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Lexus LX 470



  • Hi all...anybody have a source for a hood bug deflector that can fit on a 2003 LX 470? Nothing by Lexus seems to be available. Prefer not to drill into the hood. Thanks!
    P.S. Does anyone know if deflectors availble for the 2003 Land Cruiser will fit the Lexus?
  • Anyone installed a remote starter for this vehicle? What Brand and how much did you pay for it? What are the pros and cons of installing a remote starter? I am thinking about getting it installed and want to get some opinion first. Thanks
  • I put a remote starter on my 2002 Landcruiser right before winter 2002 -- and I was very glad I did. We park out on the street here and it was nice to jump into a warm vehicle on cold days. The system has a great signal distance --for example, while riding in a Dulles Airport shuttle bus (to a remote parking lot) I was able to turn on the TLC as we approached (had enough distance/time so that the vehicle was already warm inside when I jumped in). This past summer, I haven't used the remote starter as much but every so often will turn it on to cool down the TLC on a hot day. I went to Circuit City and had them put in the top of the line Viper system (integrated security system and remote starter).

    Would do it again in a heartbeat!
  • Well, I was taught by a very respectable teacher in the past how to buy car and so far it worked very well for my 2 cars. Go to the dealer test drive the car you want, check it out completely, ignore the saleman, go home. Then look up in the phone book and call several dealers around your area and make sure you tell them you want to talk to the fleet manager. To each of them you will ask how much over the invoice would they willing to sell. After talking to several of them you will know the true invoice. Another tactic is to tell one guy the other guy go for a lower deal and if this guy can beat that you will come over today and pick up the car. Save you a lot of time and headache from the saleman.

    I bought my SC430, 2003 1 month a go at South CA, Longo Lexus from a nice lady (nona)for 1,500 over the invoice. You could do better. Their services is the best. These people go to the extreme to make sure you are happy. And of course who is not happy driving a lexus. I will never drive any other car if they dont match Lexus comfy. I plan to upgrade my wife sequoia to LX470 at the end of this year. Any wisdom out there?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Some dealers don't have a fleet person and will just put a salesperson on the phone, so don't necessarily believe a fleet pitch either. I guess that another reason you call several.

    And please, no names of individuals.

    Steve, Host
  • That's how I buy all my cars. I did get suckered by a Mercedes dealer who claimed to have a fleet department. Once I got there I got turned over to a regular retail person. The car stinks, the dealer stinks. No more Mercedes for me.

    Just bought a Tahoe on a Sunday. The fleet mgr. was out so I spoke with the Sales manager by phone. I confirmed that they had the car I wanted, told him the price I wanted to pay. He agreed and my only warning was that I would turn around and walk out if he tried to re-trade me when I got there. It was a great experience. Now I have a 2nd option to going through fleet.
  • sta2sta2 Posts: 19
    Hello all,

    No towing package on my 00 LX470, and I'm not ready to spend $1,400 for a lexus part.

    I've looked into briefly:
    Hidden Hitch (best so far)
    Draw Tite
    Sure Pull

    I know many of the above are made by the same company, but need a recommendation. Anyone? No HD towing at this point.

  • Are you guys serious? You are talking Lexus and not Ford. But, I'll learn from it. Next time I am shopping at Sak's I'll remember to ask for the Fleet manager. There is no such thing as a fleet manager in Lexus. They are probably laughing all the way to the bank.
  • kjack100kjack100 Posts: 133
    Check out a Reese hitch. This is what the southeast U.S. Toyota distributor puts on all their Land Cruisers. Very high quality.
  • bluestar1bluestar1 Posts: 112
    Of course Lexus dealerships have people amnning their internet sales division. Certainly in both new and used car sales. Otherwise, how is it that Lexus dealers will take e-mail and phone requests, provide quotes, and generally work with you to get a deal done WITHOUT you having to step into the dealership. In fact, they'll even deliver the car to your door. All of these transactions can be conducted all from the friendly coziness of your house. If that ain't fleet sales, then what is it ? There are internet (fleet) managers for used car sales as well.
  • Is not a fleet manager. It is just an extra duty for one of their salespeople at the dealership. You would get the same deal, if not better, if you went in and talked to a salesperson. An internet salesperson is the same as if you were to call in or go in the dealership. I am in sales for Lexus (I will not disclose who I am or where I work in fairness), and everyone believes we are the antichrist which causes people to use the internet. But in actuality, we are not working for Ford. At least in our dealership there is no push to get a commitment. We do not try to sell you paint sealant, warranties, financing, dish soap, etc. Just as the Lexus consumer is more prestigious, the easiness and persona are raised here. I cannot speak for all dealers, but there is a reason why customers enjoy purchasing Lexus and come back over and over again.
  • rugetirugeti Posts: 54
    I live in So. Cal. where there are about a dozen dealers for every make within a reasonable driving distance. When I call a Lexus dealer and ask for Fleet, they connect me. I don't care who they are connecting me to, but it is definitely to a dedicated salesperson who handles phone and internet inquiries.

