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    After reading countless stories of tranny problems and rotor replacements, I'm going with the 2003 Honda Accord EX, V6 coupe.

    Why buy a used 2001 Acura CL 3.2 with all its inherent problems, when I can get a used 2003 Honda Accord EX, V6 coupe with none for the same price? This is my rationale.

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    The 2003 EX is a good, practical choice. I also bought the CL-S for practicality & reliability reasons. I had a 1997 Acura Integra. The Integra was a fabulous car, but I wanted something a bit more regal. I wanted something quieter, a little more luxurious, and a little bigger. However, my #1 concern was reliability.

    With the exception of the tranny, I've had the reliability. The biggest push for me to buy the CL-S was the test drive. I went down some curving back roads, and I was allowed to actually drive at an 8/10ths to 9/10ths pace. That was the selling point for me --- I hadn't had so much fun driving a car in years.

    I was amazed at the power and handling of the CL-S - it was smooth, refined, yet it behaved like a sports car. The Honda will give you the reliability & practicality that you need. For me, I enjoy the power and handling of the CL-S.

    Plus, I figure I made out with the tranny - I still have a year to go on my 4-year warranty, and the tranny has the 7-year warranty.

    I could go on about the navigation system, heated seats, Xenon headlights, 17" alloy wheels, great stereo, clutchless 5-speed shifting, and the compliments I receive continuously on its looks, but... I guess that would be akin to bragging, so I won't. ;)

    Oh, did I mention that I got 24MPG when I cruised at 90MPH turning 2500RPM's for 110 miles? With several little spurts up to 110MPH? Shucks, I just can't stop, can I?

    Enjoy the Honda - it will serve you well I'm sure.

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    I've ultimately decided to either buy the 2001 Acura CL TYPE-S or the 2003 Honda Accord EX V6, Coupe or the 2003 Toyota Camry Solara SLE V6, coupe.

    To be honest, I absolutely love the Acura but as the more research I do on this model the more I'm leaning away from it. Actually, I'm avoiding it like the plague!

    To all of the 2001 Acura CL TYPE-S owners out there, I want your honest opinions on whether this has applied to your vehicle?

    Automotive Recalls and Technical Service Bulletins for 2001 Acura CL TYPE S V6-3210cc 3.2L SOHC (VTEC) PGM-FI.

