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Chevy Tahoe Stabilitrak Problems



  • So how do we get something started? These issues are ridiculous and the fact that GM published documentation that states this engine burns oil and requires a quart roughly every 3000 miles is BS. Now my stabilitrak warnings are on too.

    My 1999 is a better truck by leaps and bounds.
  • Hi guys I have contacted a few law firms today to find out how to get a class action lawsuit started. I'm waiting on a reply but will still contact more if need be. On 1 of the sites I was on I saw where Honda had to pay out for their engine design flaw related issues as a previous Edmunds posted a few months ago. As soon as I figure out how to get started I will post the details and whoever is interested we'll go from there. I know many of you have said your interested in joining so we can't talk about it we have to do something and we have to start somewhere!!
  • I'm in...I was one of the original posters and finally my extended warranty replaced the entire engine because they said the cylinders were out of round and the engine was trash due to the oil consumption issue!
  • I just contacted 2 law firms via email and am waiting on replies, but I'm going to contact more so hopefully I'll here something in a timely manner Honda just paid out for their design flaw and hopefully all the chevy owners can be benefit for our troubles as well.
  • 1before401before40 Posts: 5
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    Sorry everyone for the delay in suggesting a class action suit and then not doing any follow up. Im not sure what firms any of you have contacted at this point, but Motley-Rice is a very reputable firm that I have spoken with a few months ago. The first step that each owner needs to take is to file a complaint with the Attorney General's office of your state. From that point, the AG will open a case and give the complaint credibility, so that we have documentation for a firm to review. This is the link to the Motley-Rice website and their division of Consumer Fraud Protection: If the majority of us, from this thread, are comfortable with this firm then I will contact the lawyer I had spoken with earlier to see if they are interested in hearing our complaints.

    The 2015 models will be known as generation IV of the Tahoe and Suburban and will be available in showrooms in early spring of 2014. The new vehicles will be completely overhauled and "supposedly" redesigned and re-engineered.
  • i just purchased a 2009 Chevy Tahoe LT and after 2 weeks of owning this vehicle, i am having the same problem. I wish I would have seen this before i purchased. The funny thing is, the vehicle is Certified Pre-owned. It is back at the dealership now. The locks were also locking and unlocking while the Stabilitrak light was coming on. Any news on the law suit, or suggestions. thanks
  • Hi I've contacted about 10 lawyers via email to review the case since 12am. One firm has already called me back and I gave a synopsis of our situation . I also informed them there are many willing to join. I also let them know of Hondas case they just settled for the same exact thing. I'm willing to go with whoever is willing to take our case. I say our because this is for and about all of us we should have the comfort of knowing the vehicle we paid a lot of money for will work when we get behind the wheel. If you've gotten somewhere with the lawyer you talked to see how far it goes with him and post. I'm sure the chevy owners on this forum will jump on board if this goes somewhere. Once a class action suit is started they send it out to chevy owners so there will be people joining I'm sure who aren't on this forum but who have also be directly affected so I say move forward as I'm hearing back from these lawyers I will definitely post and share what Im told.
  • Hi have you been able to speak with the lawyer? I've talked to 3 just waiting to hear the verdict but I will be very proactive in finding at least 1
  • I too would like to participate in the suit and will be contacting my Attorney General to begin the process. I've had numerous problems with my 2007 Tahoe and after having spent thousands in repairs my truck is still running like garbage and now my mechanic is telling me I have cracks in my head gaskets from this oil consumption problem! I have always been diligent about the maintenance on my truck and to continue to have these problems is ridiculous! GM should be ashamed of themselves! Please let us know what else we need to do to go after GM.
  • I would like to join the class action suit because I have had problem after problem since I have had my 2007 Tahoe and I am really looking into purchasing another vehicle at this time becaue I don't have the money to keep putting into this vehicle to fix it.

