch of other stuff

    They worked there rear ends off on the car and bent over backwards to please me. The Civic drives better than it did new! Im very impressed with my dealer's service dept. They are every bit as good as the sales dept.

    Honda Automoblies of Bartelsville ROCKS!!! :thmsup:
  • psypsy Posts: 122
    As a owner of a 05 Accord EX Sedan and a 06 Civic Sedan EX I can tell a road noise diff. It does ride a bit firmer.

    As far as over all comfort? We feel the Civic is just as good as the Accord. So much so we took it on a 3k mile road trip over Easter and left the Accord at home.

    As for cup holders. I think the Accord has eight total and the Civic has for. I dont know if the LX has the fold down arm rest in the back. I know my EX does and there's two cup holders in it.

    We have no headrestaint issues at all with the Accord or Civic. At one year old our Accord had 30k miles on it and the Civic at 7 months old has 15k miles. We drive alot. And have never had comfort issues with these cars.

    Ive heard of some folks that found the head restraints in backwards or have turned them backwards to help with issues like these.

    Good luck
  • tjs01tjs01 Posts: 34
    I just passed the 3,000 mile mark with my EX automatic. The mileage has been a major disappointment. The best mileage I have recorded is 33 mpg. This was about 90% highway driving going 65-75mph. Overall mileage is about 30.5 mpg with about a 60/40 mix highway/city. I expected the average to be 33-35. Is there a chance this will improve as time progresses or could there be some problem with the car? I am really envious of those of you that are getting 40 mpg on the highway!

    A few other things. There is a recurring rattle from the glove compartment/passenger side front door area. Not all the time. Will likely be difficult for the dealer service to replicate. Has anyone had this diagnosed and corrected?

    The AC seems to be inconsistent. Sometimes it is frigid and other times it blows warm air. Seems to turn itself on and off. Again, hit or miss on a service tech reproducing on a test drive. Has anyone had this diagnosed and corrected?

    The wind noise from the driver’s side door due to the window molding having a small gap. I talked with Honda and they have issued an advisory on this that involves removing the molding and inserting a piece of foam to plug the gap in the molding. The dealer offered to order a new molding to see if the replacement does not have the gap. I am going to take them up on this. Seems like Honda could get this corrected with their supplier.

    Finally, an annoyance. There is a dark spot on the speedometer when you wear polarized sunglasses. Both the dealer and Honda said no one else has brought this to their attention. Anyone else out there experience this?

    Any responses would be appreciated.
  • tjs01, Since the 40 MPG highway estimate is based on the government's test at about 50 miles per hour, it's no surprise you that you're not getting close to 40 miles per gallon. Doing 75 MPH means having much more force to drive into, and that burns more of your fossil type fuel.

    I'm getting about the same mileage numbers as you. I couldn't be happier.

    I'm also happy with the A/C performance, although it does seem to have better moments than others at times. I generally wonder how the heck they get so much cold air out of a compressor hooked up to such a small engine. Those engineers are pretty smart I suppose. :-)

    I also find the headrests a little bit annoying (for resting my head though, not for driving). In the way of speculation, I can't help wondering, Rossetter, if you might be sitting just a tad TOO upright when you drive. You come across as the kind of person who goes through life extremely uprightly. Lean that seat back a hair, relax, and enjoy the ride. Things might be ok after all.
  • Dear Rossetter,

    For the 2006 Civic LX Sedan, the cup-holders for the
    back seat passengers are bulit into the side pockets
    of the rear doors. If you look at these pockets, you
    should notice that at one end is bigger than the other
    end so that a cup (With a lid!) will fit in there. My
    daughters used this builtin cup holder feature without
    any issue.

    As for the arm rest of the rear seats, LX does not come
    with a fold down arm rest, only EX does i.e no cup-holders
    since no arm rest.

    As far as road noises and comfortable, they are a built
    in features of all the small cars i.e. light weight, used
    less gas leading to more plastic parts and less insulation!
    If you preferred quiet and comfortable ride then test drive
    a Lexus LS or Infiniti instead, but please remind yourself
    during the test drive that Gas Are Way Above $3.00 for
    premium unleaded gas that Lexus & Infiniti required and the
    price are also way above 20K range, think double at least!

    Hope my answers help.


  • travis77travis77 Posts: 63
    what happened with your power steering just out of curiousity? Mine makes a sound of an old door opening,,, kinda hard to explain
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    The "headrests" are actually called "Active head restraints" and are designed to move up and forward upon a sufficiently severe rear impact to prevent or lessen whiplash type neck injury. This is part of the safety package so please do NOT remove or reverse them as some other poster suggested. They are not a problem for me but I do not lounge back in the seat with my head but sit rather upright so I make no contact with them normally.
  • tobehumantobehuman Posts: 6
    I purchased a 2006 Honda Civic EX sedan in April. It has had it's share of problems since I got it. My biggest concern is that the car has yet to break 30MPG and I already have 3000+ miles n the car. Check out my forum profile to see all the problems I've been having.
  • outrideroutrider Posts: 4
    Hi [tjs01],

    Regarding the rattling noise from the glovebox area ...

