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Lexus LX 470



  • All of the info I have heard says that the Body won't change until 2005. I do feel that they need to change the styling sooner however because that is the ML's only weak point.
  • I am in the market for a lx 470 but can't help but notice how the other new luxury SUVs are coming up with more horsepower, 0 to 60 times, towing ability, etc...

    Does anyone know if Lexus is going to upgrade the engine (don't get me wrong, it is already a very impressive engine) for more horsepower in the coming years?
  • As far as FLorida goes, whenever a Vehicle has over "0" Miles on it, it is considered used. Some insane law.. but it's true. Whenever we write up an order, I select "Titled Used" or "Titled New (but defined as used by FL CFR...etc..)"

    As far as bodystle changes and resale.. I don't think that it will hurt the Current LX unless there is a drastic upgrade. If the next LX is an LX600 with a 400hp 6.0L V12, Gets 35MPG, Costs $39,995 etc.. then of course the LX470s will suffer as the LX450s did. The 450s suffered because the 470 is such a vastly superior automobile. That's why Wholesale on a 1997 LX450 is over $10,000 below that of a 1998 LX470.

    It's also why Certified LX470s fly off of our lot, and the LX450s can sit.

    Bill in Orlando
  • swiftmswiftm Posts: 68
    Everybody: Anybody knows about the Lexus loyalty rebate? Where can I find the information? thanks in advance. Swift
  • Looking for repair manuals for lx470. I know I can order them at the dealer for $200 but am looking for another source.
  • I purchased a 2000 LX470 which does not have a trailer hitch. Is it possible to install one after manufacture? Does it have to come from the factory with the towing package? Thanks for your input.
  • I want to have my snow tires on separate rims for my new '01 Lexus LX-470. I can get aftermarket wheels for the 97-98 LX-450 but am unsure if they would fit. Does anyone know if wheels from a 97-98 LX-450 will fit? Or how about Land Cruiser wheels from 2000 or 2001? The Lexus dealer has no clue (or just wants to sell me Lexus replacements which are very expensive).
  • I have a set of four OEM rims & tires off of my '98 LC in perfect condition and I might be interested in parting with them.

    San Diego
  • swiftmswiftm Posts: 68
    Everybody: $500 loyalty rebate apply to current or previous(6mons)Lexus/Toyota owner, as I am told by Lexus customer service center. Swiftm
  • Scott,
    I am not sure when I add in the shipping to Texas that it would be cost effective, or if they will even fit. I have found out that the LX-450 wheels have a different offset so they are out. By the way, what did you put on you LC in place of the OEM rims?
    Austin, TX
  • You're right, LC-80/LX-450 have a different lug pattern that the LC-100/LX-470.

    I Bought some wheels made by a company called Prime. They were good quality and really reasonable because they were a close-out. My '91 LC was one of the first units in the country and it came stripped with tiny wheels that made it look ridiculous. I did manage 180,000 miles before I sold it and got a '98 LC. I prefer a taller beefier wheel/tire and removed the stock wheels and replaced them with the big Jaos wheels I got used off the demo Lexus the marketer in LA utilized. Thus is the reason why I have a spare set of OEM '98 LC wheels & tires.
  • rlprlp Posts: 2
    I would appreciate feedback on how much of a discount I should expect on a new 2000 LX470.
    Invoice $54,975, Retail $63,332.
  • swiftmswiftm Posts: 68
    Rlp: I sugg. $54975, not a penny more. I paid $36 over invoice three months ago. Want mine? Swiftm
  • cosbycosby Posts: 2
    The Lexus slogan has been updated:

    It is now "The Passionate pursuit of perfection."

    No, really.

