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Toyota Land Cruiser



  • Hi everyone, Just read Sabertouch post. On your last statement. Under California lemon law I have filed a lawsuit with Toyota. My attorney has assured me that one of the laws is if the vehicle has a substantial decrease in value because of a problem that Toyota will not fix, then they are ABSOLUTELY legaly responsible! And being that I have several Emails and Edmunds post of customers NOT purchasing this vehicle because of the problem, this issue will be easy to prove. Just try re selling this TLC. If you were to disclose the problem---Good luck. So I do have a long wait till the lawsuit settles, but my attorney is so confident that he took it on contingency and said that I will drive this vehicle for free for the next year or two. Toyota will be responsible to refund me for the full price when the suit does settle. If any one will like to join my suit, please email me at
    And for all you TLC lovers. I have given every opportunity for Toyota to fix this problem to no prevail. I have even been treated very rudely by just about everyone in the Toyota organization.
  • rruck1rruck1 Posts: 91
    I don't doubt that Toyota would deny this problem. It is going to be VERY expensive to fix since it is also a problem with the new 2001 Sequoia. This has been such a common complaint in the Land Cruiser and Sequoia threads that it seems to me like it would be a good idea to create a separate thread for this where owners could unite to relate their experiences.
    I believe there was a thread on another site where an owner was looking for others to join him in a class action suit.
  • rbdej, The sunroof wind deflector is easy to install on the 2000 LC. I'm on my third one! The dealer has installed all three of them under warranty. The first one had a tear in the rubber molding, the second one developed a stress fracture running out from the bolt hole. The assistant service manager told me this is a common problem due to the wide span between the two mounting bolts. When the unit is mounted a little to tight, the stress fracture develops within a short time (weeks). Regarding wind noise with and without the deflector, I can tell you it's still very noisy with the deflector in place. Anything over say 40mph, there is to much wind noise for me.
  • I'm thinking of purchasing an FJ60 (? model year range) for my son to use to go to school, work, to see his girl friend and possible trips up to the Sierras etc. He thinks this is a cool car and we have test driven one beater. This will be his first car and he will be helping with the expense. I want this to be a good experience for him so I'm looking for a stock, clean, original condition unit with average to less than average mileage that has been well maintained. My wife and I have a 2000 LC and a 1990 Camry that are well taken care of. I've checked and the classified ads in Stockton and SF and not found anything in California that looks good yet. Any suggestions/advice/leads would be appreciated. My email is
  • hicairahicaira Posts: 276
    Go to

    They have a local chapter in the Bay Area and usually know what is in the market.

    Join, if you are not a member. Get a monthly newsletter that has a section for used 'cruisers for sale.


  • lc2000lc2000 Posts: 33
    Sunroof wind deflector. Yes, it is easy to install. Just follow the instructions. Polish the roof area first, center the deflector, and hand tighten each side with the hardware provided. Once you are sure that you have it exactly where you want it, hold the bolt with your finger tips and use a Phillips screw driver to finish tightening. DON'T OVER TIGHTEN. After a week or so, check to see that bolts are still tight. You may have to give them another turn or two. I have had mine on for a year and have not experienced any problem.

    2000 Stereo: Good, not great stereo. And no, it does not boom.
  • A local Toyota dealer has a 2000 and a 2001 Land Cruiser side by side on his lot. The 2000 is clearly 1.5 to 2 inches taller than the 2001. Does anyone know if Toyota has lowered the 2001 Land Cruisers?
  • scifiscifi Posts: 54
    Edmunds has the height for both the 2000 LC and 2001 LC listed at 73.2 in. In fact, all of the specifications listed are identical between the two model years. Toyota has the same specs. listed on their website.

    Perhaps the tires were different or not totally inflated on the 2000 LC. A tire will lose 1 pound of air pressure for every 5°C temperature drop.
    Tires breathe, releasing about 1 pound of pressure per month.
  • I'm a longtime Volvo driver trying to decide on a new SUV or Minivan to tote my kids and pals (Soccer Mom) I have looked at Landcruiser which I like, but have reservations about price and stero problem I keep reading about. In addition, I hear rumors that Landcruiser will be discontinued in favor of Lexus - better service for pricier vehicle, etc. I also like the Lincoln Navigator- mostly the 300 HP and bells and whistles at a lower price. Cons for the Lincoln Nav are size and steering column gear shift as well as brake pedal placement.
    I haven't driven a minivan yet, but like the third seat availability better - just don't like V6 as much as V8 and safety records on some are not impressive.
    Does anyone have any wisdom to share before I take the plunge?
  • scifiscifi Posts: 54
    dianne, who works for Toyota, posted #346 stating the Land cruiser is not going anywhere.

    Some of the mini vans have very impressive safety records, perhaps even more so than some SUV's. Hopefully someone can add to this.

