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Fight for recall of CVT for Nissan Rogues and the like



  • bille60bille60 Posts: 1
    We bought our 2008 Rogue S AWD new from the dealership. Nice looking, fun to drive, great safety features, and the AWD is fantastic. Never really had any major problems with it - never had to be towed. I noticed the transmission had a slight high pitch whine when it was new - going up steep hills. I thought it was just normal for a CVT. Then as time went on (about 20,000 miles) the transmission developed a loud high pitch whine going up steep hills - especially in the summer heat. At 30,503 miles the dealer replaced the transmission fluid because of my complaints about the CVT noise. This original CVT lasted to 56,562 miles, and then Nissan replaced it. I thought we were ok, but the new CVT had a low level whine right out of the box. Then I got a notice from Nissan to bring the vehicle in so they could recalibrate the computer? It sounded good so I did it, only to discover they set the vehicle's computer to reduce my power when the transmission got hot - usually going up steep hills. The change was obvious, since it started losing power right after this recalibration - it would allow me to only go 45 MPH. This power loss was only on very steep hills, and was rare. It did not cause a major problem yet. I was on a long trip and passing a truck only to have the transmission give us a loud pop and loss of power - not good. This CVT made it to 90,888 miles before it nearly died. I would sit at a stop sign, pressed the accelerator, and the car did not move and the engine would not increase RPM's. After a short time it would allow us to move. At 90,888 miles the dealer again replaced the CVT (I'm sure rebuilt) and I assumed they would have discovered the weakness and fix any new transmission they rebuilt and installed in my Rouge - wrong. It's obvious, to help extend the life of this defective transmission they set the vehicle's computer to lower the RPM's when it get just slightly hot. Heat appears to be what kills this transmission. I just got back from a long trip in the middle of nowhere Nevada and the CVT got hot and reduced our power to 2,500 RPM's for over 100 miles. It has become a major safety problem. I've completely lost my respect for Nissan and specifically the CVT. It's time to try and trade it back to Nissan. I would have considered a different Nissan, but... If they don't treat me right I will spend the rest of my days on blogs, forums telling people my story. We'll see.
  • last_nissanlast_nissan Posts: 1
    edited August 2013
    I have a 2009 Rogue and on my second transmission. The first one was replaced because the dealer didn't know what the "Fail Safe Mode" was when I explained the loss of power while driving through the mountains on a hot summer day. The new tranny still gets hot and still I lose power, so we now use my wife's car for long trips in the summer. Very disappointing purchase, as this is my second Nissan. I think I'm so frustrated based on the fact there is not a fix.
  • amber23amber23 Posts: 1
    Did you have problems with your Rogue coming out of cruise control? Mine is doing this for the second time already and seems to center around taking trips lasting longer than one hour. Both times on a 3 hour trip it came out of cruise control about 4 times each trip.
  • I purchased a 2013 Rogue, and I want to warn everyone who is thinking about buying one. This is the worst car I have ever owned. The engine/ transmission
    is a total disappointment. When driving up a slight incline the engine will go from 2000RPM to over 3000RPM, when trying to accelerate, the engine will go to over 4000RPM with out any increase in speed. It feels like something is slipping. You will take you life in your hands when tying to pass some one on an incline. I have had the engine RPM as high as 5000RPM without any increase in speed.
    The combined gas mileage is 22 MPG, which explains the problem.
    Nissan is of no help.
    I am going to write a letter to the Transportation Board to see if they have similar complains.
    Please, if you have any suggestion I would like to hear them.
  • I have exactly the same problems listed above.
    The dealer I purchased the car from cpo replaced the transmission under warranty immediately.
    Currently, I have taken the car to two other NJ dealerships and they refuse to acknowledge the issue. The car sounds like a truck now.