    I've had a noise in that area that seems to be coming from the passenger front wheel area. The replication problem is *exactly* what I've experienced.

    My dealer first replaced the strut. The noise didn't go away a completely and came back quickly to the same level. The dealer then replace the whole strut assembly. The noise returned again after leaving the dealership.

    I tried to replicate it with the service manager. No luck. It seems that I have to hit just the right kind of bumps (not big ones) to hear the rattle. It's like something, perhaps a retainer of some sort, is loose.

    The care drives and functions just fine. So I'm banking that a dealer service tech will come across the problem in a future oil change or maintenance interval. That's all I see happening.

    Because the functioning of the car isn't affected, I'm hesitant to contact Honda field management on the problem. Also there might be a service advisory issued on this now or at some point.

    It's a little disappointing since this is my fourth Honda, but it'll get fixed, no doubt.
  • kero1kero1 Posts: 154
    I too have the rattle noise somewhere near the front right of the globe box of front of the car area.

    With regards to the bump, if I hit certain bumps I have a large clunk in the front right of my LX auto which many others have reported.

    The dealer twice did not find anything wrong and like you say I do not feel an adverse affects on the car other than the noise so I am going to live with it for now.

    I am sure as our cars age in the next year or so honda will find out how to solve these problems so it;s probably better for us to wait a while then bring the cars in and the service areas will have much more info on what is causing the problems and how to correct them.
  • tobehumantobehuman Posts: 6
    I have the the clunk noise coming from the right front of my car too. It only happens when going over certain bumps while on side streets. I never notice or hear the clunk while on the freeway. It's sounds like something serious though, like the suspension or something but the car drives fine. Has anyone had this problem successfully corrected yet?
  • edyshokedyshok Posts: 1
    *****A few other things. There is a recurring rattle from the glove compartment/passenger side front door area. Not all the time. Will likely be difficult for the dealer service to replicate. Has anyone had this diagnosed and corrected?******
    Well there are 2 different rattling noises you will find in your new 2006 Honda…
    There is one witch you described as noise coming from front passenger door area. I was able to determinate that this noise is coming from…..front passenger side airbag…ha ha believe it or not…and I was able to cure this problem by resetting plastic airbag cover on passenger seat, this noise is gone now… after a while I found a new clicking noise coming from front suspension (passenger side) but it’s a completely different issue, I hope soon there is will be a recall which going to solve this problem. Also I found there is an issue with a quality of interior (dash, door panels) plastic parts, its gets scratched so easy, any ideas how to fix this scratches? Thanks.
  • tobehumantobehuman Posts: 6
    I have a 2006 Honda Civic EX and all of the doors are misaligned. I've brought this to the dealers attention but they haven't yet corrected the problem. If anyone else has had this same problem and their dealer has corrected it, please, let me know. Here is what one of my Civic's doors looks like:


  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    And to think you scoff at Hyundai reliability.
  • kero1kero1 Posts: 154

    I don't want to get your too nervous but you really should have a professional auto body shop check to see if your car was damaged before you bought it.

    Misaligned body panels and things of that nature could point to repairs before a car is sold and yes dealers do and receive damaged cars from the manufacturer and from transiet, etc.

    When I first purchased my 05 scooby outback sport in 05, I was shocked to learn from a subaru forum that subaru can sell brand new cars with up to $1500 in repairs to the body without have to disclose to customer.

    Just have it checked as misaligned panels/doors/hoods would make me very wary.
  • tobehumantobehuman Posts: 6

    I know the car wasn't in an accident or damaged or anything. After the 1st week or two of ownership I noticed the door alignment problem so I went back to the dealer to have them look at it. While I was there I looked at the other Civics on the lot and all the ones assembled in Canada exhibited the same door misalignment problems. I just wish the dealer could figure out how to fix it. My Civic was also assembled in Canada.
  • doan4udoan4u Posts: 105
    Tell them you want it fix. There is a way to fix it. The dealership I went too remove the door hinge and front side panel to fit it. They finish it by 4:00pm. You have to demand it. My passenger side door was misalign. I was serious, so they fix it for me. ;)

    Mine vehicle was made in Ohio, U.S. I only have minor problem w/it. I notice allots Canadian make model have serious problems. :mad:
  • tobehumantobehuman Posts: 6

    What did your dealer do to correct the door misalignment problem? My dealer has their heads stuck up their asses and doesn't know what to do.
  • doan4udoan4u Posts: 105
    Oopp! I just corrected my message. You fast!!! They remove the door,the door hinge and the side panel to adjust my door. It look nice after I pick it up. Asked them if there a free lender car program at the dealership. ;)

