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2001 - 2006 Honda CR-Vs



  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Actually, I think the biggest unanswered question is pricing.

  • scnamescname Posts: 296
    Please check where the newV is made, England or Japan, for you lucky guys who get to see it now. I thought west coasters would get to see it first. Guess not.

    I finally got the CRV brochur, the salesman said cars might be here (Houston) Nov 15 or 16.
  • varmitvarmit Posts: 1,125
    Based on what I'm seeing from this and other boards, It looks like the first batch is being shipped from Japan. Folks on the left coast starting reporting CR-Vs showing up at the dealerships first. Now we are seeing reports from the Midwest and South. I haven't read anything about the Swindon plant beginning production.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    the CRV is a handsome vehicle. Add larger wheels and tires, and it would be about perfect looking.

  • varmitvarmit Posts: 1,125
    Oh, I never said it was ugly. Just not traditional. The high tail lights, the wrap around head lamps, the low and short front, and not-so-flat front facade are just different.

    Take a look at the RX300. Personally, I think it's a great looking buggy, but the purists can't stand it. The CR-V isn't that radical, but it shares the same image to a lesser extent.
  • scnamescname Posts: 296
    paint the bumpers, add fog lamps, hard spare tire cover, roof rack. Going to get 4 little round lamps to fit in those fog lamp space in the bumper. Tribute prototype had quad fog lamps. I think they'd look better than rectangles.

    Could someone measure the size of the lamp hole for me, really appreciate it.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    the CRV is one of the best-looking utes out there, small or large. Just wish there was more "UTE" in this ute, that's all.

  • jimxojimxo Posts: 423
    I loved it. Very peppy from 0-40, and the EX w/moon roof was $22,300.00. My wife still has to make the decision for herself. I thought the car was smooth and responsive. Sorry for the short post I'm very busy today. The dealer was Honda of Lisle, (IL).
  • You said peppy 0-40. What was it like 40-70?

    Added later - Pauly Honda in Libertyville just got their 2002 CR-Vs, going after work, not enough time to take it on the highway

  • Cool. Thats where we bought our 2000 civic ex. Thanks jimxo.
  • illinoiscentra and jimxo, we gotta work these guys for a good price.
  • Not sure how to work a dealer over when they know there are 200 other people wanting to pay MSRP. My guess, and this is only a wild guess, is the first place to sell a CR-V for less than MSRP will be that Grand Honda I've carped about before. I DO NOT WORK THERE. Matter of fact, my father worked at a Ford dealership (Westfield). My younger brother worked for Ford in Detroit. Hate to do this to a company that helped put me through college, but that chipping paint on the F-150 and the royal job two Ford dealerships up near me did to me on repairs made me loose my interest in Ford.
  • ACCURATE pricing has just been posted on the College Hills Honda Website. Just click on new CRV, and then click on pricing. Price on EX (MSRP)version with Destination charge is $22,740. That represents a $700 price increase over 2001. Not too bad.
  • I live in Maryland and here is an e-mail that was sent to me today:

    The New 2002 CR-V's have finally arrived! I have a few now and more on the way.

    Honda continues to amaze me by creating a that is high in value and quality and LOW in price!

    The new CR-V is completely chnaged and the only real way to appreciate it is to come in and see it for yourself.

    I know that pricing is also an issue and Honda not only realizes that, but has risen to the occaision. The 2002 starts out at $19,240 for the 2wd dr LX and tops out at $22,740 for the top of the line EX. We have 8 models/configurations to choose from now.
  • What dealer in Maryland sent you that email?
  • I dropped off my wife to pick up her 99 Odyssey which had been serviced at Curry Honda. I saw a maroon and gold 2002 CRV on the lot. I had my 18 mo. old in the car who was past ready to get home for dinner, so I didn't get to check out in detail. The 2002's definitely look more substantial than the old style.
  • I will be picking up my new EX tomorrow. This will be one of the first in the S. Vermont / Mass. area. It came by train from the West coast. I'll report back soon on my findings.
  • I live in Ann Arbor and saw the new CRV today. I only got to drive it around the parking lot. The price on sticker is $22,800. They only got it and two others an hour before I got there. I asked about dealing on price and he said they have not worked any pricing out. He doubts there will be any deals. Still it is a lot of car for the money. I am going to drive it Sat. afternoon or Mon.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    Pricing looks good.

    Styling is conservative but nice. My problem is right where conservatism wasn't applied... the front bumper. Otherwise it is a nice looking small ute.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059

    I only got to drive it around the parking lot.

    Parking lot? Oh go back and insist they let you take it out for a real spin. Get that thing onto the back roads with a hop over to Saline or maybe a trip over to Bloomfield Hills. At the very very least, roll down Packard and Stadium and over to Ypsi!

  • Using 2001 markup % list price of a 2002 CRV EX automatic is $22,300.00 x 91.37819 = $20,377.00 + Destination and Handling add $440 + $250 (over invoice) = $21,067.00 This a fair price to pay for the New 2002 version of the CRV.
  • jimxojimxo Posts: 423

    You will get that price "someday", but not right now. A few things need to happen first, such as clear out inventory of 2001's. Second supply needs to catch up with demand, and the economy needs to continue to remain in a state of uncertainty. I would rather pay sticker in a good economy vs. around invoice in a recession, if you know what I mean.