    I know my wife will not drive a mini van - refuses to succumb to the "soccer mom" image (HA!)

    Dianne also mentioned in a post that she heard Toyota is coming out with a new line of engines where Toyota will undoubtedly close, if not surpass, the horsepower gap with their V-8s.

    lauras2 in post #382 came up with a brilliant idea. Have them change the stereo with the 2000 model, which many posts say isn't defective. This also gives you a bargaining chip during negotiations!

    Hope this helps!
  • Swapping the 2001 TLC stereo with the 2000 will not work. The 2001 stereo integrates completely different than the 2000 stereo does. Unfortunitly, your barking up the wrong tree. If it was that easy I'm sure Toyota would have come to that conclusion along time ago. Also good luck on finding any dealer that will try this, any malfunction and they put themselfs at full risk. Sorry- good suggestion though.
  • scifiscifi Posts: 54
    I hope that laura2 wasn't being misled when she posted (#384) her trial and tribulations with a dealership. I don't mean to undermine any of your efforts Stevengina; I sincerely hope your lawsuit turns out well.
  • Now I have already eaten a little crow with you once when I said that there was no problem with the stereo. so I will tread lightly with this one.

    I seriously dought that toy would settle to buy back your LC after you have driven it for 1-2 yrs.

    It would be more logical and more cost effective to simply replace your stereo as a settlement. Why would they settle to accept a 10-15k depreciation on your LC when they could make you happy and spend less by even going as far as to replace your sys with the Mark L. sys from the Lex.

    I truly think that your hopes of driving that 50k truck for 2 yrs free just might be a little too high. especially if the reports of a fix are true.

    This would effectively stop your suit in its tracks.

  • rruck1rruck1 Posts: 91
    I own a Sequioa, not a Land Cruiser, and have experienced similiar problems with the radio. The bass is too loud and often can not be adjusted to a perfect level. I knew this going into my purchase and decided that I could live with it. I would like to see it fixed, but I wouldn't think that I would have the right to sue over something that I knew ahead of time.
    Was this problem a surprise to the TLC owners who are posting about it here?
  • Truck lover-I thought the same thing as you , till my attorney explained the law. After a 30 day notice of filling suit to Toyota, and if they don't respond in a timely manor (which they have not) , the lawsuit goes forward. It makes know difference if they find a fix during the lawsuit or not. The laws completely protect the consumer at this point. Of matter of fact - if they come out with a fix now, California law allows you to get double damages under willful intent. In other words for 6 months they keep saying that there is no problem with the stereo and then all of a sudden they come out with a fix now admitting there is a problem. That more or less means that they knew there was a problem all along and just didn't want the financial responsibility of admitting fault. The laws I will admit I don't fully understand, but be honest with everyone reading your post- I'm not sure you do ether. I will be more than happy to let you or any other reader of these post to refer them to my attorney-(My email address is For any further questions you all might have. Please keep in mind that my attorney is so confident on this lawsuit, that he is taking it on contegency- Something tells me he wouldn't waste his time if the laws didn't protect me.

    From my understanding the problem in the Sequoia is nothing even close to the problem in the TLC. The TLC is an obvious design problem to all TLC owners- this does not seem to be the case on the Sequoia-compare the two, hugh difference.
    Again my attorney assures me that if you put this in front of a jury it is a no brainer, whether you were aware of the problem at time of purchase or not. My attorney also assures me that Toyota will most definitely settle before it gets in front of a jury.
    There was a time when I just wanted the damm thing fixed- I just can't tolerate the lies.. and this I won't apologize for... shame on Toyota.
  • dwrichadwricha Posts: 24
    Regarding the post of the guy where the 1997 Tlc fitted his budget. I have a 97 and love it. Hadn't had but a few problems that I think resulted from wear. Beyond that, there's no other suv to compare. Owning a older one, you'd enjoy it.
    Good luck!!
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 18,555
    Yes, I would not have a problem at all with a 94,95,96,97, except for the "brake pad" eating issue. I typically get 40-50k on oem pads. I have used the last change to try the carbon metallic TRD pads. They seem to be grippier (if that is a real word)
  • I've got 49,000 on my '98 740I (which is the finest car I've owned), friend of mine works for Toyota and I have a chance to purchase a new 2000 LC. Seems to be a great vehicle as I've been driving it for a week.

    Any commnents, etc.?

  • What you said makes sense. Maybe I should rush out and get a 2k1 LC, join your lawsuit and hope for double damages.

  • edsel4uedsel4u Posts: 39
    "Trading my 740I for Land Cruiser; Comments?"

    This is the proverbial "Apples and Oranges" comparison. If you never need to tow, venture off-road or navigate through five or more inches of snow then you might be making a mistake. If you enjoy spirited driving in one of the safest vehicles on the road then stick with BMW. BMW maintenance is more expensive but that's the price of owning a high performance vehicle.

