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Mitsubishi Montero



  • phonosphonos Posts: 206
    Finally got to do another off-road trip in the '03 20th Anniversary Special Limited.

    Went all the way from the main road in Joshua Tree N.P. to Dillon Road in Coachella Valley by way of Geology Tour and Berdoo Canyon Roads.

    Rock crawling in a couple of places in Berdoo Canyon is required between the narrow walls in a couple of spots. It appears some off-road club probably did a little road building with boulders in these areas to reduce the drop-offs.

    There is one rather tight squeeze near the southern end of the trail where quick left-right, left rights are required between large boulders.

    Made it through with not a scratch or bottoming out the whole way.
  • dcmooredcmoore Posts: 14

    That sounds like fun. Forgive me if you've previously posted this information, but is your Monty pretty much stock? Or have you modified it somewhat to deal with the rigors of offroad? I'm interested in knowing if it was a stock Montero that conquered that trail. thanks.

    BTW, I purchased a 2003 Montero Ltd. w/ approx. 13K miles on it almost two months ago. Very happy with it thus far. Haven't taken it offroad yet.

  • phonosphonos Posts: 206
    Old Man Emu Medium Rate Springs and OME off-road shocks from ARB. These give a 1½ to 2 inch lift over stock and a much firmer ride.

    BFG All Terrain Light Truck TA KO's in 265-75x16, load range "D" size to replace the 265-70x16's, load range "C" Yokohama with highway tread. They fit fine on the stock wheels even though they are 1-inch larger diameter (which gives another ½ inch of lift). They are slightly noisy and a bit hard riding on the highway.

    However, I previously owned a 2001 (same unibody that I actually bought the above suspension and tires for but never installed) that was entirely stock and it made it down Pinkham Canyon without any problem other than dragging the rear protective skid bar (which is why it is there) coming down one 10-12 inch drop off.

    We also had it on quite a few of the back roads up in Death Valley without any complaints. It was great on the trip to "The Racetrack" and the back road into Darwin from Panamint Springs.
  • dcmooredcmoore Posts: 14
    Appreciate the information. At some point, the tires, shocks and springs are all going to be replaced on my 2003, but at this point I'm happy to let things ride. The ride on this 2003 Montero is significantly smoother than my '99 Trooper. I loved my Isuzu because it was reliable, but if the Montero turns out to be just as reliable then it's no contest as to which is the better vehicle. The Monty is smoother and quieter, has a 3rd-row seat, and has more creature comforts.
  • dusterduster Posts: 37
    I have a 2001 Montero with only 16k on it.
    My alloy wheels are pitted, the service manager
    at Darcars in Maryland said it was caused
    by brake dust!! I clean my wheels on a regular
    basis and I find this hard to believe. Is there
    any truth to this? I have tried to clean this
    stuff off but, it is under the surface. I think the wheels
    were not machined properly to begin with. Thanks
    for your help!
  • nybill38nybill38 Posts: 12

    How in the world could "Oil Changers" tell there is "dirt" in the oil pan? you can't see inside there...I think they were just selling you a service and you were wise not to have it done. I never go to those type places...they way overcharge for service, locally here is 31.99 for a basic oil change...I do my own with top quality oil and filter for $13.00 and about 30 minutes of my day and a little dirt on the hands
  • called "Fast and Prepaid". It's 30 oil changes for $199.95 and uses the manufacturer filter and I believe it's QS oil although I'm not sure of the brand. It works out to $7.08 per oil change. Can't pass that one up or beat it DIY.
  • montemonmontemon Posts: 4
    I have a 2001 Montero that just turned ove 83,000 miles. I am on a trip in North Carolina and both front wheel bearings have gone bad. WOW!! what an awful noise.
      I made it to a service station and the new parts are on the way. I'm going to replace the front brakes while they have it apart.

      Has any one had any issues with their wheel bearings? Was there any memo issued about defective wheel bearings that I missed? I have owned cars with twice the amount of miles and have have not had any wheel bearing problems.

      Just wondering if this is usual for a 4WD. This is my first 4WD.