    Good luck!
  • varmitvarmit Posts: 1,125
    Just called my dealer. He has an '02 CR-V on the salesfloor, but cannot let anyone drive it. I may go down this afternoon and poke around with the digicam.
  • scnamescname Posts: 296
    doesn't seem so hot so far. Back before Escape/Tribute came out, there were 500 people signed on at Yahoo's Escape club ready to buy.
    This has not happened with CRV. The most people I see are here at Edmunds, most are current cowners with no immediate plan to buy.

    I went to 2 dealers in Houston, neither salesman had any idea when to expect the cars until they asked the manager. Indicates to me I'm the only customer they have.

    I plan to split the difference invoice/MSRP when they show up.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    Honda's made a big leap forward with this model. It's not perfect, but is, at the moment, equal to or better than the current Forester in all major areas.


    • Feels much like the Forester on the highway, in terms of power and comfort.

    • Much more refined than previous model.

    • Loved the hand brake, auto gear shift fine, once you get used to it.

    • Adjustable for/aft split rear seat. Although, I would probably keep it in its most rearward position. If you move it forward, you really sacrifice legroom. This would come in handy if you had a large item in the trunk, and needed to move the seat forward because of space.

    • Interior is very well thought out.

    • Towing is 1500 pounds, with or without trailer brakes.

    • Auto up/down driver's window, which goes up and down very fast.

    • Huge cargo area.

    • Has green cruise control engaged light.

    • $22,700 for EX automatic. This includes an average-sized moonroof.


    • Want more power still.

    • Roof rack cross bars an option. I don't know rack capacity.

    • No heated outside mirrors.

    • Fixed intermittent front wiper, no variable speed feature. 1-speed rear wiper.

    • Headroom marginal for such a tall vehicle. If it had a large moonroof, like the Forester, it could be problem for rear seat passengers.

    • No front ash tray.

    • Rear cargo cover is an option, and not standard. It is unique, in that it appears to retract both front and rear. It has a feature that allows for the reclinging split rear seat—which is good.

    • Forester still feels a bit sportier in terms of handling.


    Until the new Forester arrives, this is IMO, the new king of the hill.

  • The dealership had a blue, black, chianti and green one. Three of the four were already sold.

    Interestingly the cars in the lot were parked so that a new CRV 2002 was between a 2001 CRV and a Passport. No kidding, from the back the 2002 looks more like a cousin to the Passport instead of the 2001 CVR!!!

    It FEELS like a much bigger car. I found the driver's seat and drivng position MUCH better than last year's model.

    The visiblity is decreased. My guess is tricks with mirrors will compensate for that negative.

    Now, although not scientific, here's an observation. There were four of us looking at and discussing this new vehicle. Three of the four have owned a CRV. It was an interesting group: a gay man, a married man with young children, a married man with grown children and the token single woman. All of us firmly agreed one thing..the interior beige color is just horrible!!! It just reaks of 70's double knit polyester leisure suits!

    For those who can't make that adjustment, the only colors with the charcoal grey interior are black, silver and blue.

    I also drove it. It felt GOOD. It handled nicely. It is quieter than the 2001 and its a nice looking rig. I wasn't able to have it long enough (others were waiting) to take it on the super high way; however, it did not hesitate to respond when called upon to peel out of the dealership parking lot.

    I also particularly liked the fact that the rear passenger and cargo area windows are tinted.

    These cars arrived on the dealers lot yesterday. Three of the four were already sold. In our little group it looks like this.... one was signing a purchase agreement TODAY, one was struggling (they just bought their CRV in August but prefered this one), one wanted it but was going to bend to his wife's wishes and get an Oddessy and the last (myself) has been placed on a "call" list for an LX.

    I do not like moon roofs, don't have strong feelings about the looks of a wheel, don't need a high end CD player and have no problem with regular brakes (verses ABS). Since those items are the $2,500 difference between the LX and the EX....I'll wait for an LX. Oh,also standard on the EX is side airbags,which I do want. The salesman said I could add them to the LX for an additional $250.00. That's fine with me.

    The sticker price was the same as has been mentioned here. I can't imagine that they will haggle at all. Why should they...interested buyers were lined up waiting to take them for a test drive this morning.

    This must be car salesman nirvana.
  • I sold my first 2002 EX CR-V today. It was the Mojave Mist color. I like that color alot. We have a Chianti on the showroonm floor, decked out in Ravens decorum. Honda is coming over on Monday for a photo shoot. We also had a drawing for 30 Ravens Vs Browns tickets too. So, lots of fun here today.

    Ok, I know the big question....what did I sell it for?


    I have NO idea what invoice is. I am assuming that there is about 1800 between invoice and MSRP.

