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Jeep Grand Cherokee Start Stall Idle Problems



  • :mad: I connected a scan tool DB2 and low and behold the fuel pulse widths to injectors after normal engine temp, when restarted after 10 min, were wider in length for about 20 sec’s, then narrowed down thereafter resulting in smooth idle.
    I think the problem is with the PCM.
  • Our 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with 318 V8 engine died all of a sudden while backing up. We had diagnostic done on the car and it was found to have the original ignition coil in the car and there was evidence of CORROSION and WEAK OUTPUT of the coil, however the spark plugs were getting wet from my attempts to start the vehicle, so that proves that the fuel system was functional ............ We are replacing the coil at this moment and I will change out the spark plugs plus cap and rotor when I get the car back to my house. I recommend that you allow a good shop with electrical/ignition diagnostic capabilities to check out your Jeep if the engine quits like this .......... Of course could be cause any number of problem areas but with all the computers onboard and security system installed, you would be hard pressed to figure this out on your own.
  • I hope this is my problem, having the same issue. Stalls at light or stop soon after leaving home.
  • Have a similar issue but I have a clicking noise which now discovered is coming from the motor that controls the passenger side blend door. blend door seems fine but how would one get to and replace this motor which is behind heat assembly housing and between firewall.
  • The picture here is it the top area of the bell housing or where. really cant see. I see the ground strap. I have V8.
  • It sounds like you need to check your fuel pressure when it dont want to start.
    If your fuel pressure is readind what its supposed to , check your plungs and wires and if that looks good check your mass air flow.
  • I had the same problem. We thought it was the battery but after putting a new battery it wouldn't charge. We put a new alternator in and have had no problems with check gauge light or battery meter or any of it hope it helps. I hope it helps you.
  • About 6 weeks ago my 2000 JGC starting dieing on me. I took it to the shop , they hooked it up for a diagnostic ,and ended up replacing the r/r sensor and serpentine belt (belt had cracks) Since then there has been a miss in the motor and acts like it wants to shut off. Or a huge hick up.
    I think I had this same sensor replaced about 5 years ago.
    A week later I took it back to the shop and they replaced the spark plugs thinking that might be the problem since they had never been replaced. Now another week later there is still a miss in the engine and I think it may be getting worse cause it took longer to start this morning.

    Any thoughts as to this problem?
  • Oooops. it was the crank position sensor. and belt. I don't think he had it on right or gapped correctly. JMO.
    After that it had a miss so I took it back, and they replaced the plugs, still had a miss, took it back and they replaced the coil and O2 sensor, still had a miss , even worse, so bad that I don't see how he missed the miss, took it back again and let them have it!
    They replaced the crank position sensor AGAIN.
    Now it's working but there's still just a very slight miss that only the driver might notice.
    I feel like they didn't really know what they were doing and just replacing things hoping to fix my expense.
    I'm tempted to call the owner and talk to him about it.
  • katcallkatcall Posts: 1
    My Jeep runs like a dream...that is until recently when for no reason it just stops running. It just seems to suddenly turn itself off as I drive it. After it quits I have a heck of a time re-starting i(20 or so minutes). When it does start again it goes a way down the road and quits again. I am afraid to drive it now. I have no trouble starting it when I first get in to the car and it doesn't always do it. Maybe every 3rd or 4th day.I have a very good battery...had a new starter put in. Just baffled and as I said afraid to take it anywhere. PLEASE anyone who might have an me. Thanks very much.
  • scottj1scottj1 Posts: 9
    Unless someone else can figure it out from the info you have provided, I would ask you for more details. Does is quit like a light switch is thrown or does is seem to lose power, run rough, and die? Does it backfire at all?
    Do you smell anything peculiar just before or after it stops? Any strange noised as it dies or when you are trying to start it? Have you notice the gauges (the instrument cluster) doing odd things? Suddenly the fuel is totally full or totally empty? The heat gauge is totally hot to totally cold? How many miles are on the vehicle? What year, model and engine option do you have? Sorry to ask so many questions but for me to be able to evaluate the problem I really need a lot more details to work with. If anyone else knows what it is from the description, please jump in.
  • alby3alby3 Posts: 46
    could be crank shaft postion sensor.... fairly inexpensive and fairly easy to replace. mine would cut out but start right back and the SKIM light came on.... turned out to be the pcm (brain) about $200 on ebay for a rebuilt one. still easy to replace. send them the vin#, mileage, and year make and model. the program it in and send it. mounts on the fire wall and is pretty straigt forward to replace. disconnect battery, pull the 3 plugs and replace.
    good luck
  • james808james808 Posts: 1
    I have a straight six 1997 grand Cherokee. I had faced this before which like a lot of you was to the point of shooting it or myself. I changed batteries, sensors, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, cleaned TB, added sea foam. Still same shift different day! So frustrating! So I just held my foot on gas an breaks to remedy it. It got me by day to day. Then one day my radiator started to leak! I was about to set it a fire!! But my father in law bought me a new one. Would you believe it! All my idle and dying issues went away?!?! So after reading a lot of the post I seen here. I'm guessing that the computer near passenger fire wall is in fact the culprit as some have found. My guess is that JEEP chose the wrong location for it since so many of "Us Jeep owners" have came across this same problem. Oh and someone mentioned a temp sensor! Would hurt to check them both and see what happens! I would love to know if anyone else tries out my solution and reply if it works or not so that we can spread the cure of the "Idle From The UNKOWN!!"
    -Happy Wrenching Guys!!
  • stranger4stranger4 Posts: 1
    I am curious, is anyone aware of an issue like this. Here's the scenario. Get into my 2011 Jeep GC with key fob in pocket, hit the start button and it cranks but will not start. It will sometimes do this several times in a row which seems to result in flooding then it will not run once it does start. Sometimes it only does it once, you hit the button again to stop the cranking then hit it again and it takes right off running. 45000 miles, so out of warranty and of course Dealer says bring it in an we will SOAK you for cash...... I have been told possibly the "crank sensor". Any advise at all would be greatly appreciated.
  • Same exact issue. It is them integrated power module. Just got wracked for 1,260$ to replace it

