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The New Scion 2008 xD



  • bamacarbamacar Posts: 749
    The Daihatsu webpage shows that they produced in July 78 thousand vehicles in Japan. Over 57 thousand were Daihatsus and over 20 thousand were built for Toyota.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    The Materia is the xB in Japan. Toyota has a majority interest in Daihatsu.
  • The dealer in the Seattle area says they are charging a $620 destination fee;

    manual $15,170 base
    automatic $15,970 base

    manual $14,550
    automatic $15,350

    Is this right or is 'destination' supposed to be included in the pure pricing?
  • ohplezzohplezz Posts: 74
    The pure price lingo is just for the car. Funny they leave out the fact that they charge you for moving the car from port to dealer. But all car companies leave this little gem out of their hype. And quite frankly if that is all they are adding on to the "pure price", I'd jump on it if I still wanted the car. Its the doc fee, the jerk you fee, the we are scion so you gotta pay up fee, is what I'd be walking over. I have not considered the xD since it came out 1k over what it should have been. They are asking to much for that car imho. But you know what they say about opinions. At this point I'm keeping what I've got until honda puts out either a diesel civic or hybrid CR-Z next model year. The little D just ain't worth it to me.
  • Thanks ohplezz, I feel better. I wasn't sure if $620 was steep, or if 'pure pricing' was supposed to include it.

    I drove a Honda Fit today. Both A/T and Manual tranny. It was prettier than the Yaris and the xD but drove the same in A/T. The MT had less engine noise on hard acceleration. But it costs more. And the 41 cubes of room in back was with the seats down, which I'll rarely do. I'll rent Home Depot's pickup or have the lumber yard deliver!!!

    The options on the xD and the cheaper price have me leaning that way still. And the jaded sales lady at the Honda dealer was not exactly selling the thing at all. Do they hire these folks right out of prison?

    I wonder if my 2001 Echo has a hot chip in it or something. It's just much quicker and quieter than all the others. And uses less gas. Maybe I should hold out too!
  • betsyjbetsyj Posts: 1
    "One of the features on the xD I was looking forward to is the cruise control. I couldn't find any indicator light on the dash showing when the cruise control was on. Could it be that Scion added cruise control at the last moment and had no provisions for an indicator light? "

    The cruise indicator is on the left side of the display. It's much more noticeable than the low fuel indicator, which is just that the fuel level thingie starts blinking benignly. I've run out of gas once and come very close to it many times. I have a long commute, and I'll be pulling into Atlanta and just happen to glance down and the thing is blinking (oh, no! How long has that been blinking?!) and make a frantic low-speed rush for the nearest price-gouging gas station.
  • cjshowcjshow Posts: 16
    the Scion xD! Woo-hoo, we have a winner!

    In my years of searching, I considered the Toyota Matrix, the Yaris hatch, Nissan Versa, Honda Fit, and most recently, the xD.

    The final decision was made after considering the options, standard features, price, and (potential) reliability. My husband and I test drove on Saturday and put a deposit on a different color (silver). We picked up the car on Tuesday and will return to the dealer on Saturday for the installation of a rear sway bar and the standard stereo (could have done this one earlier, but wanted to save a trip).

    We bought a Yaris S sedan for my husband earlier this year from the same salesman. The experience was even easier this time, probably because of the "pure pricing" of Scion. We were able to negotiate a little, however and got our salesman to give us a small discount on the document fees and free installation of the sway bar.

    I am in love with driving it. It is just so easy to drive! The steering is excellent, viability is good also even with the wide "c" pillars, and the driving position is nice and upright. Rear seats have ample leg room, and the seats slide forward and back and also recline a small degree. Cargo area is smaller than other hatches but is good enough for me. Folding the seatbacks down is simple from the rear of the car. And the hatch door self closes, if you didn't know. Let go of it 6-8" from the bottom and it will pull itself shut. Fabulous.

    All in all, we paid $17,555 inc taxes/fees. We borrowed through Bank of Toyota and got %6.05 interest rate, the lowest available. My husband and I both plan on keeping our cars as long as possible, maybe even pass them down to our future kids!

    Feel free to ask me questions about the "Little Deviant"...
  • The echo was much lighter than the small cars mentioned. Therefore, it got great gas mileage (it was also geared higher) and it was quicker as well.
  • What kind of mpg are you xD owners getting. Not the paper numbers but the real world numbers.
  • tiff_ctiff_c Posts: 531
    What kind of mpg are you xD owners getting. Not the paper numbers but the real world numbers.

