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2013 and earlier-Acura RDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hugo_StiglitzHugo_Stiglitz Posts: 167
    Congrats what dealer? Where?

    You do realize the 2014's are out, yes? Did you try to deal on a '14?
  • osubuckosubuck Posts: 19
    absolutely tried on the chance..of getting $5000+ off

    There's is no difference between 2013 and 2014 so that's why I was okay with the 2013 model.

    This was Hidy Acura in Dayton, OH
  • rb001rb001 Posts: 13
    Good deal...we were split between the Jx aand the rdx too but decided on the rdx for the same reasons as yours. Will be picking it up for $35,800 without accessories here in the bay area with $39,500 drive out. Not able to find anything cheaper in CA. Good call on not getting the 2014, its a waste of money.

    By the way which dealership did you get it at and where?
  • osubuckosubuck Posts: 19
    This was Hidy Acura in Dayton, OH
  • Hugo_StiglitzHugo_Stiglitz Posts: 167
    How do you contrast a 7 passenger $50K+ vehicle with a 5 passenger $38K? I don't understand
  • mikietmikiet Posts: 9
    Maybe he didn't need the 7 passenger car and its simple to differentiate the two. They are both luxury vehicles and you can get the JX for a lot less than $50K. Since when is Infinity such a spectacular car? I certainly wouldn't want one. My family looked at everything and we liked the Acura best. We also have an Audi and I would take the Audi over the JX. Just my opinion.
  • osubuckosubuck Posts: 19
    you don' wife really wanted the JX but I was stuck between the RDX, Q5, or X3.

    For the deal I got, RDX was the best buy. This doesn't mean that Q5 or X3 weren't nice, I just couldn't justify the price because I was barely getting anything off the MSRP.

    JX: My wife loves this suv but when I test drove it, I found nothing spectacular about the drive. The only thing I love about this SUV is its looks.. The JX I wanted had the MSRP of $54180 and I wanted it for $49,000 OTD. They wanted $51,000 OTD..I said too bad and bought the RDX..

    Now that my wife's had it for a couple of days, she actually loves the RDX.

    I have a Accord EX-L V6 and my lease is up in May 2014. I am patiently waiting for the Infiniti Q50 to come out and hope to strike a deal on it next May.
  • rb001rb001 Posts: 13
    In our hunt for an SUV, we went to check out the Infiniti FX37 & EX37. I really liked FX37 but it was too expensive as compared to the RDX. The EX37 felt much smaller, lower & in fact more like a bigger hatchback. But then we saw the JX35 and really loved the room inside the car mainly because of the option of a 3rd row seat with very easy access (as compared to the MDX or any other 8 seater SUV). At this point in our life, we really didn't need a 7 seater and also it was $10K+ more than the RDX. Hence we decided against it. A few years down the line we'll definitely get a JX35 instead of an MDX or a van.
  • Hugo_StiglitzHugo_Stiglitz Posts: 167
    edited May 2013
    I understand the '14 MDX is supposed to hit the dealer lot in a couple of weeks. I'm curious to see how the 2 LCD screens minimize the number of buttons. I only need an RDX but my wife wants the extra space of the MDX. Our '04 MDX only has 172K mi. and has been flawless.
  • winedinenywinedineny Posts: 3
    Where in NY Area?

    you can respond to my screen name plus AOL

    Thanks Much
  • bunatinobunatino Posts: 2
    Just bought 2013 Acura 2WD RDX with Tech package 34000 +TTL in the bay area with 0.9% finance. Dealer gave free all season mat, cargo tray, and free 4 year maintenance package. Is it a good deal?
  • uciliteucilite Posts: 9
    That sounds like a deal to me. Congrats. Is the 0.9% for 36 or 60 months?
  • rb001rb001 Posts: 13
    Wow, that's a great deal. Which dealer? I'm in the bay area too. I'm planning on buying by Fri so let me know soon!
  • rb001rb001 Posts: 13
    Also what was the drive out price? Which county is the car registered in?
  • bunatinobunatino Posts: 2
    Acura Stevens Creek. 0.9% for 60 months. So the OTD price was $37,390.
  • uvasauvasa Posts: 23
    I receive any offer of $37,320 OTD for 2014 RDX AWD.

