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Kia Sedona problems



  • mnkids2kiasmnkids2kias Posts: 10
    Don't rule out wheel bearings or hubs. I have 80m on my 2002 sedona. I have had the wheel bearings both left and right front replaced I think 2 or three times.
  • mnkids2kiasmnkids2kias Posts: 10
    Thanks Tech.

    Ok the timing belt.

    I have done many tb's but as you know each type or make of vehicle has it's own circumstances. I still want to do this . I know I can save some $
    I just didn't want to have to buy the manual.

    The gas smell.. Some of you have wrote and mentioned some possibilities.. ie loose cap cat converter.... no no no no no . I have been there done all that.

    This is raw gas like if you spilled it on the floor strong raw gas! My wife and family think were going to blow up.

    I used to work at a ma and pa service center so I know enough that this is not right. It can't be wet gas though because it tends to dissipate quickly.

    It seems to come in the air vents like its coming off the fuel rail or something. I have given the dealer as much info as I can
  • mnkids2kiasmnkids2kias Posts: 10
    I was told to move this from minivans / Kia Sedona to here by suggestion. Can anyone help?

    During the warmer months I get intermittent occurrences of raw gasoline smell inside my vehicle. it is not from the road surface or other vehicles. by the time i get it to the dealer they cant duplicate the problem.

    Has anyone heard of this.

    Also I now have 79,000 miles on this vehicle. I refuse to pay the dealer to replace the timing belt.
    I intend on doing this myself. Does anyone know of where I would purchase an aftermarket belt and could I pay someone to mail me the installation procedure from a manual.?

    3. to reply to some of the topics.
    I have also found that the pulsing brakes may have more to do with the rear drums…. I even had a dealer service rep tell me they were fine. At 270000 mi and then at 33,000 tell me the brakes are shot. He also told me that Kias don’t have automatic adjusters… It’s a DOT requirement that they have those. Anyway I fixed those brakes myself.

    4. My 2002 Sedona gets really bad mileage 17 hwy if I am lucky Dealer said it was normal.

    Also now the air bag indicator has come on. about 5 months ago I had trouble with the A/C and heating cluster. At that time I also had my windshield replaced.
    Could a wire have been loosened?
    Another forum I saw where someone said this was due to the switches in the safety belt couplers..... what what do they have to do with an airbag system. They must be thinking of the seat belt light instead. or could someone comment?

    My AM Radio stinks also especially when my cell phone charger is plugged in. It almost seems like old cars when you could get Impedance mismatch on the antenna and you had a trim capacitor to tune calibrate the antenna to the radio.

    In most of these issues the dealer has tried to blow off my concerns

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    This forum is for the discussion of the features, attributes, etc. of the Kia Sedona. You might want to post your question in the Kia Sedona Problems discussion to see if the folks there have answers to your problem.

  • mmaxtellmmaxtell Posts: 3
    The hubby and I just bought our 2005 Sedona last night. We fell in love with it as soon as we test drove it. Only one problem so far, check engine light came on. Hubby said he turned it till it clicked like he was told to do, but the light is still on and won't go off, so I'm calling the dealership today.

    Hopefully, this doesn't keep occuring, lol.

  • Hi folks
    I bought a new 5 speed manual Carnival (I am in Australia) last July and am very happy with it.We bought it because we wanted room as we trade at antique fairs and the seat removal and 2 sliding doors is ideal to get heaps of stuff in the thing. Nothing has broken or fallen of the vehicle. OZ has the 2.5 litre petrol motor in them which is OK but not startling although it cruises very well above the speed limit when it is safe to do so.The only problem(s) I have with it, and the dealer can't find them, is an intermittant rattle which seems to come from the left front wheel and a clunking noise which comes from the right font wheel the first time it is used each day. This clunking only last for the length of our drive way and doesn't come back for the rest of the day. In the old days I would have said that it is a lack of grease in the CV joint (ah la Mini Minor) but the mechanics shrugg me off as knowing nothing as they are the experts. Has anybody else had experiences with these noise?
    Cheers from OZ :)
  • mmaxtellmmaxtell Posts: 3
    only when the hubby drives it?

