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Hyundai Santa Fe Transmission Problems



  • diamond22diamond22 Posts: 13
    This is a follow up to diamond22 post of March 25. After experiencing the transmission slam two more times, I took it in yesterday and they replaced the transmission 9,990 miles. I picked it up this morning and was fine on the way home. I know Hyundai is aware of this problem, but doesn't choose to do a recall, but so far the dealer has been very responsive. They got permission from the regional tech guys (whoever they are) to put in the new transmission. Therefore, you know they are aware of the issues or they would never authorize replacing the transmission with this few miles on it. Stay tuned and still interested in hearing other problems/solutions with the 2010 Santa Fe Limited, V-6. Thanks
  • dbqfandbqfan Posts: 16
    I am taking my Santa Fe to all the local dealers and telling them about the transmission problems and the problems that I have had and the poor factory and dealer response. I am sick of Hyundai treating this like there is no problem. At least the competing salesmen can warn the potential customers about Santa Fe problems. I have stopped at 7 dealers so far and talked to the service managers and sales managers. The Ford dealership was very interested as the Hyundai dealer is almost across the street and they get a lot of customers looking at Escapes. There sales people were very eager to talk to me. I have the complete service history of my lemon to show them. I do not know if I am going to sue Hyundai or not. It is a lot of hassle. My Hyundai is the biggest piece of crap that I have ever bought.
  • ccpbccpb Posts: 6
    Santa Fe 2010 V6 GL, same tranny problems, mine started at 500km, I now have 14000km, I kept getting "no error codes" "cannot duplicate customers concerns at this time" from the service dept. Seriously? I went to another dealership to learn there was a tsb on the problem. I'm a little afraid, my crappa fe almost jerked me forward out into traffic but they weren't the least bit concerned.
    From what I understand, the trannys came in with low fluid levels, this caused the hard shifting, hard shifting was recorded in the learned memory/history ( I believe its called TCM). Technical service bulletin (TSB) was released October 2010 with a protocol, 1st top up fluid level, if that doesn't correct the problem clear or reset the learned memory, if that doesn't solve - new transmission (thanks for posting that they install remanufactured I would never thought to ask that), followed by new computer.
    Seriously disappointed with my vehicle, and a weak customer service team which could have compensated for the problems I've experienced.
    I've just recently had the TCM reset so we'll see what happens next, it's difficult to be optomistic. Any reason resetting the TCM does not appear on my invoice?
    Lastly, anyone experience a funny noise from under the car from a cold start? Dealership says it's intermittent cannot duplicate but it happens everytime I start it up? They replaced a part of the exhaust system but it still happens, brand spanking new car and sounds like crap when it starts up. disappointed
    @ going to the competition, I'm right behind you, when it makes financial sense that is :)
  • ccpb,

    I have a 2011 SF limited with 2000 miles. I also hear rattling everytime I start up cold. It's on my list for when I bring it in for my first oil change. I'll let you know what happens.
  • joe919joe919 Posts: 4
    After becoming aware of the tranny issues we were hesitant to get a Sante Fe but finally decided to do it. We picked up a 2011 Sante Fe Limited AWD in January hoping the issues were resolved on the new ones.
    So far so good - no problems whatsoever after 4k miles. And I notice everything. No rattles, no noises. The transmission seems fine.
    If anything the paint has a few minor blemishes in it and the gaps between the body panels / doors & hood while OK could be better and more even.
    Someone above mentioned a Ford Escape. We looked at them too last summer and this one we were checking out had the hood out of line (lifted up near the wiper area) almost .25" vs the other side. It blew me away it was so obvious. I pointed it out to the sales guy and he was stunned and at a loss for words. But I hear they are improving.
  • dbqfandbqfan Posts: 16
    I was pulling away from a stop sign yesterday and the transmission made a real loud bang going into 2nd gear and the transmission made some very strange noise so I pulled into a chevy dealers lot and got out to look under the Santa Fe to see if any fluid was leaking out due to the strange noise. A salesman came over and asked me what was going on so I told him about all the problems I have had with the Santa Fe. He had a mechanic come out and look under it also and nothing was leaking. I had the whole sales force and a couple mechanics there so I showed them all my service history and told them about my crap transmission. The mechanic has a brother who bought a Santa Fe and he has the same problems. The sales team was unaware but they know all about it now. I told them it they have a customer who is considering a Santa Fe to have them call me first before they buy one. They will save themselves a lot of trouble. I am on my 2nd transmission and the last time I had my Santa Fe in the service manager told me they could not "duplicate" the problem. I will never "duplicate" my problem again by buying another Hyundai or Kia product.
  • mike519mike519 Posts: 16
    I had the same problems with my 2010 Sante Fe at 2300 miles, including the dealers stubborn refusal to acknowledge a problem even after several visits. Finally I pulled up all I could online and dumped it on the managers desk. Next thing you know they were "able to duplicate the problem" and replaced the bad transmission with a new (not refurbished) one. So far so good but I don't trust Hyundai to do the right thing now, and find it strange they have avoided a recall.
  • chris373chris373 Posts: 1
    edited April 2011
    My 2010 Santa Fe tranny just self-destructed this morning on my way to work. Only 21,780 miles on the car and just over a year old. I was at a stop light and when I went to accelerate, I heard a loud pop followed by a bunch of grinding in every gear including neutral and park. The car was on a hill and started to back up while in park. Had to engage parking brake.
    Waited on hold for nearly 30 minutes with Hyundai roadside assistance. Tow truck showed up an hour later and took me and the car to the dealer. The service manager asked if I had my car serviced there before and I said no because I perform all of my own oil changes. He said there was a recall on my vehicle. I told him that I had not received any notification of a recall. He proceeded to tell me that since I change my own oil, I should call in every six months to see if there are any new service bulletins or active recalls. Really?????
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    Can anyone list the Technical service bulletins that are out for transmission issues - my dealer still claims no bulletins have been published.