    Yes, I'd also be very interested to know what real world economy the xD is getting. The ugly xB hogs all the spotlight.
  • I'm only on my 1st tank of gas but I'm at 39.5MPG (according to the trip computer). I've only had the car (xD MT) 6 days now so is early to tell what long term MPG. My driving is in the mountains of CO, rural areas, few stop lights, up and down mtn passes on highways. I'll post back in a month or so after I have more miles.
  • cjshowcjshow Posts: 16
    My first tank was estimated at 27 mpg. Estimated because the dealer filled up the tank but didn't reset the trip odo... I won't fill up again for a full month or longer so we'll see if it gets better (just city driving).
  • My fiance and I are looking to buy a car by next summer and we've narrowed it down b/w the 08 Fit Sport and the 08 xD.

    -We both like the styling of the xD a lot better than the Fit Sport. The narrow front-end of the Fit is a kill-joy for us, we preffer the broader front on the xD.

    -We also preffer alloy wheels (because they look nicer and they give better fuel economy) and we know the Fit Sport comes standard with 15' and it's offered optional on the xD with 16' which look a lot nicer than the Fit's but at a steep price of $799. Is the price worth it? And does it really affect fuel economy enough to make a difference with mgp? If not, then is it simply looks? More importantly, I work in a body shop so I know that no insurance company will cover aftermarket wheels. But if we get the 16' optional alloys with the xD they will be covered because they come from the dealer. So even if I bought my own cheaper aftermarket wheels for the xD I know we will be at a disadvantage with our insurance coverage...

    -Also, we wanted to know if anyone has gotten the xD for less than the sticker price (pure pricing)? And if so, how did you go about it? I know I read on this forum that a lady managed to get the F&I processing fees that everyone seems to complian about discounted....

    -Another option we love on the xD is the Ipod compatible steering wheel mounted controls and the Pioneer radio. Although the Fit Sport comes equipped with a seemingly good radio (6 speakers and equalizer), though no Ipod compatibility. Although, I think I saw it as an option for $299(?) I believe...

    -We like the fuel economy on the Fit. Does anyone know exactly how much more fuel economy the Fit Sport delivers when compared to the xD? I know we looked on and the difference was 1-2 mpg.

    -The xD comes equipped with a 128hp engine, but we've read that the Fit has better pickup due to the xD being heavier. Is that true? We don't really care about top speed since we'll realistically never need it. But we do need acceleration since we are in the city and you have to be agressive sometimes. :P We can probly find that out when we test drive it later, but I'm still curious what other peoples experiences were.

    -The Fit has gotten better reviews than the xD on and it is also ranked #1 on US News and World Report in small affordable cars while the xD is at #11. I guess we are wondering if those differences can be outweighed by the xD's looks and features... or not.

    -We care about safetly a lot. Both the Fit and xD have gotten good safety reviews. Is there anything we need to know about them? Differences or similarities?

    -Are the cargo spaces really that different? I know one brags about sliding back seats while the other about seats folding up.... :confuse:

    Thanks in advance for the responses! This is our first time buying a car so we are trying to do as much research as possible to make a good decision. We are putting down 4k-5k and are looking to have payments of 300-350 for 3-4 years. How do we go about financing?
  • Buy yourself a base xD. Even with the dealer fees you will be better off unless the demand for the fit is not to high in your area. In most places the demand for the fit is pretty high which leads dealers to jack up the price tag. Get the base xD and some nice looking set of aftermarket rims. They can be had at (free shipping) or Don't worry about the rims getting messed up unless you buy some crazy expensive rims. As far as getting a xD less than pure price, I doubt that will happen. Just remember to shop around at several scion dealers to get the lowest price (fees I'm talking about). And do not buy any of the dealer add on options. They grossly over charge for them. As far as financing the car, try to do it through a credit union or even your bank. Scion financing is usually pretty high %. Go to to find out more about the xD in their forums. Do a search for templeofvtec to check out more info on the fit in their forums. I've been going back and forth for a while on what to buy. I too am considering the fit vs xD. I'm a big honda fan and have owned one for years but the fit to me looks to feminine. The xD just has more potential in the looks department and the mpg is a toss up. The manual trans will get you better mpg in either but the autos will do ok as well. It pretty much comes down to which one you like the most in the test drive. Good luck.
  • tiff_ctiff_c Posts: 531
    My friend had a Fit and was very displeased with the economy with it. he said that you have to drive it in a very specific way and if you go to the Fit forums you'll find a lot of gripes about the fuel economy of the Fit. It's a great and useful car but his mileage in city driving with the A/C on and by city that's stop and go traffic, he never exceeded 24mpg ever. He was so ticked off that he sold the car as he felt it should have a lot more power if it was getting only 24mpg in the city.
    I haven't driven the Scion xD but my wife kind of likes it. I sat in one but didn't drive it. The Fit has a ton of room, it's just amazing! The xD has more adjustments to the rear seats and seems more people friendly. The Fit is very cargo friendly. I did drive a Fit and found the power ok for the city but highway trips i don't think it's got enough power. The xD is basically a Corolla engine in a Yaris platform with a Daihatsu body. The Fit is a full Honda. Again I haven't driven an xD yet but I did notice it had a very high beltline. Neither car has seat height adjustment a big thing for my wife.
    The xD looks more aggressive, the Fit more like a
    You really have to go out and drive them back to back in similar situations to what you drive everyday and base you decision on what you like best. You can only do so much online before you have to drive them and decide. My wife will need a new car soon, she wants a MINI, not all that possible because the dealer is almost 2 hours away. Similar cars are the xD and the Fit. but I think she should get a base Subaru 2.5i wagon because she has trouble driving in the snow on all the hills we have. Fuel economy is a factor as is price. Honda is coming out with an all new Fit in 2009 and it corrects the lack of a dead pedal, lack of an armrest and is more stable on the highway.
    Go out and drive both, and see which one you prefer. :)
  • Both the subaru and mini will be over 20k. The mini will brake down a lot and the subaru will get bad mpg (all wheel drive). The new fit will not be out until late next year. That leaves the little D. Happy shopping The xD is the more stable on the hway when considering the fit v xD. Especially if you get a little wider tires.

    Subaru makes a good solid car. I like the impreza but the price tag and especially the mpg kill the deal for me.
  • dunderal: 4 wheel drive is unbeatable in icy/snowy conditions, but remember: the Xd is available with vehicle stability and traction control (which I am going to be ordering on my Xd) as soon as my Corolla sells. The order code is VSC and other than the automatic transmission is the ONLY factory option available ($650) and well worth the cost. I don't need a lot of expensive option fluff. The car, as it comes, is essentially loaded as it is.
  • Scion financing is very competitive. The rate you pay depends on your credit score. Our saleslady gladly brought out a comparison sheet of the various interest rates. I will be paying (when we buy) the lowest rate (just barely!) because my credit scores average 720 when combined. 720 and up gets the best rate of 6.05% - so each individual situation is distinct. 6.05 for 60 months is excellent. Just slightly higher (I think it's 7.0%) for 84 months - but who wants to go that long?? That the rate for 720 scores or higher.
  • You are right. It drives me crazy when they show prices that DO NOT include the $620 destination charge. You cannot buy one of these without paying the destination charge, so why the disinformation? (Probably to draw people in, I suppose). Yes, the model with automatic (and required destination charge of $620) is $15,970 out the door with no other options. But they never add in the destination charge. Another one of those "oh, by the way" things.
  • I understand there is a Corolla hybrid down the road a bit. It's funny - diesels were a big deal in the 80's - everybody offered one and then the interest largely died out, except for Mercedes and VW, anyway. Now it's a big deal again.
  • 720n becan score is tier one credit. You should be getting 5.5 if you shopped it. My score is 724.
    My CU is giving me 60 months at 4.87. Like I said, scion credit sucks.
  • I just bought my Scion XD and I love it. It drives really well and I'm already starting to upgrade different things on the car, it is very addictive.
  • 719b719b Posts: 216
    has anyone purchased a 2008 scion xd and added a rear sway bar after they owned the car for awhile? i'd like to know if there is a noticeable improvement in handling.
  • abcde2abcde2 Posts: 1
    this car has been nothing but trouble, frozen fuel door realease latch - I had to literally heat the car have the vent facing the floor on max fan speed for 15 mins to thaw the cable line and finally it would give the latch way for me to fuel the car. A month later driving in the parking lot, the wheels jammed lights flashing, ABS light came on, Vehicle Stability control light and parking brake came on and the car wouldn't budge, had my friend check out the tire while I tapped on the gas, the left rear wheel was on a dead lock. I was advised by the dealer to tow it to the nearest toyota service center- had the techs look at it, they couldn't conclude but their diagnosis reported that the same left rear wheel locked on them while they were performing tests, they speculated a bad cable coz they heard a clicking sound and recommended a cable change. The toyota specialist said that they would perform further testing and called back 24 hrs later and said that it was a brake failure and they would replace it and I would be on my way. I proposed to him the idea what if this had happened on the highway or at a higher speed where numerous things could've gone wrong and how concerned I was about my safety. The specialist said that they don't want to delve into hypothetical scenarios and I guess they will wait until somebody gets injured to actually consider about consumer safety. The specialist also suggested that the car wouldn't qualify for a lemon.
    Please advice!
  • cjshowcjshow Posts: 16
    "has anyone purchased a 2008 scion xd and added a rear sway bar after they owned the car for awhile? i'd like to know if there is a noticeable improvement in handling."