    In my experience, you do not get the same price walking into a dealer. How much money does a salesperson make at $500 over invoice? Based on what I understand, not much. That's how much I paid for my last Lexus. I've even been quoted higher by Ford!
  • Congratulations for getting it $500 over invoice. Although I am sure you could have gotten it for the same price if you went in. That was a salesperson on the other end of the line. Either way, the deal went to him. I don't have any interest in what you paid for the car. The point is is that the person you talked to on the phone is the same person you could walk in the door and meet.
  • rugetirugeti Posts: 54
    but are you claiming that the person I spoke with on the phone is the same person that will greet me in the parking lot? I was just looking at the GX and that couldn't be further from the truth. The people I spoke with were in a dedicated department and did not have offices "on the floor". I walked into the showroom to look at them and got "tangled" up with a salesperson. As a matter of fact, they didn't even work on the weekend, so how do you explain that?

    I realize you are in sales, so I can only argue this so far. Are you therefore saying that the Internet/Fleet people are compensated the same way, or do you know? In my experience this has been the biggest distinction between the two. Fleet/Internet are more interested in moving volume, whereas sales people are more dependent on the profit of each individual sale.
  • You know I may be wrong. If you went to Longo Lexus or someone as big as that they may have fleet sales. I just noticed you said Cali. Around here we don't have any fleet managers. (East Coast) As far as it goes on the east coast, the fleet/internet managers are salespeople. I should have thought about the difference in location.
  • bluestar1bluestar1 Posts: 112
    It's all about location. Rugeti and I live in So Cal, so of course, everything on the left coast is different, eh ? :) We do indeed have fleet or internet managers. I have bought a couple of cars that way. Best way to buy a car if you are not the argumentative type, and who values his/her time, IMO.
  • njpaguynjpaguy Posts: 55
    Of course Lehigh(Valley)Lexus will say you'll get the same price if you call, e-mail, or stop in. I e-mailed them to find out how much over invoice they would want for a factory order on an 04 LX470. They got back to me with this figure: $6000 over invoice. Yup, you can get THAT price walking into any Lexus store!
  • I don't take the email ups. My feelings (whether they are right or wrong) is that most dealers will be willing to deal more if you come into the dealership b/c it shows you are really interested in the vehicle. I know alot of true buyers do shop on the internet, but then again there are a ton more dream shoppers doing the same thing. I know from personal example I have gone online and have gotten a quote on something I wasn't really going to buy. It just shows an added commitment when you take the time to go to the dealership. Not bashing internet shopping, just trying to give some reasoning. Also, it's alot easier to beat us up in person than on the phone or via email. :)
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    That's one reason why some people like the Blast Fax method.

    You may find this quote from a JD Power study interesting too <g>:

    "Dealers who approach online leads with a strategy of withholding information in an effort to lure shoppers into the showroom may prompt shoppers to simply find another dealership willing to provide online price quotes or inventory information"

