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Volvo XC60 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hah hah, maybe just a motivated dealer but either way I'm happy. Total payment is 485 per month with just first payment and $50 business tax due at signing. I think that's pretty good compared to volvo's advertised special for a base 3.2. T6 plus climate and bliss wel worth the extra $15 and no money down. Very glad to hear incentive dropped. Made the mad rush to close a deal before the end of the
    month worthwhile. Thanks for the Input and feedback volvomax.
  • jtlajtla Posts: 373

    You said that XC60 now qualifies for the Safe and Sound program, but when I checked the Volvo website, it does not reflect that. IMO, the Safe and Sound program is worth upward of $1,500 for the one extra year of warranty, 5 years' scheduled maintenance, 5 years' wear and tear coverage, so it certainly is a factor when compared with other makes/models. Can you confirm whether XC60 is indeed included in the S&S program?

    Thanks in advance.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Yes, the XC60 is now covered by Safe and Sound.
    Went into effect Sept 1.
  • Would you mind giving more detail on your deal townhall? Is $485 including taxes? What is your residual, price, MSRP, and mileage? Thanks for the assistance as I am in the middle of trying to get this car for a reasonable price.
  • I've gotten two quotes in the Long Island, NY area on a near fully loaded T6 at invoice. With the $1K dealer cash they are still making a profit, but I'm curious if anyone has seen better offers than this. Also, has anyone gotten a dealer to guarantee the Safe & Sound package at delivery for ordered cars? Thanks.
  • There were no taxes since i leased through a credit union. They are a non-profit so they don't pay sales tax. 485 is just the 1 month payment required at signing. There was also a $60 business fee. Residual is 19225. Mileage is 15k per year. These are all specific to the credit union though and aren't helpful when talking to the dealer. Volvo uses US bank and the bank has set their own rates and mileage. I believe msrp was 40800 (it's T6 + climate + BLISS, i don't have window sticker in front of me). If possible, use your own bank instead of US bank. Your rates will be better. Hope this helps.
  • I'm a retired US servicemember residing in Germany. I have been waiting for a smaller SUV from Volvo for 4 years or so. My last car was a 2005 XC70. I have been driving Volvos since the mid 90s. In May 2008 our dealer told us that he could start taking orders for the "smaller" SUV .. the XC60. At the end of May we put in our order. We ordered a fully loaded version .. the only features missing were BLIS, the speed interval feature, and the top stereo system. The dealer price (or the website price, if you please) was over 50,000 Euros. That computes to a little over 70,000 US dollars. Of course, as a long-time customer with our dealer, I got a hefty rebate, but it still hurts to see how little they cost on the other side of the pond.

    We took delivery the first week of March (2009) and have around 7000 miles on it by now. We love it. The only drawback (particulary if you previously drove an XC70), is the slightly smaller loading space in back. To make up for it, we downsized from a larger dog (did not sell her, she just was finished with us here on earth) to a miniature poodle.

    We got the terra bronze model, with the 2-tone espresso-beige color combination.

    We have the D4 AWD automatic version in (get ready for this) a diesel model.

    The ride is smooth, or harder, you can adjust it how you want it to be today. Our accessory packages have more variations. We love the navigation system .. which is very similar to the last two Volvos we have driven. I hear a lot about the clumsiness regarding the control that is on the front side of the steering wheel, but I have absolutely no problem with it at all.

    If I regreat anything with this purchase, it is possibly that I did not wait for the more fuel efficient 2010 3.2 model. But that's the end of the negatives.
  • Thanks for the response. The actual price of the vehicle was $500 over the invoice minus the 5k rebate? In other words, did they calculate the lease based on The invoice price minus the 5k?