      I have loved the 3 1/2 years I"ve owned the Monte, Lots of good times. No problems. just the regular oil changes every 3K - 5K miles. Brakes and Tires

  • softhds1softhds1 Posts: 26
    Just traded in my 2001 for a new one. The car is identical, I lowered my payments, and now how the new 7year 100,000 mile warrantee. I loved my 2001, never gave me any problems except the radio issue I previously spoke about. Went from all black with black leather to white with silver two tone and beige leather. The new lighted side steps are very nice looking, otherwise no real changes though the radio supposedly has more power as well as the engine
  • dcmooredcmoore Posts: 14
    Been away for awhile, stopped by to look in and my gosh there's zippo going on in this discussion. Last post on 4/18?! I guess all the Monties are doing fine, eh??

    I went from a '99 Trooper to a '03 Monty. Bought it used in January. Had about 13K miles. I'm now just over 20K. Got a very good deal. No problems thus far. Really like the Monty. My wife drives it occasionally and she says she gets compliments on it quite often.
  • viet3viet3 Posts: 8
    My 01 is 26K miles. According to the manual, the differentials oil should be changed at 30K miles. I changed the oil before a trip and the oil in both diffs are very deteriorated. I have 150K miles car with much better oil condition. The fluids is saturated with metal shavings, the color is not gold but green/dark. I checked with dealer but the dealer say it is normal!
  • phonosphonos Posts: 206
    I always change differential fluids once a year or 12,000 miles. This is what was recommended by an independent mechanic who works on 4x4s a lot.
  • Cracovian mentions a few postings back that this might be the last year for the Montero... Is this true? I am thinking of buying one, but would hate to buy a truck that is about to be dropped. Mitsubishi's move discontinuing the XLS model for this year seems to be a step in that direction. Does anybody know anything about this? Thanks!
  • phonosphonos Posts: 206
    One rumor posted somewhere is that Daimler-Chrysler-Mitsubishi are going to be building future SUVs using the Durango platform for all models (Jeep, Mercedes, Montero, etc.).
  • Thanks, phonos. I appreciate the info.
  • cracoviancracovian Posts: 337
    One thing to keep in mind is that dealers are still sitting on a bunch of high-mileage 2003s. I've seen one 2004 in my area to be sold at a sticker price... it's still sitting there. Carmax chain (the largest Mitsu distributor) has three (3) 2004 Monteros in stock in the entire country and it hasn't sold a single one. I would gladly buy one but there aren't many of them to begin with. The current $1000 incentive doesn't make it worthwhile for me to go up north to pick one up. Let us know where you'd be getting yours from. If Mitsu can make money "selling" Monteros this year then it makes sense for them to bring it over here in 2005 :-) They've made much worse decisions, so you never know...
  • I was thinking of a 2003 model with not too many miles for around $24,000. As for where I would be buying, I'm in Kentucky but would not mind going out of state if I find the right deal. My local Mitsu dealer has two 2004s ($36,000)in stock and one 2003 in black (my wife's car is already black). I might even consider e-bay. In any case, I agree with someone in a previous posting who said that some cars make sense to buy used and others don't. I think the Montero, with $10-12,000 depreciation the first year, is the perfect example of a vehicle that makes sense to buy slightly used. On the other hand, this is common knowledge, which means that very few people are buying brand new Monteros. If Mitsubishi drops the current model Monteros will become practically worthless. It's something to think about for those of us who are considering this vehicle.
  • phonosphonos Posts: 206
    Planning to drive up to and around Vancouver Island from SoCal next two weeks with the 2003 Montero. Will report back how it goes.

    Any suggestions on what to do besides see Buchart Gardens?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Eat a Nainamo bar :-) Hornby Island is nice if you have time to get up that way.

    Steve, Host
  • phonosphonos Posts: 206
    OK, I give up -- what's a Nanaimo Bar?

    Never mind I found it --

    The History and Mystery of the Nanaimo Bar: Facts, Myths

    The Truth is Out There, But We Just Can't Find It

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    Three recipes called Nanaimo Bars appear more or less simultaneoulsy. 1) The recipe appears in "Favorite Recipes, Compiled by the Women's Association of the Brechin United Church" (1957-58; p.52), which is in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada (recipe submitted by Joy Willgress). 2) An identical recipe (with the ingredients listed in the same order) called "Nanaimo Bars" was also published in 1958 in the "Centennial Cook Book" compiled by the Welland Jaycettes (Ontario, Canada), submitted by Jeanne Murray. 3) Finally, the recipe appears in the 1958 "British Columbia Women's Institues Centennial Cookbook" (inside title: "Adventures in Cooking," Greenwood Press, p.171).

