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2001 - 2006 Honda CR-Vs



  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Colorado_kid - Funny. I started up the Northeast meet because I was tired of watching the West Coast CR-Vers have all the fun. =)

    There are a few CR-Ver in the Midwest, but most are up in Wisconsin and Illinois. Depending on where you are in Colorado, you be better off with the crew from Las Vegas and Phoenix. I haven't heard from our Colorado members recently.
  • darthkendarthken Posts: 28
    Hi all,

    Can anyone tell me when the 2003s CRVs should arrive in showrooms? I'll need to purchase by first week in September, just wondering if I should try to get a 2002 while they last.
  • Sounds good Varmint.... I see you guys having all of the fun and got a bit jealous! ;-) My old man and I like to swap stories about our CR-V adventures.... but feel it would be much more fun with others for sure.

    I am in Littleton (South West Denver). Vegas and Phoenix are a bit of a haul, but would be a worthwhile time, especially to talk the wife into a mini-Vegas vacation!
  • Hi, as my 2000 CRV se is @ 32k miles now , i am trying to decide on if i should purchase an extended warranty and if so, which one....

    Possible choices:
    Genuine Honda warranty or maybe one from Warranty Gold....Any info would be greatly appreciated....thanks,AL
  • pwsharpepwsharpe Posts: 4
    Hope this is the correct board for this question. I have a 2002 CR-V, and I would like to purchase a second set of rims. There are many sets of Honda produced rims for the previous generation CR-V's available. Are they the same bolt pattern (5 x 115, I think), offset (50, I think) and size (15" x 6"). If not, what Honda rims are interchangable with my 2002?

  • ctdricectdrice Posts: 12
    How accurate is the typical speedometer? My 2000 EX seems to read 10% too high (reading is 60 MPH but it takes 65 sec to go 1 mile = 55 MPH). I have both clocked it and watched other cars (i.e. the speed everyone slows down to when a cop is visible). I have also checked it at 30 MPH and it is still 10% off.

    The distance measurement seems to be OK and agrees with the mile markers, so the speed portion must be off. I do have the OEM tires.

    Any one else notice a difference?
  • alyssazmomalyssazmom Posts: 142

    My friend was given a price quote of $22,300.00 plus taxes and tags. Is that a good deal?

    It's a 2002 Honda CR-V, Eternal Blue Pearl, Auto.


  • daveghhdaveghh Posts: 495
    ctdrice, I will have to check that with my CRV, I will scope it out later.
  • sluglineslugline Posts: 391
    ctdrice: If your speedometer really is off by 10%, it needs attention. Local police here will set out "YOUR SPEED IS" mobile electronic signs on various roadways, and the speedometer in my 2000 EX is always in close agreement with the display. Ironically . . . whenever I see one of these things I have this sudden impulse to make the sign go WAY, WAY into the red. Too many video games as a kid, I guess. :-)

    pwsharpe: IIRC, all CR-V wheels should be interchangeable, they are 15x6 indeed. I've seen pics of a CR-V with Odyssey rims, but I don't know if that is an exact match.
  • muckyduckmuckyduck Posts: 219
    $22,300 is the base MSRP for a '02 EX Auto. If you look at edmund's TMV pricing, they have $22,508 - which indicates that most Honda dealers are getting MSRP or more for the CR-V. Sounds like dealer is not charging destination fee of $460 but you should make sure - some dealers will quote a price without the destination fee and then add it when you sign.
    The CR-V is very popular - hard to get any good deals.
  • terryvdterryvd Posts: 5
    My wife has decided to purchase a 2002 Honda CRV Ex. Since the dealer only had one CRV, an Lx, we decided to wait for one to come in - in the color she wanted. The sales guy said 18 would be coming in by the end of July. I did a web search and didn't find much in the whole state of Wisconsin here at other locations. Anyway, now the guy says that the car is "on the boat" and on its way. It will be here near the end of August. We have pretty much been unable to get the purchase price lower than the sticker of $22,270 since they are in such high demand. Anyway, my question is this: by the time this vehicle comes in, won't we be close to the new car season of 2003 and shouldn't we be paying less for the 2002? I've also tried getting some price quotes online but there are no dealerships close enough that support this. Any thoughts on this?
  • bbchinbbchin Posts: 3

    After checking for about 2 months in the Denver area, I believe your price of $22K is a good price. The dealers here are still adding a myriad of options to jack up the price to $23 to $24K. Only 1 dealer here appears not to be milking the market by charging $22,450 to $22,700.

    Where are you, and what dealer are you dealing with? I would like to get your deal? Thanks.

  • mainemanxmainemanx Posts: 70
    Terry ... same situation here in Portland Maine ... $22,700 plus $199 "Administration Fee," whatever that is. Salesperson said discount considered only for units sitting on the lot ... but definitely not for Silver EX!

    Salesperson further claimed no changes for 2003 ... does ANYONE know ANYTHING about 2003 CR-Vs? Hoping for leather and 16" or 17" wheels. Bill
  • daveghhdaveghh Posts: 495
    mainemanx, you might want to try Paul Blouin Honda in Agusta. I got my silver LX their and they seem to be a fairly good dealership.
  • bobportsbobports Posts: 3
    On Sat. I bought a 2002 CRV ex. Signed the papers and then found out her gas gauge didn't work. Mon.they found out it was a bigger problem.
    The gas gauge assemley had to be replaced. This is my first new car and I can't get her out of the showroom. They say she will be ready
    fri. and I'm leaving with her on a small trip. How confident in Honda should I be. There are lemons out there, help.Thanks, Bobport
  • jas28jas28 Posts: 50
    Perhaps when you closed the door and the "alarm" went off, you hit the panic button on the key fob? This would produce the same affect.
  • muckyduckmuckyduck Posts: 219
    If you are referring to me, I know that did not happen since I didn't have the keys in my hand at that moment.
  • markjennmarkjenn Posts: 1,142
    I'd be very surprised if there were any substantial changes in the 2003s. Typically, when a model is heavily revised like the 2002 was, it stays pretty much unchanged, at least externally, the next year. They may do some trivial shuffle on the option list between LX and EX or revise a trim piece inside, but I think that would be about it.