  • jaybobz79jaybobz79 Posts: 2
    I am having the exact same issue. Finally didn't start for 2 full days. At the dealership now and they told me that it is either the Primary Fuel Pump or both the primary and secondary fuel pump - $1,600.
    I have seen other posts concerning this where people just pulled a fuse, some said it was a fuel sensor, some said to reset the computer - all sound cheaper than $1,600
    If anyone has had success fixing this problem, please let me know. Thanks!!
  • jaybobz79jaybobz79 Posts: 2
    same issues - Can you tell me the part # for the Integrated Power Module? Thanks.
  • barryzbarryz Posts: 43
    I don't know if 2011 is same issue as my 1999. On at least the 1999 thru mid 2000's there is a crank position sensor on bottom of transmission, when it goes bad it will not send a signal that lets vehicle start, and it will only crank. It was very hard to reach and I took it to a good NON DEALER shop and let them do the work, in 2009 was about $200 including labor. Don't know if 2011 has this, but when I google 2011 jeep grand Cherokee crankshaft position sensor, it comes up as there is one, don't know if it is still in a hard to get at location.
  • 2011 Jeep GC Limited with 48,600 miles won't start. Out of Jeep warranty and now under the Zurich 84 months/100,000 mile bumper to bumper I purchased at closing with dealer. I'm told I need a new TIPM and will cost $1,300; Zurich "preferred coverage" states they cover the "electronic ignition system" but they tell me they won't cover the brain that powers the system. I am still fighting with them and filing small claims court papers in Camden County, NJ.

    TIPM won't come in until August 22nd so they approved a rental car. At Enterprise Rental for [non-permissible content removed] and giggles I said hey, you got a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee I could have and he said yes except it is back at the same Cherry Hill Triplex Service department because it won't start. What is going on here, everyone please post your no start problems, I believe there is a cover up going on and Chrysler needs to man up and do the right thing for us.
  • 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with 48,600 miles and same exact problem! Once it started it would go all day with many start stops but once it sat for several hours i was stuck, no start without numerous 5-8 push button start/stop episodes before she turned over, this method cost me all 4 of my AAA tows / battery truck service calls. Towed to dealer and told it needs a new Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM) and cost estimate is $1,300. I bought the "preferred coverage" extended 84 months/ 100,000 mile extended service contract from Zurich which was offered by the dealer for $2,214.00 extra. They state they cover the "electronic ignition system" but they won't cover the $1,300.00 TIPM. That's another fight which is also being posted online with;; and facebook.

