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Ford F-Series Transmission Problems



  • My shifter light keeps flashing and the gears are jerking my head back. This happened a while ago, but now its back and isnt going away. Whats causing this?
  • Hello to all! I'm new at his, so here it goes!!
    I have a 1999 Ford F-250 with a Power stroke Diesel, manual 6 speed, 4x4 manual hubs and only has 75,000 miles on it. I am having trouble with the clutch. The resivore is full of fluid. I don't have much clutch pedal (approx. 2-3" off floor when it engages) and when I am pulling anything I can't get it into low gear or reverse without turning the motor off first. Is there an adjustment on these clutches and if it is where is it located? If not what do I need to do? :sick:
  • I have a 99 f-150 with 262K miles on it. The transmission fluid hasn't ever been changed, but I think the transmission itself has gone out. I can't get above 15 mph. When I try, the truck stalls, acts like it's in neutral, and goes down to 5 mph. It also makes a terrible squealing, wrenching sound like the metal is being rubbed against other metal. If it is the tranny, how much will a new one cost me? Please help!!!
  • cowboy9cowboy9 Posts: 161
    There is not an Adjustment but if the Clutch Tower Pedal has never been changed out its probably the Bushings in it, A new Clutch Pedal Tower are usually under 150.00 and are not to hard to change out yourself. The only other thing is the Clutch is out and the Stock one had a Dual Disc Fly Wheel which never lasted long, if it would have been check under Warranty they would have placed it for free.
  • cowboy9cowboy9 Posts: 161
    Also make sure you are checking the right fluid Reservoir. I myself at first used to check the wrong one all the time, ,lol
  • purdy29purdy29 Posts: 1
    I have a 1996 f-150 4x4 with a straight 6 auto. The previous owner had the trans rebuilt just before I bought it. Ever since I bought it the fluid looks like new but it shifts really hard from one gear to the next and when you shift from drive to reverse it engages really hard. I believe that it was truely rebuilt but I just wonder if there was something forgotten or improporly hooked up. I'm thankful for any tips you may offer.
  • Thanks for the info. This gives me a place to start. I bought one of Ford's plastic bushings, $10.00 for a small piece of plastic. Haven't had time to put it on yet. (Just got back from Fl.) If I change the Clutch Pedal Tower does this do away with the plastic bushing? I had a small shop to change the plastic bushing, last year I think, and it seemed to help for a while. I'm checking the small round resivoir that is on the plastic/rubber strip near the fire wall beside the brake boster. It takes DOT3 brake fluid. Thanks Again!!!!!!
  • This is kind of strange but close to some of the other problems that i have read, about 2 years ago i noticed that my speedometer was flucuate every now and then and the transmission would ship hard when that happen. So knowing that i was going to need to work on it i went down to the car wash to clean the engine off, the problem quit and everything was fine. It started to happen again about 8-9 months later, same thing washed the engine off and fixed the problem. I guess a cheap fix can only last so long, this time the speedometer quit working all together and the transmission shifts hard now at higher RPM's, then it will work for awhile, back and forth.
    My guess is it is an electical problem, but not sure were to look or what to look for, any ideas?
  • Need some insight on my 97 Ford F150 SWB 4.2L V6 with 5 speed manual trans. Truck is a 1st year proto that I purchased in summer of 96. It has been flawless for the past 76,000 mi. This problem only happens when Betsy( Trks name} decides my day is going to well. Cold start or warm with clutched pressed she will not start in any gear with or without emergency brake depressed. After talking to her, she will start after numerous attempts. This is where her next fault occurs. I can put the truck into 1st or reverse and she goes no where. Sometimes it takes a great deal of acceleration to move slightly. Frustrated the last time, I took to highway and noticed as I go thru the gears that she gains engine rpms but does not accel to her protential. I made it home and now she drives like new again. This happens every month or so. I stopped mechanics in 1985 after tech school when carbs and dist points were replaced with F-Inj and ECMs were introduced.I am always seeking wisdom & not afraid to ask ?'s b4 I attempt a mission. Please help b4 I send Betsy to a AAA meeting and find out that the 12 step program hasn't worked. LOL THX
  • 2002 F-150, 4.2L V6 5spd manual, When cold, shifting is great. Once heated up there seems to be a delay in "letting go" of current gear(2nd or 4th) before shifting into 3rd. I am to the point now where I just hold the clutch for a couple seconds until I feel it "click" when going to 3rd. Is this a synchronizer? If so, does this mean complete rebuild?
  • akotemakotem Posts: 1
    I am an auto mechanic working on a Ford F350 2001 model. I enocuntered some fault codes I don't understand. Please help out with them, And tell me how i can ammend them.

    P1000 OBD11 System checks incomplete
    P117 ECT Sensor Intermittents
    P0125 Coolant Temp too low/closed loop
    P1289 Cylinder head temp sensor high input
    P0741 Torque CONU clutch sys stuck off
    P0782-2-3 Shift ERROR
    P1744 TCC System problem

    The truck does not select gear in time and it does climb hills. could it be ECU problem or gear box problem?
  • bsw55bsw55 Posts: 1
    I have a Ford F350 diesel, 6 speed manual transmision, 220 000 miles.
    It will not shift into low or reverse.
    Any solutions?
  • I have a 2004 f 150 with 150,000 miles on it. Recently when trans is in overdrive it will act like it is surging or slipping with pretty sharp jolts but not all the time. Does anyone have any ideas?
  • I have a 2000 f-150 5.4ltr 4x4 automatic tranny. It will engage in reverse, drive, 2nd, and 1st. When I'm in drive it will not shift at all, I can drop the shifter to 2nd and that works. I had a p0720 code ;output shaft speed sensor circuit. I replaced it and no change. It had this problem b fore I bought the truck. Please comment back or e mail me. I don't want to replace the tranny if its a 20 dollar part. or
  • I am in Hou. Tx. I have a 2006 F150. 60,000 miles. I have never had any signs of transmission problems. I have maintained my truck pretty well and I have seldom pulled big loads. I got the TRANS FAULT message that came up on my odometer display. I checked my transmission fluid and it looks clean and at the correct level. A mechanic wanted to charge me $168.00 to replace the "Sensors" to troubleshoot to see if that would correct the problem. Has anyone had this experience?

