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Honda Odyssey Paint Problems



  • rudy386rudy386 Posts: 5
    I called Honda America just to report the problem. They'll tell you to go see a dealer. Then go ahead and take the Odyssey to a dealer and ask what they can do for you. Describe the problem as a paint to primer adherence issue. Also ask what Honda's regional manager's name is. My Honda dealer said they would paint the roof for $650 and the regional manager in my area agreed to pay all but $156 of that. The amount a regional manager might agree to depends on the condition of the Odyssey. Honda has several paint issues right now. Honda America is in denial and won't admit or acknowledge anything but call them anyway. The more complaints and publicity they get can only help nudge them to do what's right.

    Honda America

    Honda Automobile Customer Service
    1919 Torrance Blvd.
    Mail Stop: 500-2N-7D
    Torrance, CA 90501-2746
  • ps909ps909 Posts: 1
    This is definitely an issue that American Honda needs to fix! A few years back they did recall the paint problem but they said it was only for the roof area and I had it fixed. But now the blue paint is peeling all over the van, from the front, back side.. I think there are more issues to the 2004 midnight blue model besides the paint. The vent windows in the back don't open when the weather is hot and when changing the radio station on the steering wheel it would turn up the volume instead of changing the station. I had this fix on my own expense but still the same problem. I am or I was a loyal Honda customer but if they are not acknowledging this problem then I loss me as a customer!!!
  • I hope that enough people will complain to Honda because I too was a loyal Honda fan and WOULD like to continue getting Hondas in the future (having the best Honda/Acura mechanic helps ... not one at the dealers) ... but with this paint problem and how they are not acknowledging it at all really bothers me and worries me for future purchases. Maybe someone can start a website or blog posting pictures of various paint problems ... get more publicity on this to affect Honda sales enough that they might have to fix this for good!
  • jgp9jgp9 Posts: 8
    As far as I know; this peeling problem is unique to the midnight blue Honda's. I may be wrong in my assumption? I would not buy a midnight Blue Honda (any make) in the future. I agree with you about putting pressure on Honda. As I write this; I'm getting peeling on my front quarter panel. In the past, they have painted the rear gate, roof, parts of the sliding door, hood over the years due to this pealing.
  • I have a 2003 Midnight Blue Oddessy. In August of 2011 I discovered that the paint was peeling above the passanger side sliding door. I contacted Honda Motors to complain, but they indicated that the warranty had been extended already for 7 years for this issue that I should contact the local dealer here in NJ. Well, the dealer called me before I had the chance to call them. They had me bring the car in as the regional service manager was coming into their dealership that week. He wouldn't cover the cost of repainting the small panel, but would cover 50% of it. Well it cost me around $125.

