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Nissan Pathfinder Transmission Problems



  • babers1babers1 Posts: 1
    Got the same problem....didn't know anythingabout this problem until my heat stopped working a couple days ago. I checked my radiator Saturday and sure enough, milky fluid. Called nissan and took it in this morning to have it checked, and when they called me, they confirmed that it was the radiator and tranny fluid mixing.

    I was really worried that it will not be covered by nissan, since I don't have any warranty at all on my vehicle. My truck is a 2007 pathfinder with 79,988 miles on it. They said they will replace them for FREE since my vehicle has less than 80k miles. They told me that's the cut off on the coverage. It was really a close call. I'm glad the dealer is only a mile away from my house and not 13 miles away. Whew...what a releif.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is if your truck has less than 80k miles, nissan will replace them for free.
  • ted78ted78 Posts: 1
    If anyone owns a 2005 nissan pathfinder I strongly recommend you buy a transmission cooler. bypass the radiator and connect transmission lines directly to the cooler mounted in front of the ac condensor- behind the grill. We do this repair to prevent future intermix - transmission failure.
  • norocamponorocampo Posts: 1
    same problem bought it on 09 used 05 nissan pathfinder. with extended warranty, I was given different diagnoses every time i came in the shop an average of every 6 months. finally the warranty expired, and thats when they told me I need it a new transmission a month after the warranty expired. I called head quaters and no luck. I went to Aamco for a trans. The problem was not fixed and AAMCO could not figured out the problem because they could not get the right codes, So I was sent to back the dealer, I was told by the dealer I need it a new body valve so I spend $1200 on top of $3300 for the transmission. After a month later (today) my path was leaking orange fluid so I went to the dealer (again) I was told it was the same problem trans./radiator. Tomorrow the service manager is calling the NISSAN head quaters and see what they can do to fix this problem................IF NISSAN DOES NOT GIVE ME AN THE ANSWER, I' M CALLING THE MEDIA!!!!!!
  • path05path05 Posts: 2
    Nissan dealer fix the problem by replacing the transmission and radiator at not cost since the car was still under the 80K extended warranty. I think that all the nissan dealers should be aware of this problem by now.
  • lcplorbinatilcplorbinati Posts: 23
    edited June 2012
    Okay I have a 2001 LE 4x4 with 141,800+ Since Feb 25 2012 and 136k I have had all kinds of nightmarish crap. Btw I have had it almost 5 years and just over 102,900.

    I have had the fuse blow for the starter about twice, cold start resulting in stalling unless key is turned to start before it hits zero rpms or your on the gas, and for the past 2-3 months I have had the P0740 code coming up.

    I havent had the fuse blow in a while (April 10 2012 is last time).

    Cold Start problem I have no clue- tried replacing fuel pump and fuel filter based on similar symptoms with a work vehicle, replaced the intake hose that was cracked (not known if it was leaking).

    P0740 Code I have not gotten a definitive answer from the few people I have asked about it. I asked the dealer on cost and they said $2300 to replace the solenoid, i later found out that was all the solenoid. I got one educated guess that took a look at the car and they said its about $300.00 to fix.

    Oh yeah anyone loose control of your air conditioner (on/off and fan speed controls non-operational/malfunctioning)??

    Cpl Orbinati :confuse:
  • fl116fl116 Posts: 3
    I did this fix on my vehicle myself, I had no complicated install issues and so far have had no issues.
  • I guess your entitled to your own opinion but I was honest... I didnt say the car was or is perfect.... But now at 142,500 she is doing well for the problems she has... Running strong. And if i may.. Why you doubt my review?
  • same issue here.. mine was shifting really hard and over revving, it has 86000 miles its a 2005... took to dealer and I did buy an aftermarket maintenance policy so dealer calls ins. co for policy and they wont look at it unless it gets flushed. I do that and doesnt help much... so while driving in heavy traffic a few weeks later it totally dies.. I shut it off and it did restart.. took to dealer next day and it went to a transmission shop.. everyone that has driven my truck states definate issue.. but the insurance co says it has to be torn down to pin point where failure occurs.... So this is done and yup everyones jaw drops because they say no mechanical defect to warrant claim... even though there is antifreeze in tranny..I think the radiator held that time when they tested it.... the tranny.bangs into gear and over revvs this isnt normal, I did what i had to do to preserve the tranny and i will prob get stuck with a bill I can not afford......... I bought ins to protect myself and they had no problem taking the premium......... help!!!link">
  • Read further in the Transmission thread. There is a noted defect with the Trans and Radiator. The 2004-2006 models seem to be a problem when it comes to this.

