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Honda Civic 2006-2007 Issues



  • ajbchoajbcho Posts: 44
    I'm in the I.T. biz and we jokingly call bugs in applications, "undocumented features".
    I think I found one in my 07 EX AT sedan. I usually have a drink whenever I'm driving and started to realize my pop or water would get warm really quickly. One day I dropped some change into the cup holders and realized the cup holders themselves were really warm/almost hot, esp. the one up front. Has anyone else noticed this or is it just my car. My past several cars, the cup holders have been integrated into the center console which moved so they were not fixed to floor. I can't recall if I had this issue with any cars I've owned with cup holders in a similiar location/design. :confuse:
  • kero1kero1 Posts: 154

    There is a TSB with regards to wind noise at highway speeds on the 4 door civics.

    There is a piece of weatherstripping that goes along the length of the window. It is suppose to go all the way to the end where the mirror is but it does not on some cars. There is a little gap there. This gap along with the design of the mirror causes a pressure to build up and causes a whistle or wind noise.

    Most dealerships are aware of this TSB and you can go check behind your side mirrors, see if the black weather stripping goes to the end behind the mirror and look for a small gap or space. They install a small piece of foam like material with an adhesive back that fills the gap and removes the wind noise.


    With regards to the cup holders being warmed. There is a known issue with some cars. Under the cup holder is an air duct. This duct does not seat correctly on the point it attaches to or it comes loose. I have seen photos of it on other forums ( where people had to make their own fixes to keep the duct on the point it connects to and that solve the problem. It seems like a pain in the butt to fix. There is not TSB I know of yet for this.

    My LX sedan does not have this problem yet but any big bump can cause the duct to come loose from what the photos show.
  • bellagiobellagio Posts: 16
    I took it to the dealer and of course, the car started perfectly every time. The service manager said everything was tested (battery, electrical system, etc.) and there was nothing wrong. He said it's normal for the car to take several seconds to start. NOT!!!!

    My previous car was a Civic and it had no such problems. Why would a brand new car have starting issues? At this point, it's happening to me every few days.

    There's a long thread about this on another civic forum.
    Go to link title then scroll down to "Starting Issue/Ignition Issue."
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    It would be great for our community if you or anyone experiencing this would fill us in on what they are talking about over there.
  • ajbchoajbcho Posts: 44
    Thanks kero1. Exactly what I was looking for.
  • ajbchoajbcho Posts: 44
    Read the tips from the other site and just finished up fixing the duct issue. Mine was completely knocked off from the duct connected to the dash.
    Was a really easy fix. Took me about 10 actual minutes to get the screw in to hold the 2 pieces...but it took about 40 minutes total.
    Some notes for anyone trying to do this.
    -Not much room in there for big hands.
    -Have a small screw driver, did I mention it's really tight in there?
    -If not working outside have a flashlight.
    -Be very careful not to drop anything.
    -I lost my 1st set of washer and screw. I found the screw, washer is rolling around somewhere in the console.
    -I lost my phillips bit. Thought I was in the clear after I got my 2nd set of washer and screw in. As I pull the driver away. There goes my bit. I now have a washer and bit rolling around in my console.
    -I have 3 more nice looking scratches on the plastic. Plastic in car don't seem very durable, I barely touched the pieces.

    kero1, at least for mine. I fitted the pieces together and LIGHTLY tapped the bottom piece, it fell off completely. Tried a few times to force the issue and the 2 pieces just won't stay put. We have alot of potholes where I live. I'm guessing this was what caused mine to pop off. Thanks again for pointing me to fix!
  • kero1kero1 Posts: 154
    I am happy you fixed the problem and no sweat on the help :)

    I might have to do this one day to, how did you get off the cup holder to get underneath.

    I forgot where on the other forum the post was, hehehe.

    If possible, please email the link to the post so I can book mark it for future potholes.
  • ajbchoajbcho Posts: 44
    Tried to send a private msg, but Edmunds is going through some maintenance right now. It's the 4th sticky in the "Mechanical Problems/Vehicle Issues and Fix-it Forum". Let me know if you still need the URL and I'll pass it your way.

