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2013 and earlier-Acura RDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • alvaresalvares Posts: 75
    True another tactic to make money that's why you need to bring the car value under invoice cause they mke money on doc fee from 199.00 to 799.00 depends where you live.
  • sstallsstall Posts: 7
    I can't find any guides to pricing on a used 2013. There's one at a local Acura dealership with 4400 miles in great condition. Sticker on window is 36,900 which is higher than TMV for a new one. Any thoughts on a good offer?
  • alvaresalvares Posts: 75
    where are you from sstall, are you looking for FWD or AWD, a specific color?
  • summysummy Posts: 1
    Hi alvares,

    Getting RDX Tech package for $35,196 is awesome. Did you pay anything extra apart from sales tax and title fees.
    Does anybody can get $35,000 price for Acura RDX Tech FWD ?

  • alvaresalvares Posts: 75
    edited March 2013
    Hi Summy, the only thing extra i paid was 599.00 for the pre delivery service charge. They did want to put destination fee of 895.00 on top of that but i said no. The fee I paid varies depends on where you live.. So even with the pre delivery fee I'm under invoice. Id rather pay the fee and get the car really low which is the idea. Some don't pay the fee but pay more for the car, and end up worse..
  • karhill1karhill1 Posts: 164
    The documentation fee is simply a scheme by the dealers which, they hope, deceives buyers into believing they are selling the vehicle for a lower price. Sad part is so many buyers actually seem to fall for it.
  • alvaresalvares Posts: 75
    edited March 2013
    I agree with you but in my case you're not going to find a tech rdx for 35.2k including wheel locks and all season floor mats, trust me iv'e done the research. You're not going to buy an rdx tech for 35k outright plus tax, I hit rock bottom I did my shopping across the complete US online and willing to pay the transportation fee if they sell it under 35k. How much did you pay for yours Karhill1 if I may ask, thanks
  • sstallsstall Posts: 7
    Sorry, it is FWD. The color is red, but the color doesn't matter. It's the only used 2013 on the lot. It's in NC.
  • alvaresalvares Posts: 75
    sstall a dealer would pay anywhere from 31,000 to 32,000 used 2013 acura rdx tech.., and carmax would pay about 33,500. Now they will turn around and sell it for about 35k to 36.5. SStall how much is a new RDX tech 2013 in NC just car price the lowest you can get it?
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,181
    edited March 2013
    That is completely wrong plus it depends on the dealer and how bad they want the vehicle. My daughter went to Carmax with her Acura TL(she had gotten a company car) and they offered $19K. I suggested she take it to the Acura dealer and they gave her $20k. I have a friend that was offered $4000 for a ten year old Camry XLE at Carmax recently and got $4600 from the Toyota dealer. From reading many forums it is apparent that Carmax is almost always lower bid. Where Carmax wins is that they just make it so easy and you don't have to hassle. Although I will say that neither my daughter or my friend had to hassle a lot to get the higher offers from the respective dealers.
  • alvaresalvares Posts: 75
    I know of a local person in my area who sold his honda pilot 2009 for 18,000 to carmax and the dealer where he was going to trade it in to get the new 2013 rdx was offering 15,000 to him a 3,000 difference, but yes everywhere is not the same.
  • pcain01pcain01 Posts: 2
    Just picked up 2013 RDX AWD w/Tech with 90 miles for $36,500 with locks all weather mats and roof rack in northern NJ
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,181
    That's a great deal. In fact, that is the best deal I've seen on a new RDX. Congrats.
  • karhill1karhill1 Posts: 164
    I did not buy a RDX. I recently got a 2013 MDX. For me, at this time, the MDX represented a better choice.

    Purchasing a vehicle at its inception is usually not a cost effective move. As shown on this forum, at this time, dealers do not seem to be discounting the RDX much. In fact, my local dealer told me they sell for basically MSRP with only minor reductions.

    With the 2014 MDX close, the discount for the 2013 MDX was about $7,000. Since I lease, the MDX makes more sense at this time as its monthly lease payment is no more than the payment for a similarly equipped RDX.
  • patm70patm70 Posts: 20
    "As shown on this forum, at this time, dealers do not seem to be discounting the RDX much. In fact, my local dealer told me they sell for basically MSRP with only minor reductions. "

    As to your statement above re a 2013 RDX selling for basically MSRP. Your dealer lied to you (surprise!). If you will check the many posts in this forum, many purchasers of the 2013 RDX purchased their vehicle for $2000. and more below MSRP. Some buyers reported buying their vehicles for less than $500. or more below invoice.
    As to your lease deal on an MDX, it is hard to compare with a selling price in which you own the car. Good luck with your MDX. Acura rules!
  • sstallsstall Posts: 7
    Lowest price for new (not used) 2013 RDX FWD with Tech is around $36700. That is the Edmunds TMV price for this area. I don't know if that includes the loyalty cash back. Do you know? How much less should a used vehicle be?
  • alvaresalvares Posts: 75
    edited March 2013
    sstall buy a new one better 2013 RDX FWD Tech sells for as low as 35,000 I bought mines for 35,196 in Rickcase acura. Listen in Church Falls Virginia there is an acura dealer there that will sell you an acura rdx 2013 tech for a little over 35,000 and it's less than 3 hours from you. You're from NC correct? You can have the car delivered to your door for under 300.00 dls. They were going to ship me one from Virginia to Florida for 500.00. But eventually got same price in a dealer near me called Rickcase Acura. Maybe they are more expensive now but i doubt it. Go to the sales internet manager not a sales person...
  • siva77siva77 Posts: 3
    2013 RDX FWD ,

