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Ford F-Series Transmission Problems



  • I have a 2004 F-150 that just turned over 100k miles, and there is a distinct whine from the tranny starting at 25 MPH and lasts until the OD kicks in. A friend of mine says it's the thrust bearing. There has been a mild vibration ever since I had it (bought new) but it seems to be getting worse. Any thoughts from anyone?
  • I have taken my vehicle in for the third time now for transmission related problems. The first time, they identified a blown seal (I believe). The second time a speed sensor was replaced. I am still having problems while in 4WH. When I am parking the car or starting out of a stopped condition, the vehicle will jump and sound like it is stalling. It is also very difficult to steer while in the same circumstance.

    Any help/info is appreciated.
  • I had the same problem with a 93 F-350 and it was the throttle position sensor caused the problem
  • I am looking into my brother's 2004 f-150 automatic transmission problem, it won't shift into first or reverse without gassing it. I can get it to move but that seems to be about it. The fluid looks fine, and no noises.
    This is a pampered F-150 4.2 L 6 cyl with less than 42,000 miles on it
    He sent it to the shop and they said "bad transmission $ 2900.00 to fix it.
    I have read several nightmare stories on this forum about this year and all the problems with it's transmission but no real answers! (for me)
    Can this one be pronounced junk?
    Is there a chance that a used trans. would be any better? or are they all junk?
    Is there an older version that will fit and be more reliable?
    Are they or anyone else upgrading them when rebuilding them with better parts?
    I'm asking because there are about 50 of these trans available and it scares me.
    Thanks for your input.
    If Ford insists on cranking out these %x&** things, how can they ever expect repeat customers? No wonder they are in deep stuff!!!
  • ive got 165000 miles in my 01 super crew f150. it would lag a second or two on a stop n go when i press the gas. i changed the fluid, put some lucas stop slip, n i put a programmer that firm the shifts. i dont have the lag ne more but it still slips under heavy accel. n kinda sounds like a belt is slipping as its shifting from 3rd to od under heavy accel. after i put the programmer on after long trips the motor smells like oil bad, and on cool nights i can see smoke coming from the vents on the wiper cowl. i was just wondering if i should tear it all apart or get something new
  • Help, my F250 will only go in reverse. Could this be a sensor or electrical thing, or is it a broken band. it is a 92 and pretty basic electronically. The men in my fam are pretty good with cars but getting them to actually do it is a challenge. I'm really good with vehicles but HATE it but at this point I am desperate just to get this fixed. Any ideas and if it is the band, what is the best way to replace it (ie do I have to yank the whole thing)
  • I recently got this message error on my display it reads as TRANS FAULT. Truck works fine, by the way I have a 2004 f150 single cab, shifts smoothly no problems noted as of now. Can anyone tell me if I have to replace the transmission or is this problem can be fixed by your average mechanic? From what I have read in this forum, I am practically screwed and will have to replace tranny. Is there any other quick fix. I have been a Ford guy since junior high never had any problems with any of my stangs until now with this truck.
  • my 2001 F350 Diesel owners manual lists three different rear axle types and gear oil types accordingly but no way of matching the axle ID-tag numbers to the list. The gear oils are of vastly different viscosities, so I think it matters which oil is in the axle. I appreciate any advice on this.
  • tmiesnertmiesner Posts: 1
    i was wondering what tranny i have in my 2003 f-350 with the 7.3 and is this a different tranny than the one in the 2003 behind the 6.0 i have not had any problems to speak of but lately when i put it in reverse or drive there there is a second delay till i feel it engage is this anything to worry about i have 180000 miles on the truck and have always serviced it regularly is this a good trans or is it known to have problems thanks for any info on this
  • fletch9fletch9 Posts: 1
    Hey out there 2000 f250 v-10 runs and shifts perfect but leaking from what I think is the front seal. Only in hot weather or towing tool trailer in Denver metro traffic. whatcha think,
  • Hello -

    have a 05 F-150 supercrew automatic trans with 54000 miles. 3 times in the last two days (about 30 miles of city driving) I have had a terrible noise when slowing down to turn or coming to a stop. I thought the first time that the muffler fell off and I was dragging it on the road or like someone else said - ran over a shopping cart and was stuck under the truck.

    Pulled over quickly and noise went away when I almost got stopped. Today, I shifted to N and it went away - don't know if this was just a coincidence though, maybe was good timing.