    A friend suggested that I change out the fuel filter before I spend $2,000.00 to $3,000.00 on a new transmission. Anyone have any suggestions?
  • xelvis66xxelvis66x Posts: 77
    edited September 2010
    My dads work truck is a 96 F150 4x4 Auto 5,0 with almost 200,000 miles. just a few weeks ago it started stalling when he came to a stop and sometimes pulling out it would shift to a higher gear and even somtimes stall it. A trany guy told us the torque converter lock up solenoid sounds like a good place to start so we changed it but it made it worse. I went down the road a got to the end and it stalled, started it again and put it in drive and it stalled five times in a row, so i put it in reverse and backed up the road and barley got it back in the garage. So we changed the pressure sensor and the two shifed soleniods as well along with a replace for the lock up solenoid. We are stumped now any info would be thankful.
  • Hi Mood99, i own a 2004 F150FX4, 5.4 V8, Automatic. It sounds like the same thing as jeckstein and yourself. Driving down a SMOOTH road slowly and a Bad vibration comes and goes, you feel it thru the seat, not steering wheel. We didn't know what it could be, drive shaft, U bolt connection, axle in the rear??A truck specialist took it in and said it is in the trans. there is a part called planetary.These planetaries are known to go bad at 100k on F150's. a $2800-$3000. job . My F150 has only 70k on her. Oh and lucky me i just bought her a week ago. ( the dealer said they will fix it np.) to be continued....
  • This weekend just changed the torque converter and it changed nothing. I'm am confused and ready to smash it.
  • cowboy9cowboy9 Posts: 161
    Not trying to be a smart azz but what was the tranny doing and who told you to replace the Torgue Converter ? Did you have a shop check it out before hand as well ?
  • I am having the same problem. Mine however will not go into reverse or neutral. Did you solve your problem
  • cowboy9cowboy9 Posts: 161
    A good shop should have had you let them put it on a mechine to find out what is wrong with it before they have you just start throwing parts at it. You don't have to have do the work but paying them to find out whats wrong with it is always a good idea then make them back it up so you are not spending money and it not working right in the end.
    I know we have talked about this before in here and this forum and others are usually a great source to help people that want to do their own work like myself but there are some things most people and myself just dont have the tools to see whats wrong but the worst thing one can do is to just start throwing parts at a Vehicle without knowing for sure it will fix it.
  • cowboy9cowboy9 Posts: 161
    I know most of us want to or have to fix are own Vehcile's but please make sure before replacing any Part thats it's the right one to fix it, if you don't have the tools then find someone that does, if nobody you know doesn't have them then take it to a Shop. 80.00 bucks to have someone for sure tell you whats wrong is a lot better than 500.00 at the Autoparts Store for wrong parts and getting more and more pissed because it's still not running right. Plus the biggest thing is you still dont have your Vehicle running.
  • xelvis66xxelvis66x Posts: 77
    edited October 2010
    My brother's a mechanic and he hooked his scanner up and got nothing he had other vehicles that the lockup was cause the same problem, so just unplugging it solve it. He knows a trany guy who has been working on transmissions for over ten years, he looked at the truck and said he had that same problem with a few other vehicles and it was the torque converter lockup solenoid or the torque converter on those vehicles. We started with changing the old fluild thinging it was the problem, then the lock up solenoid, which made it worse, but was cheap. So we got a replacement and it was a little better but still worse then the original ford solenoid. Plus the truck has high miles and was used and abused so changing the torque converter was ok because this truck needs to last another 2 -3 years. The only other thing I could figure is wat controls the lockup, or the wires to the lockup?
  • Hello,

    My 1997 ford F150 has a 5 speed and I can use 1st, 2nd and 5th gear but all of a sudden I cannot get to go into 3rd or 4th gear it is like they are not there.

    Anyone ever heard of an issue like this. This happened driving along the hi-way. When I stopped I could not get into the 3rd or 4th gear. Never heard any noise B4 it happened.

    Thanks for any help on htis.
  • cowboy9cowboy9 Posts: 161
    Sounds like maybe the linkage in the shifter came lose, pull the top off and look inside there first. If it was a Syncro is would have been grinding before hand.
  • I'm wondering if something in the vavle body went bad? Is there any way to test this theory other than take it apart/
  • i have a 1992 F-350 auto trans 4x4 and the speedometer quit working after we took it off road, we were not doing anything crazy just going up little hills, this was the first time we had it off road since we owned it, as soon as we got back on the main road the speedometer droped down to zero and did not work after that, then noticed that it was shifting harder than normal, other forums state it could be the speed senor, any other suggestion would be really helpful, i dont have the money to take it to a shop or to jsut through part at it!!! PLEASE HELP!!!
  • cowboy9cowboy9 Posts: 161
    The Speed sensor is at the top of the list and as I hate throwing money and parts at something if I dont know if will fix it for sure the Speed Sensor it pretty cheap. Just remember that taking it to shop to have them Diagnose it doesn't mean you have to have them fix it. If you call most Transmission shops or other shops most will at least talk to you over the phone, the smaller ones will anyways.
  • What year is your, make model truck do you have?
  • Its a 2000 Ford f150 4x4
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