    Service department claims they never heard of anyone having a problem -
  • ccpbccpb Posts: 6
    From what i've seen on the internet, no one posts the full bulletin. You can google the tsb and you will find a tsb # and nhtsa #, it only has a very short intro to the bulletin, that should be enough. if your dealership ignores it...go to another.
    hope this helps
  • chucko6chucko6 Posts: 81
    If you check on the Transmission Forum page, to the right of Post #442.
    you will find a Header " LEARN MORE, DO MORE"
    There are 6 options below that --- choose" Vehicle Recall Info "
    There you will find several TSB's for the Sante Fe. Unfortunately, most of them refer to a " light staying on "
    This should gave some AMMO for your battle.
    Good Luck!
  • tenpin288tenpin288 Posts: 804
    If you go to and create an account there, you can login and then have access to all the published TSBs for your vehicle.
  • ccpbccpb Posts: 6
    thanks, found it.
  • mtnman1mtnman1 Central OhioPosts: 431
    Just wondering if Kia information can be found here as well? Thought maybe since Kia is part of Hyundai it might be.
    2012 Highlander Limited AWD V6 and 2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid SE
  • tenpin288tenpin288 Posts: 804
    try this and see if it works for you
  • My 2010 4cyl auto trannl dropped out on me 600 miles from home... been a week and still waiting for parts then Hyundai expects me to drive 1200 miles to pick it up and get it home Totally UNREASONABLE !!! Sorry I ever bought from this company.. Customer service is missing the service part :mad: BE aware this tranny has a recall but you will not be noyified if you dont take it to them 4 scheduled maintenance.
  • lpn2rnlpn2rn Posts: 8
    I have been dealing with the tranmission "bucking" while downshifting for about 6 months now. I brought it to dealership for the THIRD time two days ago. They tried to fix it with the computer, but it didn't work. I just received a phone call that they are ordering me a factory refurbished transmission. I am not sure if this is a good or bad thing. I guess I am a little nervous taking on what was someone else's problem before!!!!!
  • lynzaylynzay Posts: 7

    Say no to the "referbished" transmission and tell them you know of all the problems with the Santa Fe's they are having and you will take nothing less then a brand new one. I luckily did the same thing and made sure that it was brand new and I (knock on wood) have had no further issues.
  • dbqfandbqfan Posts: 16
    I now have 13,000 miles on my Santa Fe and the problems still persist. The dealer is not interested in fixing it and neither is Hyundai. I am taking it to all the area dealers and letting them drive it and listen to the loud banging it makes and I am showing them my service records. I am so sick of the Hyundai service and I will never buy a Kia or Hyundai and I am telling everyone I meet of my problems.
  • mike519mike519 Posts: 16
    Hold their feet to the fire. Accept no less than being completely satisfied, or use the lemon law. They replaced my transmission at 5000 miles with a brand new one, and now at 12000 miles, I still experience THUDS at start up. Not pleased.
  • diamond22diamond22 Posts: 13
    Since my transmission was supposedly replaced in March, I have not had the slamming problem. However, I have noticed that the transmission doesn't shift smoothly. It did lurch one time, but I haven't taken it back to the dealer since they seem to think all the problems are caused when the transmission is cold. I'm glad I don't live in Minnesota. In any case, the transmission seems to not shift smoothly and seems to hang between lower gears when shifting. Also, it lurches when started in park.

    I now have a little over 11,000 miles and will start a long trip next week. I don't thing the original problem has been resolved, but don't feel it is bad enough to take back to dealer yet.

