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Honda Odyssey Droning/Humming Noise



  • great news that you found the source of the humming noise..I was the one that posted the message after i discovered that my noise was coming from the front wheel bearing... I have no more humming at all, and am well pleased with my daughter just bought a new 08 ex-l i sure hope that she has good luck with theirs.
  • erik_herik_h Posts: 77
    Try some of the upgraded aftermarket brakes. It could fix you issues. I saw one company (brakeperformance com) which guarantees its rotors for 2 years or for life, depending on model. The ody is fairly heavy so they work the brakes pretty hard. I may try this company next time my rotors need to be replaced.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    There are success in MDX and Pilot re this droning noise at 2000 RPM or at highway cruising... below is the MDX TSB ... changing the part is about 5 minute job though you have to find the Ody's Part Number.

  • iagentiagent Posts: 1
    Mine has done this since new. It's sort od a buzzy feel like when a car is in too high of a gear for the given speed. I am over 50k mi and nothing has changed.
  • mooger1mooger1 Posts: 14
    I have an 06 odyssey and started hearing the dronning noise, I had the exhaust part replaced,and then discovered the front wheel bearing was causing the noise. I am now noise free...and we love the van
  • mhierholmhierhol Posts: 4
    My curiosity is killing me. Please describe the A-Pipe part referenced in these threads.

    Also, I'm looking at purchasing a 2009 Ody EX. Is the droning issue resolved in 2009? Next test drive I will specifically have me or my wife in the back to listen in the 40 - 75 mph range.

    Thank you much!
  • mooger1mooger1 Posts: 14
    I think the problem is the hanger that holds the a-pipe, when replacing they replace both, the noise is very annoying,however it did not start until we had the van for several months,,maybe 15 months. They replaced the parts,there is a recall notice out. You can find that info in some of the posts. However that repair did not correct my problem,(maybe alittle). I then wait for several months because I did not want my Van to be worked over and over until the real problem could be found. It was then while in for an oil change I mentioned the noise to the mechanic and he discovered a bad wheel bearing in the drivers side front wheel.Noise is gone. We really love our van and enjoy driving it
  • kaesankaesan Posts: 3
    how much did you pay to get the front bearing replaced? Do you need to change both sides?
    Do you change rear with front?
  • Hi, had a car in and they basically were telling us nothing was wrong. We have an 05'. Did your noise occur at low speeds? My wife's does it at low speeds with no effect when steering wheel is turned. If I had to deal with this on a daily basis (if it were my car) I probably would have been more persistant. But when ever I do drive the car it is annoying. Time to get my butt in gear.

    Thanks for any help.
  • Hi, we have an 05' odyssey. The droning sound occurs in cold and warmer weather. It sounds like an easy fix. I will look into it.
    Any advice would be appriciated.

  • mooger1mooger1 Posts: 14
    my droning noise came at 40 - 42 miles an hour disappeared and then started again at about 60 miles an hour.. It drove me crazy,, I honestly don't remember whether the steering wheel had any affect on the noise or not.. My noise has been gone for awhile now.. It did drive me nuts.. While it was in the garage for an oil change, the mechanic checked the wheel bearings for noises and thought it was possibly the cause of my droning,,I never dreamed that was it...but it was...I love this van and now we are drone free...good luck with yours
  • mooger1mooger1 Posts: 14
    sorry our wheel bearing were replaced under warranty. However they were definitely causing the problem
  • sreisssreiss Posts: 65
    Noticed the discussion here about wheel bearings.... Just had the right front wheel bearings repaired under warranty on my Ody 07 EX-L. 15,000 miles.