  • count me in as well. I have a 2007 tahoe LTZ and all of a sudden the lights will turn on and off while im driving and at the same time the doors lock and unlock by themselves. I took it to the dealer hoping it was covered under the extended warranty we bought and they said it was a bad battery and also corrosion on the battery cables. they wanted $200 for battery and almost $700 for cables. I was a the dealer 3 hrs for them to tell me that. I went to auto zone and got a battery for $120, unfortunately its still doing the lights and lock thing. I see no corrosion anywhere on the cables. it had a sealed battery so i don't get how that could happen. Anyway, after reading all these post on the net I see this is just a poorly made vehicle and so many tahoe owners like us are getting screwed. NOT COOL!

  • nimanniman Posts: 1

    Hopefully I have fixed my problems that started when i changed my tires and rim to some winter tires and rims. I bought new rims and did not bother adding TPMS (valves that has pressure sensor) in my new rims. So I investigated, from what my private mechanic was telling me, In Canadian designed vehicles, usefully this would produce a simple warning light in the dash panel. Unfortunately I own an American Suburban which as a lot of safety added because of numerous laws. This safety is designed that if there is a part of the computers analysis at the start of the vehicle that is missing the computer will not allow to reach speed exceeding 70km/h or in your measurement 55mp/h for safety reasons and it will kick in the stabilitrak system which is designed to reduce the speed of the vehicle when the computer detects an anomaly. So from what i understand, any of us that would have changed tires, rotated, have defective TPMS valves or low air in tires should look into rectifying this before changing any other parts. I talked to my private mechanic about this forum and he told me that in is courses they talk about this issue. So if my small town private mechanic from a little town in Québec knows about this, your big town american GM thecs should know better. There is no reason that GM cannot solve you're problems, they should know about this. i have ordered my new TPMS (60$ X 4) and will get them installed in January and hopefully will be on the road again.

  • You all may also want to try this site: and see where it goes and keep everyone updated. I really hope we all can get this lawsuit going because right now I am having to try and figure out what I want to do about my vehicle. I just spent money on getting a tune up done and a couple of other things and I am still having my issue with the car stalling and doing the jerk action. Before the car just completely puts me down, I am considering just getting another vehilce or purchasing a used engine.

  • Had the Traction Control / Stabilitrak indicator lights and flashing engine light appear out of the blue yesterday on my 2007 Tahoe LT. Had my wife and two kids in the car on a busy highway and the engine started running very rough with reduced power. Limped home and tried several of the remedies in various threads i found on this issue including tightening air intake fittings and disconnected battery overnight. Reconnected this morning and the engine/drive train was running perfect again until the lights started again. Again, rough engine with rough shifting. Clearly there is nothing "materially" wrong with the engine or drive train. The computer is creating the issue. I have also had the same oil burn issue everyone is referencing and have been managing that on a weekly/daily basis to ensure no engine damage occurred due to low oil.

    I am ALL IN on a class action if we can get it rolling and happy to help in any way.

  • @concerned01 said:
    I have a 2007 Tahoe. 70,000 miles Got in it yesterday and the stabilitrak light, traction, and ABS lights are all on. It shifts hard from first gear and will idol down like its gonna die! Have an appointment with Chevy later this week, wonder what this might be and approixamte cost?
    I was very concerned at the number of people who have posted this same problem and wonder will anything ever be done on GM part??

    Hello not sure if this will help you since you posted this almost a year ago. I had recently experienced the same problem you mentioned. I brought my 07 Tahoe with 86,000 miles in for an oil change. When I brought it in it ran perfect. When I got it back I noticed my stabilitrak light was on, then it said it needed serviced. When I started driving it would jerk really bad switching into 2nd gear. I pulled into a parking lot and turned it off. Then tried to restart and it took forever to start. When it finally started my RPM's rev'ed up high like I pressed on the gas. Then my check engine light comes on, so I took it back to GM where I got my oil changed. They scanned the computer for codes and found that the "Map Sensor Wiring" was chewed through by a Rat that ran out after taking the plastic engine cover off. They said its a prime spot for Rats to make nests during the winter.. I still think the rat came from there shop since there was no sign of a nest being started.. LOL Oh well they replaced the Map Sensor Wiring pig tale and it works perfect again. Again not sure if this is or was the case for you, but I just wanted to share my experience and how it got fixed. BTW they only charged me $54.25 taxes included. But they were nice and didn't charge me labor. According to my receipt if they would have charged labor it would have been an additional $18.00

  • I have an '07 GMC Yukon with the 5.3L engine...same problem! I am using about 1 quart every 1,000 miles. I'm very interested in a class action suit. After talking to the dealer's service department, they are aware of the problem and said there is a fix for it. Yet, the cost to see if the problem they think it is would be about $100, then about $800 to fix it! It just sucks!