    I filed a complain on the NHTS website today, I will let you know if anything comes of it. Thanks for the good info on here.
  • Thanks bteeley,
    I have called the dealership to see if they have a loaner car for a test drive to see if it has the same problem, but they have not replied, and I don't expect the to.
    I will also file a complaint with the NHTS today.
  • ed74ed74 Posts: 2
    edited September 2013
    I too have had major issues with my 2008 rogue. I had the transmission replaced at 60,000 and 90,000miles. It did the same thing both times. After 20-30 minutes a whining noise would start upon acceleration and would worsen as the day would go on. By the end of the day it was so evident I could hear it with the windows open driving on the highway. After the hassle of having it replaced twice I stalled until just before the 120,000 mile warranty ended. The dealer had been pretty good with the other two replacements and again recommended the transmission be replaced. NH has a pretty strong lemon law so I applied and Nissan corp was informed. A genius nissan tech from out of state was called in to inspect the vehicle. He decided to override the initial dealer technician's assessment and stated the vehicle did not need a third transmission. How convenient for Nissan!!!! The vehicle never has ran right. It had multiple recalls early on and has been the worst driving car that I have owned (and I have owned some clunkers in the past). So 10 months later the car still does the same thing and is getting worse. I finally decided to try again at 140,000miles, and took it back to the dealer. This time the tech doesn't hear a thing. Note: I have dealt with the same service manager for the past 5 years. I asked them if they gave the car a chance to warm up 20-30 minutes and put it under load and he said "of course". I am now scheduled to take the car in at the end of the day next week when the noise and decreased power is most prominent. Something just isn't right with this car. I drive mostly highway 300-400 miles a week. I have had the breaks and routers replaced 4 times. I had the rear pads and routers replaced last year. Strong vibration recently caused me to bring it back in as I assumed the fronts needed replacement. Nope, the backs were gone again. My driving style hasn't changed and isn't aggressive as I drive all day and want to get home safely. I have the tires rotated every 5,000 miles and have an unlimited alignment program. This car is a piece of $%&!. Will never buy Nissan again. I sometimes drive my teenage daughters 2003 Honda accord with 190,000 miles and it feels like a luxury car.
  • Did you say CVT Transmission? Yes a nightmare, I'm just about to go on my 3rd. transmission for an Altima 2008, the price tag? over $4000.00
    And my local dealer AV. Nissan in Palmdale CA. not even want to talk to my personal technician, when he called for just one question, the answer was: Are you going to fix it?? well, then figure it out for yourself...Great car and Great customer service...I wish.
  • ed74ed74 Posts: 2
    yes the 2008 rogue has the cvt transmission and it is known to be faulty. That's why nissan increased the warranty from 60,000 to 120,000 miles. Their technicians have been educated on how to deal with this issue and play it very well. Even though I have already had two cvt replacements they still act as though I am certifiable when I say that the whining noise has returned once again. They make it difficult so that many will just give up trying. This is why I will never again buy a Nissan and I blast them when anyone asks "how do you like the rogue". Im pretty sure I've already stopped a couple dozen people from purchasing one.
  • I'm so glad I found this page and all the other owners experiencing the same problem. At least I now know I'm not crazy.

    The 2011 Rogue is my wife's car but we use it for longer trips. I've always thought the transmission was whiny (always hated CVTs) but about an hour into a long trip a few months back it started to sound like the transmission was literally screaming when I would press on the accelerator. Not long after that happened the transmission stopped "stepping down" and we would lose power when needed. We could still maintain a reasonable speed on level terrain, but things fell apart when we'd have to go up a hill/mountain or pass someone. Once we'd make a pit stop, turn the car off, do our thing, then start the car and get back to driving, everything would be fine. But after a while of extended driving the problem would return.

