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Chevrolet Avalanche Transmission Problems



  • We had a '07 Avalanche. The transmission lost 2nd and 4th gear; the truck had about 30,000 miles at the time. Dealer wanted to replace the transmission, but GM insisted that they rebuild/repair it - which they finished after about 10 days. They paid for a rental.

    Other than that, the vehicle was a good one; not a lemon. Made two trips half-way across the US, and one trip to Georgia. We traded it in April 2008 for a '08 Malibu, mainly because at that time gas was predicted to hit $4 per gallon (which it eventually did.) Because of it's (less than good) milleage, I anticipted the re-sale value of the Avalanche dropping like a stone - and it did; thankfully it dropped after we traded it. I digress. The dealer described the tranny going out as a "freak" manufacturing flaw.


  • I have a 2004 ave that has had 3 switching devices since i bought it 3 years ago. Its in the shop today getting the 3rd unit installed. This will be the last unit i pay for since i plan on getting rid of this lemon as soon as possible. The sad thing is that I don't go off road, not a heavy driver, and still the problem has happened for the 3rd time. The truck has 80k miles on it, which I had only driven 28k since buying the truck. There have been other issues as well, but the switch selector is the biggest problem. Time to go back to Ford, I guess.
  • hp995hp995 Posts: 2
    My 2005 is messing up on the 4WD switches now. Keeps saying (service 4WD) and somtimes the indicator lights don't work, but it works fine. Had my garage check it and change all the oils. He said there was nothing wrong with it. Is this the same switches as yours chadx ?
    Wife just told me today, it will not take gas correct when she hits the gas.
    What a piece of #$%& !! :lemon:
  • Jamm3rJamm3r Posts: 1

    My 07 Avalanche with 12,800 miles just blew the transmission and the dealer trying to say that they won't cover the warranty due to my 22" rims. Any advice on how to fight this would be appreciated.
  • jhinscjhinsc Posts: 399
    You will have to prove that your aftermarket rims didn't cause the transmission problem. One easy way to do it is to compare the overall height and dimension of aftermarket rim and tire to a Chev 20" rim and tire. If they are the same, your rims didn't cause the problem. If it's taller and/or wider, or perhaps shorter, it threw off the gear ratio putting more stress on the transmission. Good luck.
  • Tranny just went on my 07 with 20 k on it. It has been in the shop for over a week now, good thing I did not need a rental because they said they do not offer that anymore. Lost reverse. They are in the process of rebuilding it. Sure is taking a while. Funny thing is I do not tow or abuse the truck. I traded in an 04 for this one.
  • I purchased my Avalance in Feb 08 it is an 07 so it was a slightly used purchase. However being that it was fairly new, I figured it would be a good buy. NOT...this car is Junk! It looks nice, but from day one the brakes were squeeky but new, the battery was constantly dieing out on me, finally had AAA replace my battery. The air noise comming through the windows is annonying and now yesterday..less than one year after purchasing my Transmission went out I think..I really dont know what happened I was at a red light and when it turned green I stepped on the gas and the car jumped and made a loud noise. As I stepped on the gas again and nothing it would go nowhere! People behind me were furious as I was holding up traffic on a busy street. Tripple AAA had to tow it home..Monday I have to take it where I bought it or a Chevy Dealer? I'm not even sure where to take it?