    /:} = The people's eyebrow
  • Hello, I currently own three BMW'S a 740i, x5 4.4, and a 330ci convertiable. I rarely drive the 3 series because I love the x5 so very much. I am looking to replace the 3 series with a lx470, since that was my second choice ( actually I almost bought one, but my dealer had gotten a 4.4 in that very day, so I took it, great deal.). Well anyway my wife really enjoyed the third row of the lexus, so much rommier than the Mercedes one. You see we only have two children, but she is constantly driveing both of them places with their friends. I know it seems wierd replaceing a sports car wiht a big SUV but the 3 sereies wasnt all that practical anyway.
  • Hello, I currently own three BMW'S a 740i, x5 4.4, and a 330ci convertiable. I rarely drive the 3 series because I love the x5 so very much. I am looking to replace the 3 series with a lx470, since that was my second choice ( actually I almost bought one, but my dealer had gotten a 4.4 in that very day, so I took it, great deal.). Well anyway my wife really enjoyed the third row of the lexus, so much rommier than the Mercedes one. You see we only have two children, but she is constantly driveing both of them places with their friends. I know it seems wierd replaceing a sports car with a big SUV but the 3 sereies wasnt all that practical anyway.
  • The passionate pursuit of perfection. Oh,intersting. May be the new slogan shall be " the passionate pursuit of purrfection". Well, I have nothing against purrfection. My cats do that all the time.

    Talking of purrfection, lexus still fail to state that the HNL vibration is normal.( it's been 6 or 8 weeks waiting for written confirmation) Since the new slogan is introduced, may be Lexus will not concede that the HNL vibration is normal.

    For the past 4 weeks, most of the time, the lx470 I have was not performed purfectly (sitting on the garage). Otherwise, it performed purr-fectly, including the beeping sound when it dealt with slipping wheels.

    For would-be new lx 470 buyers, it seems the pricing power of lexus is reduced somewhat (local one price dealer is now eagerly to deal). Wait until next February, and you might even get under invoice.
  • Everyone,

    I have contacted Lexus customer satisfaction regarding this problem as a result of some of the post. I have spoken with two people and both have said they are not aware of the problem and advised me to talk to someone in the service department at my local dealership. Maybe that's is why Lexus is not responding. Also, I'm curious about the gas mileage (city). Appreciate any feedback.
  • <<By the way, have you, or has anyone, noticed the
    recent absence in this topic of messages from
    salespeople like Connie Johnson, Bill Mullen, Shane
    Palmer, and Theresa Reefer, who used to show up
    here fairly frequently as representatives of Lexus
    dealers who were willing to "deal aggressively"?

    Interesting observation. Now that you mention it.....

    On a different tack, I talked to the [only] Lexus dealer in Portland, OR and they say biz is great. A bunch of arrogant folks and that has not changed. Meanwhile, my buddies here are all buying from out of state! I will buy my [nav ML] LX from WA or CA in the next week. It will be WA if the first choice color (black) comes in as projected. I hear if you search diligently, you should pay right around $60K FULLY LOADED.....
  • Dear Sweetv12,

    Thanks for your comment on the expected price of an LX470 "FULLY LOADED". Would you be willing to share (either here in this topic or via private email; just click on rewyllys in the title line to get my email address) the name of the dealer in WA that is willing to deal reasonably?

    Frankly, as one who would much prefer living in the Pacific Northwest to the hotbox of Austin, TX, I'd love an excuse to go to your area to pick up my LX470 in January or February. Hence, I'd like to include the WA dealer when I start making serious inquiries in a little over a month.


    Ron Wyllys
  • I have a 2000 LX470 pearl white with roof rack
    and wood wheel package. The only problem I ever found, in 10,500 miles, with the vehicle is a flutter noise when you open only one back window. I believe it to be an air pressure thing as it disappears when a second window is opened.
    I am considering a new one, and would sell this one for $52,300. email
  • ixixviixixvi Posts: 24
    Consider these three options:

    Option 1. I have heard from a salesperson that the sales manager at their dealership told this salesperson to stop participating on this board. It seems that the sales manager may have gotten pressure from above [maybe other dealers complaining to Lexus] about cars being sold out of area etc.

    Option 2. I think that as the economy slows nationwide more dealers are now willing to make deals on 01 LX 470. Hence, the advantage the dealers who appeared on this board had over local dealers not willing to negotiate has vanished.

    When a local dealer is willing to make a competitive deal thus no shipping costs, it is very difficult for the out of area dealer to compete.

    Option 3. I am also told that most dealers have now awakened to the reality of the internet and how this affects business. Internet savvy customers now make the deal before they walk into the dealership. So to adjust to this dealers now have a two tier sales strategy. Internet customers get one price to secure that sale prior to walk in, and walk in off the street customers another price.