    You don't have to get under the cup holders. The duct is right under the little chubby/storage/AUX input. Just pull up the silver plastic cover for the shifter and then remove the bigger black housing under that and it's right there.
  • nealmnealm Posts: 41
    I have driver side rattles that seem to be coming from the inside plastic door panels on my '06 coupe. Rough road and stereo base sound seem to cause the vibration intermittantly. Talk radio voice base sounds cause distortion that is most annoying. Pressing my elbow against the plastic panel deadens the vibe it I find the right spot. Three complaints met by, first, an inability to replicate, followed by, "well I hope this works" annoyance that I am pressing the issue. Any advice?
  • dano100dano100 Posts: 22
    Like many on this forum, I believe Honda quality is slipping compared to what it used to be. I still feel they make the best engines in the world for mass produced cars but many of their other components are failing at an alarming rate. I have owned many Hondas over the years and can attest to this fact. Here's my list of cars and major problems (not incl. wear and tear items):
    1983 Accord (my first Honda)-- zero problems,60K miles
    1990 Civic - new struts @140k miles!!
    1997 CRV - zero problems -- 30K miles
    2001 Acura CL - transmission replaced @ 23K miles
    2003 S2000 - squeaking front strut @ 20K miles
    2004 S2000 - zero problems -- 12K miles
    2005 Acura TL - faded dash, suspension squeaks, numerous rattles, collapsing head liner
    2006 Civic - before 9K miles the drivers side fr. struts replaced TWICE, rear suspension noise, "lug bug" issue, interior that scratches just by looking at it!
    I was so upset with this Civic that I traded it in this weekend for a leftover 2006 Mazda6 s Grand Sport. With over $9,000 in dealer discounts, rebates, Auto Show coupon and Mazda Finance money I paid a little over $20,000 for it. For less $$$ than a Civic SI sedan I got a beautifully assembled car with a V6, 6spd. auto.,leather/heated seats, Bose/Sirius audio, beautiful 18" wheels, a 4yr./50K new car warranty.
    The 2 good things I can say about the Civic is it's trade in value was only $2000 less than I paid for it last year and the mpg was very good. But I will not miss that car. C'mon Honda, get your act together! :mad:
  • dano100dano100 Posts: 22
    I forgot to mention that the MAZDA6 has HID headlights too! This car is a screaming bargain. Although not as fast as the 2005 Acura TL we owned, it handles better, has a higher quality interior and although it doesn't have a memory drivers seat and NAV, I got it for $12,000 less! ;)
  • Have any other Honda owners experienced having a pebble or road debris damaging the AC condenser? I own a 2006 Civic EX coupe and last fall my AC stopped working. I took the car to the dealer from which it was purchased for a diagnosis. I was told road debris had damaged the condenser and that it was not covered under warranty. Cost to repair this is more than $700. I've since taken the vehicle to two independent mechanics who stated that the damage is minimal and should not have resulted in equipment failure.

    I've found cases on other websites where this is happening on several Honda vehicles and in one case it has happened twice to the same vehicle/owner in less than a year.

    Please help. I can't afford to pay this kind of repair bill on something that is apparently a bigger problem with Honda.
  • One other consistent problem I've had is a vibration around the back speakers/window. It occurs while driving with no music on... and sitting still with the music on. I've had the vehicle to Honda numerous times and they keep puting more padding under the plastic trim (so much now the piece doesn't even fit properly) yet the noise continues.

    My research told me Honda was a quality car but I am very much regretting this purchase. Honda customer no service has been as useless as a hot beer on an even hotter day.
  • kero1kero1 Posts: 154
    With regards to the pebble or road debris others have had this problem. Others after much fighting had gotten the repair done by honda at no charge despite it not being covered under warranty.

    Your best bet is to get a regional manager involved and you know they saying, "You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar". Sometimes finding the write service manager can also make a huge difference. Try more than one dealership.

    With regards to the rear rattle, I have heard many different reasons from the rear deck, seat belt mounts, a window that was not seated correctly on the rear of the car, etc etc. I would open a case with Honda Care and request a field manager to get down and look at your car for both issues.
  • jcwiddesjcwiddes Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2007 Honda Civic LX and I am having some major issues with the point that I feel it is unsafe to drive. When driving with 4 people in the car in winter weather, the car is all over the road.....the steering wheel does not move but the tires are everywhere...constantly having to oversteer, just to avoid an accident. My service manager has done a wheel alignment with 300 lbs in the car(max cargo weight is 850 lbs) and noticed a significant change in the alignment. This was all forwarded to Honda and they have stated that they are not doing anything about it because the car is driving how it was built to drive.....just curious if anyone else has noticed this issue. I already know of one other person that is feeling the exact same way.....and he works at the Honda Plant in Allison, ON.
  • kero1kero1 Posts: 154

    Sorry to hear about your problems. Most of us here have had some or many problems with our new civics so you are not alone.