    Yesterday I took the gas cap back off and put it back in according to the dealership, drove it for a little bit and the check engine light went off (yippee). Unfortunately, when the hubby drove it to work last night it came back on. Only thing he did that I don't do is use the cruise control.

    Could that be causing an issue? I really don't want to have to take it to the dealership if I can avoid it.

  • dean5dean5 Posts: 5
    I have a 04 and it did the same. Ours was caused by some sensor in the filler tube for the gas tank. It only happened when I filled up the tank - I like to fill it until I can see it. The dealer told me that when it clicks off I should not try to put in any more gas.
  • dean5dean5 Posts: 5
    I had the same issue with my 04. It was shifting really hard between 3rd and 4th. Dealer stated that there was a TSB on this which required the trans computer to be re-programmed. Fixed it for about a day then it came back. Currently KIA has ordered a new trans for us for there is some sort of defect that is causing the hard shift.
  • jaywolfjaywolf Posts: 11
    Our Sedona caught on fire today May 20, 2005 sitting in Mcdonald's parking lot while my wife and two children were inside Mcdonald's. There is nothing left of the inside of the van.
  • nowrenchnowrench Posts: 1
    So far, so good! Is there any thing I should be on the lookout for? How has service response been. Are the dealers taking care of business, as far as Service goes?
  • jdfjdf Posts: 7
    We found a reference to this little access panel near the shift lever in the manual. When we stick a screwdriver in that hole, we can shift out of park on the colder days. However, it says to service the vehicle immediately after doing so. Kiatech, do you know what this button is for? Do we really need to bring it in for some sort of reset? This has temporarily solved our unable to shift problem.
  • mmaxtellmmaxtell Posts: 3
    I haven't been overfilling it. I don't try past the kick off on the pump. Oddly enough, after I filled it the last time, the check engine light went off for a while, then came back on at about the 3/4 tank mark. No one had been using the cruise control.

    I'll just have to take it to the dealer's to find out what the problem is.
  • saabturboidsaabturboid Posts: 178
    This is the 2nd or 3rd report I've read in these message rooms about a Sedona burning. This obviously is of great concern as my family rides around in a Sedona and I'm concerend about their safety. There was a situation here a few years ago where a daycare provider had a minivan (not Kia) filled with 7 kids and it caught on fire. She was only able to get two of them out of their car seats in time. It is amazing and scary how fast a car can go up in flames.

    What I don't understand is I have checked the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website where they keep a database on safety issues for all modern vehicles. I was surprised to not find any reported fires listed for the Kia Sedona. I don't understand how a safety problem of this magnitude would not be documented. If two or three have been reported here, there must be more, but on the NHTSA site it's as if the problem doesn't exist. Can anyone comment?
  • jaywolfjaywolf Posts: 11
    Please go to the nhtsa web sight, under nhtsa quick links, go to what are you looking for... go to recalls. Under recalls find complaints and click on search. Then go under ( vehicle ), then year ( 2003 ), make ( Kia ), model ( Sedona ), type ( passenger car ), componet-first try ( electrical systems ), don't forget to check the "see full summary box", read the 3rd entry. Then next go under ( electrical system wiring front underhood ), then try ( electrical systems wiring ). If that is not enough you can also look up 2002's and find a few more. It is a bit time consuming to find the information... but it is well worth the information. So sorry, but the problem does exist.
  • johnkiajohnkia Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Sedona Ex with about 21000 mi. It's been moaning and blowing tepid since it was 6 mos. old. Bought it in the spring so didn't notice the problem until warmer weather (May). They replaced a thermocoupler, an O-ring, checked freon level and said it was okay. Our trip to Florida was toasty, to say the least. We live in Alabama and a/c is not an option, it's a requirement. I made them put a temperature probe in the vents and it only blew at 60 degrees, about 15 warmer than it should. My wife's Spectra blows at 40-42. They told me "it's a smaller car". Not the point, if it comes out at 60 it will never cool on an 80+ degree day, no matter the size of the vehicle. The moaning I could live with if it meant I could be cool. I suspect a door under the dash isn't closing and is allowing uncooled air in. I never hear that 'thump' I hear in other cars when the a/c is engaged. Anyone ever get this problem fixed? I understand an expansion valve can solve the moaning, but before I go ballistic at the dealer I would love to be able to point them to a specific problem area since they can't seem to find it on their own.
  • navyairnavyair Posts: 202
    I'd try another dealer...anybody who tried to tell you 60 degrees is OK for a/c is a bad/inexperienced mechanic or blowing the proverbial smoke at you.

