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Volvo XC60 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • drjay1drjay1 Posts: 9
    I know it seems too good to be true but I do have it in writing from the sales associate. So it is a really good deal, right?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,320
    No doubt..

    I'm betting on it being a lease or a balloon note... (hope I'm wrong)

    Good luck!


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  • drjay1drjay1 Posts: 9
    well it turns out the sales women claims they made a MISTAKE and it became 72 months and she had the nerve to ask if we still had a deal. NO!!
    Now I have another deal on a:
    2011 FWD 3.2 with Premium Plus
    multimedia package with sensus
    purchase for 72 months $1000 drive off and $609 a month. I am planning on getting the Resistall protection included and possibly a cargo mat for the cargo area. Is this a good deal, I can't tell anymore. Lastly it is white exterior with the sandstone interior which has me very nervous because it is so light. Any thoughts please????
  • I might need to look for another salesperson, if not a different DEALER! You shouldn't have to 'calculate' a sales price, as you mentioned earlier. If you are buying, you simply want to know the TOTAL price incl tax, tag, title. YOU decide what to put down and YOU decide how much to finance. I believe 2.99% is available from many sources...don't get wrapped up in financing through your dealer(I went with Volvo for 1.9% in April on our C70; but PenFed CU had 2.49 at that time--still current up to 60months).

    As for the color of the interior, we've had two sandstone and two calcite white interiors...even with a Scottie in the back seat, no problems. Just need to clean/condition regularly. I think the white exterior looks good on the XC60.

    Remember, your second 'deal' is on a year-old much should that be worth to you?
  • 4mercoachrick4mercoachrick Posts: 133
    edited August 2011
    AND it sounds like the F&I person saw you coming ;) . Unless they are absolutely 'throwing in' the ResistAll to help seal the deal, the only folks I know who think it's a good deal are the dealers and their F&I folks. :blush:

    The half-dozen items listed on that 'add-on' piece of paper in the F&I office are at best more 'insurance' against 'something', at worst a complete rip.
    YMMV and all that!

    Take a peek at another thread:
  • drjay1drjay1 Posts: 9
    Don't worry my second "deal" is at another dealership. And thanks I feel better about the sandstone now. I am going to work on them more tomorrow!
  • I'm trying to figure out if I'm getting a good deal or not on a 2012 xc60. AWD 3.2L Premier with Climate and BLIS. I got a quote of $38,098.
  • $38K for those options are close to the factory invoice price, without the metallic paint option. I would say that's a fair deal.
  • drjay1drjay1 Posts: 9
    So we bought a 2011 xc60 with navigation premium and convenience package, 5 years 60,000 safe and secure.
    MSRP: $41,600
    Invoice: $39,600
    Selling price: $38,655
    2.49% interest.
    Very happy with the deal, since the supply is very limited in South Florida.
  • Hi, We live in CT, and the best quote we have received for a 2012 XC60 with:
    3.2L AWD
    Premium pack.
    Climate package
    Nav prep
    silver metallic paint

    is $39,300 (not including tax, title, etc.)

    Is that a decent price? Thanks for the help.
  • Wondering what folks think about this price. $41,900 for factory-ordered xc60 AWD T6 with Dynamic Package (Xenon, 4-C Chassis, and speed sensitive steering), BLIS, metallic paint, running boards and mudflaps. Haven't been able to get a second quote. Tried the whole internet thing, and other dealers are e-mailing me but haven't come up with numbers. My guess is that they don't think I'd seriously do factory order or am just trying to get a better deal (well yeah). I tell them what I want and they just try to tell me what's on their lot.

  • I am looking for a 2011 or 2012 volvo xc60, 3.2L Premier,

    Tech package
    Nav prep
    Blue metallic paint

    I found two dealers that would do $750 under invoice, ($39019, plus $250 dealer fee, tax, title etc.)

    Any comments?
  • I think that it's about right. Given the availability of xc60s now, anything under invoice is good. You may be getting a deal because they have the technology package. I heard that many people don't go for it, so maybe the dealers want to jump at the change to unload?
  • idmdidmd Posts: 23
    edited September 2011
    Just purchased a new (had 4 miles on it sitting in showroom) 2011 R-Design 3.0T with Multimedia, Climate, BLIS and Metallic paint for $44975 including destination plus $375 documentation fee and tax, title, reg. Compared to the 2012's it has the added benefit of +10K on the maintenance plan plus they weren't giving nearly as good a deal. In 5 years the value difference between 2011 and 2012 will be minimal.

    MSRP was $48100. Thought it was a good deal.
  • The price I got was from truecar. For any options, they should offer $750 off invoice. That was the truecar promise.

    I've never used it before. We'll see how it goes.
  • bcohn21bcohn21 Posts: 10

    I live in CT. What dealership did you receive the quote from?
  • zzz2006zzz2006 Posts: 25
    Almost ready to place a factory order.