    In 1986, a contest was held by a Nanaimo newspaper to find "the best Nanaimo Bar maker in Nanaimo." The winning recipe, submitted by Joyce Hardcastle, and the one that many Nanaimo Bar recipes are based on or copied from, is not quite the same as the c.1957-58 recipe. The contest organizers made no mention of the earlier recipes.

    Some say the recipe goes back to the 1930s, perhaps from a recipe called Chocolate Fridge Cake that may have appeared in the Vancouver Sun newspaper. Despite searches, no evidence yet supports this connection, or at least it has not gone under the name "Nanaimo Bar(s)." Others hold that it comes from New York in the 1930s. Still others say it goes back to the coal-mining days of early Nanaimo, when it was sent to the miners from their friends and relatives in the United Kingdom as a gift; once more, no evidence is available to support this theory. The miners who came to the west coast of Canada were, for the most part, from Northern England, and no recipe like Nanaimo Bar can be traced to these locations. In short, this coal-mining connection is almost certainly legend rather than fact, and suited to promote Nanaimo's heritage. Other believe it was brought by Dutch settlers in early 1900s; no evidence has been found to support this, and it is a suspect origin.

    Carol Ferguson, author of the cookbook "A Century of Canadian Home Cooking" (1992), suggests that the recipe was first called "Nanaimo Bar" in the Vancouver Sun newspaper in the early 1950s (though no evidence yet supports this), having derived from recipes published in a "The Women’s Auxiliary to the Nanaimo Hospital Cook Book" (1952). The latest research shows that there is a clear connection between a recipe in this 1952 "Nanaimo Hospital Cook Book" and the c.1957-58 "Brechin United Church" recipe--they are the same recipe. The difference is that in the "Nanaimo Hospital Book" it is called "Chocolate Slice" (submitted by Mrs. E. MacDougall), not "Nanaimo Bars." There is also be an intermediary recipe that appears in 1955 in Victoria, British Columbia, in a cookbook published by St. Aidan's United Church--it is called "Mrs. Gayton's Bars" and is more or less identical to the other two recipes. The mystery remains: When was this recipe dubbed the "Nanaimo Bars"?

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    If you wish to see the Willgress recipe, the only place it appears to be available is in Kim Blank's book, SEX, LIFE ITSELF, & THE ORIGINAL NANAIMO BAR RECIPE.

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  • I am having problems with the dashboard diff. lights on my 2001 Monty. When in normal 2WD, the left rear light is no longer glowing green. If I were to take this seriously it would appear I only have one wheel engaged. I don't think that's the case :) Has anyone had one of these indicator lights go out? If so, how difficult of a job is it to replace this light?
  • regalaregala Posts: 45
    I'd like to know this too. Mine is the right rear light that went out after a trip to Las Vegas at around 50,000 mi.
  • chuckbernchuckbern Posts: 1
    I had the samething happen. I read the manual and tried to fix it. I got fed up and I smacked the top of the dash and the light went back on. It has been on since then and my car is driving properly.
  • kkics1kkics1 Posts: 11
    Any changes for 2005? Or will they discontinue? I was just quoted $29,900 for a 2004 Montero (no dvd) last night. None in stock, but the dealer says that Mitsubishi is looking to unload some Monteros quickly.

    Any thoughts? I love the truck, but I am concerned about the "orphan" image if it is in fact discontinued.
  • cracoviancracovian Posts: 337
    I'm sure there will be no changes to the 2005s. Keep in mind that you'd have to wait until the second quarter of 2005 to get one anyway. Your quoted price is very good for the current $1000 rebate but just wait until September - it should get a lot more interesting then.