    I will recommend to you that you take it to a dealer ASAP and tell them to fix it. You may have to report it to the NTSB and or look for a recall cause this is a common issue. This needs to be done BEFORE you go over your Standard warranty/extended warranty.

    Cpl Orbinati
  • what is NTSB? my tranny is at tranny shop in pieces because the adjuster wanted it torn down to find failure point....
  • dawnma1dawnma1 Posts: 11
    Im reading ALOT of complaints on Pathfinders and I now have water leaking into transmission fluid along with the stutter at 40 mph do I've opted to turn the OD off when driving in city. Basically my point is "am I reading all these complaints and ABSOLUTELY NO RECALL HAVE BEEN DONE, correct?
    Who else is having issue of water in transmission? Its not just older models I have '07.
  • National traffic safety board
  • I dont remember if there is any recalls thats why i said check
  • wasuvwasuv Posts: 3
    I recently test drove a 2006 Nissan Pathfinder SE Off Road that had a reduced price (below market value, which was kind of a warning) from a local dealer in Centennial Colorado.

    Everything felt fine except at high speeds and decelerating, the transmission kind of jerked. That's what spawned me to question the transmission and research it online. Then found out about this "intermix" issue.

    It is a very poor design to say the least. And since Nissan isn't really covering it as a defect, it is likely your car will be out of warranty before it occurs after 80k.

    I took the car for a pre-sale inspection at a third-party Nissan dealer to have a certified Nissan tech look it over. They informed me that he intermix issue was pretty rare, but occurs on NIssan Pathfinders, XTerras from about 2005-2007 and it is more about the location of the factory where was made than it affecting all vehicles. I have also seen some things about some Frontiers as well online.

    Anyways, the mechanic did mention there is that third party converter to add a radiator for the transmission only and re-route the lines independently as some people mentioned on this thread (est. $300). You need to catch it in time though.

    Superficial signs are "pink slime" and "whitish film" on the radiator cap and on the transmission dip stick. But if the radiator fluid and transmission had recently been flushed (possibly to cover-up the issue by a deceitful seller), it would need to be driven about 100 miles before you could detect the intermix.

    Anyways, the dealer still has the vehicle for sale at the original "reduced" price (now I know why it was reduced), and I think that is very poor business as I have shown them the inspection report and they are aware of the problem.

    I just want to warn a potential buyer, so they don't get suckered into a $6000-$7000 quoted repair for a new transmission and radiator per the inspection.

    beware of this vehicle:
    2006 Nissan Pathfinder SE Off Road
    VIN 5N1AR18W76C619660
  • The clowns at Nissan dealt with the defect this way. They acknowledged it, put this program together to show they were being fair and honest, but ultimately put the $4500-6000 repair costs on the owners.

  • dawnma1dawnma1 Posts: 11
    Ok I can't say I would never buy Nissan again, but did
    Nissan fix this problem? My pathfinder is an '07, I'd consider getting a 2010 if problem had been addressed, other wise I guess I'll look into Armada issues, if any. But if anyone know what years exactly this issue is happening to that would get me a little bit ahead of the game when I take this to Nissan dealer in my town. Thanks a bunch for the feedback, VERY appreciated!!!!!!
  • Jst bewere of it... Pathfinders outside of the 2005-2007 age are fine. I have a 2001 that has been fine up to about 135k but 8k later its doing fine. After having this Nissan i would buy another Nissan.

    My mom had an 02 Xterra and it was good just too big for her.
  • I havent really seen any problems with 2008-2012 Pathfinders but be aware that electrical can be a problem.. I had at least one bad harness and probably have another.
  • wasuvwasuv Posts: 3
    I neglected to mention in my previous post that the inspection verified that the Pathfinder I was looking at to purchase suffered from the intermix problem and was in need of a new transmission and radiator. Mechanic did NOT recommend buying it. :sick:
  • valkamavalkama Posts: 5
    edited July 2012
    I just had this problem. I have a 2005 Pathfinder with 84,000 miles. Was driving on I 15 when I lost power. I had to go from the left lane to 3 lanes over to the right lane without causing an accident. The pathfinder went into limp mode and would only go into 2nd gear. I went to Oceanside transmissions, the best in the business! They checked and sure enough, the radiator fluid mixed with the trany fluid and it looked like Pepto Bismol. They called Nissan to get them to fix it but they said no. I called Nissan headquarters, and the dealer and nothing. The local rep that was assigned to my case closed it without even talking to me. For me the cost was $4700. The simple fact that Nissan did not even want to talk to me about it has made me decide that they do not deserve my business.