    Is it the transmission or could it be the clutch?? Did not hear any clunking noises but I don't think I had power - believe I tried to accelerate today after it happened and could not. Have seen the same problem posted a couple times in this forum section but no real solutions given to the problem or no one has said what their mechanic found.

    Would be real upset if I have to replace a trans at 54000 miles.
  • Well, took it into the stealership today and they swear it is the 4 wheel drive vacuum pump trying to engage. Said moisture damages it and on my year it will go bad eventually - not if but when.

    Hope they are right!
  • Well, seems like that's what it was. THink the official name is the IWE solenoid. THere is a TSB out about it. It is a $27 part. I would suggest that anyone that haas a 4 wheel drive F-150 with the old style solenoid on it - replace it with the new one. I am really upset with ford that they let us have this part on the truck that they know is bad and will malfunction - not if but when. This $27 part can cause thousands in damage to your vehicle if it fails. I've seen posts where guys have had to get new hubs and other parts - one guy even said transfer case - because of this part failing. This part makes your 4 wheel drive engage. When it malfunctions, it is trying to make it engage when you don't want it too - like at highway speeds! I can't believe that I am not going to have some type of damage to the truck down the road from this part failing. AND FORD KNOWS IT IS A BAD PART. I called ford and tried to get an extended powertrain warranty out of this but no deal. They would not do anything for me - nothing and had no sympathy. Told them it would at least be nice to get a letter telling us we may want to replace this cheap part to prevent major damage in the future. The girl on the phone kept asking what they could do for me and everything I suggested she would reply that they could not do that for me. No extended warranty, no pay for the service or the part. Even asked them to send a letter out to all F-150 owners with this part letting them know that it will go bad and of course the response was "We can't do that sir, you're talking about a part that has not failed on a vehicle yet." But they know it will fail, that's why the new one has a cover on it to prevent moisture from getting to it.

    Sorry for ranting. In short, Ford sucks donkey di**. This id my third Ford in a row but it is definitely my last. When I get it paid off in July this piece of junk is outta here. Spend $27 and put the part on yourself. It's two bolts on upper firewall on pass. side in back of battery. Oh yea - FORD SUCKS!!!!
  • rterrellrterrell Posts: 5
    didn't see a TSB for it... did you send it? would like to print it out and take it to the dealer next week... Thanks!!
  • If you think Ford is bad you should check out some of the Chevy forums. My brother has a 2002 S10 pickup and it is a POS. The fuel injection system is junk and had to be replaced and he's had major problems with the ignition system and the VAC security system.
  • Wondering if you were able to figure this out. Have a 2002 with the same exact problem.
  • Hello, I have a 2000 F-350 Super Duty and had the same issue in hot weather or towing. Turned out it was not the Tranny but the rear main engine seal.Had the seal replaced with new style seal and all was good. Hope this might help !!!!
  • I have a 2004 F150 with a 4.6. When driving down the highway it shifts into 3rd gear or overdrive goes for a second then engine revs up and truck goes nowhere. I don't know if it is a solenoid pack or maybe overdrive band. I need help.
  • 99f150xx99f150xx Posts: 1
    I have a 99 F150 4x4 . The other evening the overdrive stopped working. When the OD is on, it runs through the gears fine until it gets to OD. It then acts like it shifts to neutral. If i turn the OD off, the transmission works normal but without going into OD obviously. Does this mean the transmission is shot or that a sensor may have gone bad?
  • Good day all,
    this is my 12 th Ford truck / car in last 20 yrs.
    this case is a strange one, .
    I purchassed truck w 40 k miles approx 2 yrs ago, has 50 k now.
    approx 6 months ago..1st time truck displayed engine light and dash clsuter displayed engine "fail safe mode", you loose throttle response and idle out at 900 rpm
    checked with dealer.. could not pull a code, I cleared the error and it was some time before this happened again (maybe 2 months).. approx 2 weeks ago, this happened every day from work to home, 10 minute drive, I checked and replaced TBS (part cost 109.00 @ Dealer) changed myself...
    all went well worked for 7 days with no error.

