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Dodge Ram Idle and Stalling Problems



  • I was thinking a tune up might work.

    Guess I'll get the EVAP smoke test done as well.

    Thanks for the replies.
  • My truck stalled one night going down the highway as it would only go slower and slower til it died. Now it only starts when pumping the gas alot and dies immediately after firing. Anyone have any ideas? thanks for the help
  • I am having the same issue on my ram wondering if you found an answer to your problem?
  • This started out a few ago only stalling out when making turns a few times, engine stalls no breaks no engine lights no steering. put in neutral or park restarts no problem. No computer codes were brought up runs great starts but just stalls seemed like a fluke bad gas just put high to mid grade no help

    Now a few months later engine has stalled at speeds 20-75 mph this time not turning just driving like before no brakes, steering, the radio & dash lights work will work fine while this happens put have to put in neutral or park starts up normal runs normal no hesitation or sluggishness just will die on while driving Im in florida the weather is warm its happen on cools days and days you could boil an egg in!

    It did it again today crazy thing I had 2 kids in truck doing 50 engine cut out had no control over truck since no breaks and no steering when this happens almost hit a sign and a car?

    No luck with dealer here as showing no issues and of course doesnt do it when they drive it but this is a truck my wife drives and she is very scared to drive it now and dont blame he much after my experience any one whom could help with answer?
  • i am having a problem with my 95 dodge ram stalling when i backup and start forward and let off the gas. It is also missing in overdrive at approx. 1200 rpms. I have replaced the fuel pump, indexed the timing, new plugs, wires, and distributer cap, new map sensor, new O2 sensor, new throttle body position sensor, and cleaned all fuel injectors. I thought the exhaust might be backing up and disconnected it and drove it around. I also have sprayed ether looking for a vacuum leak. I am at wits end as is my dad(mechanic) and 2 other shops. Its been hooked up to computers and wont even throw up a code. Any ideas out there as to what is wrong. Could it be a computer problem or maybe the transmission.
  • Check battery voltage. With the engine running, you should get 14volts +/- 0.2V at the battery terminals.A battery that is 3 years old or older should be suspected as the PCM is very sensitive to low battery voltage even when the engine starts normally.
    Another possibility is the auto shutdown relay circuit. Although I would expect to see a fault code 42 in this case.
  • It's most likely your IAC. I had the same problem on my 2003 Dodge RamVan 5.2L. I thought it might be the fuel pump, glad I researched a bit and saved myself around 250 dollars. You should be able to buy an IAC for around 43 dollars at most auto parts stores. The van kept stalling at red lights or when I took my foot off the gas pedal, it got progressively worse. Heres a link on the web that helped me out.
  • after refueling i can drive a little ways and the red electrical light flashes and the engine has very lil throttle response it acts like it has down shifted to just drive rpms about 2500 when it does this but i can pull over cut off the truck and it will crank rite back with no problem does anybody know what it can be and how much it will cost
  • dale68dale68 Posts: 2
    installed a rebuilt 5.2lt in my 99' dodge 1500, got everything back together, did a pre fire inspection, everything looked good, went to fire it, no fuel pump. started to try and find problem and realized we weren't getting spark either. went through all electrical connections, confirmed they where all good. even cleaned all connections with contact cleaner, unhooked and sprayed all computer connections with contact cleaner. cap and rotor where replaced during this process. switched asd relay with other simular relay in pcm, no luck!! i wonder if the cps is at fault? how do you reset the asd? anybody have any suggestions?
  • replaced crank sensor for erratic rpms. replaced magnetic pickup due to stalling. will idle forfever in all gears. will back up fine. put it in drive and it stalls in 20-25 feet.wait a few minutes and it will start back up and stalls again.have new rotor ,cap,wires gapped the plugs ,tps(it broke off) and replaced both cam and crank sensors again and no change. i need help as i gotta have this truck running and soon.
  • I was having trouble with this ,idle and stall when slow down , have a 2000 dodge 1500, 5.2 engine/ 318 v8 , ,
    // spent $50 , , replacing this and that , , a certified mech on this form, , said unplug idle position sensor , , I did , , wouldn't idle at all , without foot on gas pedel , , ,but it caused engine light to come on , , , I disconnected neg bat terminal to reset computer , , , it turned engine light off and cured my idle and stall problem , , that was 3 days ago , , still runs fine , , no problem , , just though , I'd pass the infro on, , ,
    plese note , , messing with vaccum is what caused the problem , in the beginning , , I believe , Dodge left a bug in the computer , and the engine light should have , already been on , , good luck
  • dale68dale68 Posts: 2
    i read in my haynes manual that if your fuel filter is plugged, or partially plugged, you'll get enough fuel for the truck to run, and it will have enough pressure so the computer doesn't realize there's a problem, but you won't have enough volume to run the vehichle at driving speed. maybe try a fuel line cleaner or try idling it up for a extended period of time and see if it stalls. if it does maybe your filter is partially plugged. just a thought, good luck.