    I have owned various Honda products since 1984, and I cannot ever remember a mechanical problem like this. I was very surprised. The sound developed right after I switched over from snows to all-seasons, and it sounded like I was driving a truck with huge tires, so I had the wheels balanced and rotated, thinking it was something there. Nope - wheel bearings bad in the right front at 15K. Very surprised, so I wanted to mention it here in case anyone else is hearing this sound. It is like a howl that varies with road speed, and most noticeable at around 40 to 50 mph.
  • bobber1bobber1 Posts: 217
    It's pretty easy to mess up a wheel bearing if you hit a pot hole wrong. Can happen to any make of car.
  • kaesankaesan Posts: 3
    I have talked to my mechanic about humming sound and he said it is not wheel bearing but bearing that is in the transmission.
    He said if it was wheel bearing, it should sound consistently not intermittently.
    I am not sure why your problem was fixed but I think it will come back again in the near future.
    What warranty was it under? Under Power train or was it different warranty?
    I stopped by Honda dealer and they charge $90 just to look at the problem.
  • mooger1mooger1 Posts: 14
    My van was still under the factory warranty, it did not cost me a penny. The noise was not constant, it would only make the noise at 40 - 42 and then again at 60 miles an hour.My mechanic told me that he did not think it was the wheel bearing because if it was it would make it all the time, but he did hear a little grinding noise when he would spin the wheel. He decided to try replacing the bearing, drivers side and the noise went away, thats all i can say. If your noise comes and goes it could be the wheel bearing mine was..If your vans is under warranty why would they charge you anything. I don't understand how they can determine that the noise is coming from the transmission. Heres what we did drive the van on a straight highway at around 60 miles an hour, TURN the van off and listen for the noise NOW THE MOTOR AND THE TRANSMISSION ARE OUT OF PLAY BECAUSE THE ENGINE IS OFF my noise is gone completely,You maybe try a different honda garage, and get a refund of your 90 dollars, If your van is out of warranty the take it to local garage and leave honda out of it. Like I said my noise is gone completely and it was the wheel bearing I'm sure of it. Take the road test yourself and try turning off the engine and listen to see it the noise is still there, if it is not then i don't know what it could be. good luck, keep me posted thanks moog
  • kaesankaesan Posts: 3
    thanks. I told him the same thing you said.
    I have 2006 with 56k miles on it. The noise comes around 2000 rpm. I am not sure if I want to turn off my engine while going 60mph.
    They told me they have to charge since they are not sure if it is their problem or if this is something I need to pay. If the problem is under warranty, then they will refund it.
    I am wondering if I take it to the local shop, how much it would cost. I think I looked for the price and it was around $100 per wheel bearing
  • Ours has a low-frequency droning sound too, '05 Ody EX, 40K mi., but not a "howling" and it's pretty constant. I will ask the dealer next time in. We also get some pinging now & then regardless of octane used...has anyone else had that and found a fix? Otherwise very happy with the Ody, it drives more like a car and zero unexpected maintenance costs. Test-drove a GMC Acadia recently and decided its handling is more truck-like than our '05 Ody, will keep what we have.
  • ddssjskddssjsk Posts: 26
    Ok people here's the story. If your 05-08 odyssey has this vibration issue and has good engine mounts and the latest update on the exhaust droan time is going to reveal that's it's another honda transmission issue. Torque converter shudder. I have an 07 touring with the same issues. Honda has burried this issue stating it is the VCM management. But enough torque converts are beginning to fail to prove otherwise. I have talked to two dealer service managers in my area and have confirmed this issue. Both say they have already replaced several transmissions.
    The mechanical valves that control converter timeing are malfunctioning. Causing delayed erratic engagment. Shudder, jerking, delayed engagement into drive and or reverse, surge effect, exhaust droan, and brakeing complaints when the converter fails so disengage on time when brakeing. No codes are set because this is a mechanical failure not an electronic one. Can only be diagnosed by dealer doing a snap shot diagnosis and sending data to honda. Insist on that proceedure. One more thing. It's not the ECO mode that's causing the droan. The converter is dumping in, lugging the engine and causing the droan.
  • lkieflkief Posts: 3
    Good grief. Our 2000 Honda Odyssey only has 63,000 miles on it. Honda replaced the transmission a year or so ago on extended warranty. After that it started making a horrible humming noise in what seems like the front driver side wheel area whenever you got between 50 and 60 mph. Took it back to Honda, they said it was wheel bearings. We replaced them...same problem. Took it in to check the brakes and A frames, no problems seen anywhere. Still the humming sometimes around 45 but usually between 50 and 60 MPH. Everyone thinks we are crazy. It sounds so loud that I thought there must be a major problem and we are afraid to drive it on the freeway or take it on any long trips. We've been so happy with this car until now, but we can't find anyone who can tell us what the hell is going on. I read the posting about the "A" exhaust pipes and will check that out next...thanks to whomever posted it. In the meantime, if anyone else has an idea of how to fix this problem I'd really appreciate hearing from you. Thanks..
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    .... Took it back to Honda, they said it was wheel bearings. We replaced them...same problem. ....