  • thekingtheking Posts: 107
    I just bought today a new 2002 CRV in the gold color. My wife and I drove it and it is SUPERIOR to the 2001...plenty of 55 mph it is only doing 2150 had first 4 delivered yesterday...only has one left and allocations in beginning will be tight. Do not buy a 2001 regardless discounts/financing you might receive. The new CRV is a "winner"
  • varmitvarmit Posts: 1,125
    I called my dealer earlier today and asked if they had the new CR-V on their showroom. The answer was a satisfactory, "Yes". Can I drive one? "No."

    Bummer. But I grabbed the digicam and went down to the lot, anyway. When I got there, they had a Mojave Mist LX sitting out front. As I was oohing and ahhing over it, I talked to a couple who were also checking it out. They asked for my opinion about my 99 and I gave my usual unbiased, "I freakin' love it!!" response. They quietly walked away, wispering about the CR-V fanatic, and talked to the salesguy about the '02 model in front of us... And then they test drove it!! Hey now, wait a minute...

    So I checked my hair, looked for Taco Bell stains on my shirt, sucked in my gut, and smiled brightly on my way inside the dealership and to a place I affectionatey refer to as, "the war zone". I talked with a open and, dare I say it, likeable salesperson named John. He was straight forward, up front, and low pressure, so I'll give him some kudos here on the forum.

    I told John the truth, "I'm just looking," and he was fine with that. Kewl. When I asked for a test drive, he didn't blink and just asked for my license. This is the same guy who said "no" to me on the telephone. Hmmm... Maybe they'd changed their minds. This was the first day the car was on the lot. Enough about the dealer. On to the CR-V...

    Exterior: Not much to say. From the outside, it looks much the same as the pics seen here on the internet. The tail lights do look nicer up close, but overall there were no surprizes for me. It didn't seem any bigger to me.

    Up front: Inside, the cabin felt a bit warmer. It had the saddle interior and, although it was still covered in plastic, the materials felt nice. The new seats are larger and more supportive. The dial that lifts and lowers the driver's seat is easier to use and this autmatic model had dual armrests. The armrests seemed to be narrower than the one I have in my 5 speed. The center console/flip table is considerably bigger and operates in the same fashion. The bar that allows you to slide the seat back and forth is longer. This should make it easier for newbies in the car to find it under the front edge of the seat. I had read here that the parking brake would interfere with the passthrough when in the down position. I thought that was a good observation at the time, but, in reality, it's not a big deal. The dual armrests and wider seats make getting from front to back tough though. Many of the controls have been moved (the trunk release is on the door), but there are too many changes to go into detail.

    In back: If you're a teenager (or play one on TV), this is where the action happens. It's also improved. There isn't a significant increase in rear legroom, but you do have the option of sliding the seats forward for more cargo space. In the most foward position, there is almost no room for a person's legs. The mechanism to slide the seats is the same as the one up front. The cupholders in the center armrest are fairly deep and look like they'll work well enough. Once again, the seats seem bigger and more supportive.

    Cargo space: The cargo area seems only slightly bigger in front to back and side to side measurements, but it is noteably lower to the ground. Tumbling the seats forward for maximum cargo space is easy. Folding the seat back forward is simply and intuitive. The nylon loop on the back side of the seat is easy to pull and the seat bottom pops up to tumble into position. Nice. I did note that the seat tracks are exposed if you slide the seats forward for a little extra space. This would be a problem for me as I need a flat space for my dogs to lay down on. I'd have to pad the exposed tracks. The new door is good.

    Driving: Climbing in, I noticed that there's no dead pedal in this car. Do only the 5 speeds get one? I want one. The pedals are well placed and leg room hasn't changed significantly (the specs say it is shorter, but I'm over 6' and couldn't tell). The wheel is a little less bus-driver-like, but still has a similar feel. What the heck is that noise? The door-is-ajar tone is rather loud. The key slot has been moved from the dash to the column. I prefer the dash. The detents in the auto gear selector are a little tight. I'm not an automatic kinda guy, so maybe I'm just being fussy. Gauges are nice and controls are well laid out. The HVAC controls rule. They are the best dials I've seen or operated yet. Visibility up front and to the sides is good. The view out the back is slightly decreased. Not because of the spare, but because of the new framed window. You also need to remove that third headrest in the sedond row. The roof-mounted seat belt is not an issue. The steering feels about the same. Maybe a tad bit lighter, but I felt completely familiar with the car. The engine is smooth and relatively quiet. Pickup off the line is better, but not surprizingly so. I'm accustomed to the super low geared 5 speed, though, so it's tough to make a direct comparison. Keep your foot in the throttle and the car has some giddyup. My dealer is right next to a Toyota lot. As luck would have it, a new RAV4 pulled out of their parking lot at the same that I left the Honda lot. Smoked it.

    Gizmos: Everyone here knows the equipment list, so I won't go into depth. The rear wiper is intermittent just like the current model. It wipes three or four times, then goes to once every seven seconds or so. It does not seem to clear as much of the rear window as mine does. I forgot to check the spray. The driver's power window is both "one touch" down and up. The picnic table is improved. It has a little tab that locks it into place at the rear edge. This releases when you lift the new handle. This seems a bit more secure than the current hook mechanism and less likely to rattle (not that mine does). The lift glass on the rear door is easier to operate (less heavy).
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