    I too was floored that there was no discounting on the 2002s vs. the 2003s. But if people are buying, then the dealers don't discount. People are buying. One thing to keep in mind is that the CR-V appears to be aggressively priced to begin with (compared to the competition) and margins aren't that fat. An Auto EX with a total MSRP of $22,760 has a dealer invoice of $21,060). That's only a 7.5% margin even at list, lower than competing cars.

    Having said all this, if I were buying a car right now, I'd try and wait for the 2003s. They always make minor improvements each year which potentially improve reliability and 3-5 years from now when you trade, the 2003 will be worth up to $1500 more than the 2002.

    - Mark
  • tomsrtomsr Posts: 325
    Is there any HONDA tuners that have tricks to get
    more power out of the 2.4VTEC. The older model
    had a supercharger added by hotrodders.This week
    I'm driving my wife's Acura and the power is
    awesome so my V will seem lame next week.A CRV
    with a 3.2 V6 shoehorned in would be killer.The
    Pilot is too heavy so that won't work.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    The new Honda Element, which is CRV-based, reportedly will have both a 4-speed and 5-speed automatic, as well as a 5-speed manual. If the Element gets the 5-speed auto, I would imagine the CRV would too.

  • whothemanwhotheman Posts: 169
    The CRV had two advantages. Manual tranny (fastest times), and lower price (tested Escape with Leather). And the Escape still won. The Vue was a distant third.
  • mainemanxmainemanx Posts: 70
    OK ... possibility of a 5-speed auto is enough to get me to wait 'til October for the 2003s.

    Who knows, maybe leather, maybe 16/17" wheels, maybe 5 cylinders ... maybe ... no change at all.

  • ...according to C&D. Here's a LINK to the article.

    More importantly, the Escape is the LOWEST rated vehicle in the small SUV class according to the IIHS, one look at the caved in roof will clue you in as to why:


    You can probably guess which small SUV is rated highest.

  • Where did everybody go? I wanted to talk about CR-Vs ... I don't think my Mitsubishi/Eagle Summit Wagon will make it through another Maine Winter and therefore "need" a 2003 CR-V :-)

  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Mainemanx - You'll have to come to the Northeast Honda SUV Rally if you want to talk CR-Vs. =)

    Spam, spam, spam, spam....
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    The CR-V EX is a good value when you compare MSRPs, that's why it sells well. I won't even dispute that. It's also why my wife and I test drove one when we were shopping recently.

    But let's compare real world prices. Subarus carry deeper discounts. If you are bargain hunting, I saw a left over 2002 S Premium with automatic and leather for $22,700 at, and that price includes freight.

    Best we could do for an EX from was $21,500, but it didn't have leather and it was a 5 speed. Those two things alone would make the Subie a better value if you're shopping for content.

    XS Premiums may MSRP high, but the same dealer has new 2003s for $23,336 (manual tranny, cloth, like the EX). So the difference is small, and you get a lot more if you like gadgets:

    * 6CD in dash plus cassette and weatherband
    * huge moonroof about 4 times Honda's size
    * heated seats, heated mirrors
    * wiper de-icer front and rear
    * 67% longer powertrain warranty
    * 3 years of roadside assistance
    * side air bags that protect the head also
    * 16" wheels
    * outside temp gauge
    * roof rack with cross bars
    * rear limited slip diffy (CR-V's are both open)
    * full-time AWD

    The CR-V has the picnic table, more rear seat space with a flat floor, and the Honda name some people just can't do without. If you don't value all the extras, go for it.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Subaru uses a fairly normal 4.11:1 final drive, so cruising is fairly relaxed.

    The CR-V manual uses a very short 4.77:1 ratio, which helps it off the line but also results in a bit more noise and no mpg edge despite being primarily FWD.

    I realize you have to account for the individual gear ratios, but in general the CR-V is geared shorter. That's also why you can chirp the tires in 2nd gear, despite similar torque numbers and more curb weight.

  • varmint - dare I show up for a CR-V rally sporting an Eagle Summit Wagon? :-(

    ateixeira - drove an automatic EX yesterday ... cruising seemed quite relaxed, approximately 2600 rpm at 70 mph, relatively quiet. 'Wonder how this will be affected if the 2003s show up with 5-speed automatic trannys.

    Anyone with comments on extended trips?

    Thanks ... Bill
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Bill - Absolutely. Feel free. A meet is a good way to learn about any given car. You can hear first-hand how people feel about the car. You can ask questions and get complete, real time responses. You can see aftermarket and OEM equipment up close and personal before you order anything.

    The Edmunds TH is a great thing, but nothing beats first hand experience.
  • tomsrtomsr Posts: 325
    Two dealers in San Diego have newspaper ads
    with $18995 for the LX 4WD and they list 3 each in stock.It is possible a bait and switch but the
    end of the model year is coming so they need to move th 02 models.I suppose if you got an LX then
    added $2000 in options then it could be almost an EX.You know alloys,moonroof,CD changer,keyless
    entry etc.For trade in it would still be an LX though.The new Forester is a great car but it
    does not have the up high sitting position.It probably takes curves better than the CRV though.
    The tall CRV does not like sporting driving.
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