    Thank God I purchased the extended Warranty for 60 thousand miles! But people used to tell me when I drove my Ford - Chevys the Vehicle! And I say now..I'd rather push a Ford than Drive a Chevy I'm so sick of this big expensive unreliable hunk of junk. In Comparrison to my 2002 F150 Supercrew which I bought brand new..and put 120 thousand miles on it and only changed the Oils, brakes, and had the fuel injection cleaned. It never stranded me and took me all over the US was a quiet ride and even when I turned it in was running smoothe as could be? Why I traded it? I dont know..I wish I could go back but since I cannot does anyone have any advice for me? Turns out my Avalanche will reverse and run in 3,2,1st but does not move in D-drive. Really really strange..I've had cars with Transmission problems but this gave no warnings...before-hand?
  • romeo046romeo046 Posts: 1
    I have a 04 ava trans went out 2yrs ago. ITS in shop now for 2nd trans. Bought it in 04 with 800 mi. got the extended warr. cost me only 50 bucks but here we go again warr. ended 4-19-09 I have less than 60,000 mi. and 17in. rims I DONT KNOW WHAT TO THINK!!!! :confuse:
  • You need a transfer case motor which is about $500. because the same thing happen to my 05 avalanche and it only had 26,000 miles on it.
  • I have an '03 Z71 with 86k miles on it. Transmission kicks going into 2nd gear from first. but the thing is, it only does every once in a while. Local reapir shop that specializes in 4x4's said its a common thing with the avalanche, and its something electronic. I've reading several places that electrical issues were prevalent with the first gen '02s and they fixed most of them but maybe someone else is having the same problems? it's not really a problem yet but i'm a little wary since boating season is just around the corner and towing doesnt help a vehicle thats struggling already. any advice is appreciated
  • wmpanaceawmpanacea Posts: 1
    I have tge exact same problem. What did you do?
  • Two weeks ago I lost the transmission on my 04 Avalanche. I thought that someone hit me from behind. Anyway I knew that the transmission was finished and I'm not a mechanic. I called a local Chevy dealer in my town and described the situation, 04 avalanche with 46000 miles on the odometer. They told me sorry, it was my problem and not theirs. Took it to a local transmission shop with a good reputation and paid for a rebuild, 1800 bucks worth. Decided to call Chevy complaint line and give them a piece of my mind and was told that they probably would have covered at least a portion of the cost but since they did'nt do the work I was out of luck. Actually, they are out of luck, I have owned 7 Chevy's in my life and will not buy another. I think that their customer service stinks and that type of attitude is why GM is in the situation that it is in. Otherwise I have loved the vehicle but will not do business with a company that refuses to stand behind their product or long time customers.
  • mav007mav007 Posts: 4
    i have a 04 avalanche z71 yesterday on a take off pulling approx 3500lbs i heard a loud pop and noticed i was not accelerating i have no drive and no #3 i have #2 #1 and reverse fluid is fine and no burt smell is it the whole transmission that is shot or is it a module sensor type problem thanks
  • mav007. I went to the gm site. There is a comment section there and I explained my problem (similar to yours) I received a reply within 3 days from GM asking me to call them. Long story short they agreed to reimburse me 1/2 half of the cost to repair. total transmission rebuild 1800, they paid 900. I thought that was fair. Hope this helps
  • belriabelria Posts: 3
    My husband and I are ready to upgrade. We found a 2002 AV with 81,555 miles for 10k. the blue book on it in excellent condition is 12,535. I have researced this rig thoroughly and am concerned about transmission problems. Especially since they are one of the most expensive things to fix. We cannot go wrong in buying a newer vehicle. We are a young couple living off one income and do not want to screw this up or drive it for a year and have it break down and not be able to fix it. Should we take it to a mechanic first or take the dealer's word for it? Will it break down on me and my spouse leaving us @*$( out of luck? :confuse:
  • Belria, I purchased a 2004 Avalanche two years ago with 29000 miles and the transmission went out on me last summer. (see previous posts) I was completly upset over the entire matter. The cost to replace the transmission was 1800.00 and the vehicle was out of warranty. I wrote a letter to GM explaining the issue and kept it professional. GM agreed to pay 1/2 the cost of the repair even though they did not do the repair work. It is my understanding that most of these transmissions that do fail, do so before they reach 75000 miles, but I would still have the transmission checked by a mechanic before you buy or at least get a warranty in writing. My truck now has 52000 miles and I have had no other problems. Good luck.
  • mav007mav007 Posts: 4
    where can i locate a new/rebuilt transmission for a 2004 Z -71 5.3 w/o getting ripped off mine is totally out of service thanks mav
  • belriabelria Posts: 3
    Everything I have read about the transmission problems on avalanches seems to happen to on models 2004 and newer. Does anyone know anything about the older models. We're still looking at that 2002 model. I found out it was a company rig for the first 72,000 miles and am hoping they took good care of it maintenance wise. The dealership says it has no current transmission problems and there is nothing on the car fax indication anything is wrong with it.
  • belriabelria Posts: 3
    I would say craig's list or find a truck that doesn't run but has a good transmission still. Wrecked ones could still have good parts.
  • i just bught a 2003 av... my very first piece of chevy ever, any way i have noticed that when ever the truck is put into drivethere is a hiccup or pause if you will that unless i give the tranny anywhere from 1 to 7 seconds to engauge it usually leads to a good jolt to which the transmission then runs completely fine. is there anyone who has had this problem or can lead to any insight into my issue?
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