    I got it on road(Incldiong Tax,Doc,etc) 35,800$.But other dealer gave me 35,500$ and took.
  • alvaresalvares Posts: 75
    siva do you mean you bought it used? Is it the rdx tech or non tech. What color you got the car?
  • Sounds like a few here got good pricing using he costco program.

    I like the RDX and i tried to sign up for the coscto program. The local dealer told me that the FDX was not included in the Costco program due to its popularity and short supply and said they could not do it.

    they had over 20 RDX on the inventory so i doubt its in short supply. Any experience this? I like the car but this was a big let down. They wanted me to come down and talk price.

    There is only one dealer here in hawaii so i can't check with another dealer. Kinda of a bummer. We also looking as a few other non Acura SUV and will be looking at their costco pricing this week.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,181
    Call Costco and complain. See if a dealer can withhold one particlular model from the Costco program or would that violate their agreement with Costco??
  • soz10soz10 Posts: 1
    Do not overlook the current RDX $750 lease cashback incentive. It is new and easy to miss.
  • Or maybe get the Costco quotes on a couple of competitors like the Outback and give them the 'I don't WANT to shop elsewhere; but I CAN'T overlook this price" ;) . Let'm know you're serious about buying.
  • The color is red, but the color doesn't matter

    Beautiful color: but would fit in better at my alma mater of SOUTH Carolina ;)
  • cev13cev13 Posts: 2
    I'm an Acura newbie and plan to trade in my 02 Santa Fe. I am being quoted an out the door total price of $38,374, not including my trade-in. This includes tax, registration, all-weather mats, fog lights, remote starter and cargo net. Is this good, bad, could be better? I'm in no rush to buy and I'm in Pittsburgh, PA. Any advice is appreciated for this first time car buyer. Thanks!!
  • You would need to back out the taxes and registration for those not living in your order for others to know what the actual selling price is.
  • lego34lego34 Posts: 5
    I get the beige int and forge silver We love this kind of color, it turn a light blue depending on the light. I bought it rosental acura MD good experience
  • buyabuya Posts: 74
    OTD means out-the-door. There is no OTD plus $3000 down. He said he negotiated the car for OTD, which logically means total sum $32,402 and of which they put a $3000 down (that he forgot to mention) to seal the deal and walk out the door.

    Great going Kohinoor!
  • Anyone here use the costco program. If so how did they go about giving your the pricing and if so what did you pay?
  • cev13cev13 Posts: 2
    Thanks for your reply and I look forward to your response/feedback!

    Retail Price: $36,615
    Dealer Price I Am Being Given: $34,813
    Fees: $236.55
    Floor Mats, Remote Starter, Cargo Net & Fog Lights: $817.04
    7% Tax
    TOTAL: $38,374.69

    No trade
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,181
    Unless you are in an area that has just one Acura dealer within a reasonable distance, I think that price is a little high. I got $2000 off list last fall when inventory still was pretty limited. You should shoot for $2500 off as they are also making a decent profit on the accessories you're having put on of which I had only mudflaps added to my deal. Don't be afraid to walk out. I think they'll come around with a better price.
  • vs77vs77 Posts: 24
    Was quoted $34K for AWD - Base model on RDX. it has wheel locks, door edge guards, and a product that applies to the exterior paint and interior leather as add-ons.

    Lease payment is $419; 0 down + TTL to be paid during sign off for 10K miles.

    Residual is 61% and MF is 0.00136

    is this right values to be considered as per MF/ residual.

    is this a good deal? can i get anything better...your experience can help me close this quickly
  • troymichaeltroymichael Posts: 18
    edited March 2013
    I just got a price higher than yours 34,474 for a non tech RDX nclude the Wheel Locks, Cargo Tray, and Mud Guards. I not leasing but i dont think this should not matter on the price.

    So your currently doing better than me. But i believe other have gotten better than $3400.

    I did not know there was an interior leather add on. I thought the leather was standard.

    Have you tried the costco program? I tried and was told the they rdx is exempt due to its high demand.

    I am not buying unless i can get the price down below 3400. i am in hawaii. What area are you in?
  • I did not know there was an interior leather add on. I thought the leather was standard.

    Pretty sure the reference was to a 'product' that is applied to the seats and paint as a 'protectant'. Probably worth $20 but sells for hundreds. Not worth much unless you have a 'claim' down the road.

    That aside, it would be interesting to see how they calculate the numbers on a product shipped from Japan vs one made in Ohio. I know we 'all' pay for everybody's shipping; but Hawaii is a heck of a long way from Ohio.
  • I called costco.