    TIPM is on back order until August 22, 2013 so Chrylser approved a rental car. At Enterprise Rental I asked If they had a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee I could have and to my surprise they said Yes except it was back at the same dealership; Cherry Hill Triplex because it won't start! Same exact problem, what is going on here? Search the internet and I find too many same related issues, Chrysler must know they have a problem on their hands and are not doing the right thing by us loyal owners, this is my 5th Grand Cherokee and I always loved them, I just never owned them this long, I was lusting after the 2014 SRT with that Launch button but now I'm rethinking everything. This story is still live and I will continue to update it, Please everyone post your no start problems, there could be something much more worse than we know.
  • Having the same issue now. 2011 Grand Laredo. Roughly 58,000 miles on it, purchased from Franklin Sussex Auto mall with about 19,000 miles on it. The issue started with all my remotes not working properly, wont open or lock the truck, had to get up close and press the button on the door handle. In the past month, i would start the truck, put it in reverse and it would immediately turn off, all power gone. This has happened a couple of times. Most recently, among this, im having the same "crank" issue. Start the truck, sounds like its idling in the "ignition" stage but wont actually kick over for me. Scary stuff, god forbid something like this happens while im on the highway. Going to call the dealer and see whats up.
  • dsj70dsj70 Posts: 1
    I'm having the same problem, along with the fuel pump still running after vechiele is turned off. I have 67,000 miles and no warrenty.. Going to mechanic Monday to see if its just the crank position sensor... Either way no help from Chrysler... All they want is $$$$.
  • Seems like everyone is having the same issue but no surprise that Jeep will not issue any sort of recall! The problem is the Totally Integrated Power Module- engine won't start, just cranks and cranks. Mine finally turned off for good and has been sitting at the Jeep Dealership for almost 3 weeks b/c the part has been backordered!!!!!!!!!!!! Again, same problem everyone is having and NO ONE CAN FIX without the correct replacement part from JEEP/CHRYSLER. Get it together guys- there are 2000 TIPM being released TODAY. Good luck getting your hands on one- another disappointment Jeep.
  • I am having the same problem that everyone else is. I bought my 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee used. It has 44,863 miles on it. My problem, which is similar to what others have described, started last week. I went to AutoZone, to my regular mechanic, a mechanic who specializes in electrical work and Sears. Because the Check Engine light did not turn on, I was told that there was no way to check it. We replaced the battery at Sears and things were okay; however, the problem started up again. I, too, am out of warranty and the one that I just got will not kick in until September 15th.
  • After reading the posts and living through this experience, I called Jeep and was given the royal send-off. The woman who took my call was rude and extremely dismissive. I told her that many folks have reported this problem not only this forum, but on others. She said that the same person could write different posts. I told her that she was dismissive. She said that I needed to have it diagnosed, even though I told her verbatim what I had written here. She said that the problem does not warrant a recall. I told her that I cannot afford to be without a vehicle. I then asked to speak to a supervisor and she told me that the person would be telling me the same thing.
  • bob_grahambob_graham Posts: 63
    edited August 2013
    Our 2011 GC Overland 5.7 is having the same issue. Does this start out as a rough idle problem then turns into an occasional "will not start". The dealer ordered the TIPM and said they did not know when the part would come. This is a joke - I just waited 3 weeks for a water pump earlier this year. Somehow everyone at Chrysler thinks this is OK...
  • That's how mine started. There was an occasional idle issue which turned into a crank issue when trying to start the vehicle but I could at least get it going after a few tries or using the remote start. I took it in 2 weeks ago and when they said the TIPM was on backorder, I tried to pick up my Jeep only to be told it was no longer running AT ALL forcing me to leave it with Jeep and wait for the part. Still waiting... It was supposed to ship on Tuesday but now I am getting the run around from the Jeep service dept. I have no idea when/if my Jeep will run again.....
  • And the vehicle is only 2 years old- haven't had ANY issues until this. 2011 GC Limited. No extended warranty so I'm screwed... They won't even cover a rental for me!!!!!!!!!!
  • My 2011 Larado with 41k miles on it started have problems with long cranks and stalling. I took it to the dealership and instantly they diagnosed the problem as being the TIPM. The good news is that shiney $3,000 Max Care warranty will cover the $1k replacement. The bad news is that I have to wait 6 to 8 weeks! What the hell am I supposed to do with no reliable car for two months??? How is there no recall on this? So far my Jeep still starts after a few attempts. I hope it stays that way and I hope I don't get stranded anywhere.
  • moozie1moozie1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 JGCL 4.0 6cyl, been having lots of issues with brakes, exhaust ect but husband has fixed most. But this one we cannot figure out, for the last year or so when sitting idle jeep will cough, sputter and stall then start right up again, has been happening a lot lately so my husband replaced fuel pump then o2 sensor but still happening. It seems to chug a lot then at times cannot go over 40mph no matter what. Any advice would be appreciated!
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