    The best quote we received for 2012 XC60 3.2 with

    Premier plus
    climate package,
    metallic paint
    wood inlays

    is $39000

    plus 7% tax and 205 title, registration, dealer docs fee etc.

    According to truecar, it is even lower than dealer cost. Is it possible? :surprise:
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,320
    That is under cost.... No incentives that I've heard of, either...

    Makes you wonder....


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  • Just got my new 2011 XC60 T6 AWD in San francisco, with PREMIER PLUS + CLIMATE pkg W/ HEATED REAR SEATS + XENON + PCC + NAVI PREP .

    MSRP- $44020
    Invoice- $41651
    Final Purchase Price- $41000

    What do you guys think, did I pay a little too much or is that fine or a super deal? Let me know your thoughts.

    Thinking of getting the Volvo Sensus navigation installed, has anyone done that, if so please share cost and user experience.
    The dealer said that there were only 3-4 of these in the whole of the western US. Being a 2011 it has the extra 10K miles on the maintenance compared to the 2012's.
  • skspghskspgh Posts: 28
    I've got an offer of $1K below invoice on a new 2012 xc60 T6 - Platinum, Climate, Dynamic. Thoughts - room to get more aggressive or this is as good as it gets?
  • Hi SKSPGH,

    Just take the deal. In all likelihood it won't get any better than that.

  • I agree with rohan. That wouldn't be a terrible deal on a leftover '11 ('course, I'd want my Volvo loyalty bucks on top of that). ;)
  • skspghskspgh Posts: 28
    I am SO excited. Bought the car. Final is xc60 2012 t6 AWD with Platinum, Climate, Dynamic and BLIS. Sea Shell Metallic. I LOVE the car. So unique in shape and styling. And its nice not to be the common car on the road. Navigation/Sensus reviews scard me a bit but I think I'm already sort of used to it.

    And final deal is $1346 below invoice. I'm very happy with the deal. I think there is limited supply of the car but also limited 'purchases' for the loaded model so there is flex in pricing.
  • Any thoughts or recommendations on the following?

    2011 XC60, 3.2, AWD, climate package, metallic paint upgrade. It has been the courtesy car for a dealership in Boston since May, and has 7,500 miles on it.

    Current offer from the dealer is $34,400, which is $2,400 off the MSRP of $36,800 since it is used. My initial thoughts are that the invoice price is approx $34,800, so after the $2,400 reduction a fair amount to pay would be nommore than $32,400.

    This is only the second car I have purchased, so any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  • A couple of things to consider would be the warranty in-service date(would be May from what I've been told) and the relatively high mileage for a loaner(1000 miles/month seems a bit high to me). No offense, but I'll bet you could get the same 'offer' on a NEW '11 and close to it on a new '12, based on what I've read here. I like your price much better. Pity the buyer who pays their asking price on a 'year-old' vehicle :blush:

    Take a look at a Costco buying program or similar to get close to invoice on a new XC60.

    Remember: ALWAYS be willing to walk away. It took me more than two vehicle purchases to learn that lesson. Good luck! ;)
  • Just received this offer via email - 2012 XC60 T6 AWD with Premier Plus, BLIS, and Climate. MSRP $43,920, invoice $41,687, selling price $41,187. The dealer is a bit further than I would like to travel, but this offer is the first I have received. Thought I would pass it on, maybe it will help another member. Dealer is in Chicago area.
  • skspgh-

    Where did you get your vehicle? I just put a deposit on a custom order in the same specs; Platinum, climate, dynamic but without BLIS and used A Plan pricing thinking this was our best shot. Your claim is that you beat that with over $1K in savings...

    Let me know your trick so i can continue to negotiate.
  • Going to pick up my new 2012 XC60 T6 AWD R-Design tomorrow morning. Includes Platinum, Climate, and BLIS. MSRP $50,175. Original offer from the dealer was $48,394 with Volvo loyalty. I don't have one to trade though. Final negotiated price is $47,467. TrueCar says invoice is $47,717. I pushed for $47,000, but they acted like they were bleeding already.
  • skspghskspgh Posts: 28
    Volvo/NJ/Edison. Use TrueCar for pricing and guidance. And take that to the dealer. $1K below invoice appears average paid price.
  • That's a pretty good deal!

    I just purchased a 2012 XC60 T6 AWD R-Design in Passion Red with Off Black interior, includes Platinum, Climate, BLIS as well. MSRP $50,175. Got it out the door at $46,129 after loyalty bonus, so I was really happy. Especially being that invoice is $47,717. Only downside is that there was only 1 in the country matching what I wanted and it's half way across the country, so to have it shipped to me was another $1k, not too bad though. Expecting delivery next week, can't wait to drive it!
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