  • having problems with truck shutting down while driving. when this happens I have no power stering. any suggestions
  • I have a Ram 1500 '09 5.7L that has stalled out while driving twice now and will not re start right after stalling, but after sitting for a while waiting for the tow truck, it will start. I have had it to a dealer when I was out of town and they could not find anything wrong because it started for them, but they did a software upgrade to a computer mod for better idle performance. Just stalled again last night, same issue. This time it I got it to re start once, then shut if off and it will not start again. Waiting for the dealer to call me this morning - 11/14/09. Anyone else had this trouble?
  • when first started it runs fine then when it warms up it does not want to take off you have to give it a lot of gas to get it to take off any help please
  • I had the same problem. THe first time at 1200 miles, they said the fuses weren't seated correctly. The second time at 2700 miles, they said the PCM software needed to be updated. The service manager actually called me and said the truck starts and said there wasnt a problem before he updated the software. The third time it happened at 2750 miles (the very next time I drove the truck). They replaced the whole computer (PCM) module. I filed lemon law while it was in the dealership because it was a serious safety hazard. It turned off while driving down the street everytime. Noone at dodge would give me actual reasons or even tell me "Im sorry". I'm in mediation right now with chrysler.
  • Thanks for the info. Same thing happened to me with the dealer. Was out of town when it first happened. No problem found, updated the PCM. Was going ok, then it happened again while I was back at home. At the local dealer, they found no problems or codes, but the did drive it and it happened to them, also no codes found. Then they started checking the fuel pump pressure and the electrical. Final result, they said at the fuel pump it had a loose connection that would disconnect with vibrations and that's why it wouldn't start. They dropped the fuel tank and replaced the pump and made sure all connections were solid. It drove from the dealer home with no problem, but have not had it out since.
  • I'm not sure if this is related, but there is a recall on 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee and Commander for the same problem. I wonder if the part found its way into the Ram: campaign id number 08V059000.
  • I have a 2003 dodge ram 1500 2wd 4.7l..when I'm driving down the road the truck shut if i trun the key doesnt sputer just turn off...first second time it did this it started right back up put feul conditioner slick 50 and it was fine did it one more time..the truck runs great then it didn't when i had my family with me on top off a bridge..once again started right morning get 1/2 mile up the road and it stop again would not crank up would ieven dry start like it trying to crank and my dash board went kind of crazy iwas close to empty got it to start made it to te gas sation cuts off again ...put super unleaded in it runs o.k to make it to work soons as i put it in park shuts off..leaving work wouldn't stay started race the engine cut off like the idle is off finally if stabile the idle and make it home get into the drive way it stop again
  • I have a '98 Ram 1500, 4x4, 5.9L. Recently, it has been wanting to die just after the engine warms a little. One day, it just wouldn't start - cranked fine but no start. It started later that evening. Ran fine for another week but would idle off when just barely warm. Now it won't start at all, just cranks over. Getting spark, fuel pump does not come on. Checked fuses and relays in PDC and side of dash, replaced ASD relay (ohms were about 72), all fuses are good except the O2 sensor: I get no read on it. Replaced it with a known good one and still no read. I am thinking to replace the fuel pump but I am also questioning the PCM. Any thoughts before I haul it to a shop or pull the truck bed off myself?
  • I just bought a 99 Durango with a 318. It had a misfire code on cylinders 3 &4 i replaced plugs wire and cap button and code was cleared. now on straightways between 15 and 1700 RPM it backfires/spits and sputters no check engine light and will stop when you let off the gas. IT doesnt always do it either. Has new battery and voltage on alternator test fine. Does anyone have any ideas???
  • Change where you buy gas... sounds like water to me.
  • I tried that. I even changed grades, put fuel injector cleaner and dry gas in and still nothing. It only back fires when it is sputtering and i let off the gas.
  • ever since ive had my truck the idle is low when i come to a stop and keep it in gear with the a/c or heater off. the rpm's will drop down to @450 but while still stopped if i tap the gas pedal the rpm's will return to normal operating range of 600. the dealer has repeatedly told me " its the nature of the beast". could this be what is causing my truck to die occasionally. took the truck to dealer and they cant replicate the problem. but they also couldnt replicate the problem when the truck with 200 miles on it would billow white smoke like i had a blown head gasket. after 4 trips to dealer they fixed that problem. any insight would be great.
  • My engine stalls after briefly running when I start the engine in the morning. It takes a while but the stalling starts to go away but not all the way when it warms up a little . I put new plugs ignition coil wires cap and rotor and also put in new tps sensor(throttle position sensor) The problems are still occuring Does anyone have an Idea what the problem might be.
  • Hi mate

