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Ford Focus Transmission Problems



  • jcahoonjcahoon Posts: 1
    edited April 2011
    I have this same transmission RUMBLE problem as in message #209. It is louder when cold. It is louder with higher engine speed. A trans fluid changed helped a little but did not fix it. Any new info here? Thanks
  • jsaxon90jsaxon90 Posts: 1
    Hey guys, I'm having some major tranny problems right now. I bought the car used at 100k miles, and now it has a little over 150k on it. I haven't made any major repairs except a new thermostat housing. It is a 5 speed transmission and is a 2002 ZX3. It is very difficult to start off. I put it in first gear, and if I keep my wheel straight, no turning involved, it stays in gear much better, except on a hill or incline. But if it is a hill or if I have to turn and start off at the same time, it doesn't stay in gear, and I hear it grinding and having other loud noises. And even when I start off and get to cruising at 55 or 60 mph it still slips out of 5th gear making the same noises, but not NEAR as bad as when I'm starting off. Do I just need a new solenoid, is it my clutch and clutch plate,or do I need a new tranny? Help please!!!
  • kingnick213kingnick213 Posts: 12
    Its a common problem for the shift solenoid to go out on a focus, its usually shift A at 60k and then the rest go out after all the way up to 120k and beyond. I changed all my mine at 60k, got them from ebay for $140 and no problems since, A went out on mine but after research I just replaced all of them and its good so far. Its a very easy job :)
  • kingnick213kingnick213 Posts: 12
    edited May 2011
    Your clutch is going out, take it to a local shop and they should tell you that you just need a new clutch plate. Its around $200 to $300 depending on the labor at the shop, dealer your $600.
  • stuckathomestuckathome Posts: 2
    edited May 2011
    o/d off light was on, o/d button wouldn't work, car stayed in o/d off
    then light started flashing on and off and car began going in/out of o/d by itself

