Toyota Camry Rattles



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    Thanks - I do love it - well, I never thought of them as sexy either until the other day I was coming out of the grocery store and there she sat... sun glinting off just so,(Desert Sand color) wheel at a rakish angle, and the way the slanted cat's eye lamps looked at me, and the sleek lines...well, that word popped right into my head!

    As for the noise, I have yet to buy a can of spray. I just touch the window button and it stops. I can live with it. Just thankful I don't have some of the problems I've read about here. ;)
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    Lube and lube and always comes back. I can't wait to see if any rattle posts start showing on 07s. How sad they could not get something so simple fixed in our generation Camry.

    My wife's 06 RAV (new design) has two really bad door pillar rattles as well. No solutions so far but more and more folks are starting to experience it. Hope we don't have to wait till 2011 for them to go away!

    Fine car otherwise...wish it were AWD though!
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    Can't wait to see if the '07s rattle? Mine does!

    Bought my LE on July 9 while it was raining heavily outside. On the sunny 10th of July, with 75 miles on my new car, a loud metalic creaking/rattle sound could clearly be heard from the door pillar right behind my left ear. The kids in the backseat could even hear it.

    Wednesday, July 12, car is dropped off to see if the problem can be fixed. The mechanic heard the sound before we even left the lot, so it is considered to be a "verified" sound. I was sent home with the crappiest rental (bare bones Ford Focus). That evening I had a message on my answering machine stating that they were having problems locating the source of the rattle, "that these things could be tricky," and to keep the rental until further notice... No good news so far today...

  • andrelaplumeandrelaplume Member Posts: 934
    Hmmmm..on our new RAV we have something VERY similar. If they do not fix it try this. Where the upper pillar plastic meets the lower, apply a little pressure, it quiets the sound in the RAV. I have not had it to the dealer yet, but they were not able to fix another know the saying...fool me once....
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    I got to bring my camry home on saturday, but the creaking was worse than ever. The car went back in today and the dealer gave me an '06 Corrola to drive because they don't know how long this will take to fix.

    And because life is full of irony... the corrola has the exact same annoying noise! Maybe I should ask for my '05 that I traded in back. ;)

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    At least the Focus was more fun to drive!! Just kidding!!
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    Hello, I've recently bought a Camry 2000 (106K miles), and when it is in rough roads, it creates a rattling noise.
    But this noise is gone when I drive in the smooth road.

    What may be the reason? Any suggestion is appreciated. Thanks a lot..
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    My 2000 Toyota Camry was rattling and it was found out that the heat shield was causing the issue, and the mechanic removed it because they said it was rusted out. Is this a concern? Is there a safety issue here now that I do not have that heat shield? Please advise!
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    I have 30k on my 05 LE and it runs great with fantastic gas mileage. Here is the "but" part of the problem. When the engine is cold and upon start up, I get a very noisy rattle from somewhere in or around the engine compartment. Once the engine warms, the rattle stops. I have checked the heat shields on the front of the engine (exhaust manifold/pipes), the shield on the electric fan and the shield around the catalytic converter. I checked all of the nuts and bolts underneath that I could get to and cannot find anything loose. Anyone else having this problem and found a solution?
    Thanks, Jollygreen (HH-53).
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    Our Camry is older than yours (96) but it makes a similar rattling noise until the engine warms up. The dealer service dept tech told me it is the a/c clutch making the noise but not to be concerned about it. So we've been listening to it, until the engine warms up, for about 9 of the 11 plus years we've had the car. A/C works fine and has never been serviced.
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    What you might try as a diagnostic approach, is to take off the serpentine belt, and then start the car. That will tell you whether the noise is coming from one of the belt driven devices, or internal to the engine.

    I had a weird noise on my Suburban once when cold and starting up. When the belt was off the noise stopped. Shutting off the engine and spinning the accessories by hand, was able to easily hear (and feel) that the water pump was the culprit.

    Something to try, if you want to diagnose the noise yourself.
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    Oh my gawd.

    I haven't read thru many posts in this forum, but I'm relieved to see I'm not the only one with this problem.

    I bought a 2007 SE back in April of 06. It is a veritable bag of noises. I have 3 areas that rattle. 1) seems to be near the glove box; this one is by far the most frequent and most loud. 2) seems to be in the same area as yours, Jennifer; off to my left, in the pillar perhaps. 3) somewhere behind the back dash.

    Two additional noises: 1) a meow-ing type of sound somewhere beneath me and/or to my left; it's not the brakes. 2) an insect-type buzzing noise within the steering column, usually after i start my car and begin to coast merrily out of my neighborhood.