    steve_ "Honda CR-V: Prices Paid & Buying Experience" Oct 1, 2003 4:17pm

    Steve, Host
  • Your rationale is way off base. First off, your new car inventory is so limited anyone who wants to see all the different models with different trim levels and colors needs to visit another Lexus dealer. Secondly, since Toyota dealers are moving 04 TLC at prices down to $950 over invoice (and many Lexus dealers moving LXs around $1200-$1500 over for in-stock units) how can you justify $6000 over invoice on a factory order with no floor plan or other overheads associated with an in-stock unit? You think if I make an appointment to stop in and haggle for 5-6 hours you'll close a deal with me justifying the $6000 over invoice price? I could order an LX on the West Coast, have it trucked East on a closed private carrier, and still save $3500. Gimme a break.
  • I apologize you are so upset about it. If I were you, I'd buy it on the west coast. Like I stated, I was not the one who gave you the number. When we emailed you back, you probably did not know which Lexus dealer we were you sent out so many emails. We are not going to auction off our cars. And with that attitude, I can see why you are buying a car on the west coast. (What happened to the other 65 dealers or so on the east coast.) Your email was probably given 3 minutes worth of time, and that price was thrown back. Have I seen deals better than that here? Definitely. Is it worth our time to sell ours for invoice to a guy that is going to search all 211 dealers. No. I was trying to be helpful, but obviously you are stuck in that "salesmen are scum" ideaology of the 70's. To everyone else, my advice could be helpful. If you have a deal, and want it a little more attractive, go to the dealer and see what they can do.
  • Just had twins. Have a 2.5 year old. Need to get rid of the family sedan and buy/lease an SUV or minvan that will take 3 car seats, 3 adults (me, wife, nanny) and has storage behind the third seat sufficient for suitcases, toys strollers. Your basic travelling circus.

    Want to be safe, comfortable, have the vehicle handle well, a DVD to keep Junior settled - I'm hearing I've got to go large. Is the LX 470 too small for my needs? What would you suggest I look at and why?
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    the LX 470 and I'm in a similar situation as you.. my wife's RX is getting cramped fast.. I am seriously considering an LX 470 purchase later in the year BUT... I just stumbled upon the 2004 Toyota Sienna.. yes it's a minivan but the interior of this beast is 100% Lexus! Plus the Sienna XLE Limited (with Navigation option) comes with MOST of the goodies that the LX 470 and the LS430 have -- and it tops out at $40K with all those goodies!

    With the 40K Limited Sienna you get power rear liftgate, fold flat third row, power side doors (both sides) rearview camera, parking assist, HID lights, rear entertainment system.. the list for the Sienna goes on and on.. even the '03 LX 470 falls short when it comes to many of these options.. and off-roading is not in my future so the Sienna option makes most sense for me, but that LX 470 LOOKS so classy inside and out... arrrh!

    SO what the heck should I do? Spend 60K on the smaller, less-optioned LX (but absolutely gorgeous inside and out) or Spend 40K for the Sienna with more features, more room, and but a less desirable mini-van look??

    I'm going to looking VERY closely at these two vehicles and suggest you do the same... either way, these Toyota folks sure seem to make a fine product!!
  • Thanks for the response. Are you looking at any of the larger SUVs instead of the LX (or Sienna minvan). If its a space concern, I would think we should be looking at Sienna, Yukon Denali, Suburban, extended Escalade, etc. Have you looked at any of these or are you simply sold on Toyota/Lexus? Why? Why not? Thx.
  • rugetirugeti Posts: 54
    I own a Lexus GS and am a huge fan of the LX and Landcruiser. We have two small kids and while we will eventually buy one of the two, we decided on a loaded Tahoe. The choice was obvious for many reasons. First, the car stickered for $45k and we were able to get it for $35k. It is truly loaded and has many features that you cannot get on the Landcruiser, like memory seats, XM radio, built in phone, 2nd row bucket seats, and more. It also has an upgraded suspension package (Autoride). The car is surprisingly quiet and the ride is hard to believe for a car that we only paid $35k for. With all the money we saved, we put in a great DVD system which is a thousand times better than anything you can find from the factory.

    Don't get me wrong, we will own a Lexus suv in the future, but with two small kids, spilled drinks, strollers, french fries, etc. I couldn't see spending so much for a relatively small suv when we could get a bigger more feature rich Tahoe that I don't have to worry about thrashing. Trust me, I did a ton of thinking and research and was literally hours from special ordering a 2004 Landcruiser.

    Just my opinion, take it for what it's worth.
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    I currently drive an '03 Lincoln Navigator Ultimate and am very happy with it and can recommend it to you.

    The third row seat fits any size person comfortably and it folds flat when not in use. It also has HID lights, a power liftgate, power running boards, and a VERY classy interior. You can also get it with a voice-activated Navigation System and rear entertainment system -- all for the low 50K range. I have the second row bench seat and the middle portion slides up so that my little angel can be up close to us.. also, my second car seat (it is on the way and due next summer!!) will fit just fine in that second row.

    With the ease of that fold-flat third row, carrying lots of stuff in the back is not an issue. With the third row in use you have limited space but enough to fit a stroller, and a few bags.