    What Coscto rep told me is that if the vehicle and dealer comes up on there website it is not exempt and that they should provide you the costco pricing. If the vehicle or dealer was not part of the program it would not come up on there website.

    Hope this helps someone else going in trying to get coscto pricing.

    Costco me the would have someone from the advocacy group call me.

    Sounds like the dealer was trying to prevent me from getting the price which probably lead to little profit or commission. This leads me to believe that is a great price. I am going to explore other cars using the costco program. I like the RDX but turn off by the dealer / sales on the costco BS.
  • alvaresalvares Posts: 75
    edited March 2013
    Troy what is the supposed costco price for the acura rdx 2013 base or tech/ fwd or awd?
  • I dont know the costco pricing because they never gave it to me claiming the RDX was exempt due to the high demand.

    I believe there have been others here that have used it and got prices close to invoice. search this thread for costco.

    I am pretty sure if a good deal or at least looking into.

    Go to the Also here is a good article on the program:
  • cdeneocdeneo Posts: 5
    2013 Acura RDX w tech package fwd - 36470 + tax + doc fees
    2013 Acura RDX w tech package awd - 37765 + tax + doc fees

    Any feedback would be much appreciated - can I get a better deal?

    No additional accessories or trade in associated with this price.
  • That's about 500 high on the fwd and 850 high on the awd as compared to here on the East coast. IMHO Offer less.
  • cdeneocdeneo Posts: 5
    Thanks mlevinedc3 for the quick reply to my query.

    850 below 37765 puts it at 50 below the invoice @ 36915 for awd tech pkg 2013 rdx.

    Am I missing anything? Is there a destination fee on top of the 36915 on the east coast?

    Also is there a flat doc fee + licensing + registration? How are you seeing these #s being calculated on the quotes...
  • alvaresalvares Posts: 75
    Curious to know what color combo people have chosen for their acura. Mines is amber brownstone/ parchment
  • crv_or_rdxcrv_or_rdx Posts: 15
    edited March 2013
    Hi - I have a price quote of $35700(OTD) for a Base RDX AWD in NJ. Is this a good price? If I work backwards from this number the price of the vehicle before tax/title and document fee would be approx $32750. Is this a good price?
  • patm70patm70 Posts: 20
    The MSRP with destination for the base RDX AWD is $36,615. The invoice price is $34,436. So, if your figures are correct and the dealer will actually sell you the car for the $32750. quote, you would be getting the vehicle for $3865 below MSRP and $1686. below invoice. Sounds too good to be true and may be the lowest price anyone on this forum has paid if you get the vehicle for this price. You ask if it is a good price. Silly question- if you checked prices others have paid on this forum. Actually, it is an unbelievable price. Good luck.
  • I agree with patm. That is a great price possibly the lowest post here. Also kinda sounds to good to be true i hope its not but let us know.

    If i would be a buyer at that price. But sadly best price i got for the same car is $34,500. Over my budget.
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 40,284
    I paid $33,500 for a base AWD in NJ (but back in August), and was surprised to get it for that low. So 32.7 is amazing.

    2020 Acura RDX tech SH-AWD

  • funken_afunken_a Posts: 5
    I've tried Bellevue and Lynnwood and neither comes close to this price for the 2013 AWD Tech RDX

    I can get them down to $39,500 which does include a protection package, but they won't budge.

    I'll have to try Seattle

    Also accessories.. If there a better way to get accessories installed cheaper. Want roof rails, remote start, some cargo protections.
  • jbaum86jbaum86 Posts: 15
    With the 2014 MDX being announced next week, it should create more downward pressure on the RDX.
  • patm70patm70 Posts: 20
    edited March 2013
    $32.7k for a Base RDX AWD is more than amazing. It is unbelievable. You know how some salesmen are. They promise you the world over the phone to get you to come to the dealership and sit down at the sales desk with them then suddenly ( and conveniently) forget what price they quoted you. I will only believe it after the car is bought at that price and driven off the lot!! If he gets it at that price, it will be the lowest anyone who has posted in this thread will have paid for a RDX AWD.
  • patm70patm70 Posts: 20
    "With the 2014 MDX being announced next week, it should create more downward pressure on the RDX. "

    I disagree. The announcement of the 2014 MDX has nothing to do with the new 2013 RDX. You either want to buy one or the other. They are two completely different vehicles in two completely different price ranges.

    Would you say the same about a Honda CRV if a new Pilot was coming out?
  • alvaresalvares Posts: 75
    edited March 2013
    Actually he's getting it $791.00 below invoice you're including destination thats why you're figures are 1,686 below invoice. That's still an awesome deal don't get me wrong. I paid 35,196 for a tech FWD exactly $474.00 below invoice. They try to hit me with the destination fee I said no. But yes they quoted me 35,196 with Floormats, and wheel locks, and when you get there numbers change ur right. Thats why I stayed firm. Remember they make money with doc fees and other stuff. So if you're paying below invoice it usually is maximum 500.00 less, thats if you're lucky. Most pay msrp and possibly some discounts here and there. You know how it goes. What ever the invoice is here in edmunds you know the dealer get's it lower than that. There is always a good deal but never nothing free or that any dealer is going to loose for.
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