    Now a year later, I'm discovering that the paint is now peeling from the roof and around the rear windows (also driver side). Not sure if it's worth going after them again as the van is approaching 10 years. It only has about 68K miles on it and was garage kept for all but the last year or so.
    I'm very disappointed in Honda in how they handled this. They had a problem and should just repaint at their expense the entire vehicle. I've owned other Honda's in the past including a present 2011 CRV. I may not by any other Honda's after this.
  • I guess your CRV is still very new ... wondering if Honda's paint problem goes beyond Odysseys. The right thing to do is for them to pay for repainting the whole car and fix the problem in their factory for good. Seeing that so many years of Odysseys have this problem, I am not encouraged that they have done anything to fix this manufacturing problem. Maybe we can all submit reviews of our Odysseys everywhere we can find ... these days most car buyers would consult some kind of online reviews as part of their research before buying a car, right??
  • jgp9jgp9 Posts: 8
    I don't think it is anything but a midnight blue paint problem. My daughter has a 1998 GREY civic with zero paint problems. The local body shop tells me it is the color; regardless of year or model. Stay away from the Midnight Blue.
  • WHITE PAINT PEELING ALSO... Very disappointed with Honda. The dealer tells me that the regional manager will not honor the recall for white paint. Started with small bubbles. I thought it was not a big deal, but now it is coming off in LARGE bubbles/sections - off the hood, around the windows and off of the roof....EXACTLY like the blue paint issue. Our non-Honda vehicles are holding up...the Honda Odyssey looks AWFUL. Want a new vehicle, but don't know if I'm willing to take a chance with another Honda, especially with the lack of accountability for their poor paint job....Come on Honda, own up! Do the right thing!
  • tim1963tim1963 Posts: 3
    My Odyssey has the midnight blue. I discovered it peeling after 8 years. Of course it was one year out of the paint warranty extension. The Honda regional service manager agreed to split the cost of painting the one small section that was peeling. A few months later I discovered additional areas peeling. Now 10 years after the fact the roof is even peeling. Further calls to just feel on deaf ears. I'm very disappointed on how Honda has delt with this known issue.
  • rudy386rudy386 Posts: 5
    It's not the paint, it's the primer. I understand that Honda used different primers for different paint color runs. According to what I have heard from auto paint professionals, the primer was of low quality and applied in such a way that resulted in poor adherence to the paint.
  • majorwardmajorward Posts: 1
    edited July 2013
    Our white 05 Odyssey, that we purchased new, is peeling also. It started on the roof - between the sunroof and driver's door, close to the windshield - and has now spread to other areas of the roof, both front doors and hood. When I met with the service manager of our local dealership he was very familiar with the porblem on the blue ones and discussed the recall with me, mentioning that there had not been a problem with any other color. He knew exactly where to look for additional problems - places I had not - under the hood and inside the fender wells. He took numerous pictures and sent to Honda America. I was called last week with an offer of $1,000 toward repainting the affected areas, estimated at $2,200. I consider that as an unsult since he told me that they had paid for the entire amount for the boue vehicles.. I feel as if we are being punished and in a sense discriminated against because of the color of vehicle we bought. I am not accepting any "offer" as I feel there are other white Odysseys that are experiencing the same problem. They have obviously acknowledged an issue with other colors. I say it's time for everyone to bond together and demand the same - or better - treatment. It's been a little over a month since your post, have you had any additional communication with them since?
  • jgp9jgp9 Posts: 8
    Joel Here again. Summary: My 2004 Midnight Blue Odyssey had many repaints under the paint recall (hood, sliding doors, roof) and w/ pushing the regional manager, even got some other areas (not on the recall) painted for zero cost. That was several years ago. Now my right passenger side front fender is peeling in one spot. I have 190K miles on the car and just want to keep it for another couple of years. It appears to only be one spot so I'm going to fix this one myself. It won't look like the body shop, but my only goal is to keep it from peeling further.
  • The primer is the problem and those that are lucky to have their dealer work with them are the fortunate ones. Most of us have been rudely told that it is past the date for recall, too bad that the issue continues.... etc. Instead, everyone needs to let all their friends and family how terrible service is from Honda USA. They will continue with these practices.
  • After several paint repairs and now out of warranty with paint still peeling in new places, I'm curious if anyone has been able to bring a suit against Honda. My resale value is dramatically diminished by this defect. I bought a Honda because of the excellent resale capability.
  • A lawsuit is definitely warranted, probably the only way Honda would recognize the problem. I'm surprised some law firm hasn't jumped on the opportunity.
  • I wish there was a class action suit. My midnight blue paint started peeling on one small location at about 8 years. They did agree to repaint the section with me paying 1/2 the cost. Now the minivan is 10 years old and I have sheets of paint coming off the roof as well as peeling in other locations. I'm so frustarted when I look at it. The minivan has about 80K miles on it. I debate on getting a price and having the entire vehicle repainted, but at 10 years old I don't know if it's worth it. I've come across quite a few of them with the same issue. I even saw a later model van with (dark blue) that was peeling on the front hood. I don't think I will buy a Honda again since they didn't back up this problem when they knew they had an issue.
  • Just contacted Honda about the paint peal on my midnight blue 2004 Honda Odyssey - they said the extension on the 7 year warranty had expired so there was nothing they could go. I pressed them and informed them I wanted to talk to a manager and after a brief hold the agent said I have a case open and they would review it for reimbursement. If this fails I am suggesting looking into a class action law suit. This is a known/documented manufacturing defect as evidence of the service bulletin: OdysseyPaintPeel_08031.pdf
  • Thanks. I'm going in for my 4th stint at re-painting. Under the back door latch, the passenger door side panel in peeling at the window, and a very large spot on the roof, this time its a 50/50 deal. This is not right, it is their fault. Keep me informed. Why have they been allowed to only repaint the portions that are peeling at that time? The entire car is going to peel! Obviously this is an entire vehicle issue.
  • WARNING for those whom own or are to purchase a Honda Odyssey. There is a known/documented manufacturing paint defect as evidence of the service bulletin: - OdysseyPaintPeel_08031.pdf
    This issue appears not to be exclusive to the Midnight Blue color, but White, Grey and other years as well.
    I just spoke with "Ray" a Team Lead at American Honda -> they are offering no assistance with regards to this documented manufacturing defect as my vehicle is outside the extended warranty. The service Bulletin 08-031 was stated to have been mailed to me (though they did not have my address on file) but never received. I think a Class Action Lawsuit might be appropriate at this time. From what I can gather the primer was of low quality and applied in such a way that resulted in poor adherence to the paint thus resulting in the paint peeling.
  • We have had problems galore with this paint issue - car is headed in for its 4th repaint here soon. My wife and I joke - this van will be 50 shades of blue before it is all said and done.