    This issue has shown up a few time since then but always during extended driving sessions and never on the day-to-day short commutes, which has made it frustrating to track. We haven't yet taken it into the dealership for fear that we'd hear the typical "We can't recreate the problem". But now that I've found a plethora of other owners reporting the same problem, we have some ammo.
  • Well, so small backstory. Back in June after thinking I had avoided the curse of the 2008 Rogue CVT, I realized that my transmission was shot. While the dealer looked at me like I was speaking Swahili when I took the car in and told them it needed a new transmission; after testing driving it for a day it was obvious that was the problem and the tranny was replaced. Well, for about a week the car seemed OK, then is started to fall apart. 2 months later the car is barely driveable. I have almost no power, at any time, and am lucky if the car makes it to 65. The car shakes and jerks, especially when braking or going over 50. I have taken the car to my excellent mechanic (not the dealer) and they said there is defiantly something wrong, but they can't make sense of it. They said to take it back to the dealer. He actually thinks they did some kind of engine damage installing the new tranny. I still have about 14K miles left on the warranty, but at this point am not sure it is worth using it. I have been a loyal Nissan owner from my very first car 20 years ago, but after this Rogue I will not buy another one. Nissan should be ASHAMED of the way they have handled this situation (and to be honest several other issues I am hearing about from owners of other models). These CVT's in the Rogue has been a disaster and Nissan ignored owners for YEARS over it. When they finally acknowledged the problem, we got a half-hearted warranty extension. Then when we take our cars into dealers, we get treated like crazy people. I busted my dealer out for this treatment in the survey I got from Nissan after the service and I encourage others to do the same.
  • dea2608dea2608 Posts: 1
    edited September 2013
    Hate this car! I have a small child of 5 months and while I bought it for her safety, it has gotten me already into two accidents because the brakes don't work as they are supposed to. I pray that they recall this car ASAP because dealership isn't taking responsibility. 25 years of driving experience have not encounter such garbage
  • van65van65 Posts: 13
    What year is the Rogue? This is the first time i have heard of brake problems with the Rogue.
    Have you checked the fluid level under the hood? You can find the reservoir in the manual for the car. Are there fluid leaks on the ground under the car.
    If the dealership won't fix it ask for the regional director for service.
  • So, I posted a message to Nissan via the website and received a call several days later. He had called my local dealer (Haldeman) to check out my story and spoke with the service manager. We had a reasonable discussion and he told me to make an appointment with the dealer via the service manager. So at this point, I have called and left a message for him waiting a call back.
  • erikb717erikb717 Posts: 9
    edited September 2013
    hey everybody, i just got a 2008 Nissan Rogue, SAWDL. a huge whining came when i pressed down the accelerator, i found the CVT 120,000 miles/ 10 year replacement.... and the dealer service replaced the CVT under warranty, there are only 42,000 miles on it

    so now the whining noise is gone, -------BUT guess what is here WORSE than ever ???? Between 1000-1500 RPMs the whole cars vibrates!!! what the heck?? i took it in and they said they reset the ECM or something and theres nothing else they can do??

    im worried because this car is for my wife and 14 month old daughter and ive read after numerous CVT replacements, the engine fails and you cannot accelerate through an intersection, up a hill, away from an accident etc....

    does anyone know how to fix this??? please let me know. im thinking of contacting corporate, but it just sounds like its a bad car... :( E
  • Erik,
    So strange you should post today, as I have the almost identical problem with my car. You can read back through the thread and see my history of posting. But I got a 2 transmission put in my car in June and it goes back to the dealer today for the exact reason. The car shakes and vibrates like crazy. I will respond to let you know what repair (If any) my dealer does and if it helps.
  • THanks, so much, looking forward to hearing it

    I'll let you know what happens when i pick up the car if its any better from the ECM reset/update....
  • vabelleintnvabelleintn Posts: 8
    edited September 2013
    Well...Another load of BS from a Nissan Dealer. First and Foremost, know that if you have a Rogue that gets a replacement transmission it is NOT a new tranny, but a rebuild. Learned that yesterday from a tech. So I took the car in yesterday, had a tech ride with me. When we got back he said he felt it needed a new tranny. Just got a call from the service manager who claims I need a new alternator (a 600 dollar repair) and need to have my rotors turns. My mechanic JUST looked at the rotors and said they were fine. They just don't want to put in a second tranny in 4 months. AS soon as I can, this Rogue is GONE. No more Nissans for me after 20 years of ownership.
  • erikb717erikb717 Posts: 9
    edited September 2013
    so wait, you're saying the replacement CVT that I got installed from the Nissan Dealership is a REBUILD?? like a refurb? It's not an actual New Nissan CVT ??

