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Infiniti G35 Tires and Wheels



  • Hi,
    Yes, the 17" rims fit fine and will give you more profile (sidewall clearance) than a larger rim/tire. If you are driving regularly in snow and/or on unplowed roads I would go with a Q rated tire. Yes, I know its lower performance and a little noisier than a performance rated winter tire (such as a V). The more aggressive tread and the more prominent lugs will allow you traction when negotiating (particularly starting from a standstill) hills-even sharp driveways. The V's and other high performance winters will give up that ultimate traction but are much quieter/smoother on the highway (particularly dry roads). A "V" will also corner substantially better than a "Q". If a friend isn't interested in my Michelin Pilot Alpins-"V" rated- (on ASA rims) they would be available.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    I just put the snows on this past weekend... just in time for the crappy ice/snow/rain storm we had.
    Tires did great, and they don't look half bad (for snow tires) :)
    The wheels I got through tirerack with the tires turned out to be nicer than expected.

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
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  • I have a 2007 G35S 6MT. Not a big fan of the OEM tires, but don't have many options giving the sizing. How wide of a tire can I upsize to on the front and back? I only have 2500 miles on the set, so I was thinking of putting the rear tires on the front wheels and then buy 2 265/40/18s for the rear. I would stick with the Bridgestones to keep the set uniform, but am hoping the wider wheel will provide some more traction and cornering stability. Looking at tire rack and the specs on the tires (specifically revs/mile) it doesn't look like it will effect the speedometer any. Just wondering how wide a wheel will physically fit and not interfere with anything...thanks.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    The G with the OEM 19" M45 wheels looks killer.
    I may be searching out a set of those on ebay someday soon.
  • I also have a 2005 G35 6MT with 225 40 19 on front and 245 40 19's in the back.

    And I'm in the same situation that you where in. Trying to decide what tires to get after the originals have worn (I got much less than 30K miles out of mine though).

    It seems that no one answered your question. What did you wind up getting and how do they compare to the original equipment tires?

    Some tires that I've been thinking about are Michelin Pilot Sports, Michelin Pilot Sport PS2s, and Yokohama ADVAN Sports. Does anyone have any experience with these tires (esp on a G35 coupe, but if your experience was on another car I'd still be interested in hearing it)
  • Thanks for the response. I haven't yet decided on a replacement for the Bridgestones. I recently switched to my winter tires (Dunlop SP WinterSport 3D) which should buy me a few months before making a decision in the spring.
  • bg18947bg18947 Posts: 184
    I'm planning to order my G35X Sport today. Just wondering what the experience is with other owners with winter driving on the stock 18" A/S tires? Do these tires on the G35 do alright in the winter without having to invest in another set of rims and winter treads? I use Blizzaks on my Subaru and Arctic Alpins on my Odyssey. The original cheap RE92s that came on the Legacy could not grip snow/ice.
  • Are you ordering the G35X or the G35 Sport? There is no G35X Sport...

    I have the G35 Sport - the OEM tires are summer-only tires. They are not only useless in the snow, but start to lose traction when it gets below 50 or so degrees. I bought a set of Dunlop WinterSport M3s for the snow and have been very pleased.

    The G35X is 4 wheel drive and comes with all-season tires. I have not driven it, but have heard it handles quite well in the snow.
  • If by G35X Sport you mean the G35 model with the optional sport package, it comes with the same tires as the G35 Sport (i.e. you will need to buy some winter tires).
  • bg18947bg18947 Posts: 184
    For clarity it's the G35X with the Sports package. It is badged as the G35XS. It is supposed to be limited supply, but I don't know if this is permanent. In the brochures it says "may delay delivery" because they are only now beginning to appear in the showroom. Basically, it will have the 18" AWD tire/wheel package, paddle shifters, bumpers from the G35 Sport, and the Sport seating. It doesn't get bigger brakes, which is ashame.

    Just curious whether I need snows at all with the G35X. I needed them on my Subaru only because the RE92s were terrible.
  • My dealer is trying to get me to take a Journey with the Tire Performance Package upgrade with 18 inch wheels (Bridgestone Potenza RE050A 225s on the front and wider 245's on the rear.)

    It adds $345 at invoice price to the deal. Has this been worth it in buying the car to those of you that have it?

    Pros-better tire grip and less hydroplaning in our rough Florida thunderstorms than the stock 17 inch Goodyear Eagle RS-A's. Tire Rack reviews show the RS-A tires to be mediocre for wet driving.

    Cons-have heard this makes for a noisy highway ride. Is this really true? Since I'm coming from a quite quiet Beamer, I don't want a loud ride. Also, these Potenza's are quite expensive per tire to replace, as others have noted in this forrum.

    With this tire upgrade option on cars presently available on my color choice, I would also have to give up the wood interior upgrade.