  • aq67aq67 Posts: 1

    WOW! I dreamt of my Chevy '07 Avalanche LTZ, pondered buying one for over a year and felt like a queen when I drove off in my Black on Black AV - even after signing for approximately 26k. Felt like I had worked hard enough to enjoy the luxury of this vehicle and justified the payment as such. I felt so good when people's heads turned as I cruised by and the ooh's and aah's would warrant a smile from me. I had a GMC truck that was the top of the line. POW! Now - I wish I would have bought something else! Everytime I turn around this truck has problems! Most of it appears to be with all of these sensors - mechanic told me the best thing would be for the engine to blow up - so I could get it all fixed at once instead of the warranty company milking it out past the coverage. That's pathetic! I did my homeowork, checked the car reports - no major problems, car serviced regularly and felt pretty good about the purchase. 1st problem covered by the dealership - catalitic converter, waited a week to get it back, 2 weeks after purchasing the vehicle. 2nd problem - low oil "shut off engine" alarm, waited 4 days, paid 20% of the repair and 6 mo.'s after purchase. 3rd problem, "stabilitrak off", "Traction Control", "reduced engine power" and reading this thread of complaints - I'm sick! The biggest joke of all is the GM customer service reps I see on all these sites saying sorry your getting screwed, we're here to tell you that. Well - I don't think any of us need to be told that! I think we are all quite aware of it! Time, money and inconvenience along with common sense tells us that! Not to mention the worry of your vehicle breaking down at any given moment with you & your family in it when the weather with wind chill is in the negatives! GM you have obviously succeeded in disappointing many American owners! Count me in on the law suit - I'll be watching for the details. Now I look at these trucks going down the road and instead of Pride, I wonder how many are going through the same Fear!

  • Please keep me posted on a lawsuit as well. I would be interested. I own a 2008 Suburban LTZ. I had my cam shaft and lifters replaced under warranty at 62k miles per TSB 10-06-01-007. Beginning a couple months ago, I began having reduced power issues and problems with stabilitrak and traction control. Replaced the throttle body sensor. There is a known issue with this part because they have extended the warranty to 120k miles for this part. Unfortunately, I was just outside this limit. Over the Christmas holidays, we had problems with the car while we were driving out of town to see family. Car needed oil pump replaced $1300. Today, I had problems on the interstate again. Nursed it to a dealership to be told the cam shaft and lifters needs to be replaced again. I now have 129k miles, so I am out of warranty. Basically the cam shaft and lifters have failed every 3 years and approximately 65k miles. RIDICULOUS! From what I am reading on other boards, the throttle body sensor, oil pump, cam shaft, and lifters are all related issues and fail within a short time frame. I am waiting to hear back from the dealer to see what GM offers to help with repairs and how much they are charging. I don't have money to keep pouring into this car; however, I just paid it off and have to get something back out of it. Needless to say, I am very irritated that this is a known issue. As a customer, i have a reasonable expectation that I will not have major engine issues every 60k miles or every 3 years. Want to know why the foreign manufacturers have a loyal following ?????

  • My 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe LTZ is having numerous problems. The dealer continues to "fix" the many issues. The vehicle has had all the problems you discuss and more. The dealer is currently working on the engine which he said will eventually have to be replaced. He is basically covering the problem with a "band-aid". My husband was riding the Tahoe the other day and it made a loud popping noise. He said sound like something broke so the dealership is to look at Monday. We cannot afford a new engine nor trade. I can't imagine any dealership giving a good trade value knowing these problems. I have a son in college and our finances are spent supporting him. We assumed our vehicle would hold up long time based on the prior performance of our other Chevrolets owned in the past. Vehicle has 60,000 miles and maintenance regularly. Also, the only two vehicles we own are the Tahoe and 2008 Chevrolet Truck. The truck now belongs to my son. We do have an old Toyota truck which is basically junk. My husband uses the Toyota to ride to work (1/2 mile from home) and farm work. We basically have no trustworthy vehicle to ride. Please keep me updated on suit. GM needs to fix these problems.

