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Jeep Liberty Engine and Performance Problems



  • They are problematic pieces of crap. Just sell it. That's what I did.

  • I have a comment on your tapping noise. Mine does the same thing and I never had a Jeep before but my neighbor needed to sell is because he got lysed off and couldn't afford it. It only had about 10,000 miles on it and I laid use it as a second vehicle, I thought it would be nice to have a four wheel drive to take drives to the desert. It's a 2007 and I have yet to put it in 4 wheel drive. As soon as I accelerate it stops the noise immediately. It runs very well and at a light with the A/C on you don't hear the tapping noise and like you I am the only one that hears it. As far as the octane goes it's correct because the computer is programed to use that fuel and if you don't the engine will run hotter than it was designed for that why it would need servicing sooner. One of the other reasons I bought it in spite of the window issue which Chrysler extended the warrantee to cover the windows for the next ten years was I have a friend with a 2002 Liberty that has 210,000 miles on it. he took very good care of it, changing the oil frequently that's why I bought it. I however don't keep a car with that kind of miles on it, I'll probably sell it when it gets to 50,000 miles or so.BTW, my friend never had any major work done on the complete power train. Brian
  • So, I just had both heads replaced from dealer i got it at and a week into driving it and i hear some tapping noise coming from engine. I let it sit so i can find some time to check oil or maybe possible exhaust leak. then this morning check engine light comes on and the noise is louder. Does anyone know what the problem could be this time? This is the 3rd time I am having it towed to the dealership. Ive only had it since end of Oct and only driven it for about a week total. very stressful and depressing. paying for something i cant even drive. Winter is coming and not kool!!!! :lemon: ???????? every state should have a lemon law to protect us comsumers as well! What about Jeep recalling all engines and replacing them with something reliable and dependable?
  • I have a 2004 Liberty w/108000 miles. I have replaced the plugs, the coil pack, rotated plug 4 and 5 cause tester says #5 is foul. None of this fixed the problem of losing gas mileage, stinky stinky exhaust after it warms up and shakes pretty bad at idle. Took it to a repair shop who tells me that I'm losing compression on valve #5. So I took it to another mechanic who did an upper end engine flush to see if the engine has carbon build up. That didn't fix it either. Now I'm reading on these forums that my problem could be a valve cover gasket and not the valve? Anyone have opinions??
  • Oh and it is NOT making any noise....
  • I have a 2007 jeep liberty and have a misfire in the # 6 cylinder. i have replaced the coil pack and the spark plug so far and nothing has changed. More i read up on the jeeps i am starting to think i might have the same issues.

    I still need to do a leak down test but i am very interested in class action lawsuit. The motors should not have this problem.
  • I have a 2002 jeep liberty that has a random misfire in cylinders 2 and 4. I took it to a mechanic and he said there is no compression in 2 and only half compression in 4. He told me I should get another used engine, but I have been reading these posts and I really don't want to put money into a used engine that will give me the same problems later on. I had a second mechanic look at it, and he said he could do some work on my engine for about $1200. Apparently, I have a cracked head gasket or something like that. I purchased some Blue Devil from Autozone and tried it, but it did not fix my problem...figured it was worth a shot. It did stop the smoke for about a month, but now it is smoking again. Since I purchased this vehicle used, I am still paying on it. I thought about trading it in, but I don't want another 5 yrs. of car payments. It's frustrating because it looks like Chrysler knows there is a problem with the engine but refuses to admit it. I'm all for a Class Action Lawsuit!!!
  • have 2003 libby had no problems until now at 157,000 sounds like valve spring broke i see iam not the only one, :mad: never by a car from a company that has taken bail out money :P this is how they will pay it back by ripping off consumers it must be made in china :sick:
  • kreckerkrecker Posts: 10
    I totally agreed, I tried to get Chrysler Jeep and Dodge to help out but they wanted it to go away so they basically said no. I traded in the car for $2000 after giving up. I tell everyone never buy a Jeep or Chrysler product. Count me in on any lawsuit but also start telling all not to buy there product.

    just tell me who to contact on lawsuit...... but I did check attorney and they all said forget it..... if you have any better luck now let everyone know.......
  • kreckerkrecker Posts: 10
    Start blogging about the Chrysler Jeep engines being so bad.......... the company refused to help all who bought these lemons throughout the 2000-2007. Post all this so people stop buying........

    We all need to use the intenet to be the advertising medium for this......start posting.............Chrysler needs to contact all who had to get rid of these cars and pay them for these mistakes. Chrysler has decided to say nothing in hopes it goes away while we all got screwed buying these cars, then engine problems, and finally we are all left holding the bag................ Chrysler should be ashamed and do something about it.......

