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Kia Sedona Brakes



  • jenn11jenn11 Posts: 2
    :lemon: just starting my battle with KIA. New warranty info just came out. kia is no longer doing any break warranty work after 12 mos or 12k miles PERIOD. I have had the rotors changed break pads changes and thr rotors have been turned at least 4 times. Just contacted an attorney any info would be helpful :confuse:
  • bert12bert12 Posts: 1
    Hi I have been reading these emails and OH my Gosh does everyone have the same brake issue? I am going to a meeting with the attorney general tommorro 10/30 so if anyone can email me letters that would be great my email is
    I am fighting for all of us.
    Before I bought my kia in 2005 I did all the back up work w/ 5 children I wanted them as well as my husband and I to be safe. I checked consumer reports #1 in test crash rating airbags and steel frame. Perfect no one ever said anything about the brakes. Mine have been changed 7 times as well as warped pads and them basically telling me it's my driving I told them I been driving for 35 years never had an issue I had a Pontiac Transport for 11 years never had an issue.
    I am very angry w/ Kia I have brought my car back and forth over 10oo miles to them to fix and it's one excuse after another. I also thought maybe cause I am a woman so I let my husband take it in. They had the rep come in their is nothing wrong one of the service manager even came out and asked me are you sure you are hearing noises and moans. like I was either 1 crazy or 2 lieing. I was very offended. Just because they don't hear something does NOT mean it does NOT exist. PLEASE HELP ME!!!
    I am fighting for a safe vehicles for us and our children. I bet if someone got in an accident and sued them they would fix the problem!
    Thanks for reading!
  • I contacted my Kia dealer and told them I was experiencing a grinding sound when I pressed on the brakes. It was coming from up front. Well, they said that could not duplicate that sound. They heard nothing. I was starting to feel like I was an idiot--and I said, "But it's been going on for days!" So FINALLY, I got out of the guy that he'd "felt" vibrations but not "heard" them! Talk about worming his way out of the issue!!! Something is fishy here. My car has 27,000 miles on it. Now they are turning the rotors at a cost of $135 to me, after I mentioned (and I know nothing of cars), "Could it be the rotors?" I was thinking, "Why isn't HE coming up with the solution? Why didn't he offer this as a solution up front?" I am really confused. I feel like they're playing me somehow. Can someone tell me if I am being "had" here? What should I do? Thank you! from Chuck's wife
  • There is a service bulliten from may 05 from kis stating that rotos are bad. this came up after I paid for a break job in April and it went bad one month later. And dince I have had the breaks machines several times and just recently another new break job. this is a mess. I have an attroney for lemon law but i do not qualify becasue breaks are only warrantied through kis for the first 12 mos or 12k miles whichever comes first. I do fall under the federal law and will get some kind of settlement but now stuck with a vehicle that has breaking problems and I travel with my children all day long. There should be something that we can all do. I wonder if we can get a class action suit against kia? any thoughts. my advice stay on top of the service department and demand to drive with the service tech, I did and it worked.
  • I just got my Sedona few months ago with 16k on it and the brakes squeal like crazy. Went and checked them twice, they say is a normal noise!!!! Then today I have the worse griding feeling when I pusehd my brakes. I am scared to drive....anybody has the same issues on a 2007 (made in 2006) EX? :cry:
  • on the sterring wheel, pulling mostly when I make curves....I love my car, but I had no idea that it will have issues with the brakes and direction...I don't know what to do anymore! :confuse:
  • You were most likely to hard on your breaks and because the van is heavy like they all are your pads and rotors are warped a bit. Go get new pads and have the rotors turned and learn about how to break in new breaks so they will last. Unless some other part failed then it is almost for sure driving habbits. You have to baby breaks in a mini van for them to last 35k before service.
  • Actually I got the car with 13000 when I bought it so I do not know who drove it before. Anyway, I went to service and they told me I still have 80% of my brakes. I will save money to buy new rotors and pads and replace all and then I'll start fresh. So far so good, knock on wood, not even squealing!!! :shades:
  • Yeah, sounds like the previous owner was hard on your breaks. You don't need new rotors, they are thick and can be turned or shaved several time before they are bad. If the van pulls, shudders, or just not feel right when breaking just do the pads and have the rotors turned for under 250.00 is what it should cost you. Go to like Pep boys and get the high quality pads and do the rotors like I said. To break in new breaks you just have to be really easy on them and avoid real hard stops. Do this over 500 miles and it wears the pad in ideally.
  • wow this must be a problem with all these vehicles. i bought my sedona end of year in 2005 at 8000 mls had it back to dealer for break problems. after 2 months my brakes went bad again. a grinding noise i've already through been 5 sets of pads i know have 40000 miles on it and i was just told my rotors are bad. but kia said they had replaced them. anyone with a law suit please keep me informed on how it goes.
  • The brakes and whole van were redesigned for 2006. The new model is a lot better then 2005 and below. Actually the brakes stop quite good in the 06's + There seems to be a design flaw in the 05's with brakes not lasting. Though this is a common problem with vans that are heavy wearing down quicker. Could be that the rotors are to small and warp easy due to heat. Don't forget the 06's are almost 500 pounds lighter. If your going to keep your van consider upgrading the rotors and put good pads on there yourself and you should extend the stopping power and longevity of your 05. For breaks to last you really have to be easy and spend the time to break them in properly.