    I have only thus far reported the meow. They couldn't replicate it at my last oil change and thus couldn't fix it. Next time I have my oil change, I'm telling them of all these problems. It's extremely annoying. I've had four other vehicles up till now; two of them I've driven up through 150k+ miles. NONE of them made noises. Now I buy an "expensive" brand new car, and... ugh. Thank god I'm a frequent listener of loud music.

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    Anyone have any advice on getting Toyota service department to seriously attempt to deal with my 5 annoying rattles 'n hums? I have a spare car. Should I just drop it off and tell them to take as long as they need to fix the noises? I know that this time, I'm going to speak to the service manager. Last time the guy I talked to didn't really seem to give a damn. Also, last time I stopped in the office of the dealer who sold me the car, and he was snotty and all but pretended to not know who i was. Nice.
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    Wow Alan. And i thought 5 different rattles/noises was bad. 18 would probably push me to vehicular suicice.
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    I pop in here now and then. I have an 02 Camry with numerous rattle issues since day 1. Door seals in particular. In fact Toyota got a ding in 2002 in CR and issued statements as to how they were going to improve qualty. I see they have not. Sad because my car has run flawlessly for almost 5 years now. Fortunately Toyota is not a minority when it comes to quality automobiles. I'll be off to Subaru or Honda next. Good Luck!
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    My rattles are coming from the back dash, the front doors, and the front dash.

    I have the upgraded JBL stereo and it sounds awesome, but honestly, the car shouln't rattle.

    The dealer has already "insulated" part of the rear dash and the rattle was gone for a couple weeks.....and now I have new rattles.

    I only have 3,000 miles on my car and it shouldn't rattle like this. I suggested to the dealer that they dynomat my car, use the dynomat spray foam, or re-insulate it better so the rattles go away.

    I am going to "visit" my dealer again on friday and will give an update after that.
  • torn8otorn8o Member Posts: 31
    Good luck. I made my appointment for Monday February 5. I'm not sure if they'll try to insulate it or somehow tighten things up instead.

    We had plenty of winter weather 2-4 weeks ago in KC, and my dash sounds like it's going to crumble into cheap plastic pieces whenever I drive over compacted ice and snow. Ugh.
  • stlpike07stlpike07 Member Posts: 229
    I've been in for rattles twice so far. The first time I "thought" the back dash was fixed, but it wasn't. I went in a second time and they said they put felt tape around the doors (which wasn't written in the service docment) and they said the back dash wasn't rattling.

    When I left the back dash was rattling. I couldn't turn around because I was busy so I will have to go back. I think I may offer to buy the dynomat or spray foam insulation so they can FIX the

    The next time I am going to sit in the car with them and say, "Do you hear that?" If they say it is normal or that loud music makes it rattle I will ask them to sit in a showroom model and see if it rattles.

    Good luck to you too.
  • torn8otorn8o Member Posts: 31
    I'm probably going to insist on riding in it with them so they don't try to pull the "we don't hear it" thing, which they did to me last time as well.