    Thanks in advance for your advice, everyone!
  • I also came from a Bimmer and did not notice much difference in road noise, however, I was not on OEM times (I has Dunlop SP Sport 5000s). As for the Bridgestones, I have the same 245/225 pair on my 07 G35 6MT. The tires are crap. Lose grip easily in wet conditions. I live in Chicago, so they are useless for half the year (they lose traction one temps drop into the 40s - forget about any ice or snow). Essentially, they are just good fr warm, dry pavement...and at that they aren't anything special. When I wear mine out, I doubt I'll be buying another set. Only problem is there's slim pickings in the particular size combo Infiniti uses.
  • I have Blizzaks with 17" wheels in snowy Minnesota - they are great! They are worth the $1300 for rims and tires. I never tried the stock Potenzas, but I noticed they were losing grip on roads that were just cold, not icy. I'd spend the money.
  • bg18947bg18947 Posts: 184
    In case anyone wants to know, the tires on the AWD Sports Package (and I am assuming that the AWD Tire & Wheel Performance package are the same) comes with Dunlop SP Sport Maxx A1 A/S tires. (They must be new. I only see the summer version of these tires at Tire Rack and the Dunlop website doesn't have them listed yet.) I just picked up my G35XS tonight from Pepe Infiniti and was curious what kind of rubber came on them. I'm glad I picked the G35X over the Caddy CTS and Acura TL Type-S.
  • sweendogysweendogy Left lanePosts: 1,307
    scottm-- i thought you got the x version??

    question to everyone what do the new 2008 g35x Sport tires look like?? (does anyone have a pix of these wheels?) are they offset like the sport tires on the 2007 sport and do they fit on the 2007 X version?? does infiniti offer this package as a accesory? thanks for any and all input.. the G is a fantastic car that runs with the best of them for under 40k.
  • smokey75smokey75 Posts: 434
    Does the G35X with sport package have the red "S" like the G35 sport? Also, the wood trim is not available on the G35XS... correct?
  • bg18947bg18947 Posts: 184
    That is correct. It is badged as G35XS where the S is in red. I believe wood trim is available as an option, but I didn't order it.
  • shov8shov8 Posts: 87
    According to the spec page I got from the dealer, it states "Optional African Rosewood trim requires Wheat or Graphite interior colors and is not available on the G35 Sport 6MT or with the Sport Package". I believe that means the G35XS also.

  • smokey75smokey75 Posts: 434
    That's what I'm reading also and when you build one on the Infiniti website it won't let you add the wood trim option & sports package to the G35X. I hate it when manufacturers do that. I really want both and now I have to decide.
  • You will definitely feel the road, even with the stock wheels/tires. I guess your real question is would you rather have the paddle shifters or the wood trim. I opted for the wood trim and don't regret it; it's very nice. It also allowed for selecting the wheat interiior which shows off the wood trim the best.

    If you just wanted to get the 18" wheels, instead of the 17" ones, you could still opt for that without including the sport package, and that would only cost a couple hundred.
  • smokey75smokey75 Posts: 434
    It's more for the paddle shifters... and the exterior fascia but I think that can even be added. I guess I just have to decide rather the wood trim or paddle shifters are more important. I really don't like the look of the plain aluminum trim. What sucks is there probably isn't even a reason to limit the wood trim on G35XS.
  • smokey75smokey75 Posts: 434
    Now this is interesting. It actually looks like it's not that hard to install paddle shifters yourself if comfortable with basic maintenance. This guy has the wood package & added them himself. The wiring is all there & no reprogramming of the ECM is required or anything. Plug & play... kinda. Check this out.
  • I agree with you that I didn't care much for the aluminum trim. Since I see, and enjoy, the wood trim all the time as opposed to the few times I would have used the paddle shifters or any improved summer traction, it didn't seem like it was too difficult of a choice; but that's just for me.

    Good luck on whatever you choose.
  • shov8shov8 Posts: 87
    Me too. I had to decide between the Sport package or the wheat interior that I really liked (the wood trim was not a big factor to me). I ended up going with the Sport package and graphite interior. I actually like the aluminum trim and I'm glad how everything turned out, I just wish Infiniti (hello, are you listening!) would let the customer pick which interior (and exterior color) they like and not limit their choices seemingly arbitrarily. Is there something wrong with have a G35S and wheat/wood interior? Does the car not go as fast?? :)

  • omsteromster Posts: 1

    I recently got my 2007 Infiniti G35 Sedan and need to get new tires. Rather than getting new tires I'm going for all seasons. However the front and rears have different sizes on them right now.