    That would explain why this 2nd CVT vibrates A LOT MORE than the original CVT that was just replaced.

    Does anyone else have proof of this? Please let me know. I am getting a call back from Corporate today at 4pm
  • You should report that dealer to Nissan USA. It is a very simple test to confirm the alternator works and that the rotors are fine.

    Nissan USA has been reasonably accountable in my experience, they should know what their dealers are telling people.
  • Erik,
    That is correct. The tech said when they do these replacements on Rogues they are sent factory rebuilt transmissions from Nissan, not brand new ones. Although according to the service manager they are just as good as brand new ones.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 101,043
    Where would you find a new transmission for a 5-6 year old car?

    New transmission parts... but, no new transmissions... Every manufacturer rebuilds transmissions, once that model is no longer being produced..

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • Thanks KYFDX, that makes sense....thanks for being a mod here, it really helps. i have a situation that i would like to get your advice on.

    in your opinion, do you think they could have screwed up something with the install of the 2nd or rebuilt CVT ??

    i had this 2008 Nissan Rogue SLAWD for 9 days before i took it into the dealership. the only concern i had was i had just bought it off someone and they only did oil changes and new air filters for 5 years. there was only 42,000 miles on it. i wanted to get it tuned up because of the history AND -- it was whistling on the highway at 50 60 70 mph when i hit the gas pedal, that is all. it wasn't vibrating or anything of the sort.

    the dealership told me i needed new front and back brakes and new front and back rotors. also a new timing belt. and a 45K service. i didnt want to start off on the wrong foot with them, so I just ate the cost for $1688 in repairs. the dealership confirmed the whistling noise and told me about the 10 year or 120,000 mile CVT warranty and that i needed a new CVT, that there was a hole in the "fuel pump" of the CVT, so they were just going to replace the whole CVT.

    so i get it back and the whistling on the highway is gone, no more... but as soon as i pulled out of the lot, from 5-35 mph 1000-2000 RPMs, the car vibrated like crazy. i took it back and the service manager and tech that worked on it went for a ride with me. they confirmed the new vibrations at the low speeds and then told me that was normal.... wait a minute... how is that normal when i had the car for 9 days and it did not vibrate whatsoever at all?? this was a non-issue before...

    they since have called me back and said to come down and they reset the ECM in the engine and that that TCM was fine (i dont know what that is) and they stated that what i was sensing was "Fuel Economy Droning" which it explained was a groaning/gurgling noise when i pressed the accelerator. sure i heard the groaning "Fuel Economy Droning" but that wasn't what i was talking about -- i'm talking about the new vibrations they had caused by replacing the CVT -- i could care less about any low noise droning. they since have told me it is all normal, and there is nothing more they can do.

    so i called Nissan Consumer Affairs and explained the situation. i have a "higher-up" from Nissan Consumer Affairs calling me back tomorrow.

    how would you handle this situation? i am very new to cars, especially this CVT and the Nissan stuff, but honestly, there was no vibration whatsoever before, it is so evident now, that my wife doesn't even feel comfortable driving it. i bought it for her, especially because we have a 14-month old baby girl and my wife wanted a crossover.

    i would really appreciate some feedback on this. i feel like i was taken advantage of at the dealership and i did all the repairs they suggested in good faith. i had no idea i would be facing this sort of problem. should i get a another CVT replacement? could it have been defectively manufactured or installed wrong at the dealership?

    any advice on how to handle this would really help. i just have a pit in my stomach from the whole experience. i mean everyone at the dealership was nice, saying the same thing, had great customer service, but i felt it was some big cover-up or something... its just not making sense.

    thanks, erik :)
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 101,043
    I'm not much of a mechanic... but, I can answer your first question..

    "in your opinion, do you think they could have screwed up something with the install of the 2nd or rebuilt CVT ?? "

    Absolutely.. it's even possible the rebuilt unit has issues.. Hopefully Nissan Consumer Affairs can help you out... Good luck with it..