    You might try browsing the "2007 Camry Problems and Repairs" section on this site, surprisingly there are a lot of complaints about rattles there (much moreso than on this particular forum).. supposedly Toyota has even put out a TSB about the front dash rattle, but I've only just started reading thru a lot of these posts.
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    Thanks for the suggestion, Kiawah. I will do the belt dance the next time it gets warm out (Colorado Springs).The Camry should be a better quality built car than what I am reading here. I was interested in the 07 Camry, but not since reading about transmission and other problems. I do like the gas mileage from my little 2.4 tho.
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    I bought my 07 in august, first i noticed a clicking when i would turn the steering wheel, grinding and clicking?
    i have the noise at my left ear also, i think it has something to do with the seat belt holder thing? since the weather has gotten cold the passenger side windshield wiper (which doesn't go down far enough when not in use)has a
    bad creeking noise.My passenger seat shakes so bad when unoccupied i actually hold it because i can see it moving from the corner of my eye! and the worst one of all is the front two windows, are off track, out of line something!
    I just got out of a 93' chevy truck and the windows did the same thing sweak, squeal when rolled up or down! I hated it driving the pick up but it was old, now this 07 camry does it and well needless to say it has been in the shop 2 times, now for all of the above problems. the last time i pulled up and they took my info, which was same as last visit, they gave me a matchbox to drive, they said, there is the car you will be driving, and pointed to this scion station wagon lookin....i looked at it and looked back at the guy and said "that little ugly car?" he said yea, thats the one. I was bigger than the car! you know what i mean lol
    they greased the steering 2 times the first time they said it had no grease in it at all! ok then! it has stopped finally! the seat shaking, they said the bolts are as tight as they'll go. I'm surprised my son's voice doesn't viberate when he is riding over there! the windows, they have not fixed, although they kept it last time for several days and called me saying they had to order parts for it, that the windows are out of line! but i guess that was a lie, heck they probably didn't even order any parts, i had the oil changed also, and being a woman, i sometimes wonder if they even really changed it or fixed any of it! i live an hour from the dealership, next time my dad will bring it to them! he has an 07 avalon, guess what kind of car he got to drive when his was in for repair..... an avalon just like his! what's up with that? my mom has an 04 camry, se perfect car, except for the window problem, hers sounds like the whole thing is going to drop out whenever you roll it down! but driving her car is what made me decide on buying the camry! oh well! got a question, my dash light for maintenance is on and i know it need servicing at 10,000 and it's almost there, do i have to bring to dealership for the oil change to get them to turn the light off, or will it automatically turn off after an oil change? what is the deal on it situation? thanks for advice! flowerchild64!
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    Toyota has brainwashed Americans into thinking they are the best auto maker. Sell it and buy American cars.
  • stlpike07stlpike07 Member Posts: 229
    I don't think it is brainwashing. Most new model cars are having issues. Some of my friends have purchased new altimas, G6's, Saturns, Hyundais, and so on, and they are all having minor problems. Some complain of acceleration delays, others of rattles, other of electrical it seems to me that everyone is having some type of problem.
  • vadpvadp Member Posts: 1,025
    Fortunately Toyota is not a minority when it comes to quality automobiles. I'll be off to Subaru or Honda next.

    The other day I was riding in my cooworker's 5 year old Subaru Impreza which exhibited many rattles, while my Ford Focus of the same age is strickingly quiet in comparison.
    Go figure...
  • vadpvadp Member Posts: 1,025
    Every new model redesign launch has issues.
    Toyota undoubtely will take care of them, and the second year production model should be problem free, as opposed to American makes.
  • andrelaplumeandrelaplume Member Posts: 934
    I bought a new Camry in 2002. I can attest to a myriad of rattles that persist to this day. Toyota claimed to have fixes but in reality did not. Check the Camry rattles forum and you will see the same 4/5 rattles appearing right thru 2007!

    Having said that, this is my first 'foriegn car'. Though I really can not call it 'foreign' since it was made in the USA with mostly US parts. In fact its more American than the Focus that was likely built in Mexico mentioned a few posts back.

    As far as quality, all my prior Fords and Chryslers were less expensive than their corresponding Japanses brand. I paid more for my Camry this time than I would have for a Taurus. But you know what, other than oil changes I have not had a mechanical issue in 5 years. My prior cars were always in and out for nit picky little things. They were usually covered under warranty but still it was still a nuisance getting back and forth and once the warranty was up I felt uneasy keeping the car. Thanks, but I'll pay a bit more up front and rid myself of future aggravation by getting a honda, subaru or toyota so long as I can afford it. The law of averages is with me based on most every mechanical reliablity poll out there.

    ...and lets not call then American and Foreign unless the vehicle is truly made here in the USA!
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    I have a "Rattle". I hear it during accelerations from a complete stop and sometimes when I slow abruptly. It is a rattle that lingers briefly, but not long. I hear it from the front of the cat, almost as it is coming from the firewall. Sometimes, it may even sound like a gurgle, rather than a rattle. Thous it was a CV joint issue, but occurs when I am goin straight an not around a turn.

    PS, I had a dash board rattle, but after my windshield cracked and Safelite replaced the winshield, all betta!
  • gjw11801gjw11801 Member Posts: 2
    Also noticed the sound at times when I turn the ignition key, right after the starter kicks over. Sounds like it's coming from right in front of the steering wheel. Power steering maybe?
  • andrelaplumeandrelaplume Member Posts: 934
    Yea, thats why the sames rattles are talked about thru each model year. Hell, my wife's new RAV has the same door / window / weatherstrip rattle my 02 Camry does. Good Luck!
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    I have a 2005 with about 82000 miles on it. It has been a great car with no problems to speak of. The only problem is two things that might be related.
    a) When I crank the car and it is cold, there is a lot of engine noise. It sounds as though something is lose of something. There is usually a distinct sound when I hit the gas pedal and the car is cold. The sound seems to go away when the car is warmed up.
    b) My second problem began the other day. When I'm at highway speeds and hit the gas to pass someone or something a funny noise occurs. Sometimes when the transmission downshifts, I hear a loud vibrating noise that doesn't last for long. I haven't heard this sound but a few times.

