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Kia Sedona Brakes



  • smulveysmulvey Posts: 139
    I have posted before that I have had excellent service frm my 2002 Sedona brakes, non- ABS.

    I suggest you put your energy into buying good third party front rotors and pads and installing them.

    You need basic hand tools and a large C Clamp that opens a good 10 inches from Home Depot. This is the gently press the Disc Brake piston back up into the Caliper bore.

    This type of brake job takes about 2 hours in your driveway.

    There is a pair of screws on the rotors that are tiny and delicate. You need to be able to get the old ones off before you can remove the rotors. I bought them at the dealer for about $ 1 each.

    I would shop for your rotors and look at Wagner, Bendix AC DELCO and such as that.

    Any pads will do, since you will want to monitor them and replace them at about 25K miles . Then your rotors will last much longer.

    There are many cars where the standard service parts are not up to the needs of a customer. You always have to upgrade.

    My dad wasnot car savy.
    His 1965 Ford Galaxy had bad spark plug wires that never worked right.

    The dealer replaced them 6 times with more of the same bad wires.

    Finally he traded the car on a Dodge Monaco.

    If I had been older I could have saved him many unhappy visits to the Ford dealer.

    I put a parts list of all the parts I used in an earlier post.

    Once you get your good parts on you will be very pleased.

    Also if you are in the MOUUNTAINS you might want the CERAMIC pads and the DRILLED rotors.

    Check rock auto dot com and see what you think.

    They cost about $ 125 each but if you tow or haul maybe it is worth it.
  • kreakrea Posts: 4
    I think we get the idea that we will need to replace the brakes. what we are trying to get KIA to understand is that this was a new car I drove mine off the lot with 5 miles on it within 6,000 miles I had to replace brakes. then again at 12,000 and now again at 22,000. 10,000 miles later I have apx 30% of brakes left on the front, because they cannot figure out how to fix the back braking problem. It is not the fact that the brakes do not work, it is that for the time we have them on the car with normal driving they work too hard. The Van is too much weight for the braking system on these cars(2003-2005) to handle. And this is mostly found on the LX. This is why the caliper in the rear doesn't stay calibrated to help adjust the weight when braking.(this comes from a tech)And in return the front brakes work harder to stop the vehicle.(causing heating and warping). KIA tells us that this is not a safety issue. I am here to tell you IT IS a safety issue when my brakes do not work. So, we can by good third party brakes but if we do not solve the problem in the rear the front will always be over worked. This would be why they put 4 wheel disc brakes on the 2006 vans because they knew this was a problem in the 2003-2005 vans. So all of you who have been told they have not heard of the problem and were not aware of this, I ask, Why were the brakes changed in 2006??? and no, I do not work for Kia I am a consumer with the same problem and doing a lot of research on how the van was made. Put this back to KIA and see how they react.
  • Starting around November 2006 and at about 9500 miles our 2005 Sedona's brakes started making a loud groaning noise when stopping from around 20 mph. It was internittent at first, but gre int happening every time we braked. The groan is the loudest right before the van comes to a complete stop. A few times it felt as if the van was not going to stop, and letting up on the pedal in the slightest bit would lett the van move forward significantly. We took it to our local dealer with 12227 miles on it, and they said they inspected it and test drove it and found nothing wrong with it. I asked them about the Kia TSB# KT2007042401, and if they had accomlished it. They said if the technician finds nothing wrong in the techs opinion, they do not check for TSB's. The TSB does state,"In the event thata a customer reports this condition both the front brake pads and discs SHOULD be replaced with new parts". Needless to say this did not happen. They say at the dealership that Kia does not dictate how the vehicle repairs should be done. I picked the vehicle up leary of their response. I tried 10 stops and thought it was OK, with no groaning noise. my wife and I then went to dinner and when we left less than an hour later, during my first stop, the groaning noise was back. It is like it was when it first started last year, and happens about 50% of the time. We own and tow a pop-up camper, that is why we bought this van, as we were told it is the perfect van for it. I am now very hessitent about towing anything with this vehicle, let alone drive it in thick traffic. Someone needs to make Kia wake up and realize the brakes on the 2005 Sedona need to be recalled, and also have Kia redeucate the service departments on TSB's. :mad:
  • yokweyokyokweyok Posts: 1
    We purchased a new Kia Sedona. We have had intermitted problems with it. The engine surges and acts as if the acceleration is locked. We've taken it to the dealership several times and they can't find the problem. Last Thursday while at a stop sign, this happened. I lifted my foot of the break to roll forward a little (like you do at a stop sign) and the engine surged and I immediately applied the brake but the car didn't stop! I hit the car in front of me. Thankfully, it was a car I hit and not the large group of 50+ Junior High School students that usually cross in front of me. The car has been at the dealer since last Friday and they can't find the problem. This problem has caused the brakes to wear prematurely. I also have had a problem with my horn not working all the time. Of course, the dealership can't find the problems. I've had the recall work done on the acceleration cable. The dealership changed out the cruise control in hopes that would fix the problem but still... there is this occasional surge! I am scared to drive the car! The dealership is taking this last incident more seriously but still, I don't know what they are going to do about it. I have a documented history of this problem (although the service department didn't note every time a reported this problem there are at least 4 notations). Coorporate office has been contacted and I am hoping they will handle this situation appropriately.
    Love teh design but this problem needs to be investigated and corrected as it's a mechanical design flaw.
  • kreakrea Posts: 4
    if we can get more on this, I have an adjustor on my case I have filed a formal complaint. By putting this action in motion we can hopefully accomplish a recall. You can also go on the web site and look at other people that have had the same complaint. You are not the only one out here. You can put your complaint in as a phone call or a written on the web page. or call 1-888-327-4236CALL,CALL,CALL,CALL,CALL,CALL,CALL,CALL,CALL. I can only speak for myself and I truly have a lemon. :lemon: :lemon:
  • jbautijbauti Posts: 6
    I called National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Last Week!!!!!! See my previous post. Horrible Loud Groaning Rear Brake Noise since 13,000 Miles. I have 61,000miles on my van now and the noise is worse!!! Love to talk to people with same problem!! I love my van- 2004 EX but it has been in the shop 8 times- can not find anything wrong!! I am burnt out dealing with this brake issue.
  • smulveysmulvey Posts: 139
    Yes-Your Rear brakes do 20 % of the work in an unloaded