    Today I went fishing (200 mile roundtrip), engine failsafe re-appeared, I stopped, restarted truck so throttle respnse would come back...5-10 minutes later, Transmission malfunction displayed along with already existing engine light, plus O/D flashing.
    stopped truck , restarted , Tranny error cleared....
    2 hrs later on return trip home, Transmission malfunction error came back...
    stopped , restarted and drove home.
    prior to this Tranny error, transmission did and still shifts great..perfect timing.. not hesitant at all.
    also I serviced tranny 1000 miles ago, new filter and synthetic mercon fluid.
    directlty after this service, and if you are in heavy traffic, stop at red light, tranny felt as though it never went back to "start off" gear (this is an auto) when you leave redlight/ stop sign etc... truck feels like it wishes to start off in 2nd, but hesitates for a second, then slight jerk and she starts off in 1st as supposed to,( the start off jerk sorta feels like when you have a bad tranny mount on tailshaft, somewhat like a kick.

    any suggestions ..I open to them all... the dealer I purchased truck from is on my S**T list, and I refuse to return there again...

    e-mail is

    thanks and best regards, Daniel H
  • when i start my and put it in drive it do not go at all do anyone no what can be wrong
  • i have a ford 02 tarus and when i start my car and put in drive the car dosen't move do you hav a a idea whats wrong
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    You're in the F-Series Pickups board, so you're not going to get much help here. Try the Ford Taurus/Mercury Sable Sedans Pre-2008 discussion, where you will likely get faster responses.

    kcram - Pickups/Wagons Host
  • My E40d transmission slips when it gets hot in chicago weather.When its cold out 8 months in chicago its fine. When it gets warm it slams from 1st to second and slips while maintaining speed. Took it to a trans .shop no faults shown repairman says nothing wrong with transmission everything looks good.I see alot of talk about the solenoids could this be it before I junk the whole truck? Any other ideas? Bill
  • ram1948ram1948 Posts: 1
    I have a 1997 Ford F-350 powerstroke 7.3 with an automatic transmission and it started with the O. D. light on the shift lever, blinking on and off. it would shift very hard so I would disconnect ground wire from battery and reset it. After that it would run and shift just great. This went on for about a year without incident , and then it would do it more and more frequent,until the O.D. light would not stop blinking at all. I kept driving it as little as possible, still no change. The next thing that happened was that while decreasing speed to stop a red light, it felt like it was not down shifting to the lowest gear,like it would stay on 2nd gear and just bogged the engine down ,and the engine will shut off.I will start engine again and it is in low gear. It will up shift normally again until you go to stop again, and it will bog down and shut off again. Another thing is that when your parked start engine go on reverse ,it will go on reverse but it feels like it goes into a higher reverse gear gaining speed very fast, needless to say bogging the engine down and shutting the engine off.

    Has anyone had this problem, or know how to remedy my problem ?

    I thank you beforehand for reading my post, I am a new member and not to familiar with this forum,so bear please with me .
  • lilgardtlilgardt Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 F250 SD CC--6.0--33,200 miles--I tried to back up and it felt like I was backing over something--suddenly it started to back up with a jerk--as I continued--I notice I was leaving a stream of transmission fluid--I had it towed to the nearest transmission shop (ford dealer said no warranty) apparently a snap ring in the reverse section of the transmission broke loose with such force it knocked two holes in the transmission case. Has any one else had this problem--I understand from the transmission shop 05's had a problem with this snap ring coming off--any help at all would be appreciated.
  • tomkittitomkitti Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 F-150, tranny rebuilt about 18 months ago, now when driving around 45 mph it fills like it's slipping when the od is on, does not slip when the od is off.
  • fireman54fireman54 Posts: 1
    I have a 1993 ford f350 ford 7.3 with a E40D trans
    It want to stall the truck in gear sometimes
    Sometimes backing up the truck shakes and wants to keep going.
    Was told to replace torque converter and I did which helped my shifting prob but wants to stall sometimes in drive or reverse.
    Any suggestions
  • steadybsteadyb Posts: 1
    Having / had very similar problems. 1997 AT 187K, OD light blinking ... engine stalling. Motor would feel very strong in park, put it in drive and the truck wanted to surge forward a bit and stall on occation. I too neglected to address the problem as its mainly a good old farm truck these days. Long story short, I burned up the the transmission and got stuck on the side of the interstate two weeks ago. Truck still at the shop, looking roughly $2k-$3k to rebuild existing trans. Can't decide .... exploring options.
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