    Wrong Diagnosis : You had paid the labor and cost of wheel bearings but later found that problem wasn't this part. Did they take back the parts and what was happened to the expense re this repalcement?
  • lkieflkief Posts: 3
    Just like all the others are posting here, they just ignore the problem. When it first started I had a difficult time making it happen, so when the tech would ride with me I couldn't make it do it. Now, however, I can initiate the sound by simply getting the speed up between 50 and 60. We also noticed that it happens more when you are either traveling up or down in elevation on the road. What a shame. We have never been to happy with a car before all this started. Honda sent us a letter when we bought the car in 2002 telling us that certain models were having transmission problems. They extended the transmission warranty to 100,000 miles and sure enough when we got to around 50K the transmission started giving us problems. We took the car to the dealer and they replaced the transmission without cost. We has the same excellent response when we experienced problems with the electric side door locking. They completely replaced the locking system with the new, larger version used in the new model year...again no cost to us. But this problem seems to be systematically ignored by Honda. Maybe they don't know how to fix it. Anyway, we'd like to sell the car but there is no way I would sell it and pass this problem along to someone else. Until we can find a way to fix it, we're stuck in model year 2000. Honda, if you are reading this blog and want to keep faithful customers happy and buying your products, you need to step in here and solve this issue.
  • lkieflkief Posts: 3
    Mike, I think there may be several different issues being lumped into this one blog. The humming we are experiencing can be so loud that you think a wheel is going to come off the car. It's not a small, annoying little sound that you could possibly ignore.
  • heukenheuken Posts: 11
    2007 EX-L
    I hear that too, especially when the rear windows are open some, at that speed, if I close the windows the noise goes away.
    The Honda service manager said he never heard that one before.
    I wanted to upgrade my sound system and I was told by Crutchfield that there is a noise canceling system in Odysseys. My theory is that the noise canceling system is causing the irritating sound, kind of like feedback.
  • gasmizrgasmizr Posts: 40
    Another 2007 EX-L

    We love the car. Currently has about 30K miles on it. I heard the same noise, humming/droning at about 15K but could not pinpoint it and my wife kept saying that is the way it sounds. Well over time the humming/droning got louder and I finally took it in. I could also feel vibration in the steering wheel when the noise started. My wife will not take the car in for any maintenance since she does not want to be without her car. :confuse: She went out of town so in it went. Well, the verdict was the driver side wheel bearing and the intermediate bearing both were replaced. My wife got back and picked up the car. No complaints from her yet but I have not driven it yet. It felt more like the tranny lugging to me. The best description is that the car does not "glide" when just cruising along but feels like it is being held back. I could make it make the sound consistently at 1300 rpm at 30mph, at 42mph and 60mph all with rpms below 2k. The other bothersome issue is the car is slow to engage from park to rev or drive and vice versa. Once I drive it for the weekend I will post back. ;)
  • moses7moses7 Posts: 25
    Honda has known about this humming noise since 2005, but refuses to fix it. I went the gambit trying to get mine fixed, even national headquarters, to no avail.

    I too think it's the transmission.

    All I can say is good luck!
  • I would hate to tell you all, but it's not just the honda's. Two years ago, I bought a 2007 Hyundai Elantra. I have heard the noise since I bought it. I thought it had to do with the shift-tronic transmission, but since I know other people now who have the shift-tronics and theirs doesn't do it, I know that it is not an issue. My humming comes right after 35mph, and it is only if you are not pushing on the gas pedal any harder, or it you don't let off. You have to be going at the steady pace. I took it to the dealership for that among a few other problems (one of which is a clicking in the steering column) and they "fixed" the problems. Well, driving out of the dealership I got the click and wanted to see if I had the humming on the way home before I called them. I did... I'm frustrated. I have a mechanic come into my work and tell me it could be a bearing, but who knows? They'll get my car back for repair for both issues. I guess the reason I am posting is because I want you to know that it is not just honda and I guess to realize that I'm not the only one... it's not just my car. GOOD LUCK TO ALL with this problem. It seems we're all in for the long haul on it!
  • ee4lifeee4life Posts: 14
    Your slow to engage from park to reverse or drive and vice versa issue is addressed via TSB 07-063 "Engagement Delay After Shifting From P or R". There is a PCM software update.

    Applies To: 2007 Odyssey:
    EX-L, Touring (With VCM Engine) -
    From VIN 5FNRL38..7B000001 thru
    From VIN 5FNRL38..7B400001 thru
    LX, EX (With VTEC Engine) -
    From VIN 5FNRL38..7B000001 thru
    From VIN 5FNRL38..7B400001 thru

    This and all other 2005-2010 Odyssey TSBs are available on OdyClub:
  • Ody 06 with 55,000 and a new steering pump (so I know it is not that awful noise) But, I have all the symptoms of the hum and drone! I don't know what to have them look for when I go to back to Honda Service. Do I go in and ask them to look at the A-pipe, motor mounts,wheel bearings or transmission (torque converter). I am facing a drive from St. Paul to Portland, Oregon in three weeks and need to know if we can safely make it. Can one drive with bad A-pipe, motor mounts, or wheel bearings? If it is the transmission then that will be a different decision.
    Any advice is appreciated.
  • mooger1mooger1 Posts: 14
    If it's the A pipe mounts you'll have no problem. If it's the wheel bearings you could have a problem. Here's what i did . drive the van down a straight road around 50 miles an hour.Turn the van motor off, it won't hurt anything, if the noise is still there then you know it can't be in the engine or tranmission because they are off. be careful and make sure you are on a straight road.( have someone from the garage with you so they can here the noise). Then we put the van on a hoist and spun the wheels with our hand and heard the grinding sound of a wheel bearing. Both front wheel bearing were replaced and the noise is gone. good luck
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