    I never knew there were credit unions that don't charge tax. Is that just a NY thing, or can indo it in Florida

    Thanks again
  • Yes, edmunds invoice + $500 (ad fee for VA). The credit union isn't specific to a state afaik. All credit unions are non-profit so they don't pay sales tax. I thought Fla didn't have sales tax to begin with, although not sure about cars.
  • just realized i didn't answer your question fully. yes $500 over invoice minus $5750 in incentives (1k dealer incentive, 4750 lease incentive). so the car was 5250 below edmunds invoice when it was all said and done. Lease incentive has dropped a bit, but they've added the safe and sound thing
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
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  • Silver metallic 3.2 AWD with Premium package, Climate with booster, convenience package, BLIS, Sunroof, MSRP is $40795, invoice is $38548, he started there, subtracted $1000 dealer cash incentive and $4000 alternative leasing incentive to get a price of $33548. Taxes and fees down is $3835.50 and then $478.36/mo for 60 mos (including the 60 month 60k Volvo Safe + Sound Coverage Plan). Also offered 48 mos at $511.86 and 36 mos at $545.11, but with the vsscp I see no reason not to go 60 mos. Only ringer is I've got 2 payments left on my BMW X3, trying to get him to eat that (drop another $1000 off) and I'd like a dealer installed hitch, or for him to find me the same car in the port with a hitch (so it's residualized). Gotta decide tomorrow or the vsscp and the $4000 alternative financing might go away. Anybody know if that's true?

  • MC, I am in the market for a XC60 base + premium package only. Can you/anybody else let me know what might be the going price. MSRP is $34,945, could I get this for ~$32,000?
    From your scenario, does it mean that if were to finance it as oppose to leasing, the price would be $33,548 tahts like 6K less than MSRP!!
  • Well, the $1000 off cash to dealer and $4000 (or $3500 for FWD) for leasing with US Bank ended yesterday. I can confirm that the Safe & Sound has been extended until January. No word yet on the other incentives, but I think the $1000 cash to dealer is now $750 from something I saw on Volvo's site. I didn't get the car, dealer sold it and couldn't find one with the options I want, so we'll see what the October incentives end up being...

  • Paid 32,900. in end of September (right around invoice minus the 1000 rebate to dealer)
    Driven for one week:
    Overall great drive and ride. No roll on corners. Smooth.
    Engine could use a few more hp's though am getting about 20-21mpg w/ city driving.
  • looking to get a xc60 3.2 with premium, and nav any ideas on prices this month?
  • Looking for input on pricing- XC60-T6- Silver Metallic- Moon roof, Convenience Package,Climate Package, BLIS. MSRP-41,245;Dealer Inv-38,970; Lease Terms are: 39 mos, 12,000 mi per year, $3253 cash @signing; $578 mo. pmt; Cap cost-35,770; Residual factor-44%, money factor-0.00235; this is supposed to reflect the incentives of $4500. and moonroof is free. Cash covers Tax,1st payment,etc. Should the dealer be taking incentives off the dealer invoice instead of MSRP? Any feedback on whether this looks like a good deal would be appreciated. Thanks
  • mikey38mikey38 Posts: 141
    I'm about to pull the trigger on an XC60: 3.2, AWD, climate, convenience and premium packages plus sunroof, wood inlays and exterior styling kit. Sticker price $41,665 (including destination) Purchase price $39,165 including all fees except tax, title, license.

    Vehicle is being ordered from factory.

  • I am and it is giving me some great pricing, but I think that it is off. I priced a 2010 XC60 AWD 3.2L with no options selected. There is a button on to See What Others Are Really Paying. It shows Sticker Price : 33,245; Factory Invoice : 31,801; True Average of what others have paid : 28,645. Pretty much across the board, no matter what options are selected the Avg Paid is 4-5,000 below invoice. I think some of the data might be faulty and they are factoring in the 4,000+ lease incentive. I'll check with a dealer tomorrow. Just looking for some accurate information with which to negotiate.
  • mikey38mikey38 Posts: 141
    I checked out the USAA web site when I first started looking at the XC60. I agree, the data looks to be faulty.

    When I first talked to the local volvo sales manager I asked if he could compete with the USAA discount (closest dealer was in Dallas). He said he could.