    If I could fit in a 740il it would be parked in my driveway now. At 6'5" I opted for the 2000 LC instead. The 2000 LC is now a companion for the 1991 LC which my son now drives (also 6'5"). I think I will always own a Land Cruiser. My wife's 528i is very uncomfortable for me beyond one hour even though it actually has a little more front leg room than the 740i or 740il. But what a joyous "ride"!

    BMW's are very special automobiles that are supremely rewarding to drive. The LC is a truck with some leather seats. If you can afford both, keep the 740i and buy a LC, then you will be in automobile nirvana. If you can't, then think carefully about whether you want an "Apple" or a "Orange"
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 18,555
    The carbon metallic TRD pads are for the front axle ONLY. The rear axle are still OEM pads.
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 18,555
    It is neat that your Toyota dealer lets you take it to get used to it! The dealer I have been using for years, also lets me do that.

    To keep both BMW 740i and TLC is probably ideal, but for one reason or another if you need to get it down to one vehicle the real question is do you have more of the need for utility or "the ultimate driving experience" the utility does exact a premium or cost. You have a nice dilemma that most folks would love to have!
  • We are wondering about the effectiveness of the anti-theft system on the 2000 model. Given the high value of a late model TLC, can the pro thieves get around it? Ours is parked in an unguarded lot near downtown and we are wondering if we should consider additional precautions. TIA for any help.
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 18,555
    If you are concerned with the vehicle being stolen then a lojac for sure. I have mine also all full of sensors but kinda wonder at times, as it goes off for stuff like people looking at it too long etc etc.
  • lc2000lc2000 Posts: 33
    Just for the record, a LOJAK system will not prevent your car from being stolen. LOJAK is a vehicle recovery system and only works after the a car equipped with it has been reported stolen. The system is excellent and I have it installed in all my vehicles. Several years ago, I worked as a project manager for the LA Sheriff's Department to bring the system on line. If your car is stolen, LOJAK is your best chance of getting it back in one piece.
  • bwrsrobwrsro Posts: 3
    A little information to share with those of us who have experienced the annoying heat shield rattle with the 1998 and 1999 TLCs.

    I checked with the dealership and confirmed that a Technical Service Bulletin TSB)was issued by Toyota. It came out in the summer of 2000. The TSB identifies the design problem and the recommended modifications. Unfortunately, it also limited the repairs to the standard 3 year / 36,000 miles.

    As my TLC has over 50k miles, the service folks at the local Toyota dealership could not fix it under warranty. They recommended that I contact Toyota directly.

    I sent Toyota an e:mail detailing the problem and and the out of warranty concerns.

    It took a couple of weeks, but yesterday the dealership called, informed me that the parts are in, and that Toyota was covering the cost of repairs.

    Oh, what a feeling!!!

    By the way, I took a test drive on the new Highlander. Nice vehicle. However, the engine noise in the passenger compartment is excessive to what I have become accustomed to in my Land Cruiser.
  • Thanks for the input. Couldn't afford to keep the 740I and get the LC. Yes, the BMW is by far the best driving car on the road and I had 50,000 miles of driving pleasure. However, change is good and with the new BMW 7 coming out soon and my mileage, I believe the value which had already started to go down was going to drop even more.

    After driving the LC, which by the way didn't mention was purchased by the dealer through the Auction, was driven by someone in the Gulf States Toyota Division, so it's never been titled and had 10,000 miles. I was able to purchase it for 44,000.00; I couldn't pass on the deal and after driving the LC for a week, I reallly began to appreciate the quality, etc. Thanks again.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Because of the engine immobilizer system on the LC, the chances of theft are greatly reduced. It is not possible to hot wire this thing under any circumstances. To start it, you must have the original key with the chip in it or replace the engine computer. This means, in order to steal it, one must either car jack it or tow it away with a flat bed truck and then replace the computer at a cost of about $3000.
  • has anyone driven their 2000LC with snow chains on? What brand, model # of the chains did you use? Any clearance problems? I'm trying to decide on cable vs. chain. Thanks for any feedback.
  • endodocendodoc Posts: 15
    the three years are coming up on my cruiser. I've had two with a four runner in between. it's been great truck winter and summer- with minor off road duty. I'm very spoiled with a cheap (525) lease because of the high residual 38,500. I'm thinking of Volvo cc- Audi all road - MDX-all more expensive than keeping the old cruiser. however my wife thinks it just too big for our normal suburban life style. after ten years in big trucks it's hard to think of driving a wagon. we have no kids just some weekly grandchildren duty.. I would appreciate any comments. ( I read the article this week in edmunds about giving up the tlc for an allroad also cars are important to me and i'm not going drive a little four wheel drive wagon just because i could(baby boomer mentality-sorry) thanks
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