    Provided by ALLDATA

    Bulletins for 2001 Acura CL TYPE S V6-3210cc 3.2L SOHC (VTEC) PGM-FI

    General Recalls

         TSB Number Issue Date TSB Title

    1. 02-027 AUG 03 Campaign - Automatic Transmission Warranty Extension

    2. 03-017 MAY 03 Campaign - PCM/Fuel Pressure Regulator Replacement

    Service Bulletins

         TSB Number Issue Date TSB Title

    1. 03-015 AUG 03 Audio System - Remote Controls Don't Work Properly

    2. 98-005 JUL 03 Drivetrain - Revised CV Joint Boot Band/Installation

    3. 00-037 JUN 03 Brakes - Brake Rotor Refinishing Guidelines

    4. 97-040 MAY 03 Keyless Entry - Description/Identification/Programming

    5. 01-017 MAY 03 Brakes - Pedal/Steering Wheel Vibrate When Braking

    6. 00-019 APR 03 Antitheft System -Type 2 System Operation/Programming

    7. 03-010 MAR 03 Engine Controls/Emissions - DTC's & Monitors

    8. 03-006 MAR 03 Engine Controls - Idle Speed Inspection

    9. 03-003 FEB 03 Interior - Power Seat Rail Synchronization Update

    10. 03-001 JAN 03 Emissions - MIL ON/DTC P1457 (EVAP) Set

    11. 03-002 JAN 03 A/T - MIL ON/No Upshifts/Downshifts/Slipping

    12. 02-020 AUG 02 Air Bag System - Occupant Position Sensor Initialization

    13. 02-015 JUL 02 Air Bag System - SRS Lamp ON/DTC's Set

    14. 02-012 MAY 02 Clutch Master Cylinder - Fluid Leakage

    15. 02-006 MAR 02 Front Seat Back Panel - Loose/Detached

    16. 02-005 FEB 02 Emissions - EVAP System Testing and Diagnostics

    17. 96-025 DEC 01 Navigation System - Component Exchange Program

    18. 99-041 NOV 01 Navigation System/A/C - Operation/Testing

    19. 01-041 OCT 01 Engine - Oil Leaks

    20. 01-031 SEP 01 Lighting - Road Lamp Bulbs Burned Out

    21. 99-051 AUG 01 Exhaust - Muffler Paint Peeling

    22. 00-037 AUG 01 Brake Disc - Refinishing Guidelines

    23. 01-004 JUL 01 Wipers - Smear or Streak the Windshield

    24. 00-009 DEC 00 New Models - Feature Information

    25. 00-032 NOV 00 Moonroof - Squeaks from Moonroof Seal

    26. 00-025 AUG 00 Body - Windshield Molding Deformed


    28. 92036 NOV 92 Vehicle Fails State Inspection Emissions Test

    If I didn't know any better, I would have thought this was either a Ford, GM, or Dodge car.

    I guess another question is whether a pre-owned certified Acura CL 3.2 will address all of these issues.

    Right now, I'm extremely disappointed with Acura's supposed quality craftsmanship.

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    the tranny warranty extension (no problem so far with tranny); the moonroof rattle; and streaky wipers. That's all.

    A couple of side-notes: On a couple of occasions, I have encountered the e-brake light on the dash coming on and off intermittently. However, according to the dealer, there was no fluid leak nor any other brake malfunction. The last time it happened they replaced the master cylinder sensor and all is well.

    Also, regarding the audio system, sometimes when I try to turn the volume down via the dash knob, the volume would go up rather than down. Usually this would happen if I give the knob a quick twist. If I turn it slowly it doesn't happen. I didn't bring it to the attention of the dealer since I don't think it's a big deal. I usually use the steering wheel volume control anyway.

    I think those are all TSB's that Darren listed. I think TSB's are issued quite regularly by all manufacturers, so I'm sure if having a lot of TSB's is any indication of significant problems.
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    I have to say, I've had some of those problems listed, including...
    - Pedal/Steering Wheel Vibrate When Braking (Acura turned the rotors at 25k)
    - Squeaks from Moonroof Seal (Acura applied fix)
    - Wipers - Smear or Streak the Windshield (no fix)
    ...and of course the Transmission Warranty Extension, but no failures so far.

    And I've experienced a 'jumping' or bouncing in the power windows, for which Acura replaced the window regulator mechanisms. None of the other items you listed have happened on my '01. On all problems I've had, my Acura dealer's service has been fantastic to deal with.

    I also have to tell you, I have 46k miles on this car and still just love the way it drives. It runs and drives as tight as it did when new. I am disappointed over the problems I read about on this model, but have yet to experience enough to sway my opinion. I think it's fair to say the 01 CL-s is not best at reliability from your choices, but it does offer much better performance than the Honda or Toyota. Do you weigh performance or reliability higher?

    Like bodble2, I believe TSBs are not necessarily indication of serious quality problems. Being in a tech-service business myself, I know TSBs can also be communications for unusual or difficult to diagnose problems... making them a sign of effective service departments.
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    rick27513 knew what I meant despite my typo!! (I meant to say "I'm NOT sure if having a lot of TSB's is any indication of significant problems")
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    My only problem has been the brakes. The stupid shimmy at speeds that needs the brakes resurfaced. Does not come up alot(first at 30k and again now at 50k). Rest of the car is as solid as the day I got it. Not a rattle hiccup or anything. This is a great car. This is definetly not a car to "avoid like the plague". I will take my little brake shimmy, as it has no affect on the brakes stopping performance, and be happy as i pass those accord and solara drivers
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    I just test drove a '01 3.2CL Type-S and i am in love with this car i can afford only about $19000 for the car... But after reading about all these tranny problems im kinda holdin back now. I am also lookin at '02 Maxima SE as a secondary instead of the Acura but i really want the Acura over the maxima...