    Stop Chrysler Now !!!!!!!!
  • 5fdp125fdp12 Posts: 2
    I hear you guys! I bought a 2002 jeep and have had nothing but problems since I brought it home from dealer. Have had 2 cracked heads, valve rockers come apart, oil light come on while 2 sensors to replace, 1 headlight replaced, 1 oil sending unit replaced, new oil change, and still the oil light is coming on! Next comes the oil pressure test then who knows maybe a new oil pump? wth? I havent even driven it but 2000 miles and thats including all the trips back and forth from the dealer and the test drives to get the mileage up to 200miles. It seems every 200 miles or under there's a problem! Only had it a couple of months not including the 25 days it was in the shop for heads. what a piece of junk and I just wanted something reliable and enough room for the kids.Traded in a truck I wish I still had! On top of it I have not been treated very nicely as a customer! I will never buy A jeep again!
  • Engine light flashing on and off. Jeep sounds like it is not getting gas, stalling, shaking. Black buildup on inside of tailpipe. tac and temp.ok. What the heck, this jeep has low mileage.
  • kreckerkrecker Posts: 10
    Dealer and Chrysler don't care. You must hurt them where it counts. Tell all about the problem, post on Facebook, write blogs, etc.

    Until they say they are responsible and pay us back for this you will be ignored. I finally had to give up and trade in car, but I tell everyone never buy Chrysler and never a Jeep......
  • Bought my 06 jeep used back in 2008 and it has given me nothing but trouble ever since. 3 windows have fallen down, thank goodness that was fixed with the extended warranty. But just recently my key got stuck in the ignition and broke off, I got it taken out and as soon as I put in the new key, it happened again. The ignition switch must be replaced and on top of that... My engine started smoking really bad and I've been told by 3 mechanics that the engine needs I be replaced. I still owe a lot on this piece of junk and I found out that it's only worth 2k at the most in the condition it's in right now. I dont have the money to put into it and frankly i dont think its worth it after reading all of the other posts that deal with the same issues I'm having. It's sad to think there is no one out there that will take responsibility for the problems these jeep libertys are giving people. They need to recall them!!!! I will be selling my "junk" for 3500... Depressing. I'll never buy a Jeep EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!
  • wkeewkee Posts: 1
    I have has similaer issues since last October. I have a 2006 Liberty Ltd. with 141,000 kilomters. Last October the Engine light came on. The Jeep Dealer replaced spark plugs and purged the injectors, $429.00. Jan. 2 ,2012 engine light came on again. Took to my local garage (not a jeep dealer) and had another tune up done and clylinder 6 coil was repalced, $537.00. Jan 31, 2012 light was back on. Went to the Jeep Dealer I bought in from and after an inspection was tolf that there was a misfire in cylinder 6 ans was caused by a carbon build up. 16 hours later I have the Jeep back another bill for $232.00. Took the Jeep for a good hour drive and it seems to be running much better but after what I have read on The Internet in the last 24 hours about this same issue I am not thinking the fix will last. I asked my dealer if the had run into this before and he said one in a van but I thhink the must be more cases out there after reading a bit.
  • gary1984gary1984 Posts: 4
    Check for a crack in your turbo charger., check your glow plug too, also you may wish to change your dies fuel fllter Mine did the same thing but it is diesel.

    If its gas model check your fuel filter,timing, air fuel mixture.

    Also invest in and OBDII scanner they range from $ 40 up to $ 300 and save a lot of headaches.
  • While driving my jeep liberty 2006, the engine shutdown and would not restart. on checking i found oil in the air intake and filter. Could this be the cause for the engine to shutdown, and why did oil get in there?.
  • For some reason my Liberty diesel has no power. There are no warning lights on. Starts fine, idles fine. But with the pedal to the floor I'm lucky to get 45 mph. Could it be a fuel filter? I know nothing about diesels. Any suggestions will be welcome.
  • Hi
    When My jeep quit. I was told that the diesel has a safety feature,it will shut down to save damage on the motor.
  • patrick63,

    Sorry to hear you are having trouble with your 2006 Jeep Liberty, I checked for Technical Service Bulletins (TSB's) for both gas and diesel engines but found nothing regarding the engine shutting down and not restarting.

    If you haven't already done so you may want to have the vehicle diagnosed by your local Jeep Service Department so they can determine what caused your Liberty to shut down and not restart plus why there is oil in the air intake and filter.

    Customer Care
    Chrysler Group LLC
  • Thanks Lisa for your comments. I have contacted the service department and I´ll take it in the first week in May. The reason is i had to travel due to my job. As soon as they check it out diagnose and fix the problem,I´ll keep you and all in the forum posted.I don´t think not restarting is a major problem,however why and what caused some oil to enter the air intake. I just hope that´s not a major problem and send the cost up for a new Jeep.

