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Ford Flex Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • redline122redline122 Posts: 67
    edited January 2011 here's an update on my Flex acquisition:
    MSRP - 40100 for a 2011 Flex Limited FWD (Spec 300A and Vista Roof)
    Agreed Upon Price - 37500
    (XPlan - 38030; Invoice - 37910)

    36months with 15000miles/year
    Residual - 48%

    Cash Due at Signing: $2000
    Monthly Payment: $666 for 5.5% Money Factor; Less for 1.5% Money Factor (I wanted to see the worst case scenario)
    Competitive Lease Incentive: $1500

    Is this a good deal in Southern CA?
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    I dont know much about leasing deals, but the price you got from them is pretty good. Question is, are you sure you want to lease and not purchase? Have you looked into purchase options? One other thing I did while researching was to get the pricing from Consumer Reports. Cost me a little to get the report, but I was able to use that to get a good price.

    If you have a copy of the sticker, check the base price before options, if it is $37,845 the invoice is $35,249 -$750 holdback. Add in the options to that, and see where it sits. I did a quick check, but it doesn't list 300a, so not knowing exactly what it has, all I can get is a ballpark. A FWD Limited with the Vista, MSRP $40,115 Invoice $37,805 Bottom line price, $34,985. This price includes the incentives of $2500. Get the price anywhere near that and you did good. Main goal, -5000 below sticker.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    Oh One more thing. A new feature CR has, after you price out a car, you can shop for the best deal near your area showing pricing you will pay.
    CR Build and Buy program, it will list participating dealers near you.
  • acd... the 37500 prcie does NOT incude the 1500 lease incentive. cannot factor in 2500 buy incentives. So basically am 15 dollars away from CR bottom line number. your thoughts?
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    In that case, you're getting a good deal.
  • Did your report from Consumer Reports list things that are actually on the real dealer invoice like fuel and advertising fees or was it just a list of the invoice price of various options and trims? I have noticed one thing that Edmunds,, etc don't list is National Advertising Fee and Fuel surcharge. They were around $580 on my 2011 Edge invoice. Slightly more on my 2011 Explorer invoice.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    It depends on where you live. Where I live, only destination charges are listed on the sticker. The prices vary on stickers too depending on build date, usually within $200 of what CR lists and what is actually in the sticker, the newer the build, the higher the difference.
  • I have the 2009 Flex Limited, with everything but the Video player and $800- 4cans of cola size fridge.

    It's the best car I've ever owned... and I've had Mercedez CLK 430, 2 BMW 530s', Saab900Turbo, Ford F150 & Ford Explorer, 1970 Mercedez 200SEL and 1973 Chevy Nova SS...

    I'm looking to trade my 2009 for a 2011 with the EcoBoost... Ford of Bellevue WA BEGGED me for my Flex so they could have it for Used car inventory, but they were JERKS about financing a new one... So I'm going Back to Santa Monica Ford in LA!!!!
  • Ford Flex SEL. MSRP on the vehicle is $34,770. I was quoted $29,000 (before tax and license). So that is a savings of $5,770 from the MSRP. It sounds like a god deal, but I was not sure. What do you guys think, should I go for it?
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    Sounds like a good deal, that is about the same savings I received with my 10 SEL EB.
  • flexuser123flexuser123 Posts: 4
    edited September 2011
    I bought Ford Flex 2011 Ecobost 3 days ago. My Experience with Cowles Ford in woodbridge VA is terrible!!! They deceitfully sold to me a car that I did not see!

    I suggest that you don't buy a car that you did not see! When I complained that the car that they sold to me is not what I have expected...they said they will find me a different car. They found a "DEMO" car that has 6000 miles on it ...Demo means used car!!! Right?

    They sold it to me on a MSRP price....they wanted me to exchange my brand new car to a used demo car and the most ridiculous thing that they said because the demo car comes with a little more option ..... I need to pay $5000.00 more!!! Selling a used car on MSRP price is NOT acceptable at all! And trying to Rob your customer is even more NOT acceptable in any angle!

    I just financed with them a brand new car for $60,000.00 and they wanted me to pay more for a demo car!!!

    I got tired arguing and going back & forth...I just told them that I will just keep my brand new unwanted car....I wanted a bucket seats in the 2nd row because I drive 4 children to school everyday and they are in car seat! They gave me a car with a bench seat!!!! I clarified it with the Sales man and he said he did not remember me saying that I need a bucket seat car.....I am so mad!!! Why will I forget the very reason of me to buy a new car!

    I need a car that is convenient and has an interior of a minivan that I don't have to fold the middle chair back & forth!
  • Don't buy Flex, I got a brand new one 3 days ago...I'm driving at the middle of no where the navigation system & sync stopped. I thought its the signal but when I got in the belt way and arrived home it never came back.

    My husband called sync support, they tried to tell him how to fix it but apparently they have a problem on it that they can't figure out...Don't waste your money.

    I paid $49,000 for mine fully loaded and the total amount I financed is $60,'s a big waste.

    3 days old, its giving me problem already...I don't know what will happen next. Try other options.....if you have a big family try mini vans.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    Wow that sux. Too bad, got 23K miles on mine so far and not a single problem. The sync can be repaired easily enough though, the Sync in my Fusion locked once, and pulling the fuse fixed it, and it hasn't acted up since.. I found the Flex to be a great car, plenty of room and good comfortable ride, and it isnt an ugly minivan.
  • jetlncjetlnc Posts: 1
    Just bought a 1-year old used 2011 Limited AWD with ecoboost, 12,000 miles, navigation, two-tone roof and roof rack. Edmunds TMV $37.5K and KBB is 35.5K and I paid $34K. Clean carfax 1-owner, passed a third party inspection. So it seems like either Edmunds TMV is way off base or I got a great deal?
  • Hi

    I saw a deal for a new 2010 Ford Flex Limited w/Ecoboost, Navigation with Sync, Park Assist, DVD player (Headrest) , Vist Roof, Trailer Package, Remote Start. ePrice 36.7K , is it a good price ? i have checked the VIN with another ford dealer and he confirmed it is new and clean. Should i bargain more ?
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    Go for it. That is what I paid for my SEL EB. That is a sweet deal. One thing to do though, check it for hail damage, otherwise it should be fine! Sticker on that is what, 48K?
  • Thanks for the reply.

    Sticker price is $48290 + $770 (delivery)
  • clickrs2clickrs2 Posts: 3
    We feel we got a great deal on the price of our Ford Flex, it is the SEL with almost all of the extras of the Limited edition except for 3 things. The MSRP was $37,595 we got it for $6000 off plus 0% financing. This one on the lot had all the mfgs. money placed into it.
  • s2kpilots2kpilot Posts: 2
    I get the sense that Ford is moving a heck of a lot more Explorers than Flex's. But we took a look at a loaded Flex at the dealer and we really like it. And its got a sticker of 51,550 (including destination etc). ( FLEX limited, AWD. 303A. Vista Roof. Trailer. Captains Chair. Roof Rack/silver paint, NJ).

    So my question is with a car that surely seems like it would take a long time to sell, what kind of a price should I expect to buy this car for?

    Thanks - And, Wow over a year since the last Flex purchase question?
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    You can get a feel for what they are going for using There are even dealers that will be listed with coupons to lock in a price.
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