    I just hope it doesn't quit on me while on a trip somewhere. Stay tuned.
  • chucko6chucko6 Posts: 81
    Seems to be the nature of the beast. You would have thought a new component, ( 6 speed ) when developed, would have been State of the Art.
    Too bad Consumer Reports did not pick up on the problem during their testing or you would have a lot less Sante's on the road today.
  • monkeyboy3monkeyboy3 Posts: 2
    My girlfriend and I have just moved to Seattle and are after a car for moutain biking and getting to the mountains and think the Santa Fe fits the bill.

    We've found a 2003 2.4l 4 cylinder Santa Fe with 137k on the clock that is listed for $7000 (I think we can haggle down to about $5700). The car seems in pretty good nick.

    But I have a couple of concerns that I was hoping you guys could help me with (please excuse my general car ignorance):

    1) The coolant level was quite low (are leaks quite common? as long as we keep it topped up is that ok? or is this indicative of something else?)

    2) There was a small leak of a red transparent oil coming from approximately the middle of the engine and running along a seam (is this the crank case??). Is this just a bit of engine oil or is transmission oil? I've looked at the reviews on this site and most people love the Santa Fe, but the ones who don't have had problems with the transmission. Is this indicative of a major problem, or is small leak ok and perhaps expected in an older car? I had a look at the engine oil on the dipstick and this seemed to be a similar red colour.

  • chucko6chucko6 Posts: 81
    A Hyuandi that old and with that many miles should go for 2K tops.
    You must remember that their reputation has only improved in rercent years
    and even that is suspect.
    If you want a vehicle that vintage, you should be looking at a Honda or Toyota.
  • bunkyroobunkyroo Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Santa Fe. I have not been happy with it siince the day I bought it. The day I bought it the MAP sensor needed replaced. Fine. Then a ball joint. Fine. 2 sets of tires..all in 2 years. Now this past Thursday the car died while in a parking lot going approx 5MPH. I lost all power it just shut off. The check engine code was a crank shaft ignition sensor? So, they replaced that along with a timing belt...the car still will not start. Dealer said unplug the battery for a day to let the computer reset itself. That didnt work either. Any ideas...related incidents??
  • dbqfandbqfan Posts: 16
    I has a friend buy a 2011 Santa Fe and he now has the same problem plus he caught the dealer installing a rebuilt transmission to replace the defective one. I told him not to buy it but the crooked dealer told him that the problem was only on a "few 2010" models. He has files suit and wants his money back. His state has an excellent lemon law so his lawyer who specializes in this stuff that he will get a new car or his money back for sure. PLus his dealer has been sued so many times and that will help. I am filling a law suit againt my crooked dealer for not telling me about the problem before I bought my lemon Santa Fe. The dealer is required to inform any potential buyer of any problems that he has been notified about. I checked and the dealer was notified of the defective transmissions weeks before I bought my Santa Fe. The dealer in Dubuque will have one messy suit on his fat hands. He even advertises how honest he is - wait until this hits the papers - he will look like the sleaze bag that he truly is.
  • dbqfandbqfan Posts: 16
    edited August 2011
    My Hyundai is the absolute worst vehicle that I have purchased in my 50 years of driving. Hyundai finds a way to weasel out of warranty work and the crooked dealer is just as bad. They want to sell not service warranty work. I have a campaign going to inform anyone I see and tell them about my defective Santa Fe and the **** warranty service from Hyundai and the dealer. You would be surprised how many people thanked me as they said they were about to look at a Hyundai. My transmission still makes the banging noise and the service tech said it was not doing it when he drove it. Those [non-permissible content removed] do not believe there own customers and they use that ploy to get out of repairing the vehicle. My lawyer has said that will not hold water in court and I am going to find out. I, by law, should have been informed of the transmission problem and I was not so my dealer is going to court and I can not wait. I want to see that fat dealer sit there and sweat. I want my money back as I will not take another Hyundai or Kia product.
  • lynzaylynzay Posts: 7
    Not sure if this will help with any of your issues:

    Recall ID # 20577 - POWER TRAIN:DRIVELINE:DRIVESHAFT Hide Details
    Recall Date APR 28, 2011
    Model Affected Santa Fe
    Potential Units Affected 6169

    Recall Date:
    APR 28, 2011
    Model Affected:
    2010 Hyundai Santa Fe
    Potential Units Affected:

    Read more: 1G5hI
  • geragera Posts: 13
    Nice to see they're finally recalling the 2010 models. What about the '01 models. I had the transmission rebuilt (with all new parts) last year and
    it has just started bucking again and won't shift properly. Sticks in 1st can
    kind of jump it so it will boost into 3rd, but that's it. No fluid leakage. I've
    only got 8,000 miles on the 14 month old rebuild. Absolutely sucks!
  • lpn2rnlpn2rn Posts: 8
    I got my new transmission, but was back in the shop the next day!! When they replaced my transmission they threw out my alignment ~ front end and rear end! Then they had the balls to try and CHARGE me for it!

    I have 21,000 miles on my car... what a POS!
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