    Front: 225/50R18
    Rear: 245/45R18

    I want to know if it's ok to have the same tire size on fronts and rears? Also can someone recommend some affordable but good tires?
  • You can get all season Goodyear F1s in the staggered set up. I have them, and they're great, especially in wet and cold. Go to Tire Rack and you'll see them.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    It's more for the paddle shifters... and the exterior fascia but I think that can even be added. I guess I just have to decide rather the wood trim or paddle shifters are more important. I really don't like the look of the plain aluminum trim. What sucks is there probably isn't even a reason to limit the wood trim on G35XS.

    Hey everyone... I've been missing for a few weeks. (Wife had a baby)

    Ya know, I wanted the S so bad, but with my horrible commute in NE, I decided to go with the X model. Also, I wanted the rosewood trim which is not available in sport models. The X is also so damn good in the snow, that I doubt I'd want to go back and change my mind for the S, if I had it to do over again.

    I now have a set of Infiniti OEM Paddle Shifters on order, should have them in a week or 2.
    Our cars (even the 07's) are pre-wired for the paddles and it's a fairly easy install. They cost me $195 shipped.
    When the install is complete, I'll have exactly what I wanted.
    AWD, Wood Trim, and Paddle Shifters.
    I'm also looking at a few different body kits. I'm liking the new Nismo front lip, but I'm waiting for US availability, to avoid huge shipping costs from Japan.
  • siegesiege Posts: 8
    My OEM BG Turanza EL42 lasted 59,000 miles (yup!) on my 2005 G35x Sedan. I was going to replace them with the same given my good tread life, but I read reviews on them and realized I could probably get better tires for the snow/ice in Michigan, but I can't figure out which ones.

    If price was NO object, which tires would you suggest for ALL SEASON performance. Not a lot of heavy snow but ice/slush and rain in the winters are a factor. Lots of freeway driving. I've researched what I can (tirerack, consumer reports, googled the heck out of web, and reviewed this forum) but I can't come close to deciding. Local tire store suggested Michelin MXV4 but I think there are better out there.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
  • mnrep2mnrep2 Posts: 200
    Good Year Triple tred. I have them on a 05X. A little noisy, but wow, great in snow, not bad on ice. They really seem to stick. We like them. Only have about 2,500 miles at this point.
  • This is for a different vehicle (my wife's X3), but we replaced the OEM Bridgestone Turanza EL-42s with Goodyear Eagle F1 All Seasons, and both the handling and the ride are greatly improved.

  • bg18947bg18947 Posts: 184
    Just wanted to report that the TPMS light on the dash doesn't bother me at all using a set of winter treads where I didn't install the TPMS sensors. I will search through the Service Manual to see if it says anything about being able to disable it. As long as there isn't any audible signal, I'm fine with it.

    2008 G35XS Rocks!
  • bg18947bg18947 Posts: 184
    I just went through the TPMS section of the '08 G35 Service Manual. When the TPMS transmitters are activated, they are done in sequence in a clockwise fashion starting with the Front Left tire. I made the mistake of not marking the inside of my factory rims and their position before putting on the winter wheelset. The TPMS warning light blink sequence indicates which tire is low based on the activation sequence FL FR RR RL. The 18" Dunlops that came with the G35X Sport are not directional tires. I guess this means that I have a 25% chance of getting the right tire in the right position when spring rolls around. If they were directional tires, then I would have had a 50% chance of guessing the Fr vs the Rr tire. I just have to figure out which tire is low if a warning ever comes on, until I bring it back to Infiniti for a wheel rotation service. Heads Up! My first vehicle with TPMS. I'll learn from this mistake. I didn't bother marking my wheels when I put on the winter set because they had less than 100 miles on them. I didn't realize that they are activated in sequence. Now I've learned. Just an FYI for all newbies like myself.

    I've put in an Ebay search for the J-45295 Activation Tool should someone have one for sale.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Okay... can you explain this to me?
    I did remove my wheels and they are marked so I know where they came from.
    I have 7,500 miles on the tires, so intended on rotating them in the spring when I put them back on. Are you telling me that I need to put them back in the same position, or that the blink sequence would be different if I mix them up?

    If it's just the blink sequence, I'm not too worried.
    I keep a pressure gauge in the glove box and check the tires from time to time as well.
    If it's a matter of the sensors not syncing correctly if in the wrong location, this I would need to know.

  • bg18947bg18947 Posts: 184
    I expect that each TPMS transmitter has a different frequency, so when you move them the flash sequence would indicate the wheel based on the initial activation location. My guess is that they expect customers to bring the car in for a tire rotation at an Infiniti dealer where they might charge you for re-activation on top of the rotation service.

