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Volkswagen Routan Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,207
    If you take the 0% APR, then the dealer has to forego the $5K cash incentive.... raising your price...


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  • bprbpr Posts: 1
    On Labor day I bought a fully LOADED 2011 Routan SEL w/RSE (2 separate DVD systems) and Nav. I got the $4k rebate plus another $4100 off the sticker price, which included destination charges. Dealer would not give the 0% rate since I got the $4K rebate. However, I got a 1.88% interest rate through bank financing which they arranged. The Routan must be selling better here in VA (or the economy is better), since we don't seem to get as good a deal as others do in different states. I'm still happy with the price though.
  • Looking to get a new one wondering what the avg is people are getting off. Ive been offered $7000 off with the 0% but am hoping People have gotten better deals. Even with that 28k isnt a terrible price.
  • What state and city was that in? I'm in California and they are offering 9,000 off MSRP which brought it down to 30,071 but with 3.9% APR tax and license it was about 35,000 total. Thanks in advance :)
    Oh and they told me it was only good til today.
  • What dealership??

    I am interested in one too
  • Hello...

    Can you let me know where you got the 11k off MSRP? I am in california and the best I have gotten offered is 8k...

    Thanks in advance!
  • I hear people are getting $12000 off SE recently in the east coast, any one has luck in the west coast lately?
  • Wow, I wish I had seen this posting. Just bought 2011 VW Routan RSE/NAV at $8.5K discount in Wellesley MA. Saw ads in today's local paper for for $9.6K & $10K. Oh well, still a great deal with all the features. Dual screen is great for kids.
  • Purchased a '12 Routan SE w/ RSE & NAV:

    MSRP: 35500

    Negotiated price: 31300
    + 400 Doc fee and $390 tax/tags
    +1000 6/60,000 warranty (1749 was MSRP)

    This was in Augusta, GA. Look forward to picking it up tomorrow!
  • At Philadelphia, PA

    MSRP: 34310
    Sale price: 9K off MSRP (including a supplier purchase program, otherwise 8.5K off)
    Plus tax and TTL
    OTD price: $27,060

    The dealer is very nice. No tricks. No push sale for any extended warranty or so.
  • Sticker $34,310. Paid $25,900 + tax and tag. Traded 2010 Routan SE (no RSE) for $15,500 (paid $23,000 new 3 years ago so I thought that was a good deal). 2.9% on balance and the dealer thru in 2 extra head sets for the RSE.

    Purchased in Naperville, IL
  • ctomctom Posts: 11
    can you tell me where in Naperville? many thanks.

    and do you like vehicle so far?
  • Most dealers in Connecticut and Massachusetts will agree to this deal if you are firm with your offer.
  • ea7576ea7576 Posts: 10
    Bill Jacobs - Very happy so far.
  • I am in Northern NJ but would be willing to travel for this deal (i.e., $12,000 off MSRP for a 2012 SE with RSE & Nav). Could you provide names of some dealers that would still have this deal? I don't have access to local ads so any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • We bought a 2010 for $29k (Book was $32k at the time) with 22k miles. We now have 45k miles on it and still owe $26k but the vehicle is only worth (according to NADA) $18,700 !!!!!!

    This is the worse value vehicle I have ever owned. We are now stuck with the money pit. I hate to see its value next year. My wife loves VWs and I wanted an Oddessey. New both were $39k, Honda is now worth $27,000 and Routan is now worth only $18.7K.

    Never will I buy my wife a VW again.
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