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Jeep Grand Cherokee Transmission Problems



  • I'm pretty sure there is a recall for your slipping problem. I'm not sure how that works with one that has been rebuilt...Sing
  • anyone with advice i am open
    well i got in my 2003 jeep grand cherokee 4.0 auto and it didnt want to shift out of first gear tried to do it manually still didnt work never showed any previous problems
  • 5213252132 Posts: 62
    I'm sure that the transmission was overheating badly. Automatic transmissions don't like to overheat. When they do, there can be band failure (bands engage gears), hardened seals, and varnish build up. I have seen many Jeeps that have automatic transmissions on fire because of an overheating transmission. You were lucky to put out the fire. Sadly, you have to pay for a transmission rebuild. If you ever do towing or offroading, I suggest you install a transmission cooler.
  • canucanu Posts: 2
    First post here,I have a tranny problem,seems that the car engine revs up
    really high put only moves slow,rpms go up but no love.I have checked
    the trans fluid (ok) Jeep acts like the parking break is on while moving
    foward or in reverise...any ideas?
  • canucanu Posts: 2
    By reading alot of pages here sounds to me like a bad TPS could be
    a good start and check.
  • Got a 99 Jeep GCL.....have had many issues with her recently :( 98,000 miles ,took into garage to look at this steaming or smoking thing that has progressively gotten more and more frequent over the last 3 months.Sometimes with no rhyme or reason (except that my vehicle is running and in parked position)this white smoke will come creeping out from under the hood.Spouse has checked it out several times with hood up says it appears to becoming from transmission cooler not radiator.No odor noted to it.Garage guys checked it out today and said they cant see any problem with it and that it is snow getting up in there (i live in Ohio where it does snow frequently in winter but i swear i see this smoke even on days when its not snowy)
    Reason i am worried about this is cuz i just sunk(yes,sunk!) almost 2000.00 on a rebuilt transmission on it about 7 months ago and a friend mentioned to me if the transmission cooler has a blockage than it could cause the transmission to overheat and ruin it,which would not be cool at all.Before i pick it up i would love to have some advice from you all,something maybe my mechanic is missing????Thanks
  • machmikemachmike Posts: 8
    I have a 2000 that has started doing the same thing. I purchased a scanner. It is a must. My codes came up P 1784 and P1732. Neither of these codes is listed in any manual or website. Even Actron, the maker of the scanner, does not show on it on their web site. However, the scanner itself identifies each code as the pressure switch circuit. From that other codes will pop up like P0731 thru 0736. Those stand for incorrect gear ratios probably caused by the pressure switch circuit not functionally properly. My symptoms are identical to yours. In the begining I used to reset the MIL and all was good. Now, I only have 1st,2nd and reverse. Fluid has nothing to do with our problem. I beleive it is electrical. I just moved to NC from MI so I lost my mechanic that could have fixed the problem. At least you know the code now so you can tell a shop. I need to find one because I need my ride.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    sounds as if solonoid pack inside trans is bad not to hard to change
  • machmikemachmike Posts: 8
    Is this something I should trust the dealer with or should I find a shop?
  • sulleesullee Posts: 1
    I am getting a check engine light the code I am getting is P1767 (transmission relay always on) can not find any info to check or fix issue
  • i have a 94 153,000 miles slips shifting from first to 2nd and then third as well at what rpms should this be shifting around 1500? at what point should it shift to over drive it seem to want to do this around 32 miles perhour it seems if you back off orf it it shift a little easier i saw something about a recall will they fix it for free still with that or has it exspired ? any ifo would help thax harley... :sick:
  • I was recently driving my 94 Jeep Grand Cherokee limited after stopping for fuel it drove about 50 feet then stalled. I was able to get it restarted and drive a few more feet with it, then it stalled again. I got it to restart. It would go into and out of park but there seems to be no other gears. Is it possible a bolt came off in the transmission. What would be other possibilities that could cause this problem.
  • rwengrrwengr Posts: 177
    I am fixing up my old 97 for my kid to drive. 4.0L I6, 2WD, auto, about 160K. It was idle for 6 months. Serviced fluid and filter. It shifts better. A tiny bit of slip once in a while.

    When stopped at a light I can feel a lot of vibration. Moving selector from Drive to Neutral significantly reduces it. Except for this, still drives and rides nice, but the vibration is annoying. Accelerates and cruises OK.

    At first, I thought it was rough idle, but now I don't think so. No significant fluid leaks anywhere that I can see. Can someone give me a clue? I know what to look for when I inspect the brakes, but I don't know how to inspect the transmission and engine mounts. Could engine idle really be that sensitive?

    Thanks in advance.
  • I have a 2005 V6 Grand Cherokee with 36,000 miles on it. I have had it in the shop a few times for this problem but I had no luck. It seems when the car is going around 40 - 50 mph and starts up a small hill the rpms stay around 1500 and the car shudders and jerks slightly. If I step on the gas the problem goes away but once i try to hold a constant speed it returns always at 1500 rmp. This problem seems to be getting worse. My miles per gallon is also going down.

    So my question, Is this just the transmision being in too high of a gear? Could be cause by something else?

    I have changed the airfilter and added fuel injector cleaner. The dealership has told me they can't reproduce the problem and they have updated the transmission sequence? my next step is to take them for a drive myself but they seem to not care much about the problem.