    Anyone know if there are more bad trannys then there are good ones? Like is it every 3.2CL Type-S tranny's are bad... or is like one out of every 2 or what i am tryin to get at is what are the odds of gettin a bad one anyone know?

    Also another quick question... Does anyone know what year they started to make the 3.2CLS in that nice Blue color?
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    I think there are definitely more good trannies than bad ones. There are only supposed to be about 2% bad trannies. My tranny hasn't failed, nor has it shown any of the typical symptoms so far. However, having said that, I never liked the way the CL auto shifts. One, I don't think it puts the power to the wheels that smoothly. Secondly I think it has a tendency to go into econo mode too easily. In other words, under light throttle, it will upshift early and stay in a higher gear. While this may be good for fuel economy, around town often it seems the engine will lug a bit. You take your foot off the throttle, the revs will drop. (There are time when I'd be cruising at about 35 - 40 mph and the revs will be down to barely over 1K). Then you dip back into the throttle, you get the sensation that the engine will lug for a second or so until the tranny "wakes up" and downshifts. And often slight hiccups will be part of the process. If you're getting on and off the throttle repeatedly, (ie. squirting through holes in traffic) the powertrain behavious is downright unpleasant. This car drives best on the open road or when driven hard. If you're tiptoeing in traffic, the powertrain seems a bit lackadaisical rather than "coiled" for action. Either than or the torque converter is locking up too early and too often.

    Now, here's the kicker. If I had to do it all over, I would probably pick the Max over the CL-S. A large part of this is due to the fact I found out a 2-door car is a pain in the [non-permissible content removed] for my daily commute. But also because I don't find the CL-S that satisfying overall (for my needs). When you hammer it the power and acceleration is great, but as a daily commuter, it is not all that poised or composed, for lack of a better term. And to top it off the fit and finish is second-rate, and the car is proned to random squeaks and rattles.
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    I test drove it a bit and it seemed very nice and i am a 20year old male... So i am looking for something sporty but yet still luxury.

    If u dont mind answering what are some of the reasons that you would like to get the Maxima over the CLS? I love how the CLS has everything i need as far as options. And the Maxima is going to be hard to find because of all the specific options i would want.

    My last car was a '91 Mustang GT 5.0. It was an all out sports car and now i am lookin for something that isnt all out sports car something in the middle and the CLS i think is perfect. But i also have my eye on '02 Maxima Se which is kinda on the same level as the CLS except it is a lil more less a sports car then the CLS.

    Having a Mustang as my previous car got me used to the 2 doors. I dont really mind 2 door car cause i am already used to having to deal with it and its not that a big of deal to me but i only usually have more then 1 other passanger in my car probably about 2 days a week which is nothing so i dont mind 2 door.

    The only thing that is holding me back is this tranny problem. If this wasnt such a big issue (at least it seams that way) then i would buy the car ASAP.

    Also i dont know much at all about the SS but like u said about the weavin through traffic wouldnt it be better if you were usin the SS cause u said that it doesnt keep up so wouldnt it be better to use the SS and downshift from there and upshift and so on?? just a question cause im not familiar with it

    If this is true that only 2% of all CLS have "bad" trannys then my chances are pretty good that i will get a good one... At least i hope...
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    Dark8 the 2% is correct. The only reason you hear so much about it is because those are the people that complain. This issue was a very small issue that involved bad parts from a manufacturer. Acura has extended warranties for 7 years/100k for the tranny. 98% of cars do not have a tranny problem. I too went from a mustang 5.0 and with the exception that i wish i had waited for the manual that came out in 02 there is no comparison. The acura is pretty much as fast as my mustang was, gets way better mileage, is quiter, smoother, inside is about 1000x nicer, and is far more reliable.