    With regards to your problem, civics are not really the best car to carry 4 people in. The engines get very taxed and I believe the handling would be comprised as the rear weight plus a light front end would yeild in a car that might feel squirrely on the highway or at higher speeds.

    The civic new front end is very light and any major weight in the back would cause the front end to not have as much contact with the road as should be.

    I don't agree with honda as the car is a 4 door sedan and should be stable under most circumstances.

    During the summer when my wife and I go camping with alot of weight in the trunk (such as wood and gear), the car on the highway definately does not feel as stable as my previous 05 subaru impreza.

    I plan on trading this spring/summer my 06 LX civic, maybe for an Element or back to subaru.

    Keep us posted and I hope you can get your issues solved. Call up the Honda Care Corporate line. Report the issues and problems and insist on a field manager to look at your car at a dealership and maybe drive with 4 people in the car and let him drive the car.
  • Thanks, kero1. How do I identify the regional manager? I have been turned down by one dealer (where I bought the car) and a customer service guy in California. I will try to be nicer (I think that's what that old saying is about). Also, is Honda Care the same as customer relations/service in Torrance CA?
  • kero1kero1 Posts: 154

    Your best bet is to contact Honda Corporate Care line, document your case withe the rep. They will open a case. At that time, they normally advise to go to a dealership (in your area most of the time) that they deal with. They normall contact the dealership ahead of time and discuss the problems. Most times the dealership takes this seriously and takes care of the problems if they exist (only stated because they always think people are stupid about cars)

    If at that point you don't get the assistance you need you call back the number and elevate the case to the next step which at that point the regional or field manager is normally called to meet you at the dealership with your car and the service manager to go over the issues/problems. If they don't do this, INSIST ON IT!!!

    Just my advise. Be patient with the process because slow and steady wins the race. With the honda case open, you have more on your side then just going to a dealership that is not helpfull!
  • Kero1,

    I'm grateful to know at least somebody can guide me in the right direction. Much thanks. Have a blessed day. fp
  • blackexv6blackexv6 Posts: 503
    You will probably not get anywhere with Honda Corporate. We have an '06 Odyssey with a droning defect that cannot be fixed (5 repair attempts).

    I think we get upset with problems because we paid extra money to buy a Honda (compared to Dodge, Chevy, Hyundai, etc.) We expected zero defects and superior reliability, after all that's how Honda earned its reputation.

    Your best bet is the dealer where you purchased the car. I was told they have the most leverage with Honda Corporate.

    Unfortunately you will probably have to live with the issue or take a major loss & trade it in. We tried to make a deal with our Odyssey & trade-up one model year and the dealer wouldn't work with us. He gave us the same deal as the average Joe off the street.
  • kero1kero1 Posts: 154

    I guess we all have different experiences.

    Without Honda Corporate Care I would not have been able to get my motor mount and belt fix for my 06 civic.

    This in addition to the original dealership did nothing to help after 4 visits.

    After I called the care line, they sent me to a dealership no more than 5 or so miles away where they did the repairs in a very quick time without much fuss. I did however hand them the TSB's to prove my car fell within vin range.

    It's a start though for the other person and opening a case is important should further action be needed.

    Also with regards to you trying to trade up, the place you went was stupid not to work with you. It would have been a win win for both you and them. I would have tried another dealership after that and told them they can earn you future business if they work with you to get out of a car you are not happy with.

    I soon face this when I try to trade my 06 civic for an 07 element.

    All in all though it still a royal pain in the butt.
  • loachloach Posts: 246
    I just bought a used '06 Civic LX sedan automatic with 6500 miles on it for my daughter. This thread kind of scares the bejeepers out of me because I have no way of knowing whether the previous owner (who traded the car in for pickup truck) had the lug bug and motor mount issues taken care of. The VIN# is in the range affected by the lug bug TSB - don't know about the motor mount. On the way home from the dealership Monday night (about 30 mile drive) I did hear a "glovebox rattle" at highway speeds. Today I'm driving the car and don't hear it, but then I haven't been driving at highway speeds today. I can't say I've experienced the lug bug, but I have noticed an occasional hesitation when accelerating at lower rpms.

    If I take the car into the local Honda dealer, will they be able to tell by the VIN # whether theses issues have been fixed (even if they didn't do the work)? I suppose I could just tell them to check for them, but I'd kind of like to play dumb and test them to see how knowledgable and helpful they are on my first trip ;) .
  • kero1kero1 Posts: 154

    You can bring your car to any dealership and have them run the VIN#. They can they advise what work has been performed on the car by a dealership including TSB work.