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • Thanks Man! that will help in conversation with Corporate today :)
  • erikb717erikb717 Posts: 9
    edited September 2013
    hey everybody,

    so now Nissan Consumer Affairs is making me bring my 2008 Rogue to another Dealership's Service Manager for a test ride to confirm this shaking in my CVT is not normal.

    well -- another service manager told me it was completely normal (see above) and that it was just Fuel Economy Droning -- not true.

    i feel like im going up against the world with this! its crazy. i had the car for 9 days -- no shaking or vibration at all ---- just whistling with acceleration, now i get it back from the one dealership, all the sudden i have a vibration problem from 5-35 mph.

    i need to have their Service Manager confirm that diagnostically it has a problem, THEN Consumer Affairs will make the original dealership put in another replacement CVT??

    how do i get around this?? they are just going to lie at the 2nd dealership's service dept?? how would their diagnostics be any different than the 1st dealership?

    is there any way to make consumer affairs give me a new CVT?? it is under warranty for the 10 year - 120,000 mile transmission. i know its the CVT, i got a bum one and its been vibrating since they put it in 2 weeks ago, the orignal CVT never did this ...

    any ideas or thoughts?? thanks.
  • Erik,
    Good luck to you. After my dealer refused to replacement the replacement transmission, claiming instead I had rotor problems and a bad alternator; I took the car to two independent mechanics. Both of which I have used before and both of which stood to make money on replacing the rotors or the alternator had they been in bad shape. They BOTH said there is nothing wrong with my alternator and that my rotors have no hot spots and don't need to be turned. They both agreed my car has terrible vibrations and neither one of them could point to anything that may be causing the problem. This ALL started within 2 weeks of getting the new transmission. I am in the process of getting written statement from both independent mechanics and I will then be calling Nissan Consumer Affairs to open a case against the dealer.
  • Erik,
    Welcome to the world of denial con Nissan. They are so determined to wish that the rogues do not have consistent transmission problems that they replace them once, then claim that there is nothing wrong with the replacements. I finally gave up the ghost and traded mine in for a Chevy equinox. I lost $5000 in that deal.
  • this all sounds lovely....

    I feel like emailing Nissan Consumer Affairs a link to this thread, so they can see we all know what's going on.

    It's like the emperor's new clothes... they all refuse to state the obvious... there is a problem with the CVT.

    People who invested their money in buying one should be given compensation or an upgrade to a car of equal value for a trade in, but once they admit they have the problem (5 people have driven my car and said these vibrations are a major problem and noticeable) they have to replace EVERYBODY'S Rogue...

    and that would be a class action lawsuit... the likes of which could cause catastrophic financial difficulty. And damage the brand, so they try to sweep it under the rug...

    eventually something will give way, and they'll be forced to deal with this problem.
  • vitalsigns34vitalsigns34 Posts: 1
    edited September 2013
    I bought an 08 Nissan Rouge less then 2 months ago. It worked fine, I had it about 3 weeks and then some woman backed into it while I was sitting in my office at work.
    I had to drive around with it for a week with a dent waiting for my insurance to get it straightened out and so I could bring it into a collision center.

    I got it back after a week at the collision center getting fixed and then it started making noises. Loud when accelerating, when I started it up, the coolant gauge would start with none and slowly fill up. It started stuttering as well on the highway.
    I took it into a Nissan Dealership a few days later. They're telling me the water pump was cracked and coolant leaked into the CVT. Ruined the CVT and now I have to pay to have the pump replaced, and the CVT replaced. The CVT doesn't fall under warranty to 10 year warranty because it was the apparently the water Pump breaking that caused the CVT to fail.

    I just paid $12,000 for this car, driven it about 4 weeks/ 4,000 km's total in the 2 month's I've had it, if that, and now I have to pay another $6,000 to get it fixed. Nissan Canada wont do anything, because they claim it could be because of the accident. The mechanic said it was not from impact.
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