    Yes the ss would be better for someone that finds themselves weaving in and out a lot. The ss mode works very well and, obviously, will not let the engine upshift for economy.

    Get the car and enjoy.
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    Well, one of the reasons I would pick the Max over the CL would not apply to you since you are a young person and would likely only drive your girlfriend around most of the time whereas I have 2 kids that ride with me everyday. Now, if you have more than 1 girlfriend, then it's a different story :)

    But seriously, I find the Max almost on a par with the CL in terms of luxury, feature content and power. The 4-speed auto on the Max is a negative but not really a huge factor given the torque of the engine. I had a '95 Max and I've always found the VQ to be slightly smoother and more refined than the Honda/Acura V6. The Max has a somewhat offbeat front and rear end styling but the overall shape is very masculine.

    As gt95 said, the tranny issue on the CL only affects about 2%, and the extended warranty should alleviate most concerns about that. The Max is also not without issues. That generation Max had problems with O2 sensors. And I've also read quite a few people reporting problems with ignition coils. So there you go. You probably won't regret either choice. But I fully understand your view on the 2-door issue. When I was your age, I wouldn't have looked sideway at a 4-door sedan.
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    Thanks for the info and yea sometimes i might have more then one girlfriend at a time! lol ;)

    If you were my age do you think you would pick the CLS over the Max? I know you said you would pick the Max over the CLS, but if you were my age which would you take?
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,519
    If I were 20, I would definitely pick the CL-S. In fact, I would go for the CL-S 6-speed. At that age, it's always form over function. In my 20's, I had a Camaro Z28. It was big and heavy, sucked gas, rattled and creaked all over, zero room in the back, and it would get stuck at the smell of snow. But it LOOKED wicked. And let me emphasize that there is nothing really fundamentally or functionally wrong with the CL-S. It's just that, given my current needs, the CL-S doesn't have enough of a performance or functional advantage over the Max to overcome the convenience deficit. Heck, when I was twenty, I wouldn't have bought a 4-door even if it was an M5! Mind you, I was young and stupid then (as opposed to old and stupid now). Kids today are much more mature, right?

    Actually, if I were 20 now, the car I would be drooling over would be the Nissan Z/Infiniti G35 coupe. I don't know what your budget is, but why don't you go for one of those babies?
  • dark8dark8 Member Posts: 4
    well my budget is about 18500 for the car itself...
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    I am moving to Boston from Orlando in a few days time. So I gotta bid good bye to my miata and look into another forms of transportation.

    From what I have read so far in the previous posts:

    1) 2002 model year does NOT have the tranny problem? And the tranny issues were isolated to the type S models?

    2) CL handles fine in the snow?

    3) Finally is a 2002 CL w/ Navi with 29,000 miles a good deal for $ 21,000?

    4) Other than the faster engine and sport tuned suspension; I am not missing anything else by going with the regular cl?

    5) 2002 was a good year for the cl?

    6) The navi should not have any problems?

    Please let me know if my assumptions above are correct and if the price is decent.