  • pb07pb07 Posts: 1

    I have an 07 LTZ tahoe and started experiencing the Stabilitrak Off, Traction Control Off, Engine Power Reduced problems about 3 months ago. At first, it was only happening once a month. After turning off my vehicle and then turning it back on, it cleared up and I went on my way. Within the past month, the problem has consitently gotten worse. While I am a single mother, having this happening when taking my children to school in the mornings, I decided it was time to get the issue fixed, not that right after Christmas and both of my boys birthdays are in January was the most oppurtune time, I had no choice. First independent mechanic told me I'd have to take it to the dealer as the fix was beyond his control since he didn't want to tear into a $30K computer. So, I took it today to a more reputable independent mechanic, who was familiar with the problem, and considering that the change of ownership at my local Chevy dealership has greatly reduced my trust their service work, $450 later, my throttle body sensor had to be replaced. My vehicle also uses about a 1 quart of oil every 3K miles. I am game for anything that can be done to make GM accept responsibility for their flaws! I'll be keeping a watch on this forum!

  • pajennpajenn Posts: 1

    I just bought a 2007 Chevy Tahoe LT with 47K miles on it in December. I purchased an extended warranty and now I'm glad I did! I would not have bought the vehicle if I had seen this thread though. I haven't had any issues yet (fingers crossed) but it has only been a month. Any update on the class action suit?

  • OMG I'm scared to death after reading this thread.
    I have a 2007 Yukon XL with 121K miles on it. Last Tuesday while out running errands the check Traction Control/Stabilitrak lights came on. I was probably going about 45mph when this happened. Pulled up to a stoplight and the car just started to feel like it was running rough. I decided to pull into the closest shopping center parking lot and called my husband. I do not speak car maintenance. I explained what it was doing and he had me turn it off and try to start it again. When I did it almost jumped forward a couple of feet in the parking lot. I told him that I maybe doing damage if I try to drive it to the shop to be checked out. We had it towed to our local dealership for diagnosis. They called a few hours later to tell me that they would have to pull out the engine to really be able to tell what the problem was but it seems to be the main cylinder and it may have damaged the cam shaft. That they estimated the cost to be $2800-$3800. I literally laughed out loud. I told them to hold off at that point.
    The next day we experienced a southern blizzard and everything shut down for several days. They still have not started fixing it because I am at a loss of what to do. They mentioned that I may be better to just have the engine replaced if I was going to already be spending that much. I wouldn't mind trading it in but I know at this point I'm just going to get raped at the dealership. We have had problems with it burning oil for several years and we have to check the oil level every time we fill the tank. The lift gate works sometimes and other times it doesn't.
    I just wanted to try to find some answers tonight about estimated costs for fixing Traction Control issues on a 2007 Yukon XL and now I have discovered all of this. I'm at a loss and confused about what to do with this possible death trap, lemon that I have honestly enjoyed. I have gone almost a week without a car and as a mother of 3, I can't do it any longer.

  • jpfjpf Posts: 496

    hudgrif1: Does your vehicle have the AFM (active fuel management)? GM has had some problems with this engine and may be willing to help. Check out the Silverado forums for AFM issues. Good luck.

  • I just bought a 2007 Suburban with 72,000 miles on 1/17/14. Wish I would have read this post before the purchase. The Traction Control/Stabilitrak service soon lights came on a couple days ago. I took to a chevy dealership and was told that camshaft sensor was bad. That cost me $135 just for them to hook it to the computer. They wanted $788 more to replace the sensor. I thought that was a lot just for a sensor so I had replaced at another location. The traction control/ stabilitrack service soon lights went off. The next morning right back on. Hopefully GM will have a fix for this. If not I think I'm in big trouble since I have a 5 year loan on the truck.