    Yep. I got the rear sway installed about 2 weeks after I got my xD in November. It is awesome! Corners tighter, solid to the ground, ride is smoother, and best of all is: superb wind resistance! A stretch of hwy around here is prone to high winds. I had to drive it during a rain storm w/ wind gusts. I saw the rain pouring down horizontally and said, "Oh, it must be windy." Didn't feel a thing in the car. Sway bar rules! I even made my hubby take it to work during a wind storm for safety's sake. He said suv's and trucks were all over the road but the D was straight and true in the lane. Again, totally worth it!

    We call it our MUV: Micro utility vehicle.
  • 719b719b Posts: 216
    thanks for your reply. with all the standard equipment, the only things i feel is necessary to enhance the driving experience is the stability control and rear sway bar.
    there are many cosmetic options, but i feel they are over priced.
  • svec7186svec7186 Posts: 56
    the sales person sions are sold like saturns. the msrp price is the selling price. no competition from other dealers at all. is this true? if so, whats the point of shoing the invoice price on and

    i'm comparing the scion xd and a toyota matrix. as for build quality, which would you pick?

  • 719b719b Posts: 216
    don't be fooled by the selling price because they aren't all the same. the sticker prices are all the same, but some dealers will add hundreds of dollars in fees to pad their profit... or tell you that the pin striping will be $300, or the scotch guard that was put on before you bought the car will cost you $450, or the "special" paint treatment that is on the car will cost an extra $500.
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    You Can't Haggle, But Some Dealers Sell for Less, Also Pay Attention to ...your trade-in value.

    Longo Toyota in El Monte, CA, recently discounted all their in-stock xB's by about $300 per vehicle. Dealers are allowed to discount, so long as they give the same discount (aka "menu pricing") to all customers.

    Also most car transactions involve a trade-in, and the amount you are offered on your trade-in is all over the place. Since Scion doesn't give discounts on the new cars usually, or rebates, or offer sales, I would try to get top dollar on my trade-in. There was a recently published article about how Scion sales are down 29% (no longer "flavor of the month") so you might have some luck.
  • bearcrkrdbearcrkrd Posts: 167
    I rented an xD last week. Drove 150 miles. Roads from 35 to 70mph speed limit. I thought it was pretty nice. Quiet on the freeway, a pleasant surprise, and the radio was much nicer than my Sienna. I especially like the shape of the door panel. It allowed me to spead my knee like I like to. Was able to do the same with my right knee. Seat was pretty good. Not bad, but a touch nicer would help. Not a deal-breaker, though. I don't think it's a good car for 4, but I drive alone most of the time, and the xD would work very well for one or two. I think a road trip would be alright in this. I saw a number of them today when I went 65 miles away to go for a hike. Price of gas really sold 'em this week around here!
    I want to rent the xB, but I don't do it in advance, just on a whim, as the dealer is 50 miles away, and the xB is never there. I do it on my days off sometimes. A year and a half ago they had unlimited mileage. I would do a 300-500 mile loop in a day. Had some fun trips!! That was before the xD and the new xB. Drove this gen Camry, Rav4, Yaris, and also the '06 Sienna. Now it's 200 miles a day :(
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