    Thanks for your advice

  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,519
    1. Tranny issue was not limited to the Type-S models. And I think some 2002's are affected as well.
    2. From my personal experience, CL will handle moderate amounts of snow with all-seaons tires without any problem.
    4. The other major item that the regular CL does not have is the 17" wheels/tires. I don't know about performance, but aesthetically, the smaller wheels/tires don't look as good. To me, there is a significant difference in appearance. And I don't think you get perforated leather in the regular CL.
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    The other day I was going straight on a road. I see an intersection and this girl in her red Mustang. She pulls up and I thought she was going to stop. The Mustang than moved a little bit into my way and I steered the wheel to the left. She never even stopped so here's her car coming and I would have hit her in the side. But no the CL quickly manavured quickly to the right and I avoided hitting the Mustang. I thought for sure there was going to be an accident. My CL responded quickly. Be time I cleared the Mustang my CL was already passed her bumper. I went from left to right in about 3 seconds and avoided hitting her. To tell you the truth I don't know I avoided the Mustang. I was totally in amazement I didn't hit her. For what some people call Acura a "Japanese Buick" well that "Japanese Buick" steeped up to the late when I needed it my most and did its job. I didn't know this car had it in it to manuever like that from left to right. My Car was a sports car in that moment. Thanks Honda for making a car that acts like a sports car in tight spots like that!
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,519
    Did you give her the one finger salute? Of course, if she was a babe, then all's forgiven! :)
  • carguy58carguy58 Member Posts: 2,303
    I didn't give her the finger. No I wasn't even thinking about giving her the finger. I was too worried about avoiding the Mustang too get mad about anything.
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    '01 CL-S... I was changing the oil last weekend & saw some fresh oil on the oil pan, coming from behind the front harmonic balancer & crank pulley. It turned out to be coming from around an "idler pulley bolt" above the crank. Anyone had this problem? They had to disassemble much of the front of the engine to fix it. The warranty bill to Acura from the dealer was approx 400.00... retail cost to a non-warranty customer would have been higher! Not very comforting!

    Word to the wise... get under there and check yours while you are still in warranty!
  • dust90dust90 Member Posts: 169
    Free to good home. I traded my 01 CL-S and am going to throw away the Helm Service Manual unless someone wants it. Just pay for the shipping, COD. Email me [email protected]
  • rick27513rick27513 Member Posts: 29
    dust90... email sent! if you still have it, THANKS very much.
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,519
    Do you have any Golden Retriever puppies to give away? :)
  • dust90dust90 Member Posts: 169
    Rick gets the manual, sorry, no puppies, how about a teenager?
  • fastdriverfastdriver Member Posts: 2,273

    "... how about a teenager?"

    LOL....AH.... the "WONDER" years!!!

  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,519
    No thanks! I'm trying to give away the 2 I have!
  • carguy58carguy58 Member Posts: 2,303
    of ownership and still good at around 18,100 miles. Just got oil change too on Wednesday so I'll be set for another 3,000 miles before another oil change. I passed by the dealership I bought my car from on Saturday. They had a 02-03 TL on the used car section of the lot. I was like probably the person exchanged that TL for an 04 TL. The new TL looks good but I like my CL and I intend to keep it.
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,519
    but I find that when I first start off in my CL-S (ie. in the morning, after work, or after parking for an extended period), if I go hard on the throttle, the car seems to drive/shift noticeably better for the rest of the time. I figure perhaps the adaptive tranny adjusts to the initial throttle input and stays in that mode, even if you drive more relaxed subsequently, until you switch the car off. (I had always thought the tranny continuously adjusts to driver input)
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    all this tranny issue was news to me LAST week. I have a '99 CL with 59,000. One morning I noticed a high pitched whirring sound and then everything went to hell. Lucky for me, I did buy the extended warranty. I thought I'd have this car for years as it really is a nice car to drive and to be a passenger in. Needless to say, I can't wait to get it back and get rid of it. THIS WASN'T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN WITH AN ACURA!!! My alternator went too. After reading all these posts, I guess I'm lucky it didn't happen sooner. OH WELL!!!
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    Acura/Honda tranny issues remind me of Firestone fiasco, I wonder if Japanese built models have any better reliability. Even with my 6 speed manual, I have been in-n-out of dealership more times than any car I have ever had for the 1st year, do not plan to keep it for years to come.

  • carguy58carguy58 Member Posts: 2,303
    You bought a first year model. It takes time for the bugs to get worked out.