    I had to do this with a used 86 accord LXI I purchased many many years ago. Worked like a charm.

    Don't get to scared. Most of the problems are not major, just annoyances really.

    If your car has not had any work done as of yet, get the TSB's for motor mount and belt problem then check to see if your car falls within the vin range. If so, bring those to a dealership of your choice and advise they fix the problems based on the fact you hear the noise(s) and your car falls withing the designated range. If the dealership is half decent they will do the repairs without much fuss.
  • cmunizcmuniz Posts: 604
    We have an 06 Civic LX with auto. Lately (14,000 mi) we have had problems getting the gear shift out of park when we first start the car. This just started happening. The gear shift is stuck and the button on the gear shift won't depress. The solution so far has been to turn off the ignition and then start the car again, step on the brake and try to get it out of park. On the second or third try it works fine, but it is scary as we can get stuck some place without being able to get going again. Anybody else have this problem or have a fix other than taking it to the dealer. Since it is sporatic, I'm afraid that the dealer won't be able to duplicate it when we take it in and won't be willing or able to fix it.
  • kero1kero1 Posts: 154
    My auto LX does not have this problem yet. Regardless of if the dealer can see the problem the day you bring it it, get it to a dealer quickly before the problem becomes permanent.

    Sounds like the mechanism that tells the tranny the brake is depressed is not working correctly so the car does not want to shift out of park.

    It's a safety feature but sounds like something not working right.
  • loachloach Posts: 246
    Thanks for the input. I will bring it in to the local dealer for the first oil change and try to find out what (if anything) needs to be done.
  • kero1kero1 Posts: 154
    I am sure they will be happy to let you know what work or what work has not been done to the car from the dealer. I do believe there computers are all linked to one database.
  • I took advice from members of this forum and called Honda Care to open a case. Because I had already had a case under this "problem," the HC opened a case for another consistent problem (vibration in rear window area), and she advised me to bring up the condenser issue once my case manager contacted me.

    Well, today I spoke to my case manager and got nowhere with the condenser. I was instructed to make an appointment with the dealer regarding the vibration/rattle(I'm waiting for a call back because no one could take my call). The point I made with HC about the consenser is that there is plenty of proof that the problem exists, however, I wanted to know why Honda repairs some but not all who experience the problem. He told me my case didn't qualify because I don't have a history with Honda. Apparently, if I had been a long time Honda customer I would have been treated as such. I guess they don't want to keep new customers.

    I am so frustrated. Dang, I was even nice to the guy and still got screwed (again).

  • kero1kero1 Posts: 154
    I am sorry to hear that you got the SHAFT yet again.

    Like I said much earlier somewhere either in this thread or another, it took me 5 times to get my belt replaced and the motor mount replaced.

    It's is completely bogus that being a long time customer should get you more assistance. That is a great way to loose a customer for good.

    At this point, if you are not getting anywhere, I would go for broke and get nasty.

    Eventhough my car is better, all problems are still not fixed (glass scratching issue, front steering/suspension clunking since the day I got the car). I plan on trading this spring/summer back to the car I had before this (got into an accident) which was a subaru impreza. The build quality was awesome and the car was so quiet, you would be shocked.

    Eventhough it's a little smaller and more expensive, driving everyday to me has gotten annoying due to the other noises that Honda won't resolve.

    Like I posted a few posts earlier. Honda is suffering from quantity over quality (like toyota) and they are loosing customers by leaps and bounds. If you belong to you would be shocked as to how many problems people are having and just how many traded already.

    At some point, it's worth biting the bullete to trade even if you loose a little on the trade.

    Just my views (I have had a 86 CIVIC SI, 86 accord LX-i). Both of these cars got more than 200,000 miles on them and not many problems other than routine work over time.

    It's a shame but the new civics should never have been car of the year!
  • cmunizcmuniz Posts: 604
    I turns out that the reason that the gear shift would not come out of park was that the brake light sensor was defective. This also prevented the brake lights from coming on, which I didn't know until my wife followed me to the dealer and told me I had no brake lights. The dealer fixed it quickly, but it's the second time I've taken the Civic in for warranty work in 14,000 miles. Doesn't sound like Honda quality to me. For the rest of you - if you have trouble getting the auto transmission out of park, check your brake lights - it might be the brake light sensor is defective like mine.
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