    Your fronts do 80% of the stopping. These numbers are the
    generally accepted proportions in the industry. My van has rear DRUM Brakes so my experience is different.

    Almost EVERY car I have seen with rear disc brakes has STINKY real world results. Maybe they work good on the test track but they stink in the real world. I base this on 100s of thousands of miles of service experience on Chevy Luminas, Dodge Intrepids and others.

    At this point if you like the van you should take it to a real brake shop and have them develop and approach to the problem.

    Maybe there is a" proportioning valve " that can be adjusted or maybe if you carry a 50 pound bag of SAND in the cargo space it will settle the rear more so the rear brakes can do more work. My van has a switch on the frame with brake lines on it and it senses the weight over the rear wheels and increase braking I think when I have weight there.

    I bought a fiberglass storage box at Pep Boys that is narrow and sturdy and I keep a bunch of stuff in there and maybe that is helping my braking.

    It is a known fact that station wagons always stopped in a shorter distance when slightly loaded than when fully empty.

    Also - since you are in this situation- there is a driving monitor the kids buy for hot rodding that shows your accel and deccel rates. Maybe you could get one of these to record your driving style and further your case with KIA.

    If I was as unhappy with you I would write to Car and Drive or Consumer Reports and volunteer to do a expose' on the problem and see what they think.

    Len Hunt a Kia VP will be on Edmunds Wed at 6 PM for a live chat.

    You might want to set aside that time to ask he send you a development engineer to fix the existing product before he designs a " new improved" product.

    Good Luck.
  • 05sedona05sedona Posts: 4
    Kia is aware of the problems with brakes, however, they do not have a fix for the problem. We had a two day protest in front of our local dealership so that Corporate would take our calls. Six weeks later we had a buy-back and a Chevy Trail Blazer. You MUST get their attention. They will be happy to let you go with a lawyer and drag it our over 9-15 months. I'll be happy to share more info.

    There is no "standard" as to how long Rotors should last, this is why they will fight your claims to them wearing our prematurely. We had 6 sets of rotors in 30K miles. Kia was okay with this until we publically called attention to the problem. A buy-back was negotiated in a couple days and closed in 6 weeks.
    :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • stev1stev1 Posts: 1
    We have a 2004 Sedona EX and also love it. We have experienced the loud groaning noise when braking from a few thousand miles after buying it new, however, the noise has come and gone and wasn't bad until after having the car about a year. In the last couple of years when we drive out of the Phoenix valley to places like the southeast, midwest, or even recently Albequerque the noise has become almost deafening. I am embarrassed to stop in traffic with such a loud noise. But then we returned to Phoenix and it just about went away. I can barely hear it still but not enough to demonstrate how it sounded on our recent trip to the service tech. We took it to a dealership (not the one I bought it from) and they were nice enough to clean and adjust the rear brakes and reported the presence of rust but didn't charge us. They maintain they never heard of the problem. Just after purchasing the van when the noise just started , but wasn't too bad, I reported it to the dealership where we bought the van and one of the servicemen said it was a design problem and they couldn't do anything about it. At that time the noise was bearable. I now have 46K and am hesitating about putting money into it for tires and some other routine maintenance.
  • vannervanner Posts: 47
    2005 Sedona, one with a history of warped rotors and resulting "shudder". Recent trip with two 500 mile highway legs, four occupants and about 300 pounds of "freight". Highway speeds around 70-75 mph. 28K miles on the van.

    This van has been through the "rotor wars" and the last dealer warranty service the rotors were replaced with what they claimed to be the "new" type not prone to warping. Pads were changed, too. No expense to us.