    My breaks have been great. Stop good and make no noise. But also I spent the first 500 miles breaking them in really easily with very few sudden stops. I think for your 05 sense it is pretty heavy you should upgrade the rotor and pad for the fronts and just put high quality pads on the back. You get what you pay for when it comes to break parts. Always go for the high quality pad it is better all around.
  • huerohuero Posts: 5
    well i dont know if this is something you want to here but i have 2005 sedona and i changed my brakes now 3 times my self not sure if that alot or not i dont know what i do know that probally is the easiest thing to change on there
  • They replace my front rotors at 9,000 miles. That was the last warranty service the dealer agreed to do. Since then I had to replace the front brakes and rotors at 27,000, and purchase new tires at the same time. Now the dealer won't service the car at all because we took it to another service provider when I couldn't get it in with them. The warranty is not worth the paper it is written on.
  • Sounds like this is between you and your own Kia dealer. Normally rotors and pad are NEVER covered under warranty. In your case your are having problems but the vast majority are not. I understand you are unhappy with your van but please keep the sweeping ignorant statements down to a minimum. Nobody wants to hear some retarded comments that Kia's are bad because you have a crappy van & who knows how you drive it or what it has been through. The 2006+ was totally redesigned and is nothing like your 04.
  • We're about to get our fourth front brake repair at 36K miles and plan on taking the 2005 Sedona (we bought new) to Pep Boys. At least they are cheaper, and probably better, on turning/truing the rotors. I just hope there's enough metal left, the rotors on now have been turned/trued once already by the Kia dealer.

    But enough of history - Does anyone have anything new on this issue? Like, recall news? Third party replacement rotors (maybe with better alloy metal) that cure the problem? (Lord knows, there's a market for such a product!) ANY magic cure that you could tell us about?

    Please contact me with anything that works. Other than the brakes, we like the vehicle. John W. Tilford at
  • Just wanted to add my two cents, as one poster has pointed out the 2006 model is lighter and completely redesigned; true, but at least mine has rotor issues too: only 12,800 miles, almost all highway (read, little braking, certainly not "hard") as we use it mainly only for family trips and not commuting, rotors were warped and had to be replaced. Was told would have been covered if under 12,000 miles or less than one year! Gotta wonder...

    Anyone else with 2006, 2007 model also with rotor issues? Otherwise love the car, but Kia Minivans must have some rotor issue...
  • sh65sh65 Posts: 3
    I bought a 2005 Kia Sedona minivan brand new with 7 miles on it. Since I bought it I have had to have brake work done it at 6,000 miles, 24,000 miles, 35,000 miles, 47,000 miles and now I need it again at 59,000 miles. I have owned 12 cars in my life, including trucks and large full size conversion vans and have NEVER had problems with brakes like this. I have only been able to get the Kia dealership to pay for the first brake job. This falls under the catagory of a Lemon by definition. I have complained til I was blue in the face. I have been given every excuse in the book from its the way I drive (BS) to the fact that I live in the mtns(more BS) to a poor brake pad product (again, more BS). The fact remains, the van braking system is poorly designed and this issue should either be corrected for free or I should be allowed to trade to another vehicle. No vehicle should need 5 brake jobs in 59,000 miles. I drive on city roads, with hardly any stop and go traffic, and I dont go on gravel roads, I dont ride my brakes, and I dont go up any mountains on my way to and from work. I am sick of being accused of being a bad driver at the age of 43 with my 13th vehicle Ive owned. Its insulting. Now that I need more brakes at 59,000 miles, I am sure they are going to give me the runaround again at the dealership this week. I am considering contacting the media. Maybe they would do something with some media attention in their face. Because frankly, Im sick of it. No vehicle needs brakes every 10-12 thousand miles. :mad:
  • lavrishevolavrishevo Posts: 312
    I think what it boils down to is the size of the rotors / pads in relation to the weight of the vehicle. This is very true of the 05 and under models. Have you looked into getting an oversized rotor / pad kit? I know this is not the answer you wanted to hear but it is a problem in the 05 and under Kia Sedona. As far as the 06 goes I have not heard that this is a problem. I am getting close to 10,000 on my 06 and it is 99% city stop and go miles on my van. I live in Puerto Rico and very little highway miles; just not how you get around here. Stop and go and lots of little hills. I have had no problems with my brakes so far.

    Clearly the equipment on your 05 is not cutting it and all I can think of is going with a larger rotor / pad setup. May be more expensive in the short term but if you like the van otherwise and wish to keep it then it will pay off in the long. Another option is go with a cross drilled rotor because they vent heat excellently, that is if excessive heat is warping the rotors which could be a good possibility. Sorry to hear about your troubles and good luck.
  • typer_801typer_801 Posts: 28
    For all those with brake warping problems, invest in better pads. That's the problem. Fairly common issue on many cars, leving uneven deposits of pad material on the rotors creating the pulsation in the brakes. Remedy is simply getting better, more aggressive brake pads. I know EBC offers Green Stuff pads for the models through 2005. I'd give those a shot. Don't even need to turn or replace rotors, simply replace the pads.

    Here's more info from StopTech. - link title
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