    Anyone have any suggestions to look into... a cracked spark plug?
  • jeepsickjeepsick Posts: 7
    Hi. I hate to tell you this.............but as of yet, I haven't got a straight answer or fix from jeep! We have had them replace the torque converter four times (hasn't changed a thing). They keep thinking that its the torque converter. The jeep hasn't done a lot of driving lately so I haven't had to many issues. The shudder you describe has been happening since we bought it. I still believe its a bigger problem with the 05-07 jeeps. Good luck.........and sorry...........
  • 5213252132 Posts: 62
    When the torque converter fails, it usually destroys the rest of the transmission. Especially with the 545RFE tranny.
  • well it goes in the shop in 2 days and I have to take them for a ride just to prove it has a problem. It seems to be getting worse, so maybe I will get lucky and they will come up with something. Thanks for the comments back and I will be looking forward to them coming up with the idea to replace the torque converter.
  • Hi I own a 99 jeep cherokee sport that makes a clunking sound sometimes when it switches gears. I don't know the last time the transmission fluid has been changed could that be the problem?
  • jdeaner1jdeaner1 Posts: 1
    my has a 2000 jeep grand cherokee would stall pereodically while driving . we found the problem to be the timimg positioning sensor .
  • boazbezboazbez Posts: 14
    I have a '97 Jeep GCL with 145K miles. Occasionally it slips a little and sometimes when I'm stopped it will start to run rough then the engine will smooth out and the car will jerk as if I just got bumped from the rear.

    I've had the car since it had 36K miles, but I have never replaced the tranny fluid or filter. Will doing this resolve the problem?

    Thanks in advance.
  • vstruckvstruck Posts: 4
    We just bought a used 99 jeep cherokee classic, 4.0, When we test drove it it seemed fine. After less than 20 miles the transmission started acting up. It goes down the highway fine. But at a slow take off or rolling idle it seems to shift up and down repeatedly, give it gas and it seems to do fine. Its exspecially noticable when taking off at a stop. it acts like it shift up down down up. We were on a back road today driving along at a speed of just a couple miles an hour and it started it. It does not seem to be slipping but just shifting through all three gears back and fourth. Any ideas please :sick: :confuse:
  • I am the new owner of a used 1994 Cherokee Sport 4.0, in-line 6, auto. I got it for a great price but now I'm concerned. When I drive it at around 30 mph I start to hear a rattling sound which seems to be coming from under the car. I gets louder and speeds up as I accelerate and dies down as I slow down. Its not heard when the car is at a complete stop. After doing some research I've learned that this could be the chain in the transfer case rattling and all I need is gearbox fluid. Does anyone know if this is a solution for this(rather noticeable) rattling problem or is this the symptom of something bigger?

    Is "gearbox oil" similar to tranny fluid? and where does it go?

    Please help, I'm usually pretty good with regular maintenance issues but this is my first 4WD and I am a bit lost.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    have you got under the jeep and looked thinges over? post after you checked things out under the jeep (wiggle the drive shalfs and see if loose stuff like that chain in transfer dose not go bad as a rule
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    how maney miles
    dose the trans oil on the check stick smell burnt? does it have the right amount of oil?
    if the previous oner had it changed or changed it him self could have put in the wrong type if he used dextron bad news
    I would tahe to trans place and have them change the oil and flush it out put in right oil
  • vstruckvstruck Posts: 4
    My 99 has 121,000. Oil dont smell burnt. What fluid should be in it. Can I flush it somehow ore is this a tranny shop thing. If Dexrron was used will it hurt it, Thanks
  • vstruckvstruck Posts: 4
    update on my 99 cherokee with shifting problem. I drove it this morning to work it was cool and rainy. It shifted fine. it seems to start acting up after you get it warmed up. then it has the shifting up and down at low rpms
  • I have a 99 GC Laredo 4X4 with a 42RE transmission that is having trouble automatically shifting into gears and I have to wind out gear put it in neutral and back in D to get correct gear. I have found a heavy duty version of the 42RE at Trasnmission Exchange for about $1700 w/ core and shipping. Main question is it a bear to change trasmission oneself or should I bring it to a transmission specialist. I dont mind turning a wrench but will I loose hair trying to get it changed out myself.
  • dflippodflippo Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 JGC Limited 4x4. My tranny ahs been great. No slipping,stalling,or weird anything has been going on. I go in to eat, come out an hour later and my tranny won't switch gears. It seems like it is stuck in 1st or second. I look at the manual and it says to reset the "sensor" so I do just that and it works...for 2 miles and than does the same thing. A gentleman told me that the jeep tranny is electric and the sensor is telling the tranny to run on a different gear range to keep the transmission from being damaged. What is the issue????

    I have taken it to one place who said it woudl be 1500.00 jsut to open the tranny to see what was wrong. I am a chick and dont knwo to much. Any help?????
  • boazbezboazbez Posts: 14
    A gentleman told me that the jeep tranny is electric and the sensor is telling the tranny to run on a different gear range to keep the transmission from being damaged. What is the issue????

    It may be the Throttle Position Sensor which tells whether you are looking for more power from the engine.

    I have taken it to one place who said it woudl be 1500.00 jsut to open the tranny to see what was wrong. I am a chick and dont knwo to much. Any help???

    I think a new tranny should cost that much, not checking it out. Try a different place.
  • I have same problems and I found a new trans from I talked to spencer there and he was extremely helpfull. Their # is 800-776-1191. I am going to order the new transmission and have someone help put it in my Grand Cherokee
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