    Thanks again

  • Hi Lisa

    I have the 2006 liberty,I had the jeep looked at by the dealer,the motor has gone,from lack of oil changes. Not from me. the car was brought from a chrysler dealer who I am sure did not even look under the hood. When my repair shop dropped the oil pan,the oil was caked on.
    The jeep was down from Prince George from a dealer ( ex Lease)
    The Transmission also repaired up there.I had to repair it again,
    Egr valve was stuck back with glue.
    I have had to change all the sensors.
    I brought the jeep with low miles for aprox $ 23
    With the motor,I had to put in for 10. from the states, the transmission for 2500.
    The dealer wanted 15000.00 for a motor if he could find one.
    So let just say. It has not been the best jeep so far,
  • Hi,
    I´am so sorry to hear of your problems.So what are you going to do?.
    I bought my jeep in 2007, used from a dealer with almost no miles on. This is the first time that i had any problems, i was very happy with my jeep until last Saturday. I always considered the jeep to be very good. However after the problem i started looking around on the internet and from what i saw people are saying,I was lucky to have almost five trouble free years. After seeing what most people are saying about the jeep. I´am thinking, after repairs, sell and get something else. Presently i have no other make or model in mine.I´ll have to start giving it some taught. It´s time for a change.I really never knew that the jeep was such a pain in the butt. If and when i sell it,I´ll really miss the old girl.

  • Hi
    When the dealer told us that the motor would cost 15000,00, he offered us $4000 for a trade in,without a motor.(right get on that)
    We began to look around for a motor ourselfs,we found a cheap one out of a wreak.
    It took a month to repair,we told the repair shop take their time.
    So far no problems,
    But what to do trade it in? I am still paying for it. So we keep and drive it until it dies,
    maybe it will last for a long time.
  • 1bobmg1bobmg Posts: 1
    we have identical missing and jerking problem 2011 liberty. started at 2000 miles. been to 2 dealers totaling 3 trys and problem detected on 2nd and 3rd but told there is no fix. referred to lemon dept by our case mgr. but was told no repair attempts made and it requires 4 repair attempts, with parts actually replaced. neither dealer knows what to replace. dealer in daphnie, alabama told us chrysler engineer told him there is no fix. Both dealers have other jeeps currently with same problem. Lemon dept referred us back to case mgt and supposed to talk to them tomorrow for next steps. We are contacting attorney as none of this makes any sense, just a run around. at Gulf shores jeep on my 1st visit, service mgr said it was characteristic and would probably get worse. 2nd time tech drove it home after i threw a fit and he detected problem, but told no fix. please stay in touch. i will check this page and keep posting. not going to let them steal our money! I guarantee chrysler is aware they have a problem.
  • I have a 2007 Jeep Liberty,and I am also having this there a recall,because of this problem???????We went as far as putting new brakes on the Jeep,,,,,,,,,,,,,I have 10 months left before its paid off..........does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this,or do we pay a Jeep Dealer ship a few thousand $$$$$$$$$,
  • winter2winter2 Posts: 1,801
    edited May 2012
    I am a former owner of a 2005 CRD. Check the hoses from the turbo to the intercooler (passenger side) and from the intercooler to the intake (driver side). These hoses are known to soften up and pop off the connectors. Also, these hoses are also known to rupture. If the hoses are still intact and not too soft remove them and clean them. Apply Indian Head shellac to the connectors and inside the hoses. Wait a couple of minutes and attach the hoses and snug down the clamps. I did that with mine and the hose never popped off again.

    Replacing them is not cheap and only Sanco, as far as I know, makes after market hoses.
  • patrick63patrick63 Posts: 4
    Thank´s George, I´ll check the hoses immediately and follow your instructions. Hope this solves my problem.Once again thank you.

  • winter2winter2 Posts: 1,801

    One other thing to look at is the MAF (Mass Airflow Sensor). It is easy to get to and lives just beyond the air cleaner box. It can be removed and cleaned with MAF cleaner. Do not use any other cleaner on the MAF.

    Also, there is a pressure sensor in the intake manifold toward the back of the engine. It is sort of buried under the wiring harness. Has that ever been pulled and cleaned? With the engine cold, get a 4mm Allen wrench and remove the two screws holding it to the intake manifold, but remove the connector from it first. Clean the sensor with a mild solvent, Castle Clean or Brake Cleaner, put a touch of grease on the O-ring and replace it. This sensor gets pretty well covered in soot because of the exhaust gas recirculation.
  • mgm5mgm5 Posts: 1
    Hi. I have a 2011 Jeep Liberty 70th Edition and the truck started hesitating bad and jerking then the MIL light started flashing. Jeep barely made it home. I will call dealer in the am. Truck only has 28,000 miles on it. Anyone else having this problem or know what is causing it? Thanks
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