    No problems at all with shudder or apparent warping and under these conditions, with a couple of "immediate action required" braking incidents, I'd have expected trouble as before. None this time. Before, any hard stop at highway speeds, like under-estimating a ramp or a panic stop, the old rotors were cooked and warped in one stop.

    Maybe, just maybe, they have sorted out the problem. I'd love to give you a part number but there were none for brakes on the slip. Heck, maybe they just went out and bought them at a NAPA?
  • werbowerbo Posts: 1
    I just bought a new 2006 Sedona. The day after we got it home the rear brakes would squeak only in reverse. Everytime we pulled out of our driveway or a parking lot the brakes would squeak....very loud. we took it in three times over two months and everytime they said it was due to grit in the brakes. Finally they decided to replace the rotors but next day still squeaking when put in reverse.

    Today we got are van back after the fifth visit and the maintain that it is dirt that is causing the squeak. The sales rep dropped off our vehicle in our drive-way. He then phones me to tell me that the problem is fixed while standing in my drive-way. Meanwhile my wife decides to back the van out of the drive-way to see........and sure enough it starts squeaking. I ask him if they cleaned all the brakes and he said yes.....My question to him then is "If it is grit that is causing the problem and your service tech cleaned the brakes THEN WHY ARE THEY STILL SQUEAKING" He then begins to tell me that it is my wife's fault because she is to light on the breaks. I say BS ... he then replies that they have this problem with all Kia Sedona's with disc brakes......

  • coastycoasty Posts: 3

    Katie, I also bought a new 2005 Sedona. I also experience the same brake problem. I have two other friends who are experiencing the same problem. The dealerships are so quick to WANT TO REPLACE BRAKES which of course is costing an arm and a leg. I am taking my veh. to another dealer. The service manager there believes the problem is not the brakes rather some type of "flange" issue that may be bent or defective. If it is then I will be having KIA pay for the repair. More to follow after tomorrows service.

    Terry :)
  • coastycoasty Posts: 3

    Ditto, I bought brand new an 05 Sedona. I also have the same problems. I've replaced brakes and rotors. If the problem is not taken care of I am directed to contact the DMV, State's Attorney Generals office and BBB then Kia international. We are still FIGHTING THIS ISSUE. :mad:
  • coastycoasty Posts: 3

    We have an 05 Sedona with the same problems. We've had the brakes replaced to no avail. The "technitions" do whatever the computer tells them to. The problem still persists and no solution has occurred. It is going in the shop again tomorrow for the same problem. The service manager seems to think it may be a faulty "flange" on the axle somewhere.

    I will let you know what happens tomorrow.

    coasty :mad:
  • Hi there kweatherbee,

    Am driving a 2004 Kia Carnival II with the same problem as yours i.e. rear brakes groaning when coming to a stop. Found out by accident that the problem is not caused by the rear brake shoes or brake drums but would you believe it or
    not, its caused by the rear wheel bearings. When I dismantled the rear left brake shoes where the groaning was coming from. I spinned the wheel hub and noticed a slight vibration which was not present on the right wheel hub.

    Instead of replacing the brake shoes which was still good although I've clocked about 58K Km, I decided to changed the rear wheel bearings on both wheels instead of replacing the brake shoes. Once done I test drove the van and believe me the rear brake groaning is completely gone. Last week I've taken it on a long drive about 500km roundtrip and sure enough the problem's solved QED. Cost me about USD85.

    Check and change your rear wheel bearings if required.
  • hello: i am currently involved with the lemon law with my 06 sedona. i have 17000 and had to have by brakes replaced five times. please e-mail me with some information. i had a court date on monday the 17th. of sept. my e-mail address is i would really appreciate it. thanks jenn
  • i am going to go to court on the 17th of sept. to try to get a buy out for the kia sedona 2005. if anyone can help me with any information i would really appreciate it. my lawyer said if i get two or three people just to write a little e-mail and put there words into it i could have a good case. i have 17000 miles on my car and started the lemon law about 9 months ago and finally have a court date five rotor and brakes replacements later. please help. thanks
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,444
    Just copy and print out the posts that are already in this discussion.
  • My 2004 has done the same thing. I have had the rotors replaced or resurfaced 4 times and they are in need of it again. I also had to have my brake pads replaced. It usually happens about every 8,000 miles. The service manager stood right in front of me one day and told me it was my driving. I told him right back that I have been driving for 24 years (at the time) and I have never worn out rotors on any other vehicle. The main Kia customer service is worthless also. I refuse to take my car back to the dealer because they are now wanting to charge me to do the rotors. I would pay somebody else twice as much rather than give them a nickle. Has it done any good to replace with non Kia parts? It is not just the sedona because I know other people with Kia cars that have rotor problems also.
  • Got a name of the Chicago guy? We are having similar problems and are dealing with a regional sales rep in the Chicago area. Just wondering if it's the same guy.
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