    So my next plan is to get the word out to as many people as possible about their service and this defect. I own an animation firm and am currently having one of my employees model the defective coolant system and then will animate the process and why it fails. I am working with a transmission repair facility and a mechanic to make sure its on spec. If anyone has photos of the failure please contact me as I would like to include them in the final animation.

    Thank you
  • valkamavalkama Posts: 5
    I am re-posting part of my previous note to get the word out.

    I own an animation firm and am currently having one of my employees model the defective coolant system and then will animate the process and why it fails. I am working with a transmission repair facility and a mechanic to make sure its on spec. If anyone has photos of the failure please contact me as I would like to include them in the final animation.

    Thank you

  • Join our is in process in NY. The judge combined our suit which now includes Texas, NY, and CA. This is a big deal. A defective part is not a reason to extend a is a reason to recall the units affected. It covers 2005 thru 2010 Pathfinders...for those of you thinking you may not be affected in your 2008 thru 2010 models....they are beginning to have the same issue. Again, a big deal.....
  • Can I have more info on this lawsuit... I am having issues with having my tranny repaired, It was acting up pretty bad and myextended warranty is denying my claim thus far. They are claiming no failure because nothing is broken or cracked in my tranny.......They want physical internal damage even though my policy claims it pays for repairs out of operating tolences...... very very frustrated... The dealer I purchased car from is now on board trying to help me but I want to join the lawsuit... shame on nissan...... I had my transmission fail in traffic .. I shut the engine off and luckily was still able to drive it..
  • felomonfelomon Posts: 2
    edited July 2012
    How do we go about info on the lawsuit and joining it.
    I have a 2006 just spent $5,600 on repairing the transmition a new radiator and a new Torque converter
  • kjmac16kjmac16 Posts: 1
    We have encountered the same problems with our 2006 Pathfinder. The truck has 91K miles and started having issues going into reverse about a month or so ago. We took it to our mechanic who spoke with a tech that advised him of the issues with leaking fluid / water into the transmission. Our mechanic flushed the radiator twice ($250) and advised that we had some serious problems when the "oily" fluid kept appearing. We then took it to a transmission specialist who replaced the radiator in order to stop the leakage. ($1300). A couple of days after we started experiencing issues with the truck dropping out of gear while driving (will reset when you turn off most of the time) & refusing to go into reverse. We are facing having to replace the transmission $3000-$4000. A phone call and visit to our dealer's were not helpful as no one knew anything about the issue.

    Any information that could be shared regarding a class action lawsuit would be greatly appreciated. - Albany, NY
  • Good news for you is just around the corner.....if you did or do have cross contamination....stay tuned.....
  • Look at page 52 of this forum. This is the first I am hearing about a Nissan lawsuit when it comes to the 2004-2010 Pathfinders. Contact that user for the information.
  • wasuvwasuv Posts: 3
    I have been informed by mechanics and from the extended warranty website ( ), that it affects 2005-2010 Frontiers, Pathfinders and Xterras. Not all of them though, just a small percentage, but not sure what the number is.

    A salesman tried to say it only affected 2005, but he was obviously not very knowledgable since the 2006 I took in for an inspection had the problem, including many others on this forum.

    A mechanic told me that another sign other than the "milky-chocoloate milk-like" radiator fluid (NEVER check radiator when hot!) and "pink slime" in the transmission (you can check the transmission dipstick located near firewall on passenger side - requires loosening bolt 6mm), the transmission typically jerks or is rough when shifting between 30-40mph. Although, the Pathfinder I test drove had a shifting bump when decelerating from 70mph down to 60mph and it suffered from this issue.

    If you own one under those criteria, I would recommend taking it in for inspection. You can get the aftermarket kit which is about $300 to prevent it and have some peace of mind.

    note: the extended warranty that another user posted looks like it only applies towards the radiator assembly, no mention of the transmission.
  • dawnma1dawnma1 Posts: 11
    It is a safety issue, Pathfinders should be recalled for faulty radiator and transmission issues, say your going on family vacation and your transmission locks up, what do you do? I bought my '07 from decent dealer in my hometown and it wasn't that way when I purchased it has happened in the 1yr I've owned it, makes me sick that there's no recall, customers cannot make this happen it's parts that Nissan bought and built their vehicles with, it should be their pocket being picked for it
  • lcplorbinatilcplorbinati Posts: 23
    edited July 2012
    if enough owners complained to the NTSB and reported the situation then the NTSB may start investigation into the vehicle and force Nissan to recall the situation. I know there is the start of a class action against Nissan (See page 51) because of the situation. I agree it should be a recall cause the situation is common from 2004-2010 Pathfinders, Fronteers and Xterras.
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