    P.S. There allots of dealership around town. I would called everyone that close to me and compare note. The Civic 06 model is very new. Some mechanic are below average when it come to fixing our new car. :P :shades:
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    Oh, no I don't have any misaligned doors or panels as far as I know...just getting in the "last word" and I couldn't resist, in another series of posts..a battle if you will..between that poster and me concerning Hyundai verses Honda, quality wise and that is quite a list!!
  • I just bought my 2006 Civic LX auto yesterday. I just notice this. I park on an incline and when I go to shift from Park to Drive, the car gives a hard shake before and the Engine dips in RPM. Does anyone else have this problem or is this normal???
  • roundtriproundtrip Posts: 105
    Sorry about the trouble so very soon.
    Are you pointing downhill, uphill, or is the incline to the left or right? Do you have to park on incline? The incline may cause fluids to flow in the opposite direction from where they should be going. Then the engine struggles to perform correctly.
  • psypsy Posts: 122
    It had a very slight leak. I thought they would have replaced a faulty fitting. But they replaced the pump and fitting. Dealership was great!
  • psypsy Posts: 122
    I was at a Hyundai dealer a few months back to quote there service dept. new heaters for the bays. I was amazed at the amount of cars with the engines and trannys out. The service manager saw how awww struck I was with the carnage. He offered a jest about how he hoped my products where better than his. He went on to tell me about the awful troubles they where having with casting quality in trannys, cam covers and blocks.

    Funny how he owned a new Accord and not a Sonata.

    Heck the sales manager for the local Chevy dealer owns nothing but Hondas. Been with the dealer for 20 years. Has made a good living selling GM's. But wont own one. LMAO.

    Yes my Civic has had some problems. Some could be seen as major. Others just bugs. None the less they have all been taken care of in short order. And all at once. My dealer is not only honest and forth right in the showroom, but a class act in the service dept.

    To buy a car. Even a Honda, and think that its not going to have problems being a first years production of a new gen is really quite foolish in thought and action. I took the gamble and have been rewarded with the issues. My dealer and Honfa have taken care of my concerns.

    I plan on putting 300k miles on my car. Its almost as comphy as our Accord, gets great fuel economy, roomy, stylish and runs like crazy. It will run with a 7th gen Si hatch (ep3) no problem. The r18 is way under rated.

    I think the biggist problem with the car is the dealers. They have been selling them at MSRP or above. Folks get burnt in the showroom,, partly of there own making. Then expect said dealer to have a good service dept. When they know the sales floor is a den a theives. Then expect better of the service dept. I'll take my little small town dealer over the ones in Tulsa or OKC anyday.

    I hope folks can get there issues worked out.

    Mine have been. :)
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    I cannot confirm Hyundai dealers have lots of cars around with engines or transmissions out..none of mine were ever in for repair so I didn't spend much time there. And I suppose there are Hyundai drivers who abuse the machinery same as any make..they end up with major repairs. I am happy you had your repairs addressed promptly but my point wasn't that your service department is first class but that you had to use it that soon.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi bevandjim, welcome. Actually, there is a whole discussion about those questions so I moved your post there. Here is a link to it: bevandjim, "Honda Civic vs. Hyundai Elantra" #1324, 13 Jul 2006 9:05 pm.

    That's at the end of the discussion but be sure to page back through some of the previous posts. You can probably pick up a lot of good information.

  • psypsy Posts: 122
    went out to detail my Civic, change the oil in the wifes Accord and detail it.

    Found the trim peice for the windsheild coming loose, trim insert in the dash coming loose and a dead bug in the tail light.

    Then there is a waffle effect on the top of the center stack in the Accord and some other issues.

    Im pulling my honda fan boy status. :) Im sure my dealer will fix everything and do a good job. But Im about done with these cars.

    As it stands now the warrenty issues with these two cars alone have been worse than the sum total of the last 5 new cars Ive bought. :(
  • tobehumantobehuman Posts: 6
    This is my 1st Honda and it has had alot of little problems being a brand new car. I'm not a Honda fan boy but I guess I bought into the hype that Hondas were quality cars. It has not been my experience so far with my Civic.
  • We are having a problem with the power outlet design in the civic that makes it easy to blow fuses if you plug a device into the outlet at an angle. Our LG phone adapter has a long tip on the car adapter that can touch the back of the outlet and the center contact at the same time. This blows the fuse.

    We've gone through 3 fuses so far in that car. Its not an adapter problem because we have 3 other cars with the same adapter in them and none of them have a problem.

    Has anyone installed the extra accessory adapter? If so, does it have the same design?
  • perezrperezr Posts: 7
    The back of the accessory outlet (cigarette lighter jack) is the center contact which carries the +12 volts. If the plug didn't touch this point at the back, you wouldn't get any power.