    The biggest question I can't get anyone to answer is why the corrective action section of the bullentin is ignored - it specifically says that if any of the listed areas peel to repaint all the listed areas. This to me exemplifies Honda - fix it right (or build it right) the first time and make it last. Unfortunately, their behavior is so untypical.

    In these situations the only way for a company such as Honda to acknowledge wrong behavior and to change behavior is to sue them. Class action suit is probably warranted and can be argued for but each state has different laws that this would probably fall under which means it would have to probably be brought in federal court. I have spoken with attorney and on initial discussions thinks we could have argument under federal statues.

    In the end, there is right and wrong and unfortunately Honda finds themselves on the wrong side of fence on how they have handled this issue. For months now I have asked why the corrective action section of bullentin has been blatenly ignored and it is obvious Honda does not want to address it - lawsuit is probably only way for them to address it.
  • Did you ever get anywhere on class action suit?
  • I happened to come across this thread. I own a 2003 Navy Blue Honda Odyssey. I bought it used and seriously the paint is literally just peeling off in sheets... EVERYWHERE! I thought maybe it was the previous owners neglect or leaving it in the sun but the inside of the van is pristine and very well cared for so I believe it had been garaged (at least they claim it has been) Anyways got online to find some paint to help prevent the paint that's peeling away to see if I can stop/or prevent more from peeling away but sounds like this is not going to solve my problems as it is peeling away around windows, doors, hood, roof, and anywhere at all that the water settles more often when it rains seems to be the worst. I am totally on board for this lawsuit if it happens. I just wanted to be a part of this conversation and just signed up. I am glad that I am not the only one with this problem. I thought maybe it was just an isolated incident.
  • If you look through the thread you will find link to the service bulletin which identifies the problem. If your VIN starts with 5FN you have one of the problem vans.

    They extended warranty to 2011 and as you will see many on here have experienced Honda not honoring it because it is obviously 2013. The only saving grace I think we have is that we encountered problems in late 2008 and have been dealing with them ever since. And we are one of fortunate ones that bought car from dealer that labeled the car "certified" How it was labeled certified with this black cloud hanging over it is beyond our thinking. Also very fortunate that this particular dealer has worked with us to make it right, still working with them on 4th issue so I am not clear how the current problem will be resolved. Our hope is to end this once and for all but not optomistic that this will be last problem we have with paint.
  • We Just took delivery of a new 2014 odyssey and notice dust under the paint all over the van, anybody have the same issue?
  • @johnl888 said:
    We Just took delivery of a new 2014 odyssey and notice dust under the paint all over the van, anybody have the same issue?

    I have a 2013 odyssey ex black that I took delivery of in july. I noticed the dust under the paint but I also noticed the sanding marks under the paint ( front fenders, hood and rear wheel wels) and the body color doesn't match the bumper colors. When I talked to the service manager because it looked as if the van had been repainted, he examined it and found the same thing I did. He brought in a 2014 Odyssey EX and we found the same problems. He offered to buff the areas affected to witch I replied that the grooves are so deep that a simple buff would not work.( that plus the fact that if it did work what would be the thickness of the paint once done) He then offered to repaint the vehicle to witch I replied that neither of his solutions were acceptable to me because in the long run I would be the one loosing money in this affair.
    If I don't do anything and later try to trade-this vehicule and the person evaluating it noticed the sanding marks he will think the van was repainted and how much damage was there. If I doo get it replainted the difference in thickness of the paint will send of bells as to why was it repainted and how much damage was there.
    I was in contact with honda canada and the costumer rep was useless and told me I had to go with the solutions brought forward by the dealer.
    So either way we the customers are loosers and big corporations are winners.

    That sucks!

  • I have a 2003 Honda Odyssey Gold and the paint is stripping. I did not get any recall from Honda regarding the paint issue. Where/how can I contact them about getting compensation for this problem ?

  • I have a 2004 odyssey with the dark green paint. The paint on the hood of the van has been peeling/chipping off. I have talked to Honda about it but they refuse to take any responsibility. Has anyone else had this problem with the green paint?

  • klavmanklavman Posts: 2
    I have a 2008 White Odyssey Van. Paint is peeling off it. Talked to Honda Corporate and they wont do anything cause there is a not an active recall. They say "stuff like this happens". IT DOES? I have owned many Hondas and wont buy another one. You should be able to peel off the paint from the car like a banana!! Has been washed and waxed regularly and garage kept its whole life and I am the only owner. They did not care.
  • I also have the same problem as Klavman. 08 Honda Odyssey and the paint on the roof is peeling off.
  • Forgot to mention, the paint is white also.
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