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Toyota 4Runner



  • I would never purchase a domestic over a Toyota 4runner. I'll take my chances with a Toyota. A true player.. always plays the odds.
    I'm also losing faith in Consumer Reports. They now reccomend the Ford Focus. This car has more recalls than Gray Davis.
    I love my 04' 4runner with a third seat.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Somebody in this area still has 2003s? That should be telling you something about the ability of that dealer to... make deals. If they had the gray cladding, there is $1400 in dealer incentive money. If not but it is still a 2003, there is $700 coming back. Considering you are getting a year old vehicle, you need to aim pretty low. Without getting into specifics, there is about $3500 mark-up between invoice and sticker. Take another $1400 for the incentive, then another $600 or so worth of hold-back and then see if they are willing to take a net-net looser to get rid of a "lot rock."

    For those of you who know me, you know this is not my typical answer. I believe in paying for value and I firmly believe the Runners have more value than the price they normally command. Further, I normally don't get into holdback or "cost" for a variety of reasons. The fact that this dealership still has 2003s laying around tells me the dealer is not on the ball and most likely is not the type of place I would patronize were I a consumer. With that assumption, I say go for blood.
  • Thanks to everyone who responded about the door grips. I think its a little odd that some come with and others without the handles. The next question I have is whether the lights that are in the rear bumper of the truck are in fact lights or are they just reflectors?
  • My original Post #8318
    I should have clarified my reason for asking it.
    I live in sunny Southern California.
    A set of snow tire wouldn't be very cost effective when I have to drive 75 to 100 miles just to get to the snow.
    For recreational (emergency) purpose of owning snow chains.
    Should I go down to the local Pep Boys or K Mart and buy the stuff they have off the shelf.
    Has anyone used chains on their 4Runner they could recommend.

    Much Thanks
  • rogers12rogers12 Posts: 140
    I'm in Rockville, MD. Maybe out of your area a bit. This dealer is great for used vehicles in that they have a large selection of very new to older Toyotas. I bought my current 4Runner there (2000 SR5). Never bought a new vehicle there.

    For a $34K truck, sounds like I was not too far off when I offered $27K. I will keep an eye on them. Like I told the salesman, they don't seem to be going anywhere quickly. :)

    Actually, they had three 2003s. Two with cladding SR5 V6 silver and SR5 V8 dark grey. Both SR5s were loaded. Another Limited V6 was "used" and they claim was driven by a manager - a gold Limited V6 (with no cladding of course). Salesman claimed the Limited had 5K miles or more on it. He was pushing me toward the used Limited for some reason.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    I'll bet he has a spiff for selling the Limited. In VA, it isn't "used" unless it has been titled or if it has been "transferred" to more than 5 dealers. In MD, it is used if it has more than a certain number of miles, even it it has never been titled. These are called demos here and it is normal for a dealer to offer bonuses to the salesman who sells it. Typically $250 to $500 is what is offered, but I've seen them as high as $1000. That is likely the reason for the push to the Limited.
  • rogers12rogers12 Posts: 140
    One thing that bothers me is that both the new vehicles had the sticker removed. The grey V8 had is sitting on the seat. The V6 didn't even have a sticker in the interior of the vehicle. Not only does this give me pause about the history of the vehicles, but in the case of the V6, it is difficult to tell the installed options.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    That most likely means they have "prior use" statement. That means they were purchased once and returned, usually due to financing problems. If they are new vehciles, it is illegal to sell them without the Monroney label. If you want to get the price down, ask them how much the fine is from the FTC for not having this. IIRC, its about $10,000.
  • likalarlikalar Posts: 108
    you asked:<<Were these quotes for cladded or painted vehicles? I am hoping to do much better on a cladded vehicle.>>

    One dealer (the one I bought from) offered $5000 off on all the '03 V8 4Runners. Some of those were clad, some weren't. I chose a factory painted one. He even had a brand new blue truck that had the cladding painted locally to match the body color. The giveaway was that the fender cladding is of a different shape (it has brawmy "bumps" around the wheel wells) than the factory painted trucks. It still hadn't sold, though. Good luck.
  • Does anyone know what CR actually found wrong with the 4Runner v6?
  • aggiedogaggiedog Posts: 238
    In some states it's illegal to own snow chains. I have no idea why. Check with your local/state law enforcement agencies. They should know.
  • rogers12rogers12 Posts: 140
    I'll have to stop down there and figure out what the status of these vehicles are. They had a red and white small sticker on the rear side window. I don't remember seeing anything else. What does this Monroney label look like? Does it have to affixed to the truck? or is it just a matter of disclosure before sale?

    likalar - Thanks for the data. :)
  • Motown, I'm looking at the August 2003 issue of Consumer Reports in which they rate mid-size SUVs. The Toyota 4Runner SR5 V6 was a "recommended" model. It found the V6 to be "lively, responsive" with "effortless acceleration" but gas mileage that wasn't all that great (16 mpg). I think the information that CR found the V6 model to be not acceptable is erroneous. For further info, check out the issue at your local library.
  • 1. What does "SR5" stand for?