    .09 for 60 months.

    Is this a good price?
  • carman89carman89 Posts: 9
    First I want to thank everybody on this forum that share so much information about purchasing and leasing. The trigger was finally pulled yesterday at $31,800 which included destination and before any extras added into the prices (which im sure the dealer made a nice profit on)

    Thanks all!
  • jonas0111jonas0111 Posts: 8
    Hey Carman,

    What was the dealer name and city??

  • rb001rb001 Posts: 13
    Thx for ur help. Picked up one for $34,400 yesterday with the same accessories you got. Negotiated a lot but they wouldn't bring it down any further. Said the deal they gave you was on an aged car and I couldn't wait till this one got aged as the market was getting thin on the 2013 RDXs. Really happy with my purchase.
  • rb001rb001 Posts: 13
    Wanted some input to make a decision on the extended warranty for my new 2013 RDX. The 8 YR/96,000 mile warranty is for $3,800 and I negotiated it down to $2,200. Eventually didn't buy it though. Is it something I should get? Reasons being its a new remodel of the car so we don't if there are any issues with it plus the car has a lot of electrical & electronic parts. Any suggestions/opinions?

    Thanks for your help.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,181
    I wouldn't do it even if you got it down to $1500 or maybe even less. Your normal warranty will cover the powertrain for 6 yrs/70000 miles. If you are financing you will be paying whatever interest rate on that warranty as well. Put the $2200 in a dividend stock and leave it there. Chances are you will never need it. Plus what happens to the warranty if the car gets stolen or totalled? Does the insurance company reimburse you for that? I kind of doubt it.
  • 4myfamily4myfamily Posts: 16
    what are the charges in the $34.400?
    can you please list the dealer name, city, and state. Thanks
  • rb001rb001 Posts: 13
    $34,400 is the price of the car for a 2013 FWD Tech. TTL extra. Bought it at Stevens Creek Acura in San Jose, CA.
  • sticksticklystickstickly Posts: 7
    edited June 2013
    Thank you all for posting your prices, it really helped me with buying a new RDX! I decided to register so I can share and add one more data point.

    The 2013s are running low in my area, so I urge anyone on the fence to go out and get yourself a good deal before they are all gone. We originally wanted a graphite AWD Tech, but could only find Silver Moon left that met our black interior preference.

    2013 Silver Moon RDX w/ AWD and Tech Pkg
    Sale Price: $35,791.51
    Fees: $561
    Taxes: $2147.49
    Total Out-the-door Price: $38,500

    They also threw in 2 years of maintenance included in the price. I negotiated the price over email before going to the dealership. I feel good about the deal. Not the best price people have received, but very competitive nonetheless.
  • unc99unc99 Posts: 1
    Just an FYI;
    Got a 2013 RDX Tech FWD for $33990 plus $95 dealer doc fee plus tax and tags AND 0% financing for 60 bought down the current .9% Acura incentive. You can get this deal at most VA/MD dealerships around DC. Once I got this price I shopped around a couple dealers because I wanted a certain color...they would all match the deal.
  • osubuckosubuck Posts: 19
    2013 Acura AWD RDX with Tech package:

    MSRP: $40,315
    Remote Start: $620
    Total MSRP: $40,935

    Negotiated down to $35,900

    Got $5035 off MSRP savings of 12.3%

    Negotiated OTD Price: $38582 (includes tax, title, doc fee, remote start)
    0.9% for 60 months. zero down
    Monthly Payment: $658 for 60 months
  • jonas0111jonas0111 Posts: 8
    Which City state and dealer did you get the deal from?? Great Deal.
  • sticksticklystickstickly Posts: 7
    edited June 2013
    It was Oxmoor Acura in Louisville, KY.
  • osubuckosubuck Posts: 19
    Look at my thread above. For $82 more I got the Acura remote start.
  • acura85acura85 Posts: 12
    Could you please provide dealership name
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