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Nissan Altima Hybrid Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • hp1234hp1234 Posts: 8
    Can you let me know which dealer you got this deal at? Thanks.
  • hipercohiperco Posts: 9
    I got my NAH at Serafini Nissan, Vestal NY
  • hp1234hp1234 Posts: 8
    edited March 2010
    I live in WA state and was checking out the price for a 2010 NAH. One of the salesman from CA was telling me that they can not sell the NAH with CA emission standard to out of state customers. Has anyone ever heard of this?
  • javablvdjavablvd Posts: 2
    Just bought a basic model of 2010 NAH (MSRP $27,610) from a dealer in San Jose for $20,260 before tax and DMV fees.
  • mathakidmathakid Posts: 4
    That's a good price, about $500 less than the lowest price advertised in the paper. Can you share what dealership you bought it from?
  • javablvdjavablvd Posts: 2
    The one mentioned in message#456.
  • hp1234hp1234 Posts: 8
    edited March 2010
    Bought a 2010 NAH from a dealer in OR for 21,533 + Tax/Doc/DMV fee with Convenience Package, Floor Mat and aluminum kick plate.
  • hipercohiperco Posts: 9
    Firstly, congrats on your purchase, seems like a good price.

    Secondly, may I ask you (and everyone else) to state the sticker price, and any applicable rebates you got? (But not the tax credit). This will help people have a better idea how the pricing breaks down, both now and in the future :)
  • hp1234hp1234 Posts: 8
    Sticker price was 29,080. Rebate was 3,000. Tax credit was not included in the final price.
  • aqanaqan Posts: 5
    Any prices from recent purchases in CT/NYC?
  • rzuffrzuff Posts: 3
    edited May 2010
    Bought an 2010 Base yesterday here in Socal. I had them match + $200.00 North Bay Nissan's price which was worth it to me since I had I had a trade in and it was a 900 round trip drive. I was really surprised they went for it times must tough on these Hybrids but it came out less then a base model! Overall very happy.

    $27610 Msrp
    $23,695 price paid
    $4500 rebate

    $19195 +Fees
    $2350.00 tax credit
    $16845.00 or around $19k OTD
  • Wow, $23,695 price paid!
    Is this including your tradein?

    $16845.00 is really really cheap then.

    BTW, I only see $4000 rebate from Nissan website. How can you get $4500 rebate?
  • rzuffrzuff Posts: 3
    The trade in was a seperate deal and they gave me $500.00 more then the other two nissan dealerships that wanted $1800.00 more for the same hybrid model. so they didn't make it up there. It was also $700.00 more then Carmax would give me to sell it to them.

    The extra $500.00 rebate is something going on that ends this weekend for California residents.
  • Would you please tell me the dealership name. I am interested in a Hybrid Altima as well, so would try and get the same deal from the dealership.
  • rzuffrzuff Posts: 3
    It's one of the dealers in the San Diego area. They actually made me promise not to tell anyone in case the boss didn't agree again or was unavailable so I don't want to name them. I think this is the last day for the extra $500.00. What I did was email them and telling them I was thinking of doing the North Bay Nissan deal in Petaluma and driving up and and driving back. We agreed $200.00 would be fair for me not to have to do that. North Bay Nissian has the ad posted on there website for $18,995 after rebates but before the tax credit for a base model.

    If you need something today I did see Connell Chevrolet Costa Mesa had them for $7500.00 off which is about $800.00 more then I paid but still a great deal.

    Personally I think Nissan attached some sort of dealer incentive to sell these cars and get the inventory down but who cares them come out cheaper then the base 2.5 and drive much better IMO
  • jsiyjsiy Posts: 1
    Just bought a Mystic Jade NAH, all the packages, floor mats, kick plates, after all taxes and fees, and with the huge Nissan rebates (but not the tax credit), $29769 out the door, in the Sacramento area.

    It's a great ride.
  • kgatworkkgatwork Posts: 16
    Just picked up a base Altima Hybrid in dark slate with the convenience package and floor mats for 23615 OTD on Long Island, NY. Includes ttl fees. MSRP-28930 incl destination. The dealer threw in vin glass etching, I guess it was already done as I wasn't expecting any extras. In fact I didn't know it had the floor mats until I saw the window sticker after the purchase.

    I really would have liked some more options but adding the next package was another 4k+ on top of the convenience package and didn't want to spend the extra.
  • gl14534gl14534 Posts: 7
    I just bought one in Rochester, NY with P01 and K01 packages. MSRP $33,160 - $9500 OFF (the deal seems very good, I did not even negotiate), the final price before TTL is $23,660 and the trade-in (not included) for my Nissan Maxima GLE (95000 miles) is $4000.
  • kgatworkkgatwork Posts: 16
    Congratulation, Great price, wish you had posted sooner, I would have purchased one for that price. You got a better deal!

    What year Maxima did you trade and did you think you got a fair value?
  • vgavga Posts: 1
    Drove out yesterday. 10k off MSRP. 28.2k OTD here in NORCAL. After federal tax rebate, 28.2-2.3= 25.9K. Cheaper by more than 2k OTD, compared to equivalent gas based ALTIMA SL bcoz of the federal tax rebate.
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