    I don't see people getting killed who drive an Acura TL or CL like what happened with Firestone. As for reliability I have noticed Honda built models in the US have some first year bugs of late(01 Civic, and 03 Accord.) In their second year of bodystyle the first year bugs seem to get worked out. BTW, those Tranny's that were having problems were assembled in Japan.

    Finally, I don't think I will ever buy a car in its first year of bodstyle ever again. I have looked at other boards and seen this of late: 03 Mazda 6: Rust and staning, 03 Accord: rattling and sqeauking, 04 Camry Solara: steering pulling to the right. I had a 98 Mazda 626 built in its first year of bodystyle and it did have some bugs but not like those 3 cars I meantioned above.
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    I have a 2003 CL with the 6 speed and am not happy. There were problems with the trans since day one - the 6 speed was rebuilt at 8500 miles - Acura does not offer a rebuilt, so the existing unit has to be serviced. The car was hard to shift and pops out of first gear. The rebuild was worse then the original. The car is back at the dealership getting a second rebuild. The shift forks and two other significant parts were replaced the first time and who knows what will be done this time. By the way, the car was driven less then 25 miles after the first repair. I formerly owned an 88 & 90 Acura Legend coupe and currently own a 2002 TL Type S, so I am obviously a loyal owner (or at least I was).
  • alkanxalkanx Member Posts: 69
    No my friend, I have a 2003 model, it is not the 1st year one. I gave the example of Firestone because my Acura had lots of quality issues, even some of the interior side panels were lose. I had bought my car when speedometer was 21 miles... Now I have 26k miles & we all know …..after 2003 the CL-S was no-more.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Member Posts: 2,273

    Sounds like it's time to start checking out the Lemon Law for your state so that you know what your rights are. Usually 3 strikes and they're OUT!

    Check here-

  • carguy58carguy58 Member Posts: 2,303
    "We all know why after 2003 the CL's was no more".

    It was no more because there is no demand for Coupes in the NA market. Look at what everybody is drving: SUV's nowdays. BTW, I'm sorry you are having problems with your CL-s. I hope you have better luck with your next car purchase.
  • pickspicks Member Posts: 8
    No nav, 43k, very clean, never in an accident, driven by a female, everything looks to be in order. Asking price was $18,500...I negotiated $16,000 (from dealer) and feel this is a fair price.

    Opinions / comments?

    Been driving a 95 Accord EX-L coupe, 5sp, for 6 years now and 170k later I need a new car. Love Honda reliability and hope to have the same great experience with this car. I'll miss driving stick but the Mrs. isn't interested in manual trannys. Looking forward to the 260HP and some decent "luxury" features.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Member Posts: 2,273

    Just have them run the VIN to see if the transmission was ever replaced. You should also get the extended warranty for 7/100,000.

  • pickspicks Member Posts: 8
    Ran a carfax report on it and it came up clean. Excuse my naiviety, but will a replaced tranny show up on the report? If it was replaced completely and not redesigned, should I look elsewhere? Finally, doesn't the 7/100k transfer w/ new ownership?

    Appreciate your time.
  • pickspicks Member Posts: 8
    I'll reply to my own message...the warranty will transfer as long as I call Acura and give them the updated owners info. And since I have 7/100k on it, I'm comfortable even if the tranny was replaced.

    Looking forward to a new car. It's about time.
  • sukinsynsukinsyn Member Posts: 23
    My 2001 CL has 21,000 miles on it and it is less than 3 years old. When it was 1 month old the trans blew out and it was in the dealer for a week. Now, the transmission went out again. It will be in the dealer for another week. It has 21,500 miles on it. My lease is up in 6 months and I am going to try to get out of it...

    Anyone know if dealers will let this occur? I figure they will have better luck reselling it with 21,500 miles on it before the end of summer, rather than waiting until November and having me put 2-3000 more miles on it.

    I am really disgusted. I have had the rotors replaced twice and now the transmission twice. All in all the car will have been in the dealer for three full weeks of service. All they could say was this transmission blow out was one of the worst they have seen.