    Im hoping that I can resolve these issues because I love my camry and want to keep it for many years/miles to come.
  • camrytimes2camrytimes2 Member Posts: 31
    I just reviewed some of the 5 y.o. entries regarding numerous interior rattles in my 2003 Camry LE. My work at pulling 3 of the 4 interior "door cards" and other plastic fascia from the A, B and C pillars paid off, and I eliminated all of the pesky rattles that plagued my ride. Far too much of my time and effort went into fixing the rattles, which put the kibosh on my - then - new car experience. So, I made good on one of my claims and left the Toyota fold. I now have a 2009 Subaru Forester - made in Japan. Fit and finish are quite good so far. The MPG penalty over the Camry seems to be about 2-3 MPG highway. The now rattle free Camry still runs like a champ with 62k miles under my sister's ownership.
  • andrelaplumeandrelaplume Member Posts: 934
    Well, congrats on the 09 Forester...been looking forward to seeing one of those it still AWD all the time?...the only downside there is gas mileage...I prefer the RAV in that respect. As for the 'made in Japan' statement...I wouldn't take too much stock in that, our 06 (rattle) RAV was made in Japan. I too have 65K on my Camry. It was 'worry' free until late....I posted this elsewhere...I think its nice ot see how a car mechanically progresses over time.....

    I felt the need to make a post somewhere. Back in 2002 I opted away from Ford and toward Toyota. I was tired of numerous trips to the Ford dealership for odd little problems, whether covered under warranty or not. From a dollars perspective, the Fords were cheaper up front. Again the constant trips to the dealer just were a nusisance and at the time I could afford the extra $$$$ for a new Camry. Well, I had NO trips to the dealer other than oil changes and fluid changes for the first 6 years. This year though the camry started to show some wear. Some sort of mechanism in my door that would not allow the keyles entry to work...$425. A sensor...$130 and now a valve job....$1700. Suffice to say I am thankfull I spent the $630 for the 7/75K extended warranty. These repairs have cost me nothing. Of course most would have skipped the valve job, I guess its normal over time for a puff of blew smoke out the tailpipe......but I was disapointed on a Toyota with only 65K miles. Yes the car has been maintained. I also think these valve issues are related to Toyotas much like Chryslers (at least the older ones). Our 95 Rav had the same problem. I never had that problem on our old Topaz and Mystique.

    For what its worth....
  • suewolffsuewolff Member Posts: 1
    Did you ever figure this vibrating noise out?
    I have a 2004, now with 193000 miles. This has happened to me about a dozen times in the past year or so. usually around corners. It sounds like a phone vibrating rally loudly under the dash by my feet. It startles me and then goes away. Maybe lasting 2 seconds. once I was going straight just after a turn and there was no transmission for a couple of seconds.
  • herotakesafallherotakesafall Member Posts: 103
    For the past six months I've been researching the numerous posts about how people have tried to deal with their 96-01 Camrys and their rattle-y front suspensions. I've had my car to six or seven different places who all heard the rattle but couldn't find anything wrong with the car. Yesterday, I drove through a crappy parking lot and I clearly hit the rattle's naughty area because it sounded like the front end of the car was gonna fall off. After two circles around the lot, listening carefully, I pulled to a stop, released the hood lever, and resumed driving. Completely silent. I was absolutely stunned. I just bent the hood latch a bit and bam, fixed. Unfreakingbelievable. Anyway, for anyone who is dealing with a similar problem, try popping your hood (not raising it, just popping it). I could have sworn the sound was emanating from the wheels, but I'm glad I was wrong.

    Sorry to all else who have had problems. My 120k '00 Camry is back to being completely silent and squeak free. My '05 G6 on the other hand.... :mad:
  • jollygreen1jollygreen1 Member Posts: 42
    2005 noise in dash driver's side sounds like an indian rain stick (hollow stick with seeds in side when upended sounds like rain). I have used a leaf blower on the vents and searched for anything loose without taking the dash apart. I have no water/condensation leaks. Happens when driving out of the garage accellerating slightly in reverse or forward and in some turns while going slow. This seems like a very unusual "rattle" and is getting worse each month.
    Other than that at 61K, it is a great car (25 to 27 town and 35 to 39 hiwy). Thanks for the help if there is any. jollygreen1
  • bdymentbdyment Member Posts: 573
    Could this be engine ping? Under certain conditions pinging sounds just like rain or small hail.
  • jollygreen1jollygreen1 Member Posts: 42
    Thanks for the reply, bdyment. No, it is not engine ping. Since flying helicopters for many years, my hearing is shot, but not my wife's hearing (retired middle-school teacher). She has pin pointed the sound to the driver's side dash. I guess I will have to buy a Camry manual and eventually take the dash apart myself and find the "rain stick". Thanks
  • palokpalok Member Posts: 14
    My toyota Camry 2006 engine vibrates and rattles. A tinny sound. I can hear it as soon as I turn it on and it is audible until highspeeds mask the sound. Under the hood it is visibly shaking. Any idea as to cause? Engine mounts? Intake manifold?
  • smarty666smarty666 Member Posts: 1,503
    Hi, I was just curious to find out if anyone with a 2010 Camry, LE, SE, or XLE is having any issues with interior rattles/squeak noise problems