    The a/c moaning was supposedly fixed by a new hose design. Sounds like they should be replacing the a/c compressor. See KIATech's post on the subject. I'm sure he will have words on your post.

    The thump you hear could be the door/gate closing with vaccum to switch vents around (defrost to dash to floor or a combo), or the compressor kicking in. On some cars that is quite pronounced.
  • spectramanspectraman Posts: 255
    JW claimed:

    Our Sedona caught on fire today May 20, 2005 sitting in Mcdonald's parking lot while my wife and two children were inside Mcdonald's. There is nothing left of the inside of the van.

    Can you post a link to some photos?

    In addition to being informative to examine, it would help eliminate any doubts that your post is authentic.


  • spectramanspectraman Posts: 255


    AUTO INDUSTRY REPORT: Kia to recall minivans

    May 26, 2005

    Kia Motors America Inc. said Wednesday it's recalling more than 37,000 minivans because of possible damage to a rear wheel bearing that could cause a crash.

    Kia said a defect might exist on 37,358 Kia Sedona minivans from the 2003-05 model years that have alloy wheels. Company engineers found that moisture can accumulate around the small steel cap that seals the rear hub and bearing assembly on alloy wheels and lead to damage to the wheel bearing.

    The company said a failure can occur without warning and cause a crash. The company said it's unaware of any accidents the defect caused. There have been four warranty claims due to the problem, said Kia spokeswoman Rose Krupp.

    The majority of the vehicles, more than 26,000, are from the 2004 model year, the company told the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

  • dwo1dwo1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Sedona LX and noticed that the A & B trip meters only go to 999. Can anyone tell me if they have one that goes higher ?
    I have taken it to the dealer and they haven't been able to verify either way.
    I have a 2003 Rio Cinco and both go to 9999.
    In my opinion if it only goes to 999 it is pretty much worthless. I use one to keep track of my mileage and the other to track mileage between oil changes and/or total mileage on long trips.
  • We have a sedona 2004 van and also had the moaning an AC trouble. After 14 trips to the dealership and they had done tons of unnecessary crap to our new van, like add insulation, loosen and tighten all manner of connectors and bolts...on trip 15 (finally) the Kia tech said oh yeah, we knew about the problem all along. Apparently there is a spring like device in the system that must be replaced. The one they had is faulty. It is like an expansion valve. They replaced it (finally) and it has never done it again. We hate the Kia. It is cheap, has had to have tons of work done. I am the only driver and this 2004 EX Kia has only 40,000 miles on it. We bought it Dec 2003 so it is not driven that much. I drive it slow and carefully too. NO teenager hotrodding it etc. This vehicle is babied. The windshield cracked, the wrong one was ordered. Luckily it was caught before installation. The "tape" around the windows (both sides) totally cracked and looked awful. It was "re painted" as they said new "tape" would just do it again. The paint has all worn off the bottom running panels. The carpet is simply so cheap and cheaply installed, I hate the speakers and substandard stereo. The seats do not attach well and I just saw where there is a problem with the 2003 models I bet mine is the same. The headrests hit the seats in front of them. Too tight and the back seat hits the back glass. The windshield wiper system has about 35 settings (jeez) and I just DO NOT LIKE IT. but...I guess we are stuck with this lemon
  • saabturboidsaabturboid Posts: 178

    Sorry to hear you are so unhappy with your Sedona. FWIW, I have had none of the problems with our '04 Kia that you mention, other than a minor moaning from the A/C. We've never bothered to have this looked at since it doesn't really bother us, and believe it or not, the van has NEVER been back to the dealer for any repair since we bought it. It has been perfect. I've performed my own oil changes, which is the only maintenance it's needed. We've got 11,000 perfect miles under our belt. The only complaint I have is the gas mileage. We've never seen 20mpg, even though Kia claims 22 highway.