    I am now in possession of my 01 LX 470. I have put just over 600 miles so far. I am very happy with it. No complaints. Everything works. The Navigation system is great.

  • Yes - I can see these options happening. As to option 3, this is exactly what happened in my case. This past July I got one walk-in price (I walked out because of it) and then another much lower one when I asked for my dealers lowest email quote. Then option 2 happened - with the lowest over all email quote in hand, I asked my local dealer for an even lower quote. Got one that was even lower and which beat my lowest out-of-state + shipping quote. Perhaps lexus dealers are catching on to this internet "revolution"...

    4K and no problems with my 2000 LX470 (except getting it away from my wife long enough to actually get to drive it. :)
  • After my last post, I sent Theresa Reefer at Riverside Lexus a short note. Here is part of her response:

    "No I have gotten no pressure from above, but unfortunately, pricing on the LX470's is not as aggressive as it used to be and trying to find a 2001 LX470 with navigation (which everyone seems to want right now) is like pulling teeth. They are coming to the dealership very few and far between, my last allocation of cars only had two. I hate to promise cars to customers that are impossible to get (I had one customer wait 3 months for his), so I've quietly backed away from the LX470 race. I do however, have a hundred RX300's inbound, so if you know anyone that is interested, please send them my way."

    Rather than something sinister, it sounds like we have simple supply and demand in action...
  • ixixviixixvi Posts: 24

    I think what you have reported from Theresa applies to Option 3. Post # 271

    Dealers make more profit from walk in customers than from internet savvy customers. Hence, if there is high demand for a particular model with certain features you sell your entire allocation to walk in customers to maximize profit.

    The information I was given may just apply to that salesperson and how they presented themselves on the board. However, I have not been in touch for months now and so I really have no idea what has transpired since then.

    Am I glad I made my deal for a Nav,Mark Lev. before this short supply situation. I sensed this might happen as I had been sitting on the sidelines for some years waiting to buy a LX 470 when it had a Nav option. I guess so were a lot of other people.

    Take care.
  • topgntopgn Posts: 132
    In today's market when most of us are losing money in stocks( ok it's only a loss on paper unless you sell) So, what about selling the LX470 and buying the Sequoia at about $36,000. for a SR-5 two wheel drive ( most off road done is a dirt road) this is a 2000 LX470

    Any opinions here ????
  • md2002md2002 Posts: 142
    That could be interesting, but even though most of the LX buyers would, won't and will not TRUELY go off road (wine country doesn't count) 4x4 or 2x4 Seq. will not do for many reasons.

    Luxury, appeal, build quality and the overall kick butt sound system that comes with it. Most buyers are either empty nesters or those who have the money for the extra cushion it offers over the TLC. But if you can drop the change for the LX you are not looking to regain any money by going down to a Seq.
  • Going off topic from pricing, the manual says to use 91 octane or higher (87 = regualar, 89 = midgrade, and 93 = super (some places have 94 as well), but I have not seen 91. The manual also essentially states that improper gas can cause damage to the engine caused by heavy knowcking and to only use regular unleaded temporarily if that is the only fuel available. I undrstand the knocking issue, and the loss of power under heavy tow, uphill, or acceleartion, etc, but does this really happen? After spending megabugs on a SUV, a few extra dollars a week on gas is not a big deal, but does lower octaine in multi-valve engines cause problems?
  • Hello...Have you had any luck? I would like to do the same.
  • Finally got a written confirmation from Lexus regarding the HNL vibration. Unfortunately, the letter is not written in plain English. Kind of like Microsoft claiming a bug is really not a bug, but a feature. Or like Gore claimed that count and recount is really paramount concern for democracy. Whether he wins the presidency is not that vital. Ok, the letter acknowledged that the HNL vibration is " operating as designed". Well, may it please the board, I shall construe that arcane phrase " operating as designed" as "Normal" in plain English.

    Well, if Al continues his fight and count, recount, chads, trials, lawyers, Supreme courts of all kinds, etc., buyers of Lx 470 will surely get a price break as Al Gore works his magic by reducing wealth and demand. Hey, Al Gore, keep fighting, all you have to do is finding another 538 votes. Or, else, you can buy a new 01 lx470 and move back to Ten of C. A win win strategy for Al.
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