    My car accelerated on it's own as I was entering the highway....I was lucky to be able to steer around traffic! If I hadn't I would have had a major accident. (The on-ramp was two lane and I was third car in line) Since I was going 90 at one point and red-lining, I think it's a safety issue and I don't want to drive this car. I just have to convince the dealer.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  • ibmindlessibmindless Member Posts: 62
    Call a lawyer. Do a little research into Lemon Laws on the internet to understand your rights. Most lawyers will process a clear-cut lemon law claim for FREE (actually, the manufacturer will pay the attorney).

    I owned a lemon-Sequoia for 19 months. In the end, I owned it for free (plus the hassles of frequently visiting the dealer's service department). I was given a check for all payments, downpayment, tax, etc. --- they got to keep the lemon.
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    I have an 2001 Acura CL Type-S with 62,000 miles on it. I've been having problems with my navigation system recently. The navigation system skips on and off over bumps and when I turn up the radio (I have two 10" subs in the trunk). It misreads that the door to the navigation unit is open when it isn't. I've had the sub for nearly a year and only recently began having problems in the past few weeks, so I've ruled out the sub as the cause. I took it to a Acura dealership and they noticed no lose wires and mereley replaced the dvd. The problem persists. Any ideas?
  • neil1neil1 Member Posts: 20
    My faithful '97 3.0 has 140K hard miles on it and parts are starting to wear out. The latest sign of age is shown by small disintegrating pieces of sponge like material being blown out the center dash vent when the AC is on. Something has worn out, wonder what it is - or was?
  • ibmindlessibmindless Member Posts: 62
    It's likely your air filter for your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system. It's there to catch large dust particles and other foreign objects/debris that you'd rather not inhale. A visit to your local dealer could quickly fix the problem.
  • jwatsjwats Member Posts: 72
    I purchased a 2003 CL type S with 18" rims and want to add a second set of wheels and rims for winter use. My questions:

    1. What other year OEM rims fit? 02? 04?

    2. Must I stay with 17x7"--originial equipment or would 16" fit?

    3. is the bolt pattern 114.3 x5 and offset 55?

    Thank you for your help
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    Power window on driver's side seems to have excessive motor noise, and sometimes clunks when it reaches the bottom of the track. Dealer "lubed window track" at last oil change, which worked to get me out the door, but not long after that.

    Also, is there any way to tell by VIN or build date the odds of getting a bum tranny? 2002 CL-P has 26k, no problems so far, but wary as warranty ticks away. Does one have to request the 7/100 warranty extension for the tranny?

    Any other CL-P eternal blue owners out there? I have seen only two others, one in the South somewhere and one other in Seattle (but it had tan inside...2001?). The color was insisted upon by the powers that be, and had to be shipped from 300+ miles away, but a good choice, as it remains beautiful. Next week it gets the clay bar and two more coats of wax.
  • zed421vzed421v Member Posts: 28
    I have a 2001 CL in Monterey Blue Pearl. I have never seen another CL in this color. I am very happy with the car. I only have 9,500 miles on it. Only complaint is I only get about 14 mpg in city. I detail the car once a month. This color really shines.
  • rick27513rick27513 Member Posts: 29
    I have an 01 CL with about 55k miles. In the first year I noticed the windows seemed to "jump" as they were lowered, sometimes with that clunking noise. It was most noticable at the top of the movement, and only when going down... it was like they stuck in the top door grooves, and had too much vertical play in the track. My Acura dealer replaced the window track mechanism in the doors. I believe (not sure) they called it the regulator assembly.(?)
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,519
    My CL-S (now traded in for an '04 TL) got about 19 mpg in pure city driving, using imperial gallons. So I think that would translate to about 15 - 15.5 mpg using US gallons. So your 14 mpg is a little low, but not too far off. Maybe you have a heavy foot.
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