    2. What is the meaning of the Toyota logo? Chevy has a cross/bowtie, Ford has "Ford," and I don't even know how to describe what Toyota has, but it has to mean something, I think

    Thank you all in advance!
  • likalarlikalar Posts: 108
    A recent post asked about tire chains. Here in the Sierra Mts., I see more and more of the "cable" type chains on light trucks/cars. These are lighter, thiner, quieter than link chains, and may be right for your application. My wife has used them on her small SUV, with great results. Below is an address to a Edmunds aricle and pictures of such a product. also has info on these, including info on several State chain laws. l
  • rogers12rogers12 Posts: 140
    SR - S-Runner; a 2WD Tacoma option model equipped with a V6, 5-Speed transmission, and lowered suspension.

    SR5 - An optional trim level code found on many Toyota models.

    Toyota Emblem - Stylized representation of the constellation Taurus, (basically the letter "T")
  • Had a set of Michelin 4 x 4 alpin on styled silver steel rims(oem from Toyota) 16 inch installed. I have a 03 sport with the larger rotors and they fit fine. The rims look better than I anticipated and the tires are great. Super on ice, snow and slush. They have a really decent ride on dry pavement and are hardly louder than the stock Dunlops. I recommend this for anyone interested as in the 265/70 x 16 you have a good choice of tires to fit your needs and they are the identical diameter to the 265/65 x 17. For our climate I really had to have the ice/snow tires. I will use the remaining tread on the Dunlops for next summer and hopefully for the summer after that there will more choices in that size. But for anyone in the colder areas you will not be dissapointed in this michelin. f.y.i. better off to buy the toyota wheels as to be sure to fit as I found the aftermarket "multifit" wheels often do not clear the calipers.
    Cheers steve
  • Folks, my V8 4x2 Sport is an incredible vehicle...the power is more than I deserve, the quality is top notch, the looks are flattering and my ego is inflating. I have had the truck for less than two weeks but it has been more than I expected. Looking towards the future, who has opted to go with the platinum warranty and why?
  • The cable chains work great & fairly inexpensive at Walmart.
  • The Toyota emblem is a bunch of ovals that contain all the letters. T-O-Y-A

    Man I think people freak out over a typo from CR. Someone even starts a whole new subject about it in town hall!
    Thanks for clearing it up micksdad1.
  • For what it's worth, Consumer Reports current website report on the 4Runner 2004 states:

    "The V6's reliablity has been poor, the V8's excellent."
  • I received my 2004 CR buyers guide in the mail yesterday. What coincidence of this topic! Looking up the Runner, all categories were marked 'above average'. It had a recommended check, all Toyota models had a recommended check though, says something about Toyota!

    I have heard of ticking noises emanating from the V6 as voiced by members of other Runner forums I frequent, but the noise has been determined 'normal' by the Toyota dealer, factory rep and service technician. The people with the ticking noise are not happy, but again, is this ticking noise considered unreliable data, or just a minor annoyance, as all cars have, due to the newness of the engine design and application?
  • amheckamheck Posts: 37
    Has anyone heard anything about the DVD entertainment option on the '04 4Runners? I had originally thought there was no DVD option available, but recently I've seen this option on a few trucks in the SET inventory.

    "Dvd Entertainment System (w/srat & Rsa) - ED40 $1,589"

  • The V6 has a timing chain. The chain is noiser than a timing belt.
    The chain will last indefinitely while the belt has to be changed.

    A good trade off considering a belt change costs hundreds of dollars.
  • No that's not correct.
    It has a timing chain. Consult your owners manual
  • jaredmsdjaredmsd Posts: 127
    I would recommend against the snow chains that are just the metal strips. Yes they are cheap/quiet/easy to put on, but if you are in a SUV with enough clearance in the wheel well for normal chains, get them. Those stupid strip chains were invented for the folks who were driving lexus or bmw sedans out to aspen or mammoth, I've seen plenty of those cars slip-sliding around town. I haven't bought chains for my 4runner yet, but I have them for my blazer which also has 4wd and snow tires, and trust me, when I've felt like I needed chains, the last things I would've wanted are those strip chains. Usually chains won't be required for 4wd vehicles with snow tires, but when they are, it is usually a serious situation and you want some real chains.
  • pat84pat84 Posts: 817
    I am old enough to remember when all engines had timing chains. I remember solid lifters, too. I still have feeler gauges I used to set solid lifters, adjust spark plug gaps and set timing points. There were no catalytic convertors, V-8's had dual exhausts that sort of rumbled at idle.
     You could tell by listening what engine the guy next to you had under his hood.
      Timing chain noise gets complaints. Oh my.
  • k2rmk2rm Posts: 205
    I agree with Jared completely. I once had a brand new set of cable chains break and take out my brake line of my old truck within the first block after I put them on. What a mess, brake fluid was everywhere and of course the truck wouldn't stop. I have been using link chains ever since without a problem and will never skimp again and will always get a good set of quality chains.
  • amheckamheck Posts: 37
    What are those? :)

    Aaron, from Tampa, FL
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