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Lexus LX 470



  • britton2britton2 Posts: 305
    the golden pearl - we really like it -
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    Good point!

    When I first moved to Orlando, before I opened my own store, I woked at the local Lexus sore to get an idea of the local market...

    Sometimes people would come in and be indecisive on color "Well, we like the Pear White, but we also Like that Burgandy.. whatcha think Bill?"

    My answer would be that it was, of course, their decision, but that if they liked both that the Burgandy ones (Say, LS400s) were selling for $3K less at auction, everything else being equal, than Pearl White ones.

    Of course, Buy and Drive what you like! But.. if you are indecisive...or "on" a few different colors.... consider the external factors too!

  • kjack100kjack100 Posts: 133
    Thanks for the tips on the color. Finally saw one in the mystic sea, while nice, might be hard to live with for three years. Ended up going with the Land Cruiser in the thunder cloud because the ball and chain (just kidding honey) wanted gray interior.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    According to Inside the LX470 will get a newly styled grille and front bumper, green tinted headlights and restyled rear tail lights. The wheels will jump from 16" to 18" and the instrument cluster, center console and upper dashboard will also be restyled. I assume it will be similar to the GX470 which has a great looking interior. Slight jum in HP to 235 and finally steering wheel audio controls. They are also adding the rain-sensing wipers, side impact curtain airbags and they are making an infrared night vision available as an option. I would also hope they add Lexus link and a dvd entertainment system, at least as options,but there is no mention of either.
  • When is the 2003 Lexus LX 470 coming out? And is there any links to where I learn more about the 2003 Lexus LX.

    What would you recommend out of a 2003 Lincoln Navigator, 2002 Lexus LX 470, or 2002 Toyota Land Cruiser??
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    I would imagine the 2003 will come to market in October or November. You may also want to look into the GX470.

    If money is no object I'd go LX470, TLC and Navigator in that order but I'd also wait for the 2003 LX470. If money is an issue I'd go Navigator but its a bigger more lumbersome truck then the LX or TLC and nowhere near the quality, reliability or body build of either one. I'd again consider the GX which will be in the $45-50k range if money matters.
  • Is there any sites that tell you info on the new 2003 LX 470?

    Thanks for the Information lijflx !!

    Do you think the 2003 Navigator is better than the LX 470! The new 2003 Model has got a couple of improvments , I like the versatily of the 2 and 3rd rows, where they can fold down to the floor. Do you think its still worth it though??
  • md2002md2002 Posts: 142
    It really comes down to how often and how much a paticular gadget (or option) will better your life. For me power third row seats so they can fold flat, could be a benefit but I don't need the 3rd row so I would keep them down.

    Again just depend on how it will improve your life. After all if you need three rows you have helpers to lower the seats for your (someday).
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    Maybe INSIDELEXUS.COM. I got this data from the printed version which they mail me each quarter.
    What you buy is really your preference. I test drove the Navigator and it's just not in this league but that doesn't mean it's not a good SUV. The LX470 rides like a luxury car and it's very quiet. But after reading the little I did I'd definitely wait to the 2003 if you go that route.
  • kappiahkappiah Posts: 3
    I have a 2001 LX470 with 19,000 miles. Just changed the rotors. The truck was vibrating vigorously at high speed when I step on the brakes. I thought that was a bit surprising to change rotors at 19,000 miles. Service Manager says that's because of the weight of the truck and it is not unsual. Shouldn't this early replacement be covered by the warranty?
  • automan227automan227 Posts: 118
    I do not own an LX470 so I don't if that change is normal however it's not covered because its a wear and tear item.

  • kappiahkappiah Posts: 3
    Automan227, Thanks for the input. I still feel Lexus should pay for this. They should design/install rotors that are reasonably adequate for the size of the truck.
  • gbhopper2gbhopper2 Posts: 25
    I had a 2000 LX with 16000 miles and a worped rotor. It was caused by improper torqing the lug nuts when the dealer did the 15000 check up. I now have a 2001 with 34000 and have had no brake problems.
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    First off, thanks ljflx for the new info on the lx. From what I read there this truck will finally become the perfect package. I was hoping they'd make some modifications to the truck. I drove a 2000 model and thought the truck was smooth as silk inside and out -- this sucker drives like a car! BUT it just lacked a few of the toys available on less $$ lux suv's (I'm a HUGE fan of steering wheel radio controls and trip computers). I ended up getting a 2000 Navigator instead and while I'm happy with the truck it just seems like the quality and overall feel of this truck doesn't come close to the Lexus. Like I read in a review, it looks like a big ole' truck and it DRIVES like a big ole' truck. I've also had to go back to the dealer more times than I would prefer to fix various minor but annoying defects. I know the Navigator is "all-new" for '03 but I get the feeling it is still nowhere close to the LX. Sooo, I'm saving up my pennies to fork over the 60 grand next summer for the new LX (the gx looks good but it's too small for me.) I can't wait to see what the new lx looks like... please post as soon as you folks hear anything! Thanks!
  • mdcyumdcyu Posts: 6
    i paid 594,000$ for a 2002 LX 470? with Mark Laverson system installed. Do you guys think it is a good deal?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059

    Did you drop a decimal point somewhere along the way?