    I'm not too worried. Just have to check which tire is low on air. I always pump up as well before popping the tires on between the seasons.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Ah, I didn't know that.
    Personally, I didn't know there was a blink sequence and I just check them manually anywy.
  • We have a 2005 G-35. Love the July 2006 had to replace all of them. The car was barely one year old! won't pass inspection..have to replace back tires. (only 1 1/2 year old)

    IS THIS NORMAL? (Feeling very Ripped off!) :sick:

    Oh...the set of tires we bought in 2006...($1800)

    Please tell me it's NOT normal to replace the tires every year!!! :cry:
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    What brand and model tire were they?
    What size are they?
    Where are you located? (Climate)
    How many miles have you driven in the past 1.5 years?

    These answers can help us determine if you're getting your money's worth.
  • Please excuse the ignorant question, but I am...ignorant. I have 4 225/55 R16 Dunlop Alpina snow tires with only 1 season of use on them and would love to throw them on my new G35x to give me even better traction in the snowy Northeast. Can I do that? A friend recently told me that she put the wrong size tires on her car and her mileage was cut in half! How would 16" tires affect my mileage and/or comfort? Thanks very much!

  • bocatripbocatrip Posts: 194
    Do you have a Coupe? If so, welcome to the club as G35 Coupes eat tires. Front inside feathering and rear middle tread wear are the norm. If you get 18,000 miles out of the rears you are doing well. The fronts can get 25,000 miles but they will get very noisey. One of the reasons after 4 1/2 years of ownership I am planning on selling my G35 Coupe is due to tire issues. This problem is only with the Coupe. The sedan is fine and 25-30,000 miles out of a set of tires (with regular rotations) is normal.
  • bg18947bg18947 Posts: 184
    You'll probably want to check the outside tire diameter from the manufacturer's website compared to the stock tires. You also need to verfiy the offset of the rims you intend to use. Also, is there enough clearance for the brakes on 16" rims. Can't think of what else you might need to check. But, these are the major ones:

    Tire Diameter
    Wheel Offset
    Rim/Brake Clearance
  • I own a 2004 G35 coupe with the sport tires package. I can ASSURE you that you will burn through tires (especially rear tires) every year or so. I was buying OEM Mich
    pilot rear tires at $600/pair on a yearly basis and fronts about every 1 1/2 yrs. I switched to BF Goodrich KDW 2's and saved some $$$ with no real loss in performance. This is part and parcel of owning these cars. Wait until the brake problems start...since you own a 2005, you don't get the extended brake warranty that Inifiniti gave 2003-2004 owners... :surprise:
  • mrmeo123mrmeo123 Posts: 1
    I recently purchased an 04 g35 coupe. Comes with staggered tire size. Has anyone ever ran same size front and rear and is this a change that will work?
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    You can run 4 tires of the same size on any car.
    You cannot, however, run staggered tires on an AWD system.

    On your car, it would be fine. In fact, it's suggested to go a little smaller for winter tires... like 17's
  • bruceomegabruceomega Posts: 250
    You cannot, however, run staggered tires on an AWD system

    Yes, this does seem to be the case normally. But on the BMW 535Xi, if you get the optional 18" wheels with summer performance tires, they come in staggered sizing. Or at least that used to be the case. Right now, the 535Xi options page of their web site is down, so I can't confirm.

  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Hmm... I didn't know that
    I wonder if they've done something to the system which allows it.
    Infiniti has stated that staggered wheels could cause damage to the system.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    I just checked the BMW site. (
    Looks like the 528xi has an optional tire size of 245 40R18
    It says nothing about being staggered though, and I honestly know nothing about previous years, so I can't say for sure.
  • bruceomegabruceomega Posts: 250
    I just checked the BWM web site this morning, and they still do not have the options pages back up.

    I have a .pdf copy of the '08 5 series brochure from last summer. I can't copy the text, but for the 528Xi it says the optional wheels available with the sport package are 18 x 8.0 (style 246) with 245/40R-18 run flat performance tires. It does not say anything about staggered sizing for the 528Xi.

    For the 535Xi, it says the optional wheels available with the sport package are 18 x 8.0 front and 18 x 9.0 rear (style 124) with 245/40R-18 front and 275/35R-18 rear run flat performance tires.

    I know, this seems counterintuitive, but that is what I read.

    You may be able to see the brochure at this web location,
    which is from Bimmerfest.
    Page 10 has info on wheels / tires.

  • alang4alang4 Posts: 40
    Is this now the BMW forum?
  • madmarlinmadmarlin Posts: 29
    Anybody have any significant experience swapping the OE Bridgestones for the Goodyear Eagle F1's? I'm due for tires and am not impressed with the wear of the Potenza's. I live in South Florida, so heat and rain are an issue. In my exhaustive search, it seems that the only other tire that has the size for both front and rear on the Sport is the Eagle F1. I know a few of you have made the switch. Any comments, good or bad? I look forward to the replies.
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