    Perhaps there is a problem with the accessory outlet that is causing it to short out due to the mechanical forces applied when inserting the plug. Do you have another accessory plug you can try in it? That would tell you if it is the socket that is bad, which sounds pretty likely.

    Your warranty will cover this repair if necessary. They may even reimburse you for the fuses! :)
  • travis77travis77 Posts: 63
    put your parking brake on when you park,, when you come to a stop and before you shift into "park" pull it up. i've never had that problem except when i didn't use my brake. i have got into the habit of just pullin my parking break everytime i park,, just so i don't get the clunk from my transmission when i'm parked on a hill. ;)
  • kero1kero1 Posts: 154
    I want to add that it's important to use the parking break normally as for people with non disc brakes in back, it helps keep the drum brakes adjusted so that they contact the drum when you brake. It also keeps the parking break working for a long time as people who don't use their parking brake for a long long time, then go use it and it can freeze in place and never work again. Not freeze from cold but freeze as the jacket the cable sits in has a lubricant that needs to be worked every so often.

    Self adjusting brakes or not, my wife's 05 corolla needed the back drum brakes adjusted because she does not use the parking brake (she does now) and when I had the tires rotated my mechanice noticed how out of adjustment the back brakes were. The car was almost not using the back brakes at all. When he fixed the adjustment the car stopped much quicker. Now that she uses the parking brake regularly, the problem has never returned.
  • mcapmcap Posts: 49
    You should defintely not remove or reverse the head restraints. Keep playing around with them. They were uncomfortable to me at first but now they are fine.

    If you really need a change, you can swap them out for an 06 Accord headrest. They fit and don't protrude quite as far forward. I can't vouch for their safety in a Civic.

    I actually purchased one with my Civic but it is in my closet collecting dust. I never used it.

  • jcoats1jcoats1 Posts: 1
    My Honda also has a miss which the dealer is claiming that it is a "design characteristic" of the car. They came to that conclussion after noticing the only other 5spd they had on the lot also had a miss in it. I would love to know what your dealer found that my couldn't so they can fix the problem.
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    "A design characteristic" ? Yeah sure, Honda has finally gone out of their way to "engineer in" an engine miss. Even though I own a 2006 Civic and I am not totally happy with the experience that comment is a joke. Thankfully mine does not miss.
  • I looked into the outlet today. The sheet metal (grnd) on the sides of the outlet are folded to cover the whole back except where the center (pos)terminal is. There isn't any space or insulator around the center terminal so it is very easy to short the two terminals together if you push the plub in a little off of striaght in. I'll have to look at someone elses and see if it has the same design.
  • does anyone know about TSB 10018257 1105 "power outlet inoperative"
  • dentrekdentrek Posts: 8
    I have a 2006 Honda Civic Sedan and we have had a problem with ours pulling to the left. The first attempt to have the dealer service ours and help with this was the same thing they told you. The crown in the road causing it. since my wife drives it I had no clue how bad it was till I drove it on a 1 hour Freeway trip. I found out that the rear tires were roaring like and 4 wheel drive with mudders. She returned it for the next service and they said that the tires needed rotating and did it free. Now the front tires were roaring and the back tires were quite like new. After 5k miles the back and from were roaring and it was still pulling to the left. The next thing they did is checked alignment and found that the tow was mis-alligned. They agreed to replace all tires.
    Needless to say it still pulled a little to the left but not as bad. Now 6000 miles later the back tires were roaring again and pulling to the left bad. They rotated them again and checked the alignment. The alignment was okay but now the fron tires are raoring agian and the back is quite with it still pulling a little to the left. Did you get yours fixed?
  • montztermontzter Posts: 72
    I just wanted to say we had the same problem with our 2006 Pilot pulling to the right. We just bought it a week ago and it was like that right off of the lot. They first adjusted the tire pressure and then checked the alignment and said it was within specs. It still pulled, so they aligned it even though it was within specs, just to get it as close to "perfect" as possible. It runs as straight as an arrow now.
  • dentrekdentrek Posts: 8
    We have had several problems with our 2006 Civic but this one is very hard to get fixed. The outlet on the dash and the outlet in the console both will not work with some Cell Chargers. I have never had a charger blow a fuse but when my Verizon charger is plugged into either of these chargers the fuse will blow. I have tried several different chargers and some do not blow the fuse. After we took it back 3 times I finally figured out that the dealer only new how to change the fuse. I found that the contact on the Civic is different than my S10 pickup. The contact extends up and if you insert the charger to far the charger contact is pushed up inside the charger so far it shorts out the male part of the plug to itself. I have found that some chargers are made different but all work fine in my Chevrolet S10. Does anyone other than me have this problem? I do not know what to do but avoid using the outlet.
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