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  • mdcyumdcyu Posts: 6
    sorry. it was 59,400.00$
  • tinlittletinlittle Posts: 21
    Mike, if there is no other options on the car except ML then the price you paid is about $5000 over invoice. In my opinion, it is not a good deal.

    Keep in mind at the end of last year, lx470 won't sell at all. I saw local news paper advertising cut throat price. And there was even manufacturer to dealer incentive of around $3000.

    Also if you search the lx470 archives, you would see lots of people bought their lx470 for $1500 to $2000 over invoice two years ago. And over the past few years, this car is virtually not changed, except lexus made some options standard.

    But if you really like the car and can't wait to get it, I would say you did a very good job in negotiating $4000 off msrp. There is not much demand for this car anymore due to the ages of the design and competitions. Thus Lexus is producing less and thus the higher average selling price than before. That is partially the reason I am holding off the purchase.

    If indeed a new lx is coming out for 2003, I would expect customer cash or dealer incentive from lexus and much lower dealer markup in the fall.

    But thanks for sharing the price for us. Most people don't do that.
  • pathdocpathdoc Posts: 126
    I think the prices may be firmer because of less supply. I was trying to look at one a few months ago and the local dealer didn't have any. The next closest dealer (60 miles) had one. I just called the local dealer and he has one in stock.
    I think they must have cut production in anticipation of the GX 470 introduction which I thought originally was going to be sooner than next year. Does anyone think that the changes in the 2003 model ( 18 " wheels, changes to the dash& grill etc.) are worth the wait (November)?

  • mdcyumdcyu Posts: 6
    Thanks for your reply.
    what i paid was 5,420.00 $ less than the MSRP, which was 2,614.00$ over the invoice price.
  • mdcyumdcyu Posts: 6
    I was thinking about the same thing before I purchased this 2002 model. I was told the 2003 model will be out around Oct. However I will expect that the price will be much firmer than 2002 model. By the way, are you a pathologist?
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    $2,600 over (Probably about $2K over when ya figure they get spanked with LDA on these in all probability) is a strong deal.

    Like Pathdoc said, supply has been cut below demand on them right now... (CAFE concerns)

  • pathdocpathdoc Posts: 126
    Yes I'm a pathologist practicing in a hospital in southern Calif. I've been interested in cars for many years and try to attend as many events as possible. My favorite is the week of the Monterey Historic races, Pebble Beach Concours, etc.
  • tinlittletinlittle Posts: 21
    Mike, you must have other options on that car besides ML. It is indeed a good deal if you got that from a local dealer. The guys on this board have to get $2000 over deals from FL and add $500 shipping charges.

    I would ignore the LDA since there is also a $1900 dealer holdback on this. Are you in CA? I would very much like to know which dealer you get this, if you are.
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    Some folks on another website are saying that a new sequoia-based lexus suv is scheduled to come out in 2004 as a 2005 model. They say it'll be called the VX540 and will replace the LX 470. Does anybody here know if this true or if this is just speculation? Does the upcoming styling change on the 470 signal the end of that truck in two years? Can any knowledgeable lexus folks enlighten me? Thanks!
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    Yes - that is the strong rumor - that they are going to make an ultralux larger truck in the $70k+ range in 2005 as their top of the line. They will wait to see if the GX470 is a hit next year before making that committment. They also intend to lengthen the RX300 and give it an optional 3rd row. Thus they would end up with 3 classes of trucks in the $35-$42k, $48-$55k and $70k+ brackets. Naturally the GX becomes a slightly smaller but significant replacement for the current LX and Lexus ends up covering the entire spectrum. This comes from a Lexus salemen I am dealing with on a totally different issue.

    This guy says Lexus is intending to go more and more upscale in the coming years but wants to maintain cars and trucks in their current price range at the same time. So you'll likely see v-12 engines and other expensive goodies in certain models and model extensions or new replacements in others. But they have no intention of outpricing current customers so hence an intro like the GX470 flows in.
  • mdcyumdcyu Posts: 6
    yes, it was more than just ML system, i also got cargo mat, rear wind deflector, roof rack, spare tire lock and wheel locks.
    all those were manutacturer intsalled, I had no choice but take them which i would like to have them anyway.
    i am not at CA, i am at WA, i can give you the dealer's name if you want.

    are you going to wait for the 2003 model?
  • 9411794117 Posts: 39
    The GX will.

    For those looking to buy, will give a good idea of what LXs are going for in your area. I got my 2001 lasdt year for $10,000 off of MSRP ($65K) so this was about $2000 below invoice. The broker prices are about $7500 higher now but the $3000 navigation system is standard for 2002 so, effectively, Lexus lowered the MSRP by $3000 for 2002.

    Does anybody know how a negative comment about a dealer in a survey from Lexus affects the dealer?
  • 9411794117 Posts: 39
    Let's say I had a buddy with a Land Cruiser who wanted to switch the badging with my LX. Would it be easy to switch the grill and chrome emblems in the rear? Does the dealer remove the emblems when they Gold Pack a car. Are there holes in the body holding the emblems on or is glue used?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    If they are glued on, the Badge/emblem removal techniques board may help.

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