    The only thing that is making me re-consider our purchase is this fire issue. If there is some sort of tendency for these things to catch fire I don't want my family to have anything to do with it. Quite frankly, I'm surprised that Kia is recalling the vans for an arguably minor hub issue, while nothing is being said about fires. I'd hope the NHTSA is all over this.

    - Chad
  • skulbalskiskulbalski Posts: 5
    Not quite sure this is where the problem is located, but it sounds to be in the general area (rear passenger side). I have a 2002 Kia Sedona EX and LOVE IT! I currently have 65,000 miles on it, but after about 10,000 miles, a funny hollow whistling sound comes from the vehicle once it is warm and traveling at a consistent speed, generally above 30 mph. Does anyone have this same problem and if so, do you know what it is? I just chalked it up to a car with personality.
  • erikkleinerikklein Posts: 50
    My 2002 Sedona LX also has A & B trip odometers. I know for a fact that the B odometer goes to 4 digits (maybe more). I use the "A" for mileage between gas fill-ups and the "B" for mileage between oil changes.
  • bucspasmbucspasm Posts: 1
    I just got my '02 out of the shop last week for the throttle cable recall. Within a couple of days, I too "acquired" the low hum, accompanied by the feeling the emergency brake is on. And when I make a sharp right turn, the brake light goes on and off and the bell rings a couple of times, like as if I left the emergency brake engaged.
    The e-brake is not deployed. Goes back to the shop Saturday. I certainly wished I had seen a site like this before purchasing this gas guzzler. CarMax was chomping at the bits to get this off the lot, I think. What the hey?

    Beware of the infamous bad alternator. Had that replaced a week before last. I have 4,000 miles left on the warranty. My fingers and toes are crossed. :(
  • kiatechkiatech Posts: 38
    Service bulletin Engine Group 10

    Sedona Vans built BEFORE 2/28/03 have an updated alternator issued to improve charging system performance at idle. It IS NOT nor will it be considered a recall. Its not an safety issue.

    To have an alternator installed,only under warranty,under basic 60k,you must complain about discharge of the charging system at idle. I would use the excuse as follows. At night with the headlights on,my headlamps dim. That should be good enough to have the alt isntalled at your local dealership. Vehicles out of warranty will NOT have this done as a good will issue.

    Enjoy the info.

    Kia Tech
  • I also have about 40k miles, but my Sedona is a 2002. Haven't had any significant problems and haven't had any warranty work done yet. Kinda wonder about all the probs kiabuyerfool is having. Says it it is not driven much, only 40,000 miles in the last 17 months. Thats a lot of miles!! When would you have time to put it in the shop 15 times.

    Norman Finbar
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    kiatech, great info you are providing.

    we have a 2002 EX with 52,000 miles that has been relatively trouble-free. Are you recommending that folks still under 60k miles, get the new alternator even if no problems have been observed with the original alternator? I have a short list of things that need attention at our dealer and would be glad to add a free new alternator to the list.
  • kiatechkiatech Posts: 38
    Reread the post again and make a decission afterwards. I just gave you the info and also how to make the complaint. What you do with it is up to you. Remember the ones that have already had their alt replaced,and it would be with the updated one,this info DOES NOT apply to you.

  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    I don't recall this topic being discussed much lately. Our 2002 had a 'repair' done by dealer several months back. Of course the paperwork from dealer does not detail what was done, and I don't remember the advisor having much detail to share with me verbally. The one part I do remember is they had to repaint the tailgate, which required removing the badges and either replacing with new ones or reattaching them.

    I thought the fix was supposed to involve adding some sort of cushioning around/under the chrome strip so it would not rub on the paint any more.

    Well, ours has now gotten much worse than it was before. Noticeable rust bubbling in a roughly 1 square inch area next to left corner of chrome strip and right corner of chrome strip. Obviously whatever was done, was not up to snuff.

    Our van will be going back to have this addressed again; I'm just wondering if there's something specific I need to say or request to make sure the job gets done right. We already took the van back 2 times to have the new badges reinstalled, and still it's not done. I don't even remember why-- parts weren't all in the first time, or they came in but got sent back to Kia, or something silly.
  • My 2002 Sedona is doing the same thing with both the brake and charge light coming on att he same time. I'm just wondering if anyone found out the reason why this happens. Thanks!
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