    Good luck and let us know what price you end up with. I'm still waiting for the local dealer to guarantee the Safe and Sound before I sign up to factory order our XC60.
  • It would be nice to get those USAA prices...
    I talked to a couple of dealerships and think I can get one for about $3,000 below invoice. $2,000 dealer cash, $500 Volvo, and $500 from Costco. Just sold my Explorer today so I'll be making a decision soon. Considering the XC60 or a Ford Edge. No comparison between the quality of the interiors, but I like the exterior of the Edge more.
  • Mikey38 - where is the $2000 dealer cash coming from? I didn't see that on Volvo or any dealership's website. Must be something locally offered. Talked to a dealer here in NJ, they only have the $500 cash to dealer rebate.
  • Going thru the Costco program, looks like we can get a 2010 3.2 w/Premium Package for $4,500 below invoice ($500 cash to dealer marketing and $4k manufacturer to customer alternative lease assistance). We would need to lease to get the $4k - is this a good deal, or are people able to get this far below invoice on their own by purchasing the vehicle outright?
    It looks like the invoice on this vehicle would be $32,899. $28,399 (+TTL) after the discounts. Good deal?
    Going through Costco, you also get a $500 Costco cash card for completing a dealer survey after the purchase, as well as Volvo's Safe and Sound Program which sounds really good and is easily worth $2k.
  • Looking at the Costco program as well. It is not a lease as I understand it. It is employee pricing less $500 and a $500 Costco card. This looks like it amounts to about a $3,500 savings off MSRP. MSRP for a 2010 3.2 AWD with lots of options was $40,750 and they quoted just over $37k. With the safe + sound, this looks like a good deal compared to the other cars in class. I was wondering as well if a better deal could be achieved.

    Here is the language:

    Purchase a Volvo XC60, XC70 or XC90 between November 3, 2009, and January 4, 2010, to receive:

    Volvo employee pricing for the XC60
    $500 off Volvo employee pricing for the XC70 and XC90
    All available customer rebates and dealer incentives
    Plus, receive a $500 Costco Cash Card for completing a Costco Auto Program Survey after your purchase.
  • The $4k is manufacturer to customer cash. I found out about it on Edmunds TMV. Here's the language:

    Alternative Lease Assistance cash is available to customers who lease a 2010 XC60 Not equipped with optional All Wheel Drive through a third-party institution and not with Volvo Car Finance lease.

    Here's the link. Just pick your options, then click on the link on the middle of the screen in orange for available incentives. 2#
  • yurkoyurko Posts: 24
    I live in southwest Florida and am in the market for a new 2010 Volvo XC60 through the special COSTCO promotion. I have a 2004 Honda Pilot EX-L, which I'd like to trade in (rather than sell on my own). It has never been in an accident, is in very good condition, has new tires and several dealer-installed options, and only has 43,000 miles on it. NADA pegs its trade-in value at $13,875 and KBB at $13,300 (with retail value close to $17K). The Volvo dealers in Bonita Springs and Ft. Myers are only offering me around $10,000 for it. DOES ANYONE KNOW OF A VOLVO DEALER IN FLORIDA THAT GIVES YOU FAIR ALLOWANCE FOR YOUR TRADE-IN? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • Well, I just ordered my XC60 from the factory last week. The estimated delivery date is 2/17/10. The dealer said that he could not lock in any of the lease cash incentive or the safe and sound until the car is actually confirmed as being built. Does anybody know if US Bank/Volvo intend to end the lease cash incentive any time soon? It doesn't make sense to since they didn't make enough cars to sell!
  • We were at our local Volvo dealer yesterday, about to pull the trigger on a 3.2L w/premium package only at $500 below invoice through Costco. What caused us pause was that we would be having the vehicle built and it wouldn't be delived until the first of March. No big deal there, it gives me some time to sell my 2004 Accord EX-L. The issue is that the salesperson couldn't guarantee us anything (Safe and Sound, $4k lease assistance, etc.) until the vehicle was built, like tallvally mentioned. This kind of scared us off. The reason we're more interested right now in the XC60 vs. an Acura RDX was because of the Safe and Sound program and it's value.
    We were thinking of doing a lease to get the additional $4k off, but we've never done a lease before and really know nothing about it. The GM told us that beginning in December or January, Volvo will totally be out of the finance game. I'm wondering if the $4k will still be around then too?
    What kind of information could you offer me on leases? What to look for, etc.?
  • emmagemmag Posts: 5
    FYI, I ordered my XC60 from the factory on August 24. Dealer told me average delivery time is 60-90 days. Approaching 90 days, I got an email from the dealer saying the plant closed for 2 months. Now I'm hearing that they are low on parts and my estimated delivery date is mid-January. 150 days.
  • mikey38mikey38 Posts: 141
    We finaly got our XC60 in the factory build list today. The sales manager say the arrival date should be available on Friday. Safe and Sound is guarenteed and we have already agreed on a sales price. This is on a purchase, not a lease.
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