    idle seemed a bit odd just before this started

    coil was replaced last week
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    For some reason your O/D lockup clutch is either not engaging at all or is slipping when engaged. Additionally some vehicles will lock out O/D if the engine coolant temperature is to low, so you might have an intermittent coolant temperature sensor.
  • Thank you so much for your time. We took the actual shifter apart and secured the o/d button wiring. It did the trick! I'm back on the road and she's running smoothly.
  • tipdogtipdog Posts: 1
    Any updates? My car is having a very similar problem right now
  • flynn1011flynn1011 Posts: 2
    Going over rumble strips in construction zone on I-80. My car started to suddenly decelerate. I pulled off and noticed a lit up wrench on the dash. Book says this means "powertrain or transmission." Turned if off, then right back on. Light disappeared and car seemed fine, but I didn't trust it. Had it towed to dealership where I bought it. Ford to reimburse me. When mechanics plugged it into to computer, no codes showed. They drove it around and no lights came on and the car didn't slow. They're putting a flight simulator on it to take a picture if it does it again. Two dealerships assured me it's safe to drive and if it happens again I should do what I already did, except try to drive it again.
    Any ideas? Ford is being helpful and the dealership's mechanics seem trustworthy, but I'm very leery. The car's an automatic with 9800 miles.
  • Probably tranny fluid aeration from going over the rumble strips. Check the level and condition of your transmission fluid. Other than that, if they did all the necessary tests, you should be fine.
  • flynn1011flynn1011 Posts: 2
    Thanks so much! A dealer and a mechanic were both very interested in the rumble strips. I appreciate the idea.
  • harley42harley42 Posts: 1
    Hi all, like everyone who has has transmission problems with their ford focus, i am also totally peeved. My car has done 48000 on clock when i started to notice a slight drag in gear changing. Diagnostics came up blank. Drove it this morning and noticed the revs going up and engine struggling as it couldnt get into 4th gear. Transmission malfunction came up and car went into limp mode. We have ordered a solenoid from ford this morning. When we quoted the part number they told us they had updated their part number for XS427H148AA. Maybe they changed suppliers as the old solenoids werent up to scratch?.... Thinking it may have been the battery we also had this replaced and cleaned down all the battery terminals, changed oils and filters. Funny when we mentioned this problem to ford they said that they havent heard of this problem at all. We have had quotes for parts and if you live in america it is a lot cheaper. The part that makes it less desireable to us in Australia is the postage fees. If anyone is having the same problem I think its wise to start with the solenoids and work down from there as rebuilding clutch etc gets costly. Good luck everyone, will let you know of how we go. Cheers.
  • schro385522schro385522 Posts: 1
    edited June 2011
    I have a 2003 ford focus and I started having issues with the transmission slipping about a year ago when I accelerate to 30-40 mph (varies between the two) when the overdrive is on. But when I turn the overdrive off it does it less often. Never had a light show up on the dash board. Took the car in to auto shop (cuz dealerships charge too much and I get a lifetime warranty on parts and labor where I go. But anyway they did a diagnostic and not one code showed up they said a tune up should fix the problem it did not. Then went on vacation and it did it a few times, then it was okay for a while no issues, then it started up again in early May this year. Looked on line and found people with similar issues and solutions they used to fix the problem which inluded and a transmission flush, which I had done and it did not work, then it roccomended changing the shift solenoid A in the transmission, I ordered the part and changed it and that did not work it still slipped and shuttered when accelerating. Went on a trip to Pittsburgh and on the way there and on the way home still had the issue. But on the way home felt shuttering when I turned right on the highway at high speeds (65-75). Then the engine light went on got home the next day the engine light was still on and went to auto zone for a free diagnostic. Machine showed codes p0300, p0301, and p0304 misfire from piston 1, random piston misfire, and piston 4 misfire, took the car back in to the auto shop they drove it around and did not feel any misfires, but reccomended a fuel system cleaning said ok. They cleaned out the fuel system and the transmission still shutters and slips. Now I do not know what to do, but the check engine light has not come on. Anyone have any ideas, solutions
  • mbale2203mbale2203 Posts: 1
    My wife has a 2005 Focus ZX5, automatic transmission, as she was driving through an intersection, she said she heard a pop, then the car just stopped pulling. When I got there to help, the engine would run fine, but when she shifted into gear, there was a high pitched noise, but it wouldn't go at all. I dont feel like it's chutches, because it went all at once, and there is no smell. I have read lots of post here that seam mostly to do with sylinoids. Is there a chain, or drive belt in these transmitions? Any ideas?
  • It may not be solenoid A, I had to change solenoid A, B and the Pressure control solenoid, there all on the same side. Mine was not engaging under a heavy load(pressing the gas too hard). The MTX-75 which is the transmission used in all focuses isn't exactly the greatest built.
  • There's no belts in these trannies just a standard gears and bands transmission. the pop was probably the transmission popping out of gear, the high pitch whine is it trying to engage back into gear. Its probably one of the solenoids and you don't always get a check engine light for the solenoids, that's the cheapest way to go. Ebay has them all in a set for $140, that's what i bought, changed them all along with the fluid and filter and no problems since.
  • I was on my way to my sister's house in NY last weekend, and when I hit the gas pedal my car acted as if it was in neutral and just would "clunk" into gear. Took it to AAMCO...I have no second gear and according to them, my "transmission is toast." The car is a 2005 with 81k on it. Getting a "used" transmission...thankfully I had the wherewithall (don't ask me how), to get "mechanical breakdown" insurance through GEICO and all that I have to do is pay my deductible or I would be crying bigtime right now. I don't think that 81k is a lot of miles....and after reading all of these posts....I would seem that the Focus has an issue with it's tranmission???? Wonder if there is anything that Ford would do about it????
  • Ford won't, its not the tranmission, its the solenoids, they out around every 60k miles, aamco is wrong, when its slips out of gear and clunks back in like that and you have no second gear its solenoid B. I swear you would think even a place like aamco would do a little research but hey at least geico is paying for and not you :)
  • mgs4mgs4 Posts: 1
    Our ff has had transmission problems. Not selecting 1st gear on takeoff from stopped. Computer reads solenoid e faulty. Had solenoid replaced at transmission shop at cost of $650. (quoted $350 for solenoid e cost alone which from forums I have just read is a total rip off! Does anyone know australian price for this solenoid?). The problem is not fixed and now shop is saying they need to check out the car computer @ an additional 8 hrs labour. Not being a mechanical expert but suspect of a total rip off I have removed the car but need help. Has anyone experienced a similar problem with their FF transmission.
  • azmustangazmustang Posts: 5
    The lease will be up on my wife's 2009 Mercury Mariner (6 cyl/ 6 speed automatic) in December 2011. We haven't decided what will be her next car. The Mariner is our sixth Ford new vehicle that we've leased or purchased. The new Focus is (was) a consideration.
    The 2009 Mariner has had numerous transmission problems. It been reprogrammed twice.
    It's had numerous leaks. The driver's side short shaft and/or seal has been replaced twice. The transmission filler tube has been replaced. The car has now been at the dealership for three weeks waiting for all of the parts necessary to replace the transmission case. Apparently the transmission case has a machining defect in it which creates pressure inside the transmission forcing the transmission fluid to find away to escape, and therefore another leak. Ford's position on this is that this does not justify replacing the transmission with a new one. Their contention is that there is nothing wrong with the internal gears of the transmission. The dealership is going to take all of the parts out of the existing transmission and put them into a new casing. (I would think that if they were to add up all of the costs involved in doing this, there would be little or no savings compared to replacing the transmission with a new one.)
    I have a close friend who has the latest version of the Fusion. He has had programming issues with his transmission that the dealer can not seem to fully correct.
    I mention all of this because both my Mariner and my friend's Fusion have versions of Ford's new 6 speed automatic transmission. The Focus has a new 6 speed automatic. It may not be the same design as the trannies in the Fusion and the Mariner, but it is a new Ford automatic. I've read some reviews that state that the new Focus 6 speed automatic has some programming issues.
    It certainly seems as if Ford has not gotten all of the bugs out of their newly designed automatics.
    I would like to get some feedback from owners of the 2012 Focus. Are you having any tranny problems? As nice as the new Focus may be, I don't want to get another Ford and have to live through again what it's been like with my Mariner.
    Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
  • malkawimalkawi Posts: 2
    dear all ,
    ford agent they know how to take your money but they dont know how to repair
    any how i have ford focus 2006 modle , once i start the car some times i'm getting the follwing error
    acceleration reduced ,then i need to stp the car and restart again
    after one week i started getting new error acceleration reduce and engine system fult , and transmission malfunction
    with this error the dash board heat is not ameter is not working with rpm meter
    abs ,light battery light and most of the light are flashing
    the ac is not cooling with this error and you will find the gear hard to change
    once i stop and restart the car every things start working fine
    any how i checked the car out side agent they informed me speed sensor
    after i changed it the same problem again
    then they informed me gear lever ( gear cable)
    i chsnged it but also the same
    latly i went to the agent of ford after two days of dignosis they gave me very long report
    they told me dash board must be changed
    thettle body must be chasnged
    tp sensor
    oss sensor
    sensor assy
    the total around 2000$
    once i changed these parts they agent will be clear about the error of transmission malfunction
    any body can advise me
    wgat to do is my email
  • engine6thengine6th Posts: 2
    Just got a 2012 focus se. When at a stop you can feel the vibration through the steering wheel. Also car is a little hesitant on take off, all made worse with air on. As a owner of 15 new cars I would say this one worries me the most when I bring it in tommorrow to get checked, I can imagine serv. dept. saying they don't feel anything wrong. Overall pretty disapointed on this cars performance so far. 3rd focus.
  • malkawimalkawi Posts: 2
    the authorized frod agent they were going to charge me 2000$ without guarantee that the error will be fixed i went with my car to local garage after computer chk they found lose in one of the hidden wire they fixed it for 200$ every thing is working find
    two advises for ford lovers
    dont buy ford at all go to japan cars
    in case you made the wrong choice and you bought one never don't send your car to the ford agent after the three years warranty or 6000 km warranty