  • mncold1mncold1 Posts: 1

    Possible solution to long list of problems problems. I have a 2007 Suburban from new with 149k miles. My oil pressure gage red lined and the went to zero. The sending unit is on the back the motor. and required me to move many vacuum, fuel and other lines out of the way. After I quit poking around, I took the truck on a 58 mile ride, and every thing started to go wrong. The engine was rough, 4wd Auto quit working, service auto trac, service stabilitrack kept flashing on and off. When the car was shut off and restarted the idle went to 1800rpm and sat there. I also got 2 lean codes on the engine mgmt system. Shifting from 1 to 2 was hard. I had virtually all of the problems that everyone on the site is complaining about.

    When I got home I went to this form to understand what was going on on got very frightened.

    I decided to retraced my inspection steps and sure enough a vacuum line was knocked off of its port. Further investigation showed the soft rubber connector was split. I repaired the split reassembled, cleared all codes with the code reader, and ALL problems went away. CHECK FOR VACUUM LEAKS!

  • sclum79sclum79 Posts: 2

    It's driving me crazy. I have a 2011 Avalanche, after a tire rotation all heck broke loose. My stabiltrak warning came on, service traction control, and it now sounds like a need a new exhaust. Oh, my a/c heater fan went out. My dealer has no clue. Please help.

  • sw686ssrsw686ssr Posts: 1

    '07 Tahoe with 87k miles. Been there done most except the engine rebuild nothing successful. So now I drive around with a quarter inch drive ratchet and 12mm? socket and when the Stabilcrap/Check Squirrel Cage light comes on, I pull off the road, pop the hood, disconnect the battery and touch the positive cable to ground, re-connect and go on my not-so-merry way for another 300+/- miles until the next Christmas tree light flashes on the dash. Time to trade, my wife is getting unhappy and that is a bad thing.

  • sclum79sclum79 Posts: 2

    Took my 2011 Avalanche to a different dealer. This is what they did. They replace the stearing wheel sensor. They said that this was the cause of the Stabilatrak/service traction control. The lights went off. However, they first had to replace the rear differential which was under warranty. Let me know if this works for anyone else.

  • I have a 2008 Suburban LTZ, 97,000 miles and the stabilitrac, check engine light, park assist lights have all been flashing intermittently for almost a year. The first time it happened, I called the dealership and they told me not to worry about it and it went away. Then a few months later it happened again and now this last time it happened, the car was very jittery to drive and losing power. Please include me on your class-action lawsuit, since I have a feeling it is only a matter of time before I need to replace the engine.

  • Here's my story...07 Tahoe fully loaded with 62k miles...last month while driving home with my wife and 2 young kids the truck broke down on the George Washington Bridge in NYC on a Saturday evening...rough idle, barely running, stabilitrak and ck engine lights on, banging gears, it going and made it home. The next day I took it to autozone where they ran a free diag. The #4 was misfiring. I began to research this and saw the issue with the AFM. Now my truck is out of its factory warranty but luckily I purchased an extended warranty. My best friend is a tech at a local GM dealership so I brought it to him. The diagnosis was piston ring failure and the fix is a new engine. Same issue as everyone else. I called GM and they offered to give me 1500 off the price of a new tahoe. What a joke. They also told me that they wouldnt help at all because I haven't purchased enough new GMs in my life time...mind you I'm only 35 and have bought 5 new GMs over the years so that's a crock of [non-permissible content removed]. The warranty company game me hassle too saying they don't cover factory defects. Needless to say it's 3900 for the new motor plus 12 hrs labor time. The warranty company ended up agreeing to paying 3000 towards the motor plus all the labor so atleast I'm covered. Now the reason that I'm posting this is to stress to all of you that we need to band together and file a class action suit against GM. This is ridiculous. Vehicles this expensive should last well over 10 years and the fact that they are aware of this and won't do anything about it is crazy. Let's all get together and do this before someone gets hurtor killed.
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