    Reason why I ask is, has now added a rattle/squeak column to their reliability charts and the camry from 07-09 has black (much below avg) marks for rattles/squeaks and I was interested to know if toyota has spent the time to try and work out those little kinks in the 2010 since it was a mid-life cycling year??

    Any thoughts and information would be greatly appreciated!!!!
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Member Posts: 1,709
    I have a 2007 and a 2010. The 2007 had the dash rattle fixed via the TSB, no problems after that. The 2010 does not have any rattles.
  • kiawahkiawah Member Posts: 3,666
    I have one of the very early 2007's, and have had absolutely problems with rattles or squeaks. I was very hesitant to buy first year of new model year, but it has turned out to be one of the best vehicles we've ever owned.
  • blin279blin279 Member Posts: 21
    I have 2010 Camry LE. The passenger seat rattles on the rough road at 35...40 mph. I tried to set it in a different ways - did not help. Will go and bother service people to fix this problem.
  • jdc246777jdc246777 Member Posts: 2
    Did you ever get an answer to this question? I have the same rattle and i want to remove my heat shield but im not sure if its a good idea.
  • jdc246777jdc246777 Member Posts: 2
    Can someone tell me if its a good idea to remove the heat shield? The rattle is driving me crazy. I took it to a mechanic and he just bent it and wouldnt remove it and the rattle is still there. Can someone help?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    You mean the heat shield under the catalytic? No, probably not a good idea because this could cause grass fires if you park anywhere over dry grass, loose brush, etc.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Member Posts: 1,709
    No way. If the manufacturer put the heat shield there, it is necessary. Why would they waste money on something not necessary?!

    If it is the heat shield above the exhaust manifold, no, don't remove it or the cat heat shield.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    I agree--either shield is there for a very good reason.

    If a mechanic can take it off, a mechanic can make it not rattle IMO.
  • jgendrichjgendrich Member Posts: 1
    What is TSB? I have a rattle under the hood or chassis and it is driving me crazy
  • trishmarr1trishmarr1 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Camry that I bought used in 2002. I noticed a rattle, a like part of the engine is not attached properly. I took it to the dealer and he said that all toyotas sound like that. Well over the past 8 years - amazing car - the rattle has intensified greatly. It is loudest at idle and people keep telling me that I need to put in oil. My oil level is perfect. I am really frustrated because I've worked with engines and I can't pinpoint where it's coming from. It's definitely in the engine compartment. Could it be the lifters? or a rattle in the alternator? HELP!!!
  • snackcakesnackcake Member Posts: 2
    :mad: I bought a 2004 4 dr sedan v6 camry in Dec 03. I LOVE THIS CAR!!! Until now! :mad: I have always had a very annoying rattle come from the seat belt holder on both driver and passenger sides, (the one near ear level) sometimes I can stop that by sliding that adjuster!
    All of a sudden - I have a nasty rattle in the steering colum when driving between 70 and 78 mph keep it right at 70 and no rattle, drive at 80 and no rattle, the steering wheel is also vibrating a little bit, but that rattle in the column is a bit scarry! Going to take my car in to see if maybe, just maybe I have tire out of balance or a cracked wheel or something, since many people tell me this could be the cause of the steering column rattling, although a little voice is teeling me it is not going to be that simple! Keep ya posted!
    Other rattles that have mysteriously started -
    a rattle behind the dash (clock, temp, stereo section) which stops when I push on it;
    a very strange rattle just developed from what appears to be the glove box and I cannot find a solution to that;
    the window on the drivers side when opening makes a very sad groaning noise, and when the window is closed it makes a ticking/crackling kind of sound! I notice this window groan is very bad in cold weather
    I don't like loud music so I can't really drown out the sounds, but I sure as heck can't think straight when driving due to rattle, rattle, rattle.
    Other than these things I have alwayas LOVED my camry and was planning on buying another, but now that I see everyone has issues with Toyota rattles and squeaks, I think I will go back to chevy!
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