    The whole company is a giant orphan now with record-breaking slow sales due to its financial troubles, terrible advertising campaign, and trying to push the warranty and service instead of rebates. From today:

    "Two slow-selling models in the Mitsubishi lineup are being deleted at the end of the current model year, Automotive News reports. The Mitsu Diamante sedan and the Montero Sport SUV will be dropped - and the paper adds, the brand could drop its seven-seat Montero SUV in another couple of years. Mitsubishi's dire financial straits mean that replacements for the Sport and Diamante have fallen off the planning radar, leaving the top-line Galant GTS to replace the Diamante in the U.S., and upmarket versions of the Endeavor crossover to step in for the five-passenger Montero Sport. The Montero, the paper reports, could go away if Mitsubishi cannot finance the engineering updates needed to import it to the U.S. in 2007, when new safety and emissions regulations come into play."
  • sbeachsbeach Posts: 15
    I have a 2002 Montero that now has 30K miles. I have loved every mile. Being 50 I have owned "several" cars in my life and this is by far the most fun vehicle I have ever owned. I live in the Houston area and we 4x4 at least once a week. I have found nothing that will slow this vehicle down. Still have not even needed to reduce tire air pressure in the sand or for fording sandy streams. Not to happy about some of the deep scratches that the side running boards have received but they are doing their job in protecting my doors. We have a trip planned to Padre Island and will go down island for 60 miles to the Mansfield channel so will see how it handles in the serious sand of this island.

    For those of you that have reached or bypassed this milestone of mileage I have some questions on maintenance.

    1. Transmission fluid change. I read some time back that if you just drain you only get 4 of the 10 quarts and that you must blow out the remainder. Is 4 quarts sufficient for a change of fluid or do you need to replace 100% of the fluid? Does the Montero have a transmission filter that needs changing at this time?

    2. According to the manual the differential fluid should be changed at 30K. I have a friend who is a mechanic that said to do it sooner on a 4x4 as this will extend the life, actually he said to change every year. Is this reasonable or is the 30K change OK?

    3. For those of you that run dino oil. I normally use Castrol 10W-40 but change to 20W-50 during the hot summer months. Any comments about this since the manual says to use 10W-30 for our temps in Houston. This weight of oil just doesn't seem to make sense which is the reason why I have changed.

    4. I have Iridium tipped plugs in this vehicle so will not change at the 30 K interval but at what mileage do you change these plugs? I think the maintenance schedule said you can go to 60 K but that seems too long. Has anybody gone 60 K on one set of these plugs. Any performance problems with this many miles?

    5. Taking the vehicle in for a small leak underneath which I assume is the dreaded differential switch that has been discussed on this site. I believe someone said there was a TSB on it. I looked at the 48 TSB's on this vehicle and I could not find it, so how is this covered. I am obviously still under warranty so is it changed under that?

    Thanks for info on my questions. And I would like to thank the Host for keeping this a Montero site.
  • phonosphonos Posts: 206
    4000 miles up to Port Hardy and back to SoCal. No problems with the 2003 - 20th Anniversary Special Montero other than the grab handle on the drivers side is cracked and loose at the mount from hanging on. Dealer looked at it, said it was a warranty repair without any question, and ordered one. Did get a bad rock chip in the windshield on I-5 just north of Seattle.

    Oil changed in Washington on the way back before a 400 mile drive in and around Mount St. Helens Nat'l Monument. What biological successional changes have occurred since we were last there about twelve years ago. Amazing how life can recover from a disaster!

    Steve -- didn't eat a Nanaimo Bar in Nanaimo but did have a Nanaimo Bar ice cream cone in either Campbell River or Tofino. Very tasty.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Sounds tasty and I haven't had lunch yet. Nice little road trip, rocks and all!

    Steve, Host
  • Ok.. I hope you guys believe this, because at first I didn't.

    Coming home from church this past Sunday, I looked down and saw that the light on the display was still out (see msg #2473). I turned to my wife who was riding in the passenger seat and told her that I was disappointed in the reply that I received about my light not working. I think the quote was "Can you believe this guy actually said to slap the top of the dashboard??" As I was finishing my remark I hit the top of the dashboard right above the diff. light. You guessed it - the dead light blinked two times and is still shining as bright as the first day I drove my Monty off the lot. Thanks Chuckbern!!
  • kkics1kkics1 Posts: 11
    My dealer also has numerous 2003 models left over. I like the black gauges vs the white in the 2004 models, but does anyone have a good idea of what price Mitsubishi is willing to unload a 2 year old new Montero? Used 2003 Monteros are selling for the mid 20's here, but the new ones have the warranty going for it. Any help would be appreciated.

    If the prices are the same, why take an extra year of depreciation when you can get a 2004 for the same price? Mitsubishi has some problems if they cannot unload a 2003 yet.
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