    I have the same problem stalling at speeds of 30+ mph, pretty frightening with no power steering and no servo assistance for the brakes, happens every day now during my 40 mile round trip to work. getting really annoying.

    Did you resolve the issue ?


  • jbest2jbest2 Posts: 1
    For about a month my truck has been having trouble when idling or slowing down or at a stoplight. Seems to run fine as long as I'm steady on the gas. I thought I had maybe put some bad gas in it but after a few trips to my mechanic and the dealer reprogrammed the computer I still have the same problem and I would like some other ideas before I start dumping too much money in it. Please Help!
  • 37mm37mm Posts: 1
    2002 Ram 1500 QuadCab 5.9L V8, 112k miles

    I noticed this AM while sitting at a light that my truck will slightly rev itself. The Tach doesn't change, but the speedometer will jump to 30mph while sitting still. I can hear a faint click/tapping noise, but can't locate it. Got the work parking lot, sat there in gear with my foot on the brake and watched - engine would rev & speedo would jump to 30, 50, and a few times it just went completely haywire and sailed over to 120.

    Put it in park, no idle problems whatsoever - idles quiet and smooth, no rev jumps. Put back into gear, and revved in reverse, neutral, and drive. Then the alarm dinged at me and the emergency brake & ABS brake lights came on on the dash and stayed on.

    Mechanic boggled at me over the phone and said he wasn't sure, hasn't seen anything like it - possibly a loose connection, and obviously something is interfering with the computer.

    Anyone had this issue before?
  • Check your battery voltage, low voltage will not allow the Idle air solenoid to operate correctly. If voltage is ok change the idle air solenoid, I have a 1997 ram van with a 318 and when the engine dies at a stoplight one of the reasons I have described solves the problem. I have changed 3 solenoids over the years and bad battery once. I am having the same problem right now, I have changed the solenoid twice in the last couple of months. A new solenoid solves the problem for about a month and then it comes back. Trying to figure out if they are bad parts or if there is another problem. If anyone else has an idea please reply.
  • jessebrownjessebrown Posts: 8
    edited February 2010
    I changed the Throttle body and that cured all problems with stalling and engine shutting down. Throttle body cost $242.00 Jesse
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