    good luck
  • where are the solenoids located and what precautions must i take when replacing them
  • Buy the filter and gasket at autozone for $25 then drop the pan by removing the bolts around it, be careful if the car is hot as will be the fluid. When the pan is removed you'll see the 6 solenoids there held on by 1 bolt per solenoid. First remove transmission temperature sensor attached to the filter and remove the filter. Now remove the solenoid that you wish to replace, enoid.jpg

    here's a diagram above, if its not shifting into 4 or 5 replace A and B solenoids or just replace them all, they sell a kit on ebay for all of them its $140 20710732177?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item4aabd96991

    I ended up just replacing all of them to avoid the hassle later, the only real precautions you have to take it to be careful disconnecting the wires from the solenoids as to not break them. Too make sure you know exactly how much fluid you took out, save the fluid you took out and pour it in to 1 quart bottles and count how many and add only that amount back, transmissions are very picky and you must not overfill it. Good luck and feel free to ask any more questions. The torque for the bolt on the pan is about 16ft pounds tightening in a STAR pattern.
  • dpj311711dpj311711 Posts: 2
    The transmission in my 07 focus automatic hesitates between 1-2 gear or maybe 2-3. It wont shift up right away and rpm revs higher than usual. Is this a solenoid issue? Also the ebay link you listed is that for an auto or manual transmission?

    The steps to change them would be.
    Put car on ramps, remove tranny pan, drain fluid, change solenoids, replace filter (while I can) put pan back, pour old fluid back in.
  • Yes its a solenoid issue when it rev's like that, 90% of the problems with the MTX-75 will end up being just a bad solenoid, they tend to wear out around 60k miles. Your steps are correct but I wouldn't use the old fluid and yes those solenoids listed are for an automatic.
  • dpj311711dpj311711 Posts: 2
    Would you recommend I try the A solenoid first or do all at once? I don't want to waste money and time changing things that aren't broken.
  • 2001 focus work done: rebuilt tranny, 2 valve bodies, 2 entire sets solenoids, 2 solenoids wiring harnesses, volt tested harness into tranny?? sluggish from dead stop but once moving is ok until hot then revs and drops into gear but ALWAYS downshifts perfectly at stop sign hot or cold. HELP PLEASE have spent a lot of time and money now just need a solution any help appreciated.
  • If that's true and you really had all that work done, that's ridiculous. Make sure when you have work done you ask for the old parts, they have to give them to you unless there's a core charge which usually there isn't on transmission parts. When it rev's up and then pops into gear its because the solenoid isn't opening and releasing the fluid to switch the gear, its got nothing to do with the valve body, they don't really go bad, they usually get dirty and clogged which causes the check balls to stick, I hate to say it but it sounds like your getting robbed.
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