    If mileage matters to you (it stinks on this puppy) I'm only getting around 11-12mpg. If you want to talk more about my Navigator experiences let me know over in the Navigator board and we'll chat some more.

    Overall though, I still like the overall Lexus package better (in the LX 470) but the 470 is smaller, with less features (no fold flat third row, no HID's, less Room) but it counters with a supposedly a rock solid, trouble free reputation whereas my Lincolns (I've had two Navigators) have had a few glitches here and there.

    However, rumors around here are that Lexus is coming out with a larger, more feature-packed LX soon.. if they do it right that truck will blow everyone away.. including me!!
  • Hello,

    I just bought a 2004 LX 470 and I'm having trouble with the interior lighting. There are 3 sets of overhead lights: one over the front seats by the sunroof controls called "map lights" , one over the middle seats, and one over the rear seats. The lights over both the middle and the rear seats can be set to go on when any doors are opened. The front overhead lights don't seem to have this setting. This makes the front quite dark. I checked with the dealer (Lexus of Manhattan) and they told me there's now way to change this. Has anyone experienced this or is the dealer wrong. I find it hard to believe that Lexus would forget that front overhead lights should go on when the doors open.


  • What an un-Lexus like response! I currently drive a BMW 5-series wagon. I LOVE the LS430. Stopped by to drive it when it first arrived (while only 1 year into our BMW lease). Stopped back a year later to drive it again (our selling professional was no longer with the dealership, but your sales mgr pulled up our customer info from the computer file). The new selling professional missed on two major points. One, I asked that he call me when it snows so I could drive the LS in the snow (he never did). Two, I asked about the availability of the Euro-tuned suspension. He got back to me and stated that they no longer offer it in the car. I took that on his word. My mistake. Either he didn't know, didn't care, or since the dealership didn't have one on the lot, he thought he'd attempt to sell around it.

    After going round and round, my wife and I decided that maybe we should instead replace our Toyota Land Cruiser with the LX470. Our Toyota service experience left us less than thrilled, and LV Lexus' service department has an excellent reputation.

    As you can clearly see in my previous post, I was stating numbers for purchase based upon my research from this and other msg bds. I am not so misguided that I would e-mail every Lexus dealer in the US to get price quotes. But since I have been to your dealership and expressed great interest in your products, I would have thought SOMEONE might have a clue that I was interested in buying a car from your dealership. I have no interest in purchasing a car from the West Coast. But if $6000 over invoice is the lowest price available, it certainly makes more sense.

    At one time in a previous life I worked on your side of the desk in auto sales. So I can appreciate your perspective. That's why when I find a dealer that I like, I don't mind paying a bit more for the vehicle. Especially for peace of mind and a no-hassle experience. And I tip my sales people - well. That's why instead of getting the LS, we opted to get another BMW from Daniels in Allentown.

    So before you try to attack me - again - or woefully attempt to defend your "come in for the best price" theory, carefully look at how my previous experience AT your dealership and the continuing experience here on line is winning me over (and I'm quite sure many others) so well.

    BTW - I didn't confuse e-mail price quotes. Your selling professional called me with the quote of $6000 over.
  • I guess I missed the literary memo. It's ok for you to stereotype me as the "typical salesmen" but not alright for me to stereotype you as the "typical buyer". You obviously began taking shots at me, since you didn't enjoy your time here. You are one of few. But as I recall, I never helped you on the lot. I never gave you a quote. I never told you I was going to call you and didn't. And as far as "woefully attempting" to defend our product, I do not need to. We have 7 cars on our lot that are not sold. That must mean, somewhere along the line, that there are many people who disagree with you. I don't really understand what I said to made you flare up like a hemorrhoid. I was trying to assist others, but maybe I was misunderstood.
  • Has anyone heard of any news regarding the remodeling of the LX or the addtion of another Lexus SUV to compete with the Infiniti QX56 or Lincoln Navigator?

    Seems to me like the GX will compete well with the midsize SUV, the RX does a great job with the compact SUV, but the current LX is not even close to being the same size as the much larger FULL SIZE suvs like QX56 or Navigator.
    Not even the NON-luxurious full size Sequoia compares in size to the QX56 or other large SUVs.

    I heard Toyota will stop selling the Landcruiser since the sales is so bad. By the way, I think it is ridiculous how they can take a $60K Landcruiser and stick some fake woodtrim in it